Cheaper Petrol Keeps Inflation Low

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Not only has the fall in petrol prices over the last year kept motorists happy, it has also helped keep inflation low, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). Price rises for fuel, food and other goods have been kept at bay, largely thanks to strong supermarket competition. The last year has seen supermarket… more »

Concerned About Fuel Prices? Watch the Scottish Referendum

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This week, citizens of Scotland will vote in an historic referendum that will determine whether the country remains a part of Great Britain, or becomes an independent nation. Should the voters tick “yes” to independence, there will be far more to think about than the price of petrol. A new currency will need to be… more »

Apple Watch Not So Smart for Driving

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The new Apple Watch, which comes out early next year, is causing a furore in the fast-paced worlds of technology and fashion, but using it while driving could carry the same penalties as using your phone at the wheel. The eagerly awaited Apple smart-watch was announced last week as the fashion accessory must-have of 2015,… more »

Diesel Drivers Refuse to Cough Up

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A recent poll by the online car supermarket Motorpoint has found that over 75% of drivers of diesel cars would refuse to pay a pollutant charge proposed by the mayor of London in a bid to tackle air pollution. The introduction of Ultra Low Emission Zones (ULEZs) could see diesel motorists charged for entering urban… more »

Fuel Duty Should Mend UK’s Roads

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83% of British motorists believe that fuel duty should be spent repairing and maintaining the UK’s roads. A recent poll by the Local Government Association (LGA) asked 1,006 motorists across the UK what they felt fuel duty should be spent on. More than four fifths said that more of the money collected from fuel duty… more »

Are French Fuel Retailers Kinder to their Customers?

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“Rip-off Britain” was a phrase that became popular in the late 1990s, and as explained in Wikipedia describes the “phenomenon in which some products and services cost significantly more” in Britain than elsewhere. Although petrol prices have been quite low in recent months—significantly lower than last year too, it seems Brits are still being charged more… more »

Super-Charged Highway Gains Ground

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The UK’s charging network for electric cars is growing rapidly as the green energy company Ecotricity have expanded their super-fast charging network along the UK’s motorways. In the last 12 months, Ecotricity have installed 170 fast charging units in the UK, which now make up 90% of the entire fast charging network. Between October and… more »

Oil Prices & the Price at the Pumps

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Petrol prices in the UK are invariably affected by the price of oil, though many motorists are baffled by the constant fluctuation in price, which often seems to bear little relation to wholesale oil prices. Often, when the price of oil is low, petrol prices are high, and when oil prices plummet, the price at… more »

Breakdown Study Proves the Benefit of Home Start Cover

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As we frequently mention in our breakdown cover guides, “home start” cover is one extra that’s always worth adding on to a breakdown cover policy. A recent study by the Environmental Transport Association proves the value of the advice. The ETA have compiled details of over one million breakdown cover claims, and produced a “league table”… more »

Incomplete Servicing puts Sellers Out of Pocket

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A recent survey by Kwik-Fit suggests that selling your vehicle with an incomplete service book could take a sizeable chunk off your final selling price. The survey found that if your vehicle is not regularly serviced, you could lose as much as £1,464, as well as halving your potential buyers. The average sale price for… more »