OFT launch review of fuel prices

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Today the Office of Fair Trading (OFT), the UK’s consumer and competition authority, announced they will be launching a review of petrol and diesel prices at UK forecourts.

The main concern that has triggered this investigation is the price of fuel at the pump and how much it has increased over the years. According to PetrolPrices.com data, petrol prices have risen by 37% from an average price of 97.0 pence per litre in June 2007 to an average of 133.15 pence per litre in June 2012. Diesel rose by 42% in the same period with the average price leaping from 104.0 pence per litre in June 2007 to 147.3 pence per litre in June 2012. Last week the average price for petrol in the UK was 138.8 pence per litre and for diesel 152.1 pence per litre.

Claire Hart, from OFT said:

“We are keenly aware of continuing widespread concern about the pump price of petrol and diesel and we have heard a number of different claims about how the market is operating.

“We have therefore decided to take a broad based look at this sector, to provide an opportunity for people to share their concerns and evidence with us. This will help us determine whether claims about competition problems are well-founded and whether any further action is warranted.”

The OFT have invited the industry, motoring groups and consumer bodies to help them with their investigation and submit any information that may be of use for the review. A range of issues will be reviewed including consumer concern over the price of fuel in rural areas, the possible effect supermarkets and major oil companies are having on independent retailers and the possible lack of competition in the fuel industry. They also want to check whether the falling price of crude oil is actually being reflected in the price of fuel at the pump.

The OFT plan on spending 6 weeks reviewing the information and releasing the results in January 2013. As soon as the results are released we will update you with their findings.

We want to hear what you think of this investigation and whether you think it could have a positive effect on the motoring industry. You can find out more about the review here.

Reviews for OFT launch review of fuel prices

mike April 8, 2014

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The price of motor fuel is made up mainly of tax. Remember the fuel protest, that man Blair nearly lost control but he got away with it. The cost of motor fuel (like most of our costs) is due to politicians. What can we do?

John Jukes December 17, 2013

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Tesco says that 'Every little helps'.

I examined yesterday's receipt for petrol bought and discovered that all fractions of a penny were rounded up to the nearest whole penny. Simple maths tells me that on average therefore each and every transaction must include a hidden half penny extra-over the value of petrol sold. Given that Tesco has around 450 petrol stations, and assuming that each has a nominal 1000 sales per day ... then, using this very conservative figure for daily transactions it must be that Tesco increases its profits over a twelve month period by just under a £1 million extracted in this manner from the unsuspecting motorist.

So, yes - every little most certainly does help.

To add insult to injury HM Government is also hiding part of the caning it is giving the poor motorist. This petrol receipt included VAT (a misnomer if ever there was one) at 20% on the net value of petrol sold ... which itself includes a 58 pence per litre Government imposed Petrol Duty - so the motorist is also paying a government imposed tax applied to a government imposed tax - is this not a Double Whammy?

    Arthur September 20, 2014

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    I'm afraid this old chestnut about 'rounding up' is just wrong. You haven't demonstrated your calculations - so here's a real example for you:

    I recently put in 11.59 litres at 129.7 per litre. That equates to £15.03.223. I was charged £15.03. In other words the amount was rounded DOWN by 0.223 pence or 0.0192 pence per litre.

    Sorry, but this whole idea of 0.9's and 0.7's being a rip off because we only have whole pennies as currency, so every litre must be rounded up, is just a load of hogwash - which is good news as it's one less thing to get stressed about!

JD T October 11, 2013

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Was in France end of last month where Diesel was around 19-22 pence per Ltr cheaper than home ! Same over there with different areas having different prices and Supermarkets with cheaper Diesel,petrol being dearer there than here....
So I fiiled up with 80 ltrs at Ouistreham with Esso which was cheaper than the Supermarket for a change !
No wonder the French seam to be doing better than us !

