Driving Gets Cheaper – Are Flights Next?

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The price of oil has been on a downward spiral recently, although we’re not forgetting the recent rally in the price of crude that we reported on yesterday. Despite that, we’re still looking at a barrel of crude oil costing in the region of $50, an enormous saving compared to the $116 it was costing… more »

Oil Price Shoots Back Up

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The movement in the global price of oil over the past few days has served as a serious lesson in complacency. Fewer than two weeks ago, we reported on an analyst saying that the price of a barrel of crude could drop down to just over $30 per barrel. Yet in the past three days alone,… more »

Bank Holiday Roads as Chaotic as Usual

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Did you spend some of your bank holiday weekend stuck in a traffic jam? If so, you weren’t the only one. Today’s press reports are packed with stories of “Bank Holiday Traffic Hell,” and few areas of the UK escaped completely unscathed. One area that was particularly hard hit was the M5 in the South… more »

Fuel’s Getting Cheaper – But Brits Still Pay More than Most

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In the past few weeks we’ve enjoyed a consistent run of falling fall prices. It started with diesel, but now unleaded is steadily going down in price too. However, an angry report in The Mirror serves to remind readers that UK fuel prices are still very expensive when compared with prices in other countries. In fact, British… more »

Do YOU Drive with the Petrol Light On?

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Are you one of those drivers who keeps your fuel tank obsessively topped up, or someone who often waits until the petrol light comes on before you seek somewhere to fill up? It turns out a surprising number of people fall into the latter category. According to a report in The Telegraph, millions of motorists drive with… more »

Morrisons Fire the Latest Shots in the Petrol Price War

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The current supermarket petrol price war continues, with more reductions coming into play just in time for the August bank holiday, when many people set off on long journeys to meet up with family and friends. This time it’s Morrisons who’ve fired the opening shots in the latest battle. As of today, they’ve knocked another… more »

Do you Feel Better Off This Year? Statistically you Should!

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Do you feel like you’re better of financially than you were a year ago? Putting aside specific changes in your personal circumstances, a recent survey suggests that you should have more spare cash, to the tune of nearly £20 per week. The survey in question is the “Asda Income Tracker” report, discussed in an article on This is… more »

Is the One Pound Litre on the Way?

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Back in January, after much speculation, we finally started to see petrol in the UK for less than one Pound per litre. However, it really didn’t last, and fuel at this prices was only ever seen at a few petrol stations before prices started to rise again. Now, following a solid run of price reductions, the… more »

More Supermarket Fuel Price Cuts

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Supermarkets are continuing their fuel price war, with the big three (Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury’s) all once again reducing their prices over the weekend. Unleaded was the target of the price reductions this time around, with all the chains taking two pence off a litre. According to report in The Guardian, the supermarkets are now generally selling… more »

Oil Prices Continue to Plunge

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The global price of crude oil continues to fall through the floor. Currently standing at $46.62 per barrel at the time of writing, the price is falling increasingly near the January level of $45, where it “bottomed out” before starting to recover. As reported in The Week, it was oil prices like this that started petrol… more »