Is a Fuel Duty Increase on the Way?

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Yesterday, Chancellor George Osborne delivered the government’s Autumn Statement, and one thing that was conspicuous by its absence was any mention of fuel duty. The big news was a complete U-turn on the government’s highly controversial decision to cut working tax credits. These plans have now been abandoned, presumably to the great relief of the… more »

£1 Per Litre Petrol in Time for Christmas?

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We’ve certainly been here before, but talk of petrol prices dropping below one Pound per litre is once again beginning to escalate. The chances are you have some big journeys coming up over the holiday season, and a cheaper fill-up would definitely leave a little extra cash in your pocket, so just how hopeful should… more »

The Oil Glut: Cheap Petrol and Other Consequences

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For much of this year, we’ve been referring to a glut of oil on the market, but the glut has now reached record breaking proportions, according to a Sky News report. There are now three Billion barrels of excess oil in the global marketplace. As such, it’s little surprise that the oil price is edging down to… more »

Winter Driving Challenges: Some Tips

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Right now, we’re all surrounded by reminders that winter is just around the corner; The Christmas TV adverts have started, and the seasonal drinks have appeared in the coffee chains. Morning frosts and news reports of “travel chaos” can surely not be far away? Winter delivers some real challenges to UK motorists. So here we… more »

The Volkswagen Scandal: An Update

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It’s now been nearly two months since news of the Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal broke. If you own a diesel Volkswagen vehicle, or indeed an Audi, Seat or Skoda (all of which are also implicated), you’re probably curious as to the recent developments. As such, we’ve decided to compile some of the latest information for you.… more » is Changing!

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Helping you to find the cheapest fuel in your area has always been the point behind PetrolPrices, and we hope that over our ten years in operation you’ve saved some of your hard-earned cash. We’ve received a number of positive comments and testimonials over the years, which are always a pleasure to receive, but we want to… more »

Plenty of Positive News on Petrol Prices

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Positive petrol price news is all over the media this week. While we all know that we don’t get the cheapest fuel in the world here in the UK, let’s focus on the upbeat fact that prices have maintained a steady downward trajectory over recent months, largely thanks to the supermarkets keeping up their price… more »

“Electronic” Car Theft on the Rise

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Unless you drive a particularly old vehicle, the chances are you unlock your car using an electronic remote. Often these devices have additional functionality, such as disabling an immobiliser when the remote is near enough to the vehicle. Unfortunately, it seems criminals are evolving their methods of stealing cars and making use of the shortcomings of… more »

Henley Mayor Causes Gridlock!

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It’s been a pleasing week for petrol price news, especially thanks to Asda’s new price cap that will allow plenty of people to fill up their vehicles for less this weekend. We’re also seeing evidence of other forecourts rising to the challenge of dropping prices, which is once again raising our hopes of perhaps seeing fuel… more »