Asda Fuel

Asda supermarkets were founded by a group of Yorkshire farmers in 1965, the brand name a shortened version of Associated Dairies.

The supermarket chain developed steadily until the 1990s when it hit trouble, but a change of leadership and then being taken over by Wal Mart (the largest retailer in the world) in 1999 helped them get back on track.

Increase In Offering

After Wal Mart took over, huge Supercentres were introduced in the UK. ASDA ‘living’ stores have also started to emerge, a long way ahead of the original grocery stores, selling a complete range of non food products. Asda are currently the second largest chain in the UK after Tesco, having overtaken Sainsbury’s in 2003.

Motor Industry

Many of these large stores have fuel stations attached, over 160 across the UK. Asda once sold Texaco or Esso fuel but now provide own brand fuel. The Asda brand is popular for being one of the cheapest for fuel and is often in the news for starting the price war between supermarket fuel providers – by being the first to cut their prices.

Asda also offer financial services such as car, van and travel insurance. They offer breakdown cover from as little as £6.16 a month.

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