Planning to buy an Eco-Friendly Car? It Could Take Time to Realise Savings

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Opinions have always been mixed on hybrids and “eco” cars. The vehicles have been through tough times recently too, thanks to the government’s withdrawal of charging station subsidies. However, choosing an “eco friendly” vehicle doesn’t always mean opting for a car with a hybrid or electric engine. Many manufacturers are offering cars with modern petrol… more »

Diesel Demand Finally Begins to Rise

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Despite a steady and significant fall in the UK cost of both petrol and diesel, demand for fuel has remaining stubbornly (and perhaps surprisingly) low in recent years. However, the latest figures from The Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) confirm that demand for diesel has now begun to noticeably rise. The figure for… more »

New Tax Disc Payment Could Save You £££s

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As of today, motorists will pay for their road tax via a new online payment system which could save UK drivers £80 million in surcharges. Motorists who pay monthly via direct debit will only get charged a 5% surcharge, which works out much cheaper than the previous 10% surcharge paid by drivers who renew their… more »

Fresh Supermarket Rivalry Cuts Price of Fuel

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Three of the UK’s largest supermarkets are competing to offer motorists the cheapest fuel…again. As of today, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Asda have cut their prices by as much as 5p, making fuel the cheapest it’s been in just under four years. Sainsbury’s and Teso announced cuts of 5p per litre on both unleaded and diesel,… more »

Trying to Avoid Expensive Fuel? Avoid East Anglia!

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A recent study by Admiral insurance has revealed that East Anglia is the most expensive place in the UK to buy fuel for your vehicle. East Anglia takes over the rather undesirable accolade from Northern Ireland, which was the most pricey area in the previous study. At the time of Admiral’s study, petrol cost 127.9… more »

Relying on your Bank for Breakdown Cover? It may be a Bad Idea!

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Many UK banks offer vehicle breakdown cover as part of a “packaged account.” We’ve even produced a dedicated feature on this kind of breakdown cover, which can, in some cases, mean there’s no need to buy your breakdown cover separately. However, we are always sure to point out that the level of the cover provided with such… more »

The AA Win New Contracts – But Profits Fall

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The AA has had a rather up and down year as a business. When the motoring organisation went public in June, there was a slump in share values. Then, the company was able to report the positive news that it had signed a contract to provide breakdown services to all new cars from the UK… more »

Public Outcry at UK’s Roads

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A recent Department for Transport survey suggests that 70% of the British public are unhappy about the state of the country’s roads and the speed and quality of repair work. Public satisfaction is at the lowest it’s been since the survey started in 2008, with London and the South East suffering the lowest confidence. Public unease… more »

Mercedes Plan More Hybrids

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Mercedes have recently announced the production of 10 new hybrids over the next three years, and are even considering a hybrid hypercar to rival the likes of the McLaren P1 and the Porsche 918 Spyder. Mercedes already have a hybrid on the market, the luxury S500. This model is the first to make use of… more »

Ford Join Electric Revolution

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Following in the tyre tracks of the other top car manufacturers, Ford have recently announced that they’re planning a range of purpose-built electric and hybrid models for the UK’s roads. Nissan, Renault and BMW already have all-electric and hybrid models on the market. The Nissan Leaf which came out in June 2013, and the Renault Zoe,… more »