Cheap Fuel in Time for Bank Holiday

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If you’re planning to join the millions getting away by road for the forthcoming bank holiday weekend, you could save yourself some money by buying your fuel at one of the supermarket chains. In a continuation of their petrol price war, the large supermarkets are reducing their prices yet further ready for the long weekend.… more »

The RAC Push for Petrol Price Reductions

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With the 2015 UK general election looming, the RAC have written to all of the party leaders urging them to address high fuel prices as part of their forthcoming manifestos. The Road Haulage and Freight Transport associations, along with FairFuel UK, have already been campaigning with regard to fuel duty, and their joint efforts have… more »

Tesla’s UK Charging Network Grows

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Tesla are expanding their UK charging network for electric cars with the installation of more of their ‘supercharger’ stations. Two superchargers have been opened recently in Birmingham and London in partnership with the American hotel chain the Hyatt Regency. Tesla and the Hyatt Regency believe their joint venture will encourage more people to drive electric cars,… more »

Saudi Crude Oil Flows in UK’s Favour

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The price of a barrel of crude oil is expected to fall considerably thanks to Saudi Arabia’s vast supply of oil been released onto the international market. A recent report has shown that Saudi Arabia’s crude oil supplies are at the highest they’ve been since September 2013, due in part to crude oil from Libya… more »

Buying a New Car? The Chances are it will come with AA Cover

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The AA have scored a major victory over their big-name competitors this week with the news that they’ve signed a new contract with The Volkswagen Group to provide breakdown services for the next four years. The VW Group encompasses a host of car brands, estimated to account for about 20% of new car sales in… more »

Good News on Petrol Prices for UK Drivers

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Against a backdrop of intense political unease across the world, it would be fair to assume that petrol prices would begin to rise in the UK, but thanks to a series of factors, they are in fact lower now than they were at the beginning of July, and significantly lower than at the same time… more »

Breaking Down Abroad Could Cost you Dearly

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With the summer season now well underway, the UK’s Telegraph newspaper has warned drivers of the possible implications of breaking down abroad without the right European breakdown cover. The telegraph spoke to Green Flag, who stated that the cost of recovering a broken down vehicle from the South of Spain typically runs to around £2500.… more »

Driverless Cars Take Control

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The Government has given the green light for driverless vehicles on the UK’s roads as early as January next year. However, some motoring organisations have expressed concerns about driverless technology, suggesting that giving up control of your vehicle to a computer could be dangerous, as well as making driving less enjoyable. RAC’s technical director, David Bizley,… more »

Bad Times to Drive a Diesel in the UK

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UK drivers of diesel cars are not having an easy time of things right now. Still smarting from widespread recent reports that fuel firms are deliberately keeping diesel prices artificially high to subside petrol costs, diesel drivers are today waking up to hear that they could face a brand new £10 “pollution charge” if they… more »