Bacon-Powered Motoring – Not as Daft as it Sounds!

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Although petrol prices are far lower now than they were last year, statistics show that many motorists are still reluctant to clock up too many miles, and the indications are that the “low” prices may not last forever. Meanwhile, electric cars and hybrids aren’t gaining as much traction as environmentalists would likely hope, in part… more »

New Cars 25% Cheaper to Run

No Comments | Add Comment | Blog entry posted 2nd September, 2014 have recently published a report showing that new cars can save drivers a lot of money on overall running costs, including insurance premiums, repair and breakdown expenses, and of course, fuel efficiency. After purchasing a new vehicle, the first year of ownership could see savings of 25% of the running costs associated with the… more »

Petrol Sales Hit a July Low

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Petrol sales in July 2014 hit an “all time low” according to a report on the regional Express and Star website. The report was based on government figures collated by the AA, which revealed that only 1.44 billion litres of fuel were sold during the month of July, almost 100 million litres fewer than were… more »

UK Consumers Still Concerned with the Price of Fuel

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This year has been a good one for petrol prices, and in recent months “per-litre” costs have been at their lowest since 2011. There are various factors contributing to this including a particularly strong pound, a freeze on fuel duty increases, and the current low price of crude oil. However, despite the average fill-up now… more »

The Days of Cheaper Fuel may be Coming to an End

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Although few people would try to argue that fuel in the UK is cheap, it’s certainly less expensive than it was a year ago. A combination of Sterling strength, static fuel duty and a supermarket price war has pushed down the cost of motoring in recent months, finally offering some welcome relief to drivers after… more »

Cheap Fuel in Time for Bank Holiday

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If you’re planning to join the millions getting away by road for the forthcoming bank holiday weekend, you could save yourself some money by buying your fuel at one of the supermarket chains. In a continuation of their petrol price war, the large supermarkets are reducing their prices yet further ready for the long weekend.… more »

The RAC Push for Petrol Price Reductions

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With the 2015 UK general election looming, the RAC have written to all of the party leaders urging them to address high fuel prices as part of their forthcoming manifestos. The Road Haulage and Freight Transport associations, along with FairFuel UK, have already been campaigning with regard to fuel duty, and their joint efforts have… more »

Tesla’s UK Charging Network Grows

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Tesla are expanding their UK charging network for electric cars with the installation of more of their ‘supercharger’ stations. Two superchargers have been opened recently in Birmingham and London in partnership with the American hotel chain the Hyatt Regency. Tesla and the Hyatt Regency believe their joint venture will encourage more people to drive electric cars,… more »

Saudi Crude Oil Flows in UK’s Favour

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The price of a barrel of crude oil is expected to fall considerably thanks to Saudi Arabia’s vast supply of oil been released onto the international market. A recent report has shown that Saudi Arabia’s crude oil supplies are at the highest they’ve been since September 2013, due in part to crude oil from Libya… more »

Buying a New Car? The Chances are it will come with AA Cover

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The AA have scored a major victory over their big-name competitors this week with the news that they’ve signed a new contract with The Volkswagen Group to provide breakdown services for the next four years. The VW Group encompasses a host of car brands, estimated to account for about 20% of new car sales in… more »