Tesco apologises for contaminated fuel

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News over the last few days has revealed that silicon contamination was the cause of the recent problems to thousands of vehicles. The problem has been traced back to fuel storage tanks in Essex and Harvest Energy have confirmed that the high silicon fuel has been isolated and no more contaminated fuel would make its way to the forecourts.

Harvest have recommended that those affected should contact their petrol retailer for more information. Supermarket petrol stations at Tesco, Morrisons and ASDA stores have been associated with this fuel crisis and Tesco have today printed a full page apology in several newspapers which assures motorists that their fuel is ‘back to normal’.

There is some comfort for those who purchased their fuel at Tesco and have experienced problems with their cars as Tesco assures: ‘If petrol bought at Tesco has damaged your car, we’d like to say how sorry we are. More to the point, we’d like to promise to pay for the repairs.’

They confirm that ‘all the affected stores in the South East of England have been refueled with a fresh clean supply.’ and ‘No other Tesco stores were affected by this incident’.

If your car was affected by fuel bought at Tesco and you would like more information, the number to call is 0800 028 6428.

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Linda January 28, 2016

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My mechanics said both sensors needed replacing due to contaminated (Tesco in Harlow Essex) petrol. I have been knocked back by Tesco because no one else has complained. Repairs to my Mini Cooper cost almost £500. I am considering making a small claim. Any thoughts anyone?

Chris Dunk January 25, 2016

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I bought a new car Thursday 21st Jan, filled up with Tesco Sidcup (pump 6) diesel and on Friday it broke down, RAC said maybe fuel pump or contaminated fuel. Anyone had same problem with fuel at Sidcup?

steve harris November 23, 2015

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wife got unleaded at Bedworth store next day car was not running right miss fire spluttering got £20 worth at a bp garage so far so good

steve harris November 23, 2015

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wife filled up car with unleaded ran like a bag of crap miss firing spluttering filled up at bp garage no probloms since

Adam July 15, 2015

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Filled up at serpentine green tesco peterborough on my way home, wed 8th July, 75 litres of desel, the next day after driving 25 miles the van wasn't right, took it into the main dealer, after investigation they have told me the fuel is a misty colour and looks like it's contaminated with unleaded, it has ruined all the fuel system, reported to tesco there saying they have had no other complaints so are not going to investigate it, they never even asked me the time, pump number, how much I put in or anything, so basically fobbed off, has anyone else had problems there?

    Julie Babb September 22, 2015

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    Hi, Adam

    Have you got any contacts at tesco regarding the fuel contamination? The same thing happened to me yesterday in Dunstable and they are not being very helpful.

    Kind regards julie

Paul Bishop June 30, 2015

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Penny wise £75 foolish. Approx. 5 years ago I was at my local servicing garage where the Proprietor was remonstrating with a customer and stated: "I told you and told you not to use rubbish Tesco diesel. Perhaps you'll listen now. I've priced up a new pump for your van and you're looking at £1300. Lesson learnt I thought. I spread the word to all in sundry. However, I stupidly bought £40 worth of diesel from Tesco in Pontypridd last week. Result: yes I saved a penny a litre. But it cost me £75 for a new filter and tank drained. And that was mates rates!
And they say the older you get the wiser you get. Duhhhhh.

Graham June 17, 2015

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Unleaded petrol contaminated with water from Tesco Riverside Dundee on Friday 12th June 2015. Loads of white smoke from the exhaust! Has anyone else had the same problem recently?

    Adam July 15, 2015

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    Problem with contaminated diesel serpentine green tesco last week 8 th July reported to tesco and was fobbed off

steve jones March 23, 2015

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Filled up in Brackley on 16th march, dont drive much but on Friday went on journey and car misfiring, (2013 Mercedes) Mercedes looked are car today and cant find any problems other than the fuel (in there words) is pale and smells as if contaminated with petrol. Merc want +£500 to drain and swop, reported to tesco who say they will investigte... I get the feeling I'm going to be shafted with an expensive bill not covered by warrenty and Tesco will say - nothing was wrong with the fuel