Lionel Ash October 6, 2013

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We live in Denbigh not far from Rhyl the price of fuel in Morrisons in Rhyl is £1-29.99, in Denbigh it is £1-35.99 a difference of 6p. I have complained to Morrisons and they say there is more competition in Rhyl, they are discriminating the rural community and we are subsidising Rhyl,this is so unfair and Morrisons need to sort themselves out.

Nicky August 22, 2013

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The OFT have done nothing, a waste of tax payers money, Cameron and his cronies must be rubbing there hands together.

frederick jennings August 17, 2013

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I don't understand how TESCO in Sleaford can charge 5pence a litre more than TESCO store in LINCOLN ONLY 10 MILES AWAY so if you get a 5 pence off voucher with your shopping in SLEAFORD it's worth the extra drive to LINCOLN to fill up if you are low on fuel and have the cash to do so you can save 10 pence per litre.

norman nixon June 26, 2013

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Fuel prices are now down to about 100$ a barrel, price reduction at the pumps NIL, are the motorist in this country stupid, let's all get together with the transport company's and do something about it!

Mike McCunniff June 25, 2013

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We all know that in reality, the cost of crude per barrel, has very little to do with pump prices in the UK. Successive greedy governments here keep hiking the duty and tax on our fuel, yet I fully believe there is also a policy of price fixing by retailers. The nearest town to me ( Hexham, Northumberland ) is fifteen miles away, and has only one filling station there. No competition, and a thirty mile round trip added to high duty and tax, equals angry motorists. What do the motorists of Britain in similar circumstances, or even those in high density urban areas do? Bugger all, we just sit back and take it. It's about time the motorists, and the road hauliers of the UK, joined as one and told the government of the day, WE the people you were elected to serve have had enough. WE, the entire population of the British Isles, CAN force change IF we work together. It's either that or we let the chancellor stick it to us in every budget.

Lizzie. June 1, 2013

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I still can't come to terms with the result of OFT's investigations even though I knew what the outcome would be.
Prices are on the up again. Why is it they go up in 3's but only come down in 1's? The recent "price war"...ha ha, that's a good 'un, up to 3 pence per liter off. All those that did bother only took 1 pence off and that was short lived.

Mike McCunniff May 14, 2013

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How is it that most EU member countries have fuel priced much lower than the UK. At the moment WE are also an EU member but our fuel prices have rocketed, we all know that our government rob us blind with high taxes on fuel. They then cause food prices to rise due to higher transportation costs, and with VAT at 20% get even more into the coffers. Consumers in this country are stuffed at both ends.

alan clarke May 12, 2013

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I agree with Geoff,
How can an EU member country smaller than UK have the cheapest fuel in Europe? the cost of Crude is the same for all or should we look at taxes levied by Government?

ivan May 10, 2013

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I think cyclists should have mot tax insurance to help pay towards the special roads that have been built also the added safety to car drivers. Times I've swerved at night cause there's a cyclist wearing black at night no reflectors or lights or high vis, I have to have this all working on my car to use roads so maybe cyclists should have a mot check lights mudguards reflectors tyres brakes wheels safety helmet & obey traffic lights & cycle on roads not paths.

ivan May 10, 2013

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Well the vat makes money on fuel for roads / repairs, ok vat also makes it harder for companies who are struggling knock on effect prices increase everywhere taxis supermarkets food etc. Well why did the government have tax exempt vehicles & new cars paying nowt plus the bonus the newer cars do 70mpg oh look rich win win win then us poorer have a much higher tax bracket for emissions or cc when the newer 2.0 ltr is a pittance on tax so not right, scrap road fund for everyone saving millions on tax discs & police's time chasing cars unnecessary at high speeds leading to high speed accidents, add a percentage on fuel not vat fairer system less paperwork & unnecessary tax discs & expensive police cameras to detect dodgers.

