UK Supermarkets Drop Diesel Prices Again

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Yesterday we delivered the rather depressing news that despite price reductions and a competitive climate, Brits are still paying more for diesel fuel than people elsewhere in Europe. However, at least things are moving in the right direction; In the past 24 hours, three UK supermarket chains, Morrisons, Tesco and Sainsbury’s, have all announced further… more »

British Diesel Still Most Expensive in Europe

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The past fortnight has delivered plenty of good news for Britain’s diesel drivers. The fuel has finally reached parity with petrol, and is now cheaper than (or the same price as) unleaded in most filling stations. On top of this, supermarkets have once again started sparring with each other, using cheap fuel prices as a way… more »

Driving Between UK and France? Allow Extra Time!

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With the school holiday season now underway, things are going from bad to worse for motorists driving between the UK and France. For several weeks now, there have been successive delays around Dover, Folkestone and Calais, both as a result of strikes at French ports, and due to what the French authorities describe as “intensive… more »

Shell Launch PayPal Fuel Payment Option

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Many garages now have “pay at the pump” payment options for fuel, some of which work in a more user-friendly way than others. It’s fair to say plenty of people ignore them due to a lack of a clear understanding as to how they work. Back in February, we talked about a new mobile phone payment… more »

Environmental Groups Concerned About Diesel Price Drop

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Over the past week or so, diesel drivers across the UK have welcomed a fuel price cut. The UK has finally joined the rest of Europe in offering diesel to motorists at the same price or cheaper than unleaded petrol. The price of diesel is also being pushed down yet further by an emerging price war… more »

Oil Prices Seem Set to Fall

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It’s been rather pleasing to report on a run of recent positive news about petrol and diesel prices, and that run can continue today with some new oil price predictions. According to a Reuters report, oil prices are on track for their biggest monthly fall since March. The cost of crude is currently “steady,” but has fallen… more »

Diesel Price Begins to Fall Below Unleaded

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The price of diesel in the UK continues to fall, to the point that it’s now cheaper than unleaded in several garages. This change is being reported by multiple media outlets including The Mirror. Furthermore, the phrase “price war” is coming up with increasing frequency. The Morrisions chain has this morning dropped the price of… more »

More Signs Point to an Emerging Diesel Price War

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This time last week, we alluded towards the prospect of another fuel price war, triggered by supermarket price reductions on diesel. Thankfully, for once our hopes were at least partially realised, and within days reports started to emerge that diesel prices had finally reached parity with unleaded in plenty of garages. Now there’s an additional force… more »

Are you Taking Risks with your Car Insurance?

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The Mirror has this week highlighted a potential misunderstanding regarding car insurance that they believe is leaving “millions” of UK motorists “dangerously exposed.” The issue regards “fully comprehensive” car insurance. Many people assume that if they have this insurance on their own vehicle they are allowed (with permission) to drive other cars, covered by their own insurance. This… more »

British Drivers Not Great at Driving Abroad!

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The fact that Brits drive on the opposite side of the road to everyone else in Europe seems to have a clear impact on their ability to drive competently abroad, based on a Holiday Extras survey, reported on today in The Telegraph. The headline statistic from the survey is that 60% of the people questioned said that they don’t… more »