    Adam July 15, 2015

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    Fuel contaminated at serpentine green tesco anyone else had problems tesco trying to fob me off

terry harkin March 15, 2015

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hi i bought diesel at bury tesco and same day my car kept cutting out with no power all of sudden any one else had problems 9th march

    chris lockwood April 10, 2015

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    Filled up at Tesco last Saturday. Almost at once there was a problem . Van has been with a diesel expert and they tell me there is petrol in the tank .Have phoned Tesco and am waiting for reply . It seems this is not the first time this problem has come up with Tesco fuel . Will be taking this to Trading standards if they try to worm out of it . Got the fuel in south london

    chris lockwood April 10, 2015

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    Just been told by Tesco none else has reported a problem with fuel . Has any body had problems from Elmers End Tesco

Bev Green March 4, 2015

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I've just filled up with Tesco petrol and half a mile down the road my car cut out. When I switched it back on it sounded like a bag of spanners. I have the receipt so know I put the right petrol in. I went back to Tesco and they said there is no problem with their petrol. However, she did said she would do a fuel check in the morning (don't know how many more cars will have filled up by then!). Taking all advice on this forum I'm going to wait til she phones me tomorrow, then get it to a garage for the fuel to be checked and go to Trading Standards if needs be. Will update

Mariusz January 25, 2015

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2 days ago I bought 70 litres diesel in Wrexham Tesco and next day morning sensor showed water in fuel !!!!

roy mc crory January 9, 2015

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Bought 54 pounds of petrol at Tesco belfast. My honda civic was doing 40 miles to a gallon but after I filled up it dropped down to 34 miles to a gallon, engine feels a bit sick. Waiting for tank to empty so I can change to better petrol. Good bye tesco

Andrew Robinson December 10, 2014

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Anybody had problems after filling with unleaded at Tesco Riverhead recently? Our car is having starting problems and running very rough and cutting out after filling on Friday 5th December - garage beginning to suspect fuel problem.

    Dj January 21, 2015

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    Filled up 2/3 with diesel at the large Tesco near Eaton Socon (Cambs). Car cut out several times right after, on the way home. Was alright the rest of the week, but when I (stupidly) tanked at Tesco again a week later it cut out ever so many 100 yards. Now in garage, where they say it is the pressure pump. I don't believe it. I think they should drain the tank and change the filter. This was on the 15th of January, 2015.
    Any others affected, or tips, for that matter?

victoria covey November 2, 2014

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Our nissan x trail has been in the garage now for 9 days after my husband filled up with diesel at Amersham Tesco on Friday 24th October. Garage still not found out the cause of our car spluttering and being juddery and are sending it to a diesel expert in watford. God knows what's wrong with it and what the cost will be. Had to hire a car for this week so we can both get to work! So annoying as until the day he filled up, it drove fine!!! Opened a case with Tesco today and will keep them informed. My guess is they'll say that no one else has complained therefore it's not their fault!

    Mari Clack November 21, 2014

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    Hi Victoria,

    Just read your post. My Toyota Landcruiser broke down on Sat 25th Oct, after refilling at Tesco's Andover. Have had hire car for a month, Toyota dealer has just reported back to us today re contaminated fuel. Have had no problems with car for 10 years until fuel issue!

    Neil November 29, 2014

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    Hi Victoria,

    What was the outcome of your complaint to Tesco in Amersham and the investigation into what was the cause of your car's problem? I have just filled up with diesel from pump number 5 from Tesco in Amersham and all the way home, about 15 miles, my car became progressively more hesitant and jerky. Hence my immediate searching of any information relating to contaminated diesel from said petrol station. I even said to my partner before filling up that I've heard recently that supermarket fuel isn't as good as other sources!!! How typical!!!

G Jemison August 5, 2014

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Mon 4th Aug 7-15pm Coulby Newham Tesco, Middlesbrough.
Car got 10 miles up the road and then the loss of power occurred.
Second time in 6 months this has happened.
I should have listened to the RAC guy about going to the supermarkets.
The repair cannot be done tomorrow as he has about 6 other filters to replace!
Tesco say there is no problem.

    V.woodhouse October 20, 2014

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    I have this problem ,in August I filled up diesel at tesco crooks foot Ashford ,Kent ,I didn't drive the car until last weekend , while I driving all the sudden fuel filter amber light warning.i have contacted tesco and trading standard to investigate wheather tesco are cutting corner or rip off motorists.

