A Tax Increase COULD Dampen Petrol Price Reduction Joy!

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Nowadays, most news about petrol prices is positive, but this week did raise one negative report in The Telegraph, suggesting that the government might contribute to pushing prices back up a little by increasing fuel duty. Back in 2011, fuel duty was allowed to rise by one pence per litre over the rate of inflation. In the same… more »

Brits Predicted to Spend Fuel Savings on Clothes and Beer!

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As we revealed yesterday, widespread price reductions on petrol and diesel are putting more spare cash in consumer’s pockets, leading some experts to liken the saving to an income tax cut. While not everyone will save the £770 per year mentioned in yesterday’s report, everyone who drives a car is going to end up with… more »

Petrol Price Reductions “Equal to a Tax Cut”

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Petrol prices have now been falling steadily for months, and you’ve probably noticed the positive financial impact already – whether than means a little more money in your pocket, or a bit longer between trips to your local petrol station. Extrapolated over a year, the savings are likely to prove even more impressive. In fact,… more »

This Year’s Cheap Flights Will NOT Come From Flybe

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We started the week by talking about how low air fares seem to be the next thing on the horizon as a result of oil price drops. However, we’ve since discovered that price reductions definitely won’t be “across the board,” and it seems that UK airline Flybe will not be one of those offering impressive… more »

Cheap Summer Flights on the way?

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As everyone begins another cold winter week in the UK today, there’s sure to be a few of you thinking about jetting off into the sunshine to escape the chill. As such, we’re pleased to pass on some positive news, in the form of a range of press reports discussing the likelihood of cheaper air… more »

Three More YEARS of Cheap Petrol?!

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It’s always pleasing to end a week on a positive note, and we certainly have some good news for you today. Even though people in the UK are now becoming used to a steady supply of the cheapest fuel in ages, with some people even finding unleaded now for less than one Pound per litre,… more »

99p Petrol Begins to Spread

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Last week, we talked about a garage in Walsall that had been widely reported as the first in the country to drop the price of unleaded fuel below the one Pound mark, specifically to 99.7 pence per litre. As we predicted at the time, petrol for under a Pound has begun to spread – and… more »

Is YOUR Breakdown Cover set to Auto-Renew?

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In our detailed breakdown cover guides, we often point out that it’s a wise move to compare quotes at renewal time, or even try to negotiate with your existing provider to see if they will offer you a lower renewal price. Anecdotal evidence suggests that some providers are amenable to offering discounts, as they’d rather… more »

Some Households Now £50 per Month Better Off!

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Some households are now £50 per month better off than they were as recently as six months ago, solely due to the recent falls in petrol and diesel prices, according to a FinChannel report. The families in question are those with two typical cars. Even more significantly, over £16 of the monthly saving has occurred in the… more »