OPEC Meeting: A Mixed Bag of News

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Yesterday, in the city of Vienna, representatives of OPEC (the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) met for a much anticipated meeting in the wake of dramatic falls in oil prices. The world was watching for the outcome of the meeting, with many people wondering if OPEC would agree to cut oil production, which would have resulted… more »

Low Oil Prices: What’s the Story?

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If you’re a UK driver, you’re sure to know that the price of petrol and diesel has now been steadily falling for some time. If you pay attention to the news, you’re probably also aware that low crude oil prices are the main reason behind this trend. So, what’s causing the price of oil to fall… more »

Low Petrol Costs Contribute to High UK Consumer Confidence

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“Consumer confidence” in Britain is currently at its second highest level in three years, according to a Lloyds Bank survey launched back in 2011. This information has been reported today in both The Express and The Mail, with both news outlets highlighting lower petrol prices as a major contributing factor. The consumer confidence index is designed to reflect… more »

FairFuel UK’s Example Receipt Shows the Extent of UK Fuel Duty

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In their continuing campaign to persuade the UK government to reduce fuel duty, FairFuel UK have handed an example receipt to the Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury as a means of demonstrating just how much of a burden the tax on fuel is to motorists and businesses. The receipt, shown in an article on the Handy Shipping… more »

The AA Join the Chorus Demanding Petrol Price “Transparency”

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A couple of weeks ago, we reported on FairFuelUK’s campaign to encourage fuel retailers to cease engaging in “secretive” fuel pricing tactics. Their campaign is supported by The RAC. Now, the other motoring giant, The AA, has added its voice to the debate. According to an article in The Belfast Telegraph, The AA still feel that consumers… more »

Will Cheaper Fuel Make “Gas Guzzlers” Popular Again?

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Earlier this week, we discussed the fact that UK sales of all-electric cars and hybrids are on the rise, with September 2014 being a record month for sales of such vehicles. This trend, according to a report in The Economist, does not seem to be being followed on the other side of the Atlantic. On… more »

Not Sharing the Savings: Airlines Join Fuel Resellers

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For almost as long as oil prices have been falling, there has been a lively and (at times) heated debate as to whether retailers are passing cost savings onto drivers as fast as they could. In the UK, even the government has waded in and made it clear to the wholesalers that their actions are… more »

Solid Sales for Electric Cars and Hybrids

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A continuing trend for cheaper petrol and diesel prices isn’t necessarily such good news for manufacturers of electric cars and hybrids. When fuel costs less, consumers are less likely to fixate quite so much on running costs. Even so, these vehicles are currently selling very well in the UK, with record sales of 3093 vehicles… more »

More Positive Signs that Fuel Prices will Remain Low

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After ending last week with a couple of news items about the possible prospect of petrol prices rises in the long term, it’s good to be able to start the week reporting on plenty of positive signs that the current low prices will remain, or get even lower, in the short to medium term. According… more »