      S Peiris October 28, 2014

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      Hello, I have the same problem. Filled up with correct petrol on 17th aug (correct/unleaded) while the tanker was filling the tank on my right as I remember. The car has been breaking down ever since. with warning light so, I have hardly used it since, may be 3-4 trips to ashford town ; the same petrol is there. The garage did tests and other major repairs as the car wouldn't start 2-3 weeks back twice.. After major costly repairs. Still the exhaust warning light came on again yesterday. The car wasn't driven more than twice since, its been in the garage at home, as I was scared of breaking down in the motorway. While the v/w garage did the works; I told them that the warning light first came on 20-30 min after putting petrol; but they did not think the petrol would have caused the starter problem. I would be grateful if you could advice me what to do. I am hoping to take it to the garage again tomorrow; and they want to do another diagnostic test to cost my pocket.Have you also had other responses from other customers. Thank you .Shirani

      S Peiris October 28, 2014

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      It was Tesco Crook's foot on pump either 3 or 1 on 17th aug I think it was a sunday.

Alex July 17, 2014

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I bought £50 worth of unleaded petrol from Tesco - Fleets Corner - Poole - on 26 June 14 - the car lost power and misfired within 1/2 mile - I had to have the tank drained and fuel system checked. I have approached Tesco and they have flatly refused to admit any liability - claiming that no-one else experienced problems from this source. If anyone else has experienced problems from this store - I would be VERY interested to know. I would like to take this further with them.

Trevor Williams July 11, 2014

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Anyone recently had problems with petrol contaminated diesel fuel from Tesco?
I filled up 29/06/2014 at Tesco Prestwich and started having problems immediately.
Have been told by mechanic that there is petrol in the diesel. I am sure I didn't use the wrong pump.

    jacklyn richardson July 18, 2014

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    we filled car with what we believed to be diesel on june 22nd approx. 6pm, car stopped going 3 days after, mechanic states it was petrol, we used the black pump, been to store, awaiting callback from manager

joseph whitter June 26, 2014

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I purchased £40 of diesel at Leigh Tesco on the 18/3/2014, and within 10 miles the engine began to smoke and became very noisy. I then took car to the garage and was told all 4 injectors and fuel pump had gone down and that it was fuel contamination. I have been into Tesco customer service; nothing that they can do they say; I have a bill of over £2,000 so I will not be going to Tesco for my shopping again...

Tim Garner May 27, 2014

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My wife filled up with unleaded petrol at Tesco in Ongar on 10 May. Car misfired after that date every morning and we have just spent a four figure sum on a new fuel pump, plugs etc etc and still not right. Now using up rest of tank as quickly as possible. Anyone else had this problem after filling up at Tesco Ongar ??

    James June 12, 2014

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    I purchased fuel from tesco sutton, my contamination light has come on after calling the AA I was told there is water in the tank as it is clearly visible in fuel filter.

David Vlatten May 23, 2014

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I bought Petrol on 20 and 21 of march of this year 2014 at tesco cause of the penny off the litre. Well I had over half a tank and 10 min later I pull up at the house and got low fuel warning, having trouble with it cutting out and stop signs and turning and round aborts.

raf darr May 1, 2014

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Does anybody know of anyone who has recently purchased fuel from tesco, then soon after having problems with their car. My car has been of the road for two weeks while the experts tried to find the cause. It was confirmed today in writing that the fuel was contaminated. I also have a sample of the fuel for analysis. The bill to repair my car is around 2000k. Tesco are refuting the fact that the fuel is contaminated and have basically told me to go away. Trading standards are also now involved. I appreciate that they sell millions of litres a week without incident, but if I have purchased dodgy fuel from them, I couldn't give a monkeys testacle how much they sell a week. I have been advised by citizens advice to contact the energy ombudsmen on 0330 440 1624. It is clear that tesco is telling everyone they don`t have any other complaints when clearly there are.

