Petrol Price Trends: October 2014

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It’s been an exciting month for UK petrol prices, and a good one for motorists, with a general downward trend in the cost of petrol and diesel that looks set to continue, at least in the short to medium term. Let’s begin with some background: As previously reported, oil prices are at a major low… more »

Driving in the UK? Be Careful on the Roads Tomorrow

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If you’re a UK motorist, then tomorrow (Tuesday, 20th October) is a day for caution, as travel havoc is predicted in the wake of extreme incoming weather, in the form of “Hurricane Gonzalo.” According to the Daily Express, the hurricane is expected to cause “widespread devastation,” and is described as the “worst storm in years.” At the… more »

Fuel Price Cuts: Are Rural Areas Being Left Behind?

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As we’ve reported recently, UK fuel prices continue to tumble due to the falling cost of crude oil, and regardless of the fact that many people accuse retailers of dragging their heels in reducing prices as far as they could in theory, most people are enjoying prices that continue to steadily reduce. However, it seems… more »

Petrol Price Changes: The UK vs Brazil

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Nobody could argue that British drivers aren’t getting a decent deal on fuel at the moment, as vast reductions in wholesale crude oil prices force costs down for motorists. There’s much talk of a second petrol price war, providing even more optimism amongst a backdrop of the cheapest consumer fuel in years. Despite this, there’s… more »

Winter’s Coming! Time to Think about Breakdown Cover

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As you will know if you’ve so much as glanced at our breakdown cover guides, we are serious advocates of taking out reliable breakdown cover here at Petrol Prices. Although recent days have been mild, long term forecasts indicate plenty of rain across the UK in the coming weeks, along with plunging temperatures. Being stranded at… more »

Petrol Prices Could Fall by Another Six Pence per Litre

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Over recent days, we’ve discussed the rapidly falling bulk cost of crude oil and its effect on fuel prices at the pumps. We’ve particularly concentrated on whether these wholesale cost savings will be enjoyed by individual drivers, or whether retailers will keep the profits for themselves. Well, according to The Telegraph, real-life savings could be coming to… more »

Slow Fuel Price Reductions May Not be the Retailers Fault

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As we reported last week, fuel retailers are once again being lambasted in the press for stubbornly dragging their heels in passing on bulk cost savings (due to a fall in oil costs) to end users  – the “end users” being the customers who buy petrol and diesel on the forecourts. However, a report on This is… more »

Petrol gets Cheaper – But this Individual Refuses to Pay!

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It’s pretty much common knowledge that petrol and diesel is getting steadily cheaper in the UK, but as reported here yesterday, retailers are still under pressure to reduce costs for consumers. Of course there’s always the (very foolish and illegal) option of avoiding the issue altogether and driving off without paying. Obviously this isn’t wise,… more »

Oil Price Tumble Means More Cheap Fuel

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UK motorists are having a good time of it at the moment in terms of petrol prices, and the trend appears set to continue, at least in the short term. The Evening Standard, along with many other news outlets, has reported that crude oil prices have hit their lowest level in 27 months. At one point a… more »