Geoff Lee April 20, 2013

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How can anybody possibly have any concerns about a review of petrol prices, when we all know that it is the government who are the biggest robbers of all. Look at the percentage of the prices for both petrol and diesel that they take. It is criminal!!

norman nixon April 19, 2013

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There is still some robbing garages charging 144.9 for diesel, and Sainsbury at Tonbridge has not reduced there prices as promised.

nicky April 16, 2013

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15/4/2013, Oil under $100 a barrel, so they knock off 2p, we are still being ripped off!

Jules April 15, 2013

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Brent crude is now 101.00$ a barrel today with the dollar/sterling exchange rate at 1.53.
So the oil price has come down approx 17$ in the last few weeks while the pound has strengthened.... Yes I am seeing 1.37 to 1.39 at the pumps still !! What is going on ? We are about 15p a litre more than we should be at the moment....
The price in sterling for a barrel of oil is quite a bit less than when oil peaked at 140$ a barrel a few years back and the price of unleaded then was 1.20.

    Steven Brian April 25, 2013

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    In May/June 2008 when oil peaked at $140 the exchange rate was 1.964, the VAT rate was 17.5% and duty was 50.33 ppl. Today the exchange rate is 1.54, the VAT rate is 20% and duty is 57.95ppl. This equated to an 18 pence difference in retail price. The cost of fuel does not just depend on the price of a barrel.

nicky April 9, 2013

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Did you notice this week when the price of oil went down it took about a week to go down at the pumps, it when up slightly yesterday today the price went up at the pumps, does that tell you anything or am I thick.

alistair shields April 5, 2013

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I cannot believe that the sticky downward prices were not visible to this review - where exactly did they check?

Terry Of Redditch March 25, 2013

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If EVERYONE were to boycott BP and Shell, the 2 x companies would apply pressure to the Govt to drop fuel duty as they won't be making any money on fuel. It's no good boycotting Tesco or Morrison as they still make profits on retail. Hit the the 2 brands in the pocket and they will complain to the Govt for us!

norman nixon March 13, 2013

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Fuel goes down today 13/3/13 but wholesale fuel prices have been going down for a week now if the wholesale price goes up tomorrow you bet the price will go up the next day, or maybe its a ploy by Cameron and his merry men to stick fuel tax up on budget day, therefor the public won't see any difference, he must be thinking to himself the public are so stupid.

Henry Hogger March 8, 2013

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I can't find anything on the OFT website about their recent investigation - but I understand from press reports that it was pretty much a whitewash for the industry. Is petrolprices.com planning to issue any statement about it please?
Best wishes

PS Diesel currently up to 148ppl in our area despite crude price dropping to c$110 per barrel. How can OFT say there's no price-fixing??

Adrian B. March 6, 2013

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As long as people spend all their focus on Eastenders, watching sport, playing videogames then nothing will change. OFT is a joke and nothing is / was ever going to happen. The only change is that petrol prices continue to go up and this news topic got forgotten about.

nicky March 5, 2013

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The world price of fuel is going down but prices at the pump are still going up WHY, because the fuel company's and Government Know all us mugs will pay.

norman nixon February 28, 2013

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I went to Morrisons today for shopping and diesel, I could not believe the price,there is Shell and BP stations nearby 3p cheaper!

    patrick kiernan March 3, 2013

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    As the price of crude oil has come down why is it that petrol pricing is still high. IE on the 28th of Feb 2013 the price of oil was 117 on the 18th it was 118 since then the price has fallen to 112 so why is it not coming down, it seems to me that the government has given them a green light since they can not find any price fixing. Thanks. Patrick.

John Hewitt February 26, 2013

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Tesco - Hazelwick Road, Crawley fuel prices up again. Diesel now 146.9p per litre, petrol now 138.9p per litre. Both risen at least 5p a litre in the last 6 - 8 weeks.

Jan February 20, 2013

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Today's price per 1 barrel of oil which is 1 barrel of oil = 158.987295 liters stands at $97.
That is at around 50 pence per liter, so why the £1.35 +???!