    Anne May 18, 2014

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    Hi, yes I have purchased what my mechanic says is extremely gritty and contaminated diesel from Tesco at their Crewe store in Cheshire. It has ruined my discovery which had recently had a lot of work done on it and I know that it was their fuel as I filled the tank at a cost of over £100. I was given the usual brush off and Trading Standards were not much help. Tesco said they had a very good relationship with Trading Standards. I didn't realise just how good until I tried to get help from them and was told they could not afford to test the fuel. I am going to get it tested myself even if I have to live on beans on toast forever to pay for it. I have a report from the garage that is trying very hard to save my car. It will probably cost more than I can afford and the whole thing has proved beyond doubt that Tesco and trading standard could not care less about us. Tesco is either buying very cheap fuel and is not checking the quality or allowing their contractors to fill their underground tanks at Crewe during the day. I have seen Eddie Stobart tankers filling Tesco underground tankst during the day and their was no sign that they were closing off the pumps to allow for the sediment to settle. I intend to pursue this until Tesco remembers that they have a duty to compensate customers when their contaminated fuel has destroyed cars and until trading standards remembers that they are paid by people like me to protect the them from this sort of thing, even if they have a cosy relationship with Tesco and any other mega company. Sorry this is so long. I am absolutely disgusted with Tesco and Trading Standards and they should be ashamed of themselves. My advice to anyone is NOT TO EVER BUY FUEL FROM A TESCO STORE as they really do not care about all the grief and trouble they cause. Good luck with your problem and don't give up.

    Sandra May 21, 2014

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    I filled my car with diesel at tesco filling station and yesterday my car cut out on a busy road, lost all power, steering etc. I was lucky not to be involved in a serious accident as it was a very busy road. It was taken to the garage yesterday and they have just confirmed my diesel is contaminated.. As you can imagine I'm going to be left with a hefty bill, but I'm most concerned that it's not just me and there are plenty of other cases. The garage told they had another car in just last week with exactly the same problem.

    tina May 24, 2014

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    Hi Raf Darr, we are in the middle of getting our engine reconditioned because of tesco diesel. We are hoping to get compensation. Could u please contact me.

    Josh August 15, 2014

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    I had a very similar problem to this with Tesco Fuel in November 2012. It was a late night fill, using the Pay@pump. Car was basically dead. Needed more than 1000 of work on it. Contaminated fuel. Had a sample and everything.
    Tesco's initial response was positive, saying that they would investigate the pump etc etc (none of which ever actually happened). Then it changed to more of a polite 'F-off'. After about 15 letters back and forth with me arguing with them they eventually said that they would no longer respond and they consider the case closed. It was shocking service. I lost out on 2 weeks of work as I used my car to travel to various businesses in the west midlands. Just couldnt believe it. Since getting repair etc, I Have only ever filled at non-supermarket stations, and everything has been fine. But dont hold your breath with Tesco. A neighbour of mine had an incident where by her mother slipped on a grape that was on the floor in the fruit and veg section of a tesco, and she didnt really do any damage. But got 15000 compensation. Using a lawyer. So perhaps if you try a proper legal route, you might have more luck. But its a monetary risk, and most normal working people cant gamble like that.

karen April 25, 2014

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Filled up with Diesel from Tesco Potters Bar recently. Car cut out just over a week later and after investigation its was found that fuel was contaminated. Tesco are saying no-one else has complained and therefore not their problem. Has anyone had a similar problem.

    raf darr May 1, 2014

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    Hello Karen,
    My name is Raf, and I've had the same problem with tesco diesel on 6th April this year. A few days after filling up my car broke down. The garage has found that it was due to contaminated fuel and have quoted me around £2000 to repair. When I contacted tesco they told me they didn't have any other complaints. I have reported it to trading standards. If you want to contact me please do so. I am on facebook and have posted this issue.

    Mark Cooper February 19, 2015

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    Hi Karen

    I bought diesel from tesco, Potters Bar a week ago on Wednesday. 2 days later, my van broke down.

    It is still in Shanklins garage. AA nan said contaminated fuel & so have Shanklin garage.

    Tesco should pay our repair bills... Shouldn't let them get away with it!


geoff April 1, 2014

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Have just had my car in the garage, new fuel filter fitted... the contaminated fuel is still out there... TESCO ARE responsible for my £400 pound bill... and nearly killing me when the car just cut out...

    raf darr May 1, 2014

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    Hello Geoff
    My name is Raf, I have posted this same issue on fb. Please feel free to comment, also it will add weight to our case.
    Many thanks.

