Has the Petrol Price Fallen as Low as it will Go?

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We’ve had a couple of “slow news weeks” lately in terms of the petrol price, without any vast new price reductions or fresh supermarket promotions to speak of. Although it’s still possible to find both petrol and diesel at less the one Pound per litre, there’s now a perception that prices have “bottomed out” and… more »

Driverless Cars on their Way to UK Roads

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Driverless cars could soon be seen on a street near you, with the announcement that the government has injected £20 Million into eight separate research and development programmes. This doesn’t mean that it’s likely you’ll look out of the window and see a bunch of cars without drivers in the coming weeks. The initial priority is… more »

Static Oil Prices Predicted for the Year

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Oil prices have been hovering around the $30 per barrel mark for quite some time now. This is a price level that’s allowed petrol (and more recently diesel) to be found consistently for less than one Pound per litre at plenty of UK supermarkets, as well as some independent retailers. Oil price predictions have been… more »

Cheap Petrol: US Prices Drop to 10 Pence per Litre

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We may finally be beginning to see “cheap petrol” in the UK, with average prices at last dropping down around the one Pound per litre mark, but all things are relative. So, if you’re prone to jealousy, you may not want to know that motorists over the Atlantic are now paying as little as ten pence… more »

The Fuel Price War: This Time it’s Diesel!

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We said earlier this week that we’d like to see the next round in the supermarket fuel price war soon, and our wish has been granted – just in time for the weekend. This time around, it’s diesel drivers who will benefit the most. Despite lower wholesale prices, many forecourts have kept diesel at a higher price… more »

Supermarket Fuel and Premium Petrol: The Lowdown

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Whether you use supermarket fuel, branded unleaded petrol, diesel, or one of the “super” fuels, the chances are you’ve sometimes wondered about the quality of the liquid you’re feeding into your vehicle. Our recent survey, conducted towards the end of last year, certainly raised many queries from members regarding fuel quality, especially in reference to… more »

Fuel Price Predictions Continue to Tumble

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Fuel price predictions are all over the press at the moment, and the days when 99 pence per litre seemed like a vague hope are starting to feel like a distant memory. According to our own figures, consumers can currently find both unleaded and diesel for as little as 98.9 pence per litre, with the… more »

Further Fuel Price Drops Seem Almost Certain

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We’ve already talked this week about the likelihood of a downward fuel price trend this year. Since then the situation has moved on, and this likelihood has turned into what now seems like a certainty. The price of oil dropped to its lowest level in 11 years earlier today, falling below $33 per barrel, according… more »

Cheaper Fuel Looking Likely as the Year Begins

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Cheaper fuel is looking like a near certainty as the new year gets underway. In fact, as we moved into 2016, we even started to see some eye-catching headlines in the national press speculating about petrol becoming available for as little as 90 pence per litre. Given that we’ve had phases over the past couple of… more »

Member Statement Jan 4th 2016: An Apology

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Due to unforeseen technical issues over the holiday period, our price engine and price alerts have not been able to update since Dec 23rd (oops). We are sincerely sorry and are working hard to ensure this doesn’t happen again during next year’s Christmas and New Year period. The good news is that the fuel price… more »