Rikki Clemison February 19, 2013

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Seriously it's time people were demonstrating and taking to the streets in protest!!! Funny how the lorry companies have gone quiet?? Under the table deals with the government??

Les February 8, 2013

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Why are your fuel prices at your store in AMERSHAM one of the most expensive in the area. Is it because there is little competition???

paul February 3, 2013

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Really!!! it's high time the government stopped putting there hands in our pockets, it's not our fault the country is in this mess, it's there's. They made this mess and as always they want the public to clean it up. how many more times are they going to petrol prices up. i work for a company on the brink of going under because of fuel prices. IT'S TIME TO GIVE BACK!!!

Lizzie January 30, 2013

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I was the very first person to comment on this issue way back in September last year, and I accurately forecast the results would be as they were published today. Anybody want a crystal ball reading, I'm pretty good.

Lizzie January 24, 2013

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For the period the OFT were investigating (3 to 4 MONTHS) fuel neither went up nor down, but now they've finished it's on the way up AGAIN, 2 pence in 2 days. Will the OFT fall for this? Almost certainly! Talk about a dog with no teeth.

JOHN WETHERILL January 22, 2013

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the shell garageat crediton on petrol prtce site advertisees a low price and the roadside sign shows the same price for deisel but be aware that ONLY ONE pump is set at this price.

All the other pumps shell deisel at 8PPL more expensive it is SUPPOSED to be a better grade deisel but this is false advertising as people just drive in and expectto pay the shown price BE CAREFULL AT THIS AND OTHER SHELL SITES if this is not illegal IT SHOULD BE THIS IS BLATENT FALSE ADVERTISING (at least DICK TURPINwore a mask)

I hope this helps other motorist in a rural area AVOID THIS SITE USE TESCO JUST UP THE ROAD and avoid this ripp off

    peter melrose January 30, 2013

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    Tesco also sell two grades of petrol but do not give the higher octane price on the pole sign so if you are paying no attention to what you are doing you are likely to make the same mistake there. The nozzles clearly state which product they are selling and the price is displayed on the pump. If you put the wrong fuel in your car their is only one person to blame.

Ronald Bagwell January 17, 2013

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Why are there no prices for petrol and diesel shown on the web site for Retail Petrol stations associated with all of the large supermarket chains?

    Dana January 18, 2013

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    Hi Ronald,

    Could you give me an example of the garage you are referring to?

    Many thanks,

    Brian Phillips January 30, 2013

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    Hello Ronald, I was on this blog screen last night saying that I bought unleaded fuel for the princely sum of 131.9p from the Wednesfield branch of Sainsburys, I went to the store today, and the price was now 137.9p, I heard it was going up by 4p, but this has gone up 6p, so much for OFT's exercise eh?
    Looks like we are going to keep getting ripped off by this government.

    Happy Hunting for lower fuel prices, Brian.

steve mitchell January 11, 2013

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Any idea the date the report will be published?

My local tesco is still 4p more expensive than the tesco 12 miles away. Not quite worth the drive to save money.

Also the road side has not been working for a week now, so you don't know how much till you're on a pump, co-incidence that it happened when they went to 1p more than morrisons down the road? I think not...

derek miles January 5, 2013

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    Brian Phillips January 29, 2013

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    Hello Derek, I live in Wednesfield, WOLVERHAMPTON, and today I paid £1.31.9 for a litre of unleaded, from Sainsburys, if I had known at the time, I could have got it from a place that was nearer by about 1/4 of a mile 2p cheaper. I have heard there is a 4p rise going on it soon, and another 3p later on, exact dates are unknown, but thanks to this site, I have changed to daily notification instead of twice a week, so as to keep on top of the situation. It pays to shop around, but pointless if you have to travel farther than you normally do.

    Good Hunting for cheaper fuel prices. Brian T P.