    Joanne May 15, 2014

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    Hi Geoff, I'm having the same problem with tesco fuel, in April I top my car up costing me £ 45 then a week later my car just stop on me. Called my mechanic and he towed it back to his garage to learn that it was caused by the fuel, so now it's costing me £ 900. 50 to get my car back. Tesco is denying there at fault and because they have had no other complaints there's not a lot I can do, but I'm still trying to get some satisfaction .

John mckee February 3, 2014

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Bought 20.02 pounds riverside dundee tesco today, drove out forecourt to lose power and revs juddering then kept repeating for 5 miles. Pulled in to another garage to refill to mix and hope did it once when I left forecourt fingers crossed. Phoned tesco garage to be told nothing wrong and I'm the only person to say.

Dick January 8, 2014

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I fill my car at TESCO HANDFORTH DEAN on 10th December 2013....I had just left the forecourt when the car lost power and fault codes appeared, the fuel tank has just been removed and the whole pump / filter system is clogged with contaminated fuel.

    Tom. February 1, 2014

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    Hi Dick
    Yes I put £20.00 of Diesel in my Nissan Qashqai, I have poor starting and clouds ofblue smoke, I will never use Tesco Diesel again. Tom.

Paul December 13, 2013

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Put £20 Petrol in at Tesco Carlisle Cumbria Yesterday 12.12.13 car started Juddering a Little on way home. Drove to work today and its got worse Engine light on & struggling to get over 3 thousand revs. Hope it has not Knackerd my car too much as its a 12 month old Corsa!!!

Gordon Urquhart November 18, 2013

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Has anyone had a problem with diesel bought at Tesco Kingsway Dundee....Filled up there on Friday 15th November 2013...car developed problem on Sunday 17th Nov...towed home and garage claim that it was the fuel....does not smell like petrol or diesel...more like chip fat...cleaned system and now running perfect with new diesel.

Adrian Harvey September 20, 2013

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Just had Fault 00550 come up on my car, possible fuel contamination and I just filled up at Tesco Mid Somer Norton. What do I do now ??

Ron Broomfield September 18, 2013

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Having been diagnosed with Epilepsy the car has not been used since I last filled the tank, the car has been regularly serviced and the engine run for a short while to keep it in good order, last week the car would not start after several attempts I called my garage they had the same problem so towed the vehicle to their garage. On inspection they found the diesel was contaminated and a great deal of damage had been caused to the fuel system, the bill for cleaning the system and replacing the damaged parts could come to £1000-00. I have reported all of this to TESCO and am waiting for their response.

    John October 19, 2013

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    Any response from Tesco in the end? Imagine they can't be too happy with a £1000 bill..

      RON BROOMFIELD October 23, 2013

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      Thank you for your comment John.Tesco have replied to my letter but will not accept liability for the damage to my car. I only ever buy my fuel from TESCO gallows corner, I have receipts going back to over 15 years to prove it. I hav`nt been able to pursue the matter due to a stay in hospital, but I will. I hav'nt driven the car now for over a year. My wife and I are both over 80 and can ill afford the £1500.00 bill for repairing the damage.I will keep in touch. Ron.

Lionel Ding September 4, 2013

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Filled up my Nissan Micra at Tesco at Hampton, Peterborough and car had problems immediately. Garaged investigated and confirmed 'contaminated fuel'. Tesco have refused to reimburse costs as they say 'I am the only complaint received' so cannot be their fuel. Anyone else had issues from Hampton recently?

Steve Hayes June 18, 2013

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I had to go to Coventry on 15/06/2013 so topped up the car with £40 of diesel at Tesco Port Solent in Portsmouth trip was going fine until on the m40 just about to go across to the fast lane and the car just lost power and had power assist failure show up. Managed to get the car to the hard shoulder. Had to wait an hour for recovery then had to drive off at the next junction cut out again so drove at 20 miles an hour on hard shoulder to the next junction so the green flag could look at the car. He connected his computer and nothing showed up. He asked where we last filled up and when said Tesco he said you have fuel contamination. I had my two daughters with me and my pregnant partner wasn't good

