Could the VW Scandal Spread to Petrol Vehicles?

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The scandal currently engulfing Volkswagen with regard to rigged emissions tests on diesel cars could soon spread to petrol vehicles too, according to a report in The Telegraph. The report cites the fact that, to begin with, Volkswagen claimed that just under half a million cars were affected by the scandal. That figure has already risen to… more »

UK Car Sales at Record Highs

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The chances are you’ve already noticed plenty of shiny cars on the UK roads sporting new “65” numberplates? Perhaps you’re driving around in one yourself? Figures have shown that car manufacturers sold nearly half a million new vehicles last month – a record September, and the 43rd month in a row that car sales have… more »

US Drivers Show a Renewed Appetite for Gas Guzzling Vehicles

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Cheaper fuel prices are causing American consumers to eschew environmentally friendly vehicles in favour of less economical options, according to a recent Reuters report. The average miles per gallon figure of cars sold in the US is down by 0.6mpg compared to the figure from August last year. This may not sound like a hugely significant number,… more »

Petrol and Diesel Costs Switch Places Once Again

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The average price of unleaded petrol has once again dropped below the average price of diesel, as reported by This is Money and backed up by our own figures. For the past couple of months, diesel drivers have (at least in some garages) been able to find diesel costing less than unleaded, but this trend hasn’t stuck.… more »

Volkswagen Withdraws Cars from Sale in the UK

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The Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal that we reported on last week continues to grab headlines. The latest news pertaining specifically to the UK is that sales of 4000 new vehicles are to be “suspended” according to a Sky News report. These are cars with a specific engine, model EA189. As suspected right at the beginning, the… more »

UK Car Smoking Ban Begins Today

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As of today, it’s illegal to smoke in cars carrying anyone under 18. The new law applies to England and Wales initially, with Scotland and Northern Ireland to consider their respective approaches in the near future. A fine of £50 will be charged to anyone disobeying the law, but according to a BBC report, the authorities have… more »

Sainsbury’s Launch a New Fuel Promotion

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The latest supermarket petrol price war is gathering pace. Next month, Sainsbury’s will offer customers 10 Nectar loyalty points for each litre of fuel they purchase at a Sainsbury’s filling station, according to a report in The Express. It’s interesting to see a supermarket chain use a gimmicky loyalty card promotion to promote fuel once again,… more »

Motorway Fuel Price Displays on the Way

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In the coming months, drivers on the M5 will be able to take advantage of new petrol price displays on the roadside, which will help them to decide whether to stop at the next service area or keep driving a little longer if fuel is better value at the next one. An article in The Times suggests… more »

Oil Price Falters Once Again

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After a temporary rally last week, the price of oil is once again struggling to head back past the $50 per barrel mark. There is still a global glut of crude, even though American stocks are shrinking, and most experts are predicting that prices will continue a gradual fall between now and the end of… more »

More Supermarkets Join the Latest Petrol Price War

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If you’re hitting the roads this weekend, we’re pleased to tell you that filling your car up is likely to cost a little less than is has recently – or at least it will if you head to a supermarket petrol station. As we reported yesterday, Asda introduced a new minimum price pledge for unleaded,… more »