    Brian Phillips January 30, 2013

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    Hello again Derek, that fuel I paid for on monday, has gone up by 6p a litre, at Sainsburys branch in Wednesfield, where I bought it from on monday. The OFT cannot do anything that might upset the government, well, we can, just wait until it is time to vote.


john richardson December 31, 2012

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Best way do this is try stop using car and walk if you can, that will save and price might drop down hopefully.

MICHAEL MILLER December 24, 2012

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Why not scrap road tax on all vehicles that use oil based fuels & duty on fuel (road tax on electric) and collect the road tax revenue via the filling station (admin costs for gov dept saved). This way you only pay road tax for the amount you drive, the more economical your vehicle the less you pay & the tax dodgers pay as well. Relace the licence disc with an mot disc only issued to vehicles with valid insurance linked on the mot data base so that anpr still works. Tax & insurance dodgers at least have to pay tax and are still likely to be caught for insurance fraud.

Tarik Musa December 19, 2012

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Well sorry to be a bad bearer of news, but I live in Hastings east Sussex, I've just visited my mother in London and Morrison is selling their diesel for £134.9pence a litre, yet in east Sussex Hastings where it is supposed to be cheaper living, Morrisons in Hastings is selling their diesel for £138.9p a litre, I mean enough is enough, as someone is lying about this somewhere, and corporate companies are cashing in heavily and reaping the benefits off our misery. What has our country come too?

    Tarik Musa December 19, 2012

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    Oh and is this normal? Every time I go to the bp station at Silverhill Hastings, I put the petrol in my motorbike, and when I stop with the tigger nozzle, the counter stops, I count to 5, replace the nozzle back in its dock and the money figure flips up by a penny.

      Brian Phillips January 29, 2013

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      Hello Tarik, I have experienced the same thing when I have put the pump back on its holder, extra 1p when I know I stopped it bang on the £20 amount. Trading Standards should go round pumps and check for this penny pinching lark.

      Happy Hunting for cheaper petrol prices, Brian.

      Brian Phillips January 30, 2013

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      Hello again Tarik, I went to Sainsburys again today, and the unleaded has gone up by 6p a litre, so much for the review by OFT, looks like that 4p rise that I heard it was going up by has interest added to it of 2p. Looks like we are going to keep getting ripped off by the money grabbing government. We know what to do when it is time to vote, don't we?

      Nuff said, Brian.

Derek Dench December 12, 2012

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Can anyone explain why there is such a vast price difference diesel to petrol. A few years back the motoring public was encouraged to go diesel by way of better econonomy and lower price. Today my local Tesco is 130.9 for unleaded and 139.9 for diesel. This 9p a litre surcharge has completely nullified any price advantage. Interesting to see what happens to LPG. Will it go the same way. Bottom line we are being mugged.

    Brian Phillips January 29, 2013

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    Hello Chris, I think you can hope to win the lottery and it might just happen, but to hope for fuel prices to drop below a pound, I think you have more chance of winning the lottery.

    Happy Hunting for cheaper fuel, Brian.

Sylvia Anderson December 5, 2012

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I have just noticed that although the filling station showed the price as £1.39 a litre my bill shows £1.399 - a difference of 18p I have paid extra. Is this general?

D Allsop December 4, 2012

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I think petrol stations should have to include the equivalent price per gallon on the price board, this will bring it home to people more about just how much fuel costs.

stephen December 1, 2012

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We as a people are like sheep. How can we sit on our butts and allow a government put around 170% on the price of fuel, what are they doing with the dosh, come on what is going on?

ian wright November 16, 2012

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Why not tax petrol and diesel more to £10 or £20 a litre so it hits the rich too. I had to turn down 3 jobs this week as it was not feasible to travel at the cost of fuel.

    edward December 6, 2012

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    or they could stop giving you money for not working then you would have more insentive to find a job. The 'i'm better of staying on benefits' argument really pisses me off. If you have turned down 3 jobs i doubt you will work until you are forced to.