Sandra march June 17, 2013

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Tesco never buy fuel from them again only used twice car broken down engine managment light came on lost power on motor way now cost us 150 for new fuel filter tesco would not take liability for that even though we were told by the garage it was the fuel very rude said that all petrol is the same where ever you buy it bull shit so if I go to esso it's the same deasel as tesco have complained to watch dog hope they do a story

matthew verinder June 14, 2013

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hi we filled up a 7.5t truck with diesel at Tescos in Haydock on the 20th & 22nd May, our driver drove 4 miles then the vehicl broke down, the garage is saying that the fuel is faulty, either petrol or other things, we are getting this tested. Our truck needs a new engine at a cost over 5k,. We have our vehicle on a tracker to prove that was the last place he filled up at, anyone else heard of this in May at Tesco in Haydock

tia May 11, 2013

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Filled up Wednesday 8th may 2013 at Tesco baguley in Wythenshawe and within minutes of leaving the car began juddering and struggled to get to 30mph without turning the engine off and starting again. felt like it was about to conk out. Not a particularly old car and passed mot recently. changed coil thinking it could be that but has done nothing. so thinking could be dodgy petrol? trying to drive it out but as its getting worse going to take it the garage. anyone else had the same problem?

    Ruth June 9, 2013

    report reply to Ruth

    Hi Tia, We filled up our Zafira at Tesco by Brent Cross North London last week and although not too bad on the motorway, it felt that we had kangaroo petrol in round the town. Have had it in to our very reliable garage, but he could not diagnose the problem. Have you sorted your car, was it fuel or something else? Regards.

dave bradshaw April 1, 2013

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Filled up at tesco Ingleby Barwick on 19th March, 11 reg ford s max 2.2 diesel, a few days later a warning light stating "engine malfunction" on dash board. Took to jennings who stated that the diesel particulate filter needed to be reset, full oil and filter change required. £142.00. Car had only had a full service 6000 miles previous. Fuming as only have 18000 miles on the clock.

    Dean Bristow April 17, 2013

    report reply to Dean Bristow

    My Peugot 207 diesel engine's management light came on 28/3/13 and I promptly took it to the dealers as its only two and a half years old and under warranty. Fault was contaminated fuel which required a new pump and the system drained cost of £251.92. I have had the car from new and have always used tescos diesel mostly from Great Notley. I have contacted their Customer Services Dept in Dundee but have had no joy.

    kevin Trivett April 30, 2013

    report reply to kevin Trivett

    Not just Tesco, i was caught out at Asda, they are supplied by the same depot. my repair bill was 1800.00 was off the road for 11 days., have filed a claim, luckily i have AA breakdown cover, they took my car to the garage.

Dave Clarke March 23, 2013

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Just been called out to very distressed 82 year old parents broken down in East Dereham Norfolk. Dad had filled his 1.5 Diesel Corsa with fuel and within a few miles it had lost all power and was stalling, juddering and smoking badly from the exhaust!!! Where did he buy the diesel you ask?? Why surprisingly it was from Tesco's in East Dereham!! What a surprise.
RAC Patrol man checked car over and found the fault to be a blocked fuel filter, we had a very stressful time getting the car back home as no recovery vehicle was available due to the bad weather.

Ed West March 23, 2013

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Just had similar issue with my Citroen C4, lost power and fuel filter had to be replaced at cost of £200. Filter was blocked due to waxing, only place I buy diesel from is Tesco in Norwich.

      Ed April 7, 2013

      report reply to Ed

      I have contacted Tesco and they have investigated. Unfortunately they have not had any other complaints

      My car has broken down for a second time, same issue, diesel came from Tesco in Bury St Edmunds

      Now using BP - especially when it is cold

        Sandra march June 17, 2013

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        Customer service department have just told me that all petrol stations use same petrol so it wasn't there fuel that caused my car to break down

Tracey winograd March 14, 2013

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I have had the same issue! No joy with tesco, everyone phone trading standards, tesco is breaching the sale of good act 1974, contact number 08454040506 Mary ref no 11048273 let's fight them together!

Tracey Winograd March 13, 2013

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My Kia sportage was sluggish after filling up at my local Tesco petrol station.it broke down a few days later. It cost me £200 to fix and I lost £80 worth of feul. I am happy to report to watchdog . We all have to do it together. Is anyone on here happy to join me?

Many thanks

    Chris March 20, 2013

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    I have already reported my storry to BBC watchdog, Just recieved a 2nd letter back from Tesco after i continue to complain to them and yep thats right they still refuse to refund my money.

