Supermarkets Begin to Step Up the Petrol Price War Again

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Good news just keeps coming for UK drivers as the festive season gets underway. The latest, as reported by Yahoo, is that the supermarket chains seem to once again be firing their opening shots in a new price war. From today, Tesco, Morrisons, Asda and Sainsbury’s are all reducing prices. Initially all the chains are going… more »

Optimists Begin Talk of the 99 Pence Litre!

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At the start of the week, we discussed how readily the Petrol Retailers Association (PRA) had dismissed talk of petrol prices falling as low as £1 per litre in the coming months. Their head described such prices as “stretching the imagination” and said that the cost of crude oil would have to drop far further for… more »

UK Inflation Down to 1% – Largely Due to Fuel Prices

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As reported today by the BBC, UK inflation has now dropped to just 1%, its lowest level in ten years. Low inflation means that the price of consumer items drops or stays static in relation to earnings, essentially making the cost of living fall for UK residents. The price of petrol, itself at a four year low,… more »

Petrol Retailers Association Cast Doubt on £1 per Litre Petrol

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Oil prices continue to tumble, and petrol and diesel costs keep getting lower in tandem (though often not at the same rate!) Against this backdrop, many people have begun to wonder just how cheap petrol might get, and an increasing number of reports have alluded towards the prospect of a £1 per litre pricing level. We… more »

The Darker Side of Lower Oil Prices

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Over recent months, the main media attention paid to falling oil prices has focussed on the benefits for consumers. In the main, this means lower petrol and diesel prices at the pumps, something every UK driver will have noticed and enjoyed recently. However, a report today in The Telegraph, looks at the rapidly tumbling cost of oil from a… more »

Petrol Retailers Warned: “The Prime Minister is Watching”

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If you’re keeping an eye on petrol prices, you’re not the only one. UK prime minister David Cameron has confirmed that he too is watching forecourts closely to make sure that bulk savings reach consumers. Further oil price reductions are resulting in even lower pump prices, but there are still huge disparities between different forecourts.… more »

Santa Claus Gifted Free Breakdown Cover!

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As a rather kind gesture (or as a clever PR move, depending on your level of cynicism), breakdown provider Green Flag has pledged to provide free breakdown cover to all of the UK’s official Santa Clauses over the festive season. Before you run out to buy a cheap father Christmas costume, we should point out that… more »

USA Enjoys Festive Fuel Price Reductions Too!

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Yesterday, we talked about how UK motorists can look forward to saving some money during the festive season thanks to further anticipated falls in petrol and diesel prices. Today’s news suggests that drivers on the other side of the pond can expect a similar savings windfall. Petrol in the USA is now at its lowest… more »

RAC Push for 7p+ Petrol Price Reduction

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Your holiday season car journeys could be about to get a whole lot cheaper, if retailers respond to a call from the RAC to drop the price of petrol by a huge seven pence per litre or more. Oil prices are continuing to fall, with crude now costing under $70 per barrel, nearly 60% less… more »