Are Electric Cars Finally Going to Hit the Mainstream?

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Electric cars haven’t exactly got off to the flying start that many people predicted. US President Barack Obama once said he expected to see as many as a million electric cars on US roads by this year. If fact, only just over a quarter of this figure was reached, with 280,000 sold in America by… more »

Are the UK’s Roads Really Going to MELT?!

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Today is shaping up to be the UK’s hottest of the year so far, with temperatures rising into the mid 30s in many areas. With weather being the national obsession in Britain, the newspapers are full of the usual transport chaos stories and photos of people packed like sardines on Brighton beach. However, this year… more »

The Dartford Crossing: More Delays and Complaints

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Only last week, in an article about the new electronic toll system on London’s Dartford Crossing, we briefly touched on how there had been complaints about the new system, and discussed how works were often causing delays on the M25. Just a few days later, everything has stepped up a gear. Monday’s rush hour was… more »

UK Driver Convicted for Driving in the Middle Motorway Lane

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Anyone who frequently drives on the UK’s busy motorways has (probably far more than once) been frustrated by drivers with a tendency to favour the middle lane. It seems to be the “lane of choice” for many motorists, although technically speaking it should only really be used for overtaking vehicles in the “slow lane.” To… more »

Dartford Crossing Works Continue

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If you’ve driven anywhere near London in recent weeks, there’s a good chance you may have been caught up in traffic around the Dartford Crossing on the M25 motorway. Always something of a congestion hotspot, the crossing (consisting of a bridge and two tunnels) has been particularly snarled up of late, while work continues on… more »

Is Fracking About to Restart in the UK?

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Fracking, the practice of releasing oil from the earth using water and chemicals, and fracturing shale rock, is something that has fiercely divided opinion in the UK for some time. The USA has been far more bullish in carrying out the practice compared to Britain, where fracking was stopped back in 2011. Now, the debate… more »

London Cyclists Protest About Road Safety

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Hundreds of cyclists staged a rapidly-organised protest in the City of London this morning to mark the tragic death of a young professional killed following a collision with a lorry on Monday. She was the eighth cyclist killed on London roads so far this year, with lorries involved in all but one of the accidents.… more »

MUCH Cheaper Holiday Driving this Year

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Our news items have been full of doom and gloom recently, with petrol prices back on their way up and even the threat of a sneaky upcoming rise in fuel duty. In the interests of keeping things in perspective, it’s worth remembering that the cost of fuel is still significantly down if you consider past… more »

Car Insurance Company Practices Criticised

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A recent report in The Daily Mail has accused car insurance firms of a “£1 Billion swindle,” due to the way these companies are handling renewal quotes. The paper cites “hidden price rises” when renewal time comes around, and says that with the exception of Axa, the big firms are intentionally refraining from reminding customers of the… more »

High Petrol Prices Reducing Car Usage Once Again

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There’s plenty of doom and gloom across the UK’s national and local media today regarding the cost of fuel. The price of petrol and diesel is how being widely reported as being at a six-month high, in a range of publications including The Belfast Telegraph. Meanwhile, The AA has spoken out about a recent survey, revealing that… more »