Lizzie November 14, 2012

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Where as I commend the likes of Quinten Wilson, Robert Halfron (MP) etc trying to get the duty rise due in January 2013 delayed or scrapped completely why aren't they pushing for a worthwhile cut in fuel duty? The Sun newspaper campaigns to "Keep It Down". Surely we have to GET IT DOWN before we can keep it down. People will think it a major victory to get that 3 pence rise scrapped, and that trick of reducing fuel duty by 1 penny by George Osborne was a blinder, 100 liters a month and I saved £1.00 Wow! I had to be careful not to spend it all at once. Scrap the 3 pence rise? Things might start moving better if we had something like a 10 pence REDUCTION at least. Make it cheaper > sell more > people buy more > revenues go up (YES! really!) > more money to spend on other goods in the shops > everybody happier. It's not rocket science.

    Lizzie December 13, 2012

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    Yesterday, my local Tesco was £131.9 for petrol, today it's £132.9 and today Tesco have announced they're reducing the price by 1 p p l, so tomorrow it will be the same price it was yesterday. We're being taken quite easily for fools.

Simon November 9, 2012

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Prices will never truly go down. The Government can never be supportive of a fuel price decrease because of the amount of revenue they think they'd stand to lose. Note that I used the word "think". Because in reality if the price went down people could afford to travel more. I've seen people turn down jobs simply because it would cost them too much to travel.

The cost of fuel is absurd. Everybody knows it, but nobody with the power to do anything is willing to tackle it.

mike October 17, 2012

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The extremely high fuel taxes (fuel duty + VAT) cause real hardship. They are one of the main causes of UK's high living costs. They are a tax on people going to work, a tax on services and a tax on our purchases.
The question is, what should we do about it?

Lizzie October 16, 2012

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Prices haven't gone up (or down) at all in my area for the last 10 days. It seems the fuel retailers are keeping their heads down until the OFT finish their work then we'll no doubt get a 10 pence per liter rise followed by a couple of pence per week thereafter.

    Brian Phillips January 30, 2013

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    Hello Lizzie, I went to Sainsburys on monday, and paid 131.9p per litre, went there again today, (wednesday) and it has gone up by 6p. What I had heard was it was going up by 4p soon, and another 3p later, so much for those facts. Time to vote this government out when the election comes round, eh?

    Bye for now, Brian.

Chris Stevens October 13, 2012

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It would help if there were fewer mindless people who fill up without even looking at the price. There is often a gap of about 3p per litre in service stations in the same road - or even on opposite sides of the road - and yet I see people using the most expensive. Why? Do they think Shell petrol is better than Esso? No, they're lazy and don't realise that a 3p difference translates into an extra £2.10 on a typical tank.

delboy October 13, 2012

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Fuel is NOT expensive, it's the GOVERNMENT that's ripping us off. FUEL DUTY & VAT that's 0.58p fuel duty & 0.24p VAT, so 0.82p goes to the ROBBING GOVERNMENT.

    Brian Phillips January 29, 2013

    report reply to Brian Phillips

    Hear hear, they take 80% out of the fuel price, if that isn't daylight robbery, I don't know what else it can be.


C Dommett October 9, 2012

report reply to C Dommett

Clearly cartels exist in localities. In Bury St Edmunds all the stations are within 2p of eachother and ASDA is usually the cheapest, they all go up and down together. In Cambridge, just up the road, The cheapest is 2p higher than the highest in Bury.

Tesco in Cambridge is usually 2p higher than Tesco in Bar Hill, a couple of miles out!

Shrewsbury is often 4p cheaper than Cambridge. Surely the price ought to be the same with each company nationwide? I can understand smaller retailers needing to charge more but Cambridge is just as convenient to supply as Shrewsbury surely!

    ian wright November 16, 2012

    report reply to ian wright

    That's why everyone in the building trade uses red diesel it's free perks of the job, site agent fills his car up every Friday, also the work force through the week. 1 in 10 cars uses cherry fuel.

