Bristol Petrol Prices Prove the Importance of Shopping Around

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This website exists to help you find the cheapest petrol and diesel in your local area, so we are no strangers to the vast pricing disparities that continue to exist between forecourts that are very close to each other geographically. A great example of this is illustrated in a recent report from The Bristol Post, reported on… more »

How Could your Vote Affect your Motoring Life?

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As we mentioned at the end of last week, there’s surprisingly little focus on motoring in the main party manifestos for the upcoming UK election. Meanwhile, as widely reported, the AA are concerned that petrol prices continue to creep upwards when a recent oil price fall should really see them going in the opposite direction.… more »

Are Retailers Just IGNORING an Oil Price Fall?

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We often discuss the speed at which fuel retailers pass on oil price savings to end-user customers. A popular view is that there’s usually a delay between an oil price fall and a corresponding drop in petrol and diesel costs. Retailers often cite the fact they fix the price of oil in advance of purchasing as a… more »

Motorists Provide 10% of UK’s Tax Revenue

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If you drive a car in Britain, you’re probably more than aware that you pay a fair bit of tax for the privilege. This includes annual tax on the vehicle itself, fuel duty every time you fill up with petrol or diesel, and VAT on the cost of your car and the fuel you use.… more »

Shell Sell Nearly 200 Petrol Stations

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While the global tumble in oil prices means that UK consumers can enjoy cheaper petrol, it’s not such good news for the firms involved in supplying it. In a move reported by Reuters to be due to the falling cost of oil, Shell has agreed to sell off 185 British petrol stations to two other firms.… more »

Petrol Prices Up – But Deflation Still Possible

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After a long period of continual price drops, the cost of petrol and diesel has been on a slight upward trajectory recently. According to an article in The Guardian, petrol went up in price by 3.6% last month, following a global oil price increase. However, although the petrol price increase is likely to nudge up UK inflation,… more »

Insurance for Mobility Scooters may soon be Mandatory!

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If you’re one of those people who dislike EU interference in British laws, we have a great example for you today! This week The Telegraph reported on a debate currently going through EU courts and national bodies, as to whether drivers of mobility scooters, sit-on lawnmowers and golf buggies should be required to purchase car insurance… more »

Car Sales Up – But Diesel Sales Falter

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March 2015 was a great month for the UK car industry – in fact the most successful month this century, according to a report in The Daily Mail. Nearly half a million new cars with the latest “15” number plate were shifted last month, with the most popular new car being Ford’s Fiesta. However, sales of diesel… more »

RMT Union Join the Fuel Debate

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Soon after oil prices began to fall last year, various parties became quite vocal as to whether they believed consumers were benefitting financially from the trend as much as they should be. This debate hasn’t only involved petrol stations. Bus companies and airlines have also been accused of profiteering by not passing on their substantial… more »