Driving in Europe? DON’T Leave without Breakdown Cover!

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It’s very easy to take your car with your from the UK to Europe, with options including the EuroTunnel and various ferry routes from all over Britain. However, it’s foolish to assume nothing will go wrong while you’re away from home, and this fact is backed up by recent research from the AA that reveals… more »

UK’s Top Garages Announced

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The government-backed organization for trading standards in the motor industry, Motor Codes, has announced the results of its annual garage of the year competition. The best independent garage was Crescent Motoring Services in Burton-on-Trent, and the best main dealer was Pebley Beach Hyundai in Swindon. There were 10 regional winners for independent garages and 10… more »

Call for 6 Penalty Points for Mobiles

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The penalty for driving while using a handheld phone could be increased to 6 points on your licence. The Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, wants the current 3 point penalty to be doubled. Hogan-Howe has been calling for the change since March, when, for the first time in 20 years, there was an increase… more »

BMW i8 – the First Cool Hybrid?

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Following on from our blog post last week about the significant number of prestige drivers who feel there aren’t enough attractive electric cars available in the UK, we thought we’d do a quick review of the BMW i8, the first cool hybrid to hit the market perhaps. The hybrid technology means that the i8 relies… more »

Driving a Hybrid? Go Easy on the Air Conditioning!

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Electric cars and hybrids have suffered a bit of a run of bad press recently. As we recently reported, UK drivers aren’t really taking to electric cars, and the withdrawal of government subsidies for neighbourhood charging schemes has eaten into how economical these vehicles truly are, despite the unarguable environmental benefits. Now comes a blow… more »

Parking Ticket Appeals Skyrocket

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From March 2013 to March this year 12 times as many UK motorists appealed their parking tickets when compared with the same period a year before. According to the Parking on Private Land Appeals (POPLA), there have been 25, 214 registered appeals in this period. Of those, 23,500 were settled with 45.37% being accepted and… more »

Green Transport given £440m Boost

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£440 million will be invested in green transport in the UK, according to a Government statement last week. The money will be divided between 44 schemes, and is in addition to the £3 billion already set aside by the Government for sustainable transport and other road improvements. Of the £440 million, £64 million will be invested… more »

UK Drivers Rationing their Car Use

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Even though petrol prices are lower in the UK than they have been for some time, a recent study has revealed that drivers are continuing to ration the use of their vehicles. The study in question was conducted by The AA, who surveyed the views of over 18,000 customers. Over half of them said that… more »

New Car Sales Unhindered by Rising Interest Rates

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In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, new car sales in the UK slumped. Things got bad enough in 2009 for the Government to step in with its car scrappage scheme to encourage people to buy new cars. Since then, new car registrations have risen rapidly and car dealerships look well on the way… more »

Concerns over Long-Term Oil Stability in Iraq

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Continuing on from our recent blog posts, we’d like to keep you updated on the situation in Iraq in terms of crude oil production, and how this could affect petrol prices here in the UK. Since it spiked to $115 in mid June, the price of Brent crude oil has fallen by around $5. As of… more »