Events in Yemen Prove the Volatility of the Oil Price

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Unless you follow the markets very closely, or happened to read this article in The Independent, the price of crude oil shot up by nearly six percent during the day yesterday, bringing the price close to $60 per barrel. At the end of the days trading, it had settled a little again, closing (still significantly up) at… more »

Six Million Electric Cars within Fifteen Years?

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A large study, conducted by Cambridge Econometrics, has produced some impressive figures related to the adoption of electric cars in the UK. The study, reported on by Green Car Reports, includes some headline-grabbing statistics. Apparently it’s possible to reduce UK fuel imports by as much as 40% by 2030, save drivers an average of around £1000 per year,… more »

Are UK Diesel Drivers being Ripped Off?

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Just a couple of weeks ago, we talked about the fact that UK diesel drivers are being given a hard time at the moment, especially if they live in Islington, London, where they’re now being charged an extra annual fee for parking their vehicles outside their homes. On top of this, the government seem to… more »

Petrol Sales Up…Finally!

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Despite a small upward trend recently, there’s no debating that UK fuel prices have seriously tumbled in recent months. One part of the story that’s always been interesting as prices have fallen is that fact that despite significant cost reductions, motorists have (up to now) not taken to the roads and clocked up lots of… more »

AA Suggest £1 per Litre Petrol is becoming a Distant Dream

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We have some slightly depressing news to start the week: The AA have stated that petrol for less then £1 per litre is unlikely to appear again in the near future. According to a report in The Gloucestershire Echo, pump prices are “on the rise again,” as far as the AA are concerned. The report quotes AA… more »

Are Brits being Ripped-off for Parking?

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British citizens were never going to be placated for long by the fuel duty freeze announced in the recent budget (and discussed here). The latest motoring controversy is related to excessive parking charges. A recent report in Scotland’s The Daily Record has revealed that councils across the UK made themselves a tidy £667 Million surplus in parking… more »

UK BUDGET: Government Retains Fuel Duty Freeze

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UK Chancellor George Osborne has just delivered his pre-election budget statement, and it included some reasonably good news for drivers, in the form of an announcement that the current freeze on fuel duty will remain, cancelling a planned increase in September. The Chancellor was keen to point out that this represented the “longest duty freeze”… more »

Take Care on the Roads this Friday Morning!

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UK drivers are being urged to take extra care on the roads this coming Friday – but not due to rain, snow, or any of the other weather-related phenomena that’s often common at this time of year. This time the warning is due to a rather more significant planetary event: an almost total solar eclipse… more »

Could Cleaner Air be Coming to a Petrol Station Forecourt Near You?

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It may sound like something out of a science fiction novel, but the air you breathe at your local petrol station could soon be cleaner and safer, thanks to a new invention from The University of Sheffield named the “pollution busting flag.” The invention works by erecting flags that incorporate a “pioneering catalytic solution” that removes… more »