FTA Warn Against a Summer Fuel Duty Increase

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After so much build up and tension, it’s hard to believe that it’s already been two weeks since the General Election. Now the new Conservative government are in power, thoughts turn to what the next five years will be like. Needless to say, people’s levels of positivity will vary considerably depending on their own political learnings!… more »

Traffic this Bank Holiday COULD be Worse than Ever!

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UPDATE: The train strike has now been called off, however drivers should note that traffic may well still be heavier due to those who had already made alternative travel plans in anticipation! Every bank holiday it’s the same: Media outlets across the UK predict various kinds of “TRAVEL CHAOS!” in the run-up. We even do it… more »

Calls for Tougher UK Drink Driving Laws

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The UK’s police federation are calling for a toughening up of Britain’s drink-driving laws, according to a number of reports this week, including this one from the BBC. The main change the federation wants to see is a reduction in the legal blood alcohol limit. This currently stands at 80 milligrams of alcohol per 100… more »

Another Prediction for Lower Oil Prices

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Over the past week or so, we’ve discussed a couple of times the fact that there is a growing stockpile of oil across the world. The price of oil, like all commodities, is largely based on supply and demand. The fact that there is too much supply, against a backdrop of steady demand, should mean that the oil price… more »

Middle East Tensions Cause Oil Price to Rise

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Trying to predict what the oil prices are going to do is a very difficult task at the moment. Last week, as we reported, plenty of experts predicted a downward trend due to a growing global stockpile. They then had their theories rubbished by OPEC. Now, as we begin a new week, the oil price… more »

In a Jam? Here’s why Motorway Lanes get Closed Down!

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If you’re a regular driver on UK motorways, the following scenario is likely to be very familiar to you: You’re cruising along happily, but then the general pace of the traffic slows down. Then it slows down some more, and before you know it you’re part of an ever-growing tailback. Worst of all, the reason… more »

How to use Webuyanycar and Similar Services

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If you’re looking to sell your car, there are various ways to go about it. If you’re buying another vehicle, you could trade it in at the garage, but the chances are you’ll be offered an annoyingly low value for it. The same applies to selling the car back to the showroom you bought it… more »

OPEC Dispute Long-Term Oil Price Predictions

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Only yesterday, we reported on the fact that various media outlets had been quoting sources and experts suggesting that oil prices could remain low for the next decade, which would, needless to say, be great news for drivers. Reports of this nature are continuing to emerge, even today. However, there’s been another interesting development: One of… more »

TEN YEARS of Cheap Petrol?!

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This year we’ve had to report on a rather depressing and consistent run of petrol price increases, but it seems this period may be coming to an end. Even better, multiple news sources are now reporting that “cheap” petrol could be here to stay for as long as a decade. In the last week, we’ve… more »

UK Begins to Arrest Motorists Under New Drug Driving Laws

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Those foolish enough to mix partying and driving now have more to fear than the breathalyser, with news that people have started to be arrested and charged under new drug driving laws, as reported by Metro. The new laws were introduced at the beginning of March, when driving limits for certain drugs, both legal and illegal,… more »