Oil Companies Slammed for Rapid Rise in Pump Prices

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Against a backdrop of a small upward trend in petrol prices recently, the AA have stepped out and said that motorists are suffering from the effects of “oil company greed.” In a report in The Belfast Telegraph, AA president Edmund King has once again criticised the fact that garages tend to quickly raise prices when oil costs… more »

Head to Sainsbury’s for 99p Petrol!

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After a recent run of small petrol price increases, it’s pleasant to be able to report some positive news, and this particular news is very positive indeed – subject to a small caveat! Basically, 99.9 pence per litre petrol is about to become widespread for a short while at least – so long as you… more »

Oil Prices Seem Set to Remain Low

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Long-term predictions as to the price of oil are educated guesses at best. In fact, in a recent BBC report, writer Richard Anderson describes making these predictions as “a bit of a mug’s game.” However, it is perfectly possible to look at all the factors involved and make some reasoned analysis, and all the evidence… more »

Are Petrol Prices “Creeping Back Up?”

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Are the prices of petrol and diesel in the UK beginning to creep back up again? The media certainly seems to think so this week! The average price of petrol stood at 108.28 pence per litre at the end of last week, according to a report on AOL Travel. AOL was just one of the news… more »

Asda Plan to Open 100 More Petrol Stations

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Most people think “supermarket” when they hear the Asda name, but the chain has also become well-known as a cheap place to buy petrol and diesel. Asda has played a key part in all of the recent petrol price wars in the UK. Now, Asda seem to see fuel as a major area for expansion. According… more »

Fuel Prices Keep Costs Down for Farmers

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When one thinks about the prices of petrol and diesel, the first consideration is generally the price at the pumps. After all, it’s fluctuations in this that have the most significant and immediate effect on the consumer. However, as we’ve seen over recent months, the knock-on effects of fuel prices impact all kinds of business sectors.… more »

UK Citizens Spend their Petrol Savings on Dining Out!

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There’s been plenty of talk recently, on this site and elsewhere, about how lower petrol prices are leaving more money in consumer’s pockets. According to a study by Cardlytics, reported on in The Morning Advertiser, the bulk of this freed-up cash is being spent in restaurants and cafés. According to the study, the average UK consumer… more »

Petrol Prices Contribute to Historically Low UK Inflation

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The level of inflation in the UK is now at the lowest point on record according to a report the The Guardian. Low prices for petrol and diesel are playing a huge part in the situation. According to the report, “tumbling” petrol prices and low food costs are the key reasons for this historical fall in inflation. Petrol… more »

FairFuel UK Attack “Scandalous” Pump Price Rises

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Last week, we talked about how UK petrol prices had begun to creep upwards again the wake of a rise in the wholesale oil price. Subsequent news stories towards the end of the week suggested these rises were only temporary, but there’s another facet to the story that’s begun to develop as we begin another week.… more »