Driverless Cars Take Control

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The Government has given the green light for driverless vehicles on the UK’s roads as early as January next year. However, some motoring organisations have expressed concerns about driverless technology, suggesting that giving up control of your vehicle to a computer could be dangerous, as well as making driving less enjoyable. RAC’s technical director, David Bizley,… more »

Bad Times to Drive a Diesel in the UK

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UK drivers of diesel cars are not having an easy time of things right now. Still smarting from widespread recent reports that fuel firms are deliberately keeping diesel prices artificially high to subside petrol costs, diesel drivers are today waking up to hear that they could face a brand new £10 “pollution charge” if they… more »

Asda join Petrol Price War

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Following on from our post last week about supermarkets cutting the price of fuel, Asda are now offering their cheapest petrol and diesel since January 2011. From tomorrow, the supermarket giant is reducing the price of petrol and diesel by as much as 2p per litre. They have said that customers will pay no more… more »

All Cars to be Low Emission by 2050

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The Transport Minister, Baroness Kramer, has said that every car in the UK will be low emission by 2050. Speaking at the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership annual conference (LowCVP) on July 15th, Kramer said low carbon thinking had shaped the political agenda in recent years, and that the Government were committed to their low carbon policy.… more »

New Car Production on the Up

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According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), 136,419 new cars were manufactured in the UK last month. That’s 3.7% more cars than in June 2013. There has also been a 4% increase in new car exports. There was also a 1.9% year-on-year increase in new car production for the first 6 months of 2014.… more »

Looking for Cheap Fuel? Head to the Supermarket!

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If you’d like to fill your vehicle up with some seriously cheap fuel this month, your best bet is to head to one of the major supermarket chains. Thanks to a raft of special deals, and the supermarkets’ apparent desire to out-do each other, you can save up to an impressive 20 pence per litre.… more »

Driving on Phone will be Biggest Killer in 2015

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Following on from our post last week about calls to double the penalty points for driving on the phone, recent predictions suggest that phone use at the wheel will be the biggest killer on the UK’s roads in 2015. According to the Department of Transport, there were 378 collisions because of phone use while driving… more »

Funding Cut for Home Charging Points

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British Gas have withdrawn their offer of free home charging points for electric cars due to a change in the government’s domestic recharging scheme. The Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) have reduced the funding available for installing a home charging unit by £100. The scheme was introduced in February 2013 and shaved 75% off the… more »

EU Commission Promotes Fuel Price Comparison

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Following their July study on the vehicle fuels industry, the European Commission believe that fuel price comparison should be encouraged to promote transparency, improve competition, and to drive down the cost of fuel. The Commission concluded that customers should be made aware of price comparison websites in order to make informed decisions before buying fuel.… more »

Driving in Europe? DON’T Leave without Breakdown Cover!

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It’s very easy to take your car with your from the UK to Europe, with options including the EuroTunnel and various ferry routes from all over Britain. However, it’s foolish to assume nothing will go wrong while you’re away from home, and this fact is backed up by recent research from the AA that reveals… more »