    D Allsop December 4, 2012

    report reply to D Allsop

    and if you look at the prices in Essex, just down the M11, you will find pump prices at 5p per litre less than up here. The more rural, the less competition, the higher the fuel prices.

Philip Bell October 6, 2012

report reply to Philip Bell

My local Shell Garage is listed as 137.9 but is currently 138.9 yet only a few miles away Sainsbury's is 135.9. Worth driving to if you have to fill a tank.

Jim September 30, 2012

report reply to Jim

Why is Diesel so much dearer than Petrol? It is cheaper to produce. When we had fuel by the Gallon it only went up 1p or 2p per Gallon.

Alasdair Mackenzie September 27, 2012

report reply to Alasdair Mackenzie

I live on the Isle of Lewis, where we were paying £148.9 for a Ltr of petrol in the main town of Stornoway, until a small filling station a few miles out of the main town, in Back changed its fuel supplier and cut its price by 9p per ltr, charging £139.9 per Ltr. this prompted one of the main garages to drop its fuel price by 3p. funny thing though, the new supplier purchases the fuel from the old supplier - does this prove that up until now there has been a price fixing. Good on Back filling station for challenging the status quo.

    ian wright November 16, 2012

    report reply to ian wright

    It's a con so the government can get away with a 3p a litre hike instead of saying 13.8p hike. And what's with this .9p of a litre? Can I go in to a petrol station with tin snips and cut of one ninth of of a penny like in old days back 1600 hundreds? Just round it up or down.

wayne September 21, 2012

report reply to wayne

Well I agree, it will be a good thing to have the petrol companies investigated by the OFT.
How about the OFT also investigating the fact that approximately 60%, currently about 83p per litre based on £1.38 a litre at the pumps, of the fuel costs go to the government in the form of fuel duty and v.a.t. This is the biggest cause of the high cost of fuel.

John September 18, 2012

report reply to John

Angonamo! Petrol has gone up by about 10 ppl in Aug and yet they are saying that the RPI has dropped from 2.5 to 2.5% due to downward pressure of the price of furniture and gas. Pull the other one!!!

Giles September 15, 2012

report reply to Giles

Yet again the government make a token gesture.
There is nothing "fair" about the way in which oil companies and petrol stations inflate their prices hugely above the actual cost, boosting their gargantuan profits to ridiculous levels.

If the oil companies continue to hold us all to ransom, and the government keep putting up the cost of fuel duty, all that will happen is a steady rise in unemployment.
Two successive governments have already shown themselves to be incompetent at managing cost of public transport, and now they're going to ensure that they can't manage private costs either.

It's currently more expensive most of the time to travel by bus or train than it is by car.
If they addressed public transport costs maybe it would make fuel increases easier to swallow but that simply isn't the case.
Until the MP's wake up and realise that we don't all live in a sugar coated world where everyone can expense everything and have 3 holidays a year, we're stuck with this misery.

    wayne September 21, 2012

    report reply to wayne

    I totally agree with the problem of public transport.
    For instance where I live in Swansea which is not a rural area, a journey of 5 miles which would take 10 minutes in a car and cost no more than £1 in fuel currently takes over an hour on a bus due to the fact that it takes 2 buses and that buses are only once every hour and that there is a 45 minute wait from getting off the first bus until the second bus arrives. This journey also costs £3.90 in total. Would someone explain to me the incentive in using the public transport system?

    Brian Phillips January 29, 2013

    report reply to Brian Phillips

    Giles, I don't know if you are old enough to remember buses being manned by a conductor and a driver, but when the transport management got rid of the conducter, it was to make fares cheaper, and like town gas being produced costing more than natural gas, that too was supposed to be cheaper. NEITHER one of these money savers cost less than they cost prior to the changes, in fact, they just kept getting dearer and dearer.
    AND if we are in a recession, how the hell do they expect to justify HS2, just imagine the disaster that will cause if it get de-railed, they have forgotten what happened at Nuneaten.

    Nuff said, bye, Brian.

