The Road to Improving Fuel Efficiency (Infographic)

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Here at we are always trying to help reduce fuel costs and improve fuel efficiency for our users; the fundamental feature of our website does just this. Using our website as one of their trusted data sources, Sainsbury’s Bank has created an engaging infographic taking the motorists down The Road to Fuel Efficiency.… more »

OFT launch review of fuel prices

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Today the Office of Fair Trading (OFT), the UK’s consumer and competition authority, announced they will be launching a review of petrol and diesel prices at UK forecourts. The main concern that has triggered this investigation is the price of fuel at the pump and how much it has increased over the years. According to… more »

Future of Survey Results

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We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who took the time to fill out our recent survey. We’ve had over 13,000 of you tell us all about the features you think would be useful as a motorist, what you find most frustrating as a motorist, and how you think we can… more »

When will we stop experiencing fuel price rage?

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Fuel price rage is a common condition experienced by many motorists. There is currently no cure and it is becoming increasingly difficult to control. It all starts when you get into your car, head to the petrol station and start filling up with fuel. The symptoms start to show when you look up at the… more »

Threat of Strikes Increase Prices At The Pumps

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Last week motorists across the country were seen queueing up for fuel, forecourts were running dry and stations hiked their prices up. We wanted to find out exactly how much stations had increased their prices. Displayed on the map are the towns with the largest price increases for unleaded and diesel between Monday 26th March… more » New ‘Petrol Tweets’ App

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Update: We’ve stopped support for the tweet app for now due to time constraints to develop it, but we hope to develop something new and exciting soon! Today we officially launch a new web app for; a service that integrates with Twitter and Open MapQuest called Petrol Tweets that was inspired by the #uksnow… more »

The big 4 in a petrol price war

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The four leading UK supermarkets: Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys and Morrisons have all recently slashed their fuel prices by around 3p per litre in response to the recent 10% drop in crude oil prices. This drop came after the International Energy Agency decided to release 60 million barrels of crude oil from the emergency reserves. As… more »

How to halve your fuel costs

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It’s hard to believe that average fuel prices today are around 30p more per litre than they were just five years ago. Prices at the pump are still pretty painful for most of us – even if you find the cheapest in your local area. So to help you make your car journeys even more… more »