Relying on your Bank for Breakdown Cover? It may be a Bad Idea!

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Many UK banks offer vehicle breakdown cover as part of a “packaged account.” We’ve even produced a dedicated feature on this kind of breakdown cover, which can, in some cases, mean there’s no need to buy your breakdown cover separately. However, we are always sure to point out that the level of the cover provided with such… more »

The AA Win New Contracts – But Profits Fall

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The AA has had a rather up and down year as a business. When the motoring organisation went public in June, there was a slump in share values. Then, the company was able to report the positive news that it had signed a contract to provide breakdown services to all new cars from the UK… more »

Public Outcry at UK’s Roads

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A recent Department for Transport survey suggests that 70% of the British public are unhappy about the state of the country’s roads and the speed and quality of repair work. Public satisfaction is at the lowest it’s been since the survey started in 2008, with London and the South East suffering the lowest confidence. Public unease… more »

Mercedes Plan More Hybrids

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Mercedes have recently announced the production of 10 new hybrids over the next three years, and are even considering a hybrid hypercar to rival the likes of the McLaren P1 and the Porsche 918 Spyder. Mercedes already have a hybrid on the market, the luxury S500. This model is the first to make use of… more »

Ford Join Electric Revolution

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Following in the tyre tracks of the other top car manufacturers, Ford have recently announced that they’re planning a range of purpose-built electric and hybrid models for the UK’s roads. Nissan, Renault and BMW already have all-electric and hybrid models on the market. The Nissan Leaf which came out in June 2013, and the Renault Zoe,… more »

New & Used Car Sales Look Rosy

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According to a recent survey by Sainsbury’s Bank, more and more drivers are thinking about buying a new or used vehicle in the near future. 23% of the 2,058 people surveyed said they are considering buying a new or second-hand car over the next 6 months. 13% said they would buy a new vehicle in the… more »

A Much Needed Boost for Clean Renewable Energy

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On the eve of a major UN climate change summit, there’s been some great news for environmentalists, from a rather unexpected source. The news is that the heirs of the Rockefeller family (those of New York’s Rockefeller Center fame) are planning to sell off their vast assets in the fossil fuel industry and instead invest in… more »

Scotland Votes “No.” What does it mean for Petrol Prices?

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This morning, people all over the world woke up to the news that the citizens of Scotland had voted against independence from Great Britain in an historical referendum. Prior to the voting process, many pundits had made predictions as to the likely outcome of a “yes” vote for independence. One of these predictions, as reported… more »

Low Oil Prices Offset by Weakened Pound

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According to the AA’s latest research, the price at the pumps has risen since the end of August despite a drop in oil prices. At the close of trading yesterday, a barrel of Brent crude oil stood at $97.70. Despite that being the lowest in the last 18 months, many people are frustrated having not… more »

Cheaper Petrol Keeps Inflation Low

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Not only has the fall in petrol prices over the last year kept motorists happy, it has also helped keep inflation low, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). Price rises for fuel, food and other goods have been kept at bay, largely thanks to strong supermarket competition. The last year has seen supermarket… more »