Jon September 12, 2012

report reply to Jon

I congratulate the government and fuel industry being wholly dependent on a car I just cannot afford to drive anywhere. A drive to my local supermarket costs £8 return and that does not include service and other running costs. Online shopping costs £3.50. A trip to see my closest friend is around £11 and on the now rare occasions I do that I have to ensure I do as many things in same area as possible to make the cost worthwhile.

10 years ago I was doing 25,000 miles a year on car and motorcycle. Now, I barely do a 1000 miles a year. In other words, the government loses lots of tax income from me because of this insane petrol pricing. A fairer price would see more tax income, more taxes see a reduction. Not a difficult thing to see but clearly a problem for British pollutions and green groups.

Please note the Americans seem to be free of such heavy fuel taxes and pay absurdly low petrol prices and are the biggest polluters. Just seeing this strikes me as a large miscarriage of natural justice. No wonder the UK economy is such a mess.

    D Allsop December 4, 2012

    report reply to D Allsop

    I agree with you Jon, I have become more isolated since the cost of visiting friends has increased so much. I feel mean making visits to people which include journeys to other places and saying, "sorry I have to go" because I have another errand to run on my journey is horrible.

Dennis Turner September 10, 2012

report reply to Dennis Turner

Last year David Cameron said; 'I will be watching petrol prices like a hawk'!
Isn't it time the hawk took it's hood off?
A case once again of another government treating their electorate with total contempt!

Bob P September 10, 2012

report reply to Bob P

I to am wondering why the prices are rising so fast & often, as I have been told that when crude prices have dropped in the past the speculators are storing many millions of tons of crude oil in tankers parked up on the high seas around the world awaiting the prices to rise even further so as to sell on cheaply purchased oil at a very much higher price to get motorists to pay even more at the pumps. It is surely time the British public stand up & show there disgust in this practice. Bob P

    roy whiston September 16, 2012

    report reply to roy whiston

    This is what happens - I have no proof unfortunately, but it seems the "rich" companies hold on to the product and wait for larger profits. Many markets are manipulated by trickling in product (it keeps premiums high [read cost to final consumer]) in such a fashion. And, Lizzie, OPEC is a cartel of oil producing nations, they set monthly oil production targets, which in turn affects world oil price, Then there are the market gamblers (spivs and parasites to the rest of us)... If I am wrong I apologise to all, but operating costs and product pricing have to be proved to the public these days. Hence the investigation; I wonder if the outcome'll be considered as true or a whitewash? mmm

ISABEL BARTIN September 10, 2012

report reply to ISABEL BARTIN

Again, another investigation that will last for months? In the meantime the prices go up & no refund will be expected? I came on to this site in hope of saving money yet the info was already out of date. The price had gone up at most garages, so even goggling is not a safe bet. Arggggggggggggg

Chris September 7, 2012

report reply to Chris

WTI Crude Oil
$95.99 ▲0.46 0.48%
14:10 PM EDT - 2012.09.07

Brent Crude Oil
$114.36 ▲0.87 0.77%
14:10 PM EDT - 2012.09.07

Why is the price of diesel and petrol gone up over 10p per litre over the past 2 months ????
It has just about reached the all time high when crude oil was $150 per barrel !

Today's (7/9/12) crude oil prices WTI $97 & $114 for Brent, and the $ - £ exchange rate is as good if not alittle higher to our advantage, when we hit the high dollar price for crude. Also there has been no Government tax increases.

Someone, somewhere is making a killing out of this !!!

ross purton September 7, 2012

report reply to ross purton

It's all done to take our eye off the ball as the government prepare to put the prices up in a few months time.

Lizzie September 6, 2012

report reply to Lizzie

Why is it going to take 4 months to get an answer? What's the betting that there'll be nothing to answer to, and they're "trading within the rules" (where have we heard that before?).
For "competition" read "cartel" because they all go up in price on the same day, and I very much doubt that they all empty their tanks on the same day.

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