Nick Armstrong March 9, 2013

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Filled up with diesel as usual at Tesco Coulby Newham near Middlesbrough. Within 3 miles my super reliable Toyota Avensis 2 litre diesel lost power. I managed to get to the local main Toyota dealer who knew immediately that the fuel filter was blocked with waxy additives from fuel bought at Tesco. They had seen the same problem a number of times before. I had to have fuel filter replaced (£80) and have complained to Tesco - still awaiting reply.

    Neil Snowball March 11, 2013

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    Keep me posted on your outcome with Tesco, I have the same issue on my Vauxhall vivaro from filling up at Tesco, Coulby Newham, In and out have said its contaminated fuel from tesco! 2nd time its happened now, paid 650 to fix the problem 6 weeks ago, and filled up since at at tesco, unaware that was the problem and its gone back in today for fuel filter change and clean of fuel lines!

      Nick Armstrong March 20, 2013

      report reply to Nick Armstrong

      Have just received a written apology from Tesco but they report that since mine was the only reported complaint from the Coulby Newham garage then the fault must be my car.
      Furthermore they add that they have strict quality control on their fuel.Since I have changed the fuel filter the car is running beautifully.I'm now sticking to the advice of RMB Toyota and filling up with Shell diesel.Clearly Tesco is at fault but I can't see them admitting it.Sorry to hear about your problem - hope you get it sorted.

    Chris March 11, 2013

    report reply to Chris

    You will get the same response as I did from Tesco which will be they have no issue or reported problems with there Fuel. Please can I ask you you write your story on BBC Watchdog web site (which I have also done) as the only way Tesco will understand they have a problem is for it to get on TV then they might give us our full refunds for the repairs that have cost us.

Chris March 8, 2013

report reply to Chris

My 6 month old Kia Optima broke down on the 12th Feb 2013. Rac came out and said it was an issue with low fuel pressure. Towed it back to Kia garage who found it to have contaminated diesel fuel in. Cost of repairs came to £350. Last filled up at Tesco Leighton Buzzard on the 9th Feb with a full tank of Diesel. Complained to Tesco Head office only to receive a letter back saying that no one else had reported any problems and that they will not refund my repair costs. Will now have to go to BBC 1 watchdog to see if they can help, as I'm out of pocket by £350.

G Weston February 23, 2013

report reply to G Weston

Put £75 of diesel in at Tesco Extra, North Cheam, on 17th Feb 13 Truly the FIRST time since fuel problems of years ago. Next day 9am doing 75mph in fast lane on busy M20 and engine cuts out and in a split second I have no power. Manage to get to hard shoulder and see that 4 kids had no idea how dangerous lt had been. Kia main dealer diagnosed fault as contaminated fuel and gave me sample - wished me luck in getting TESCO to acknowledge. All in cost £500 for fuel, diagnosing fault and loss of a days tickets for Disneyland, Paris - however glad to be alive and will see what TESCO say .

We have filled this car for last few years always at Sainsburys, North Cheam and no problems whatsoever!

Take care if you use Tesco

    Chris March 11, 2013

    report reply to Chris

    Please can I ask you you also to write your story on BBC Watchdog web site (which I have also done) as the only way Tesco will understand they have a problem is for it to get on TV then they might give us our full refund's for the repairs that have cost us all. Thanks

omegatonk February 21, 2013

report reply to omegatonk

I filled up my fiat punto 1.2 with petrol and put £15 in which is almost half a tank drove it 20 miles 2 work finished work then drove it half way home and the fuel light came on. What the fuck do they put it there petrol? This is y I hate tesco they dont care about there costumers!

rod January 13, 2013

report reply to rod

Filled with diesel this morning at tesco crieff rd perth, travel 10 miles and van started to miss fire and shudder. Everyone I spoke to say dirty diesel, have had to cancel all work today and tomorrow to try and get it fixed, not happy with tesco !!!!!!!

    Aamir_Manchester January 26, 2013

    report reply to Aamir_Manchester

    Same here. Tesco Stockport - £300 down. VW adamant it was the fuel.

    Called tesco some jumped up call Center worker told me that because no one else had complained then it can't be their fault.

      graham February 28, 2013

      report reply to graham

      Same here on 20 Feb 2013... fueled up at tescos tain highland. My car's a petrol and just passed its m.o.t. drove about 50 miles then it juddered and misfired... still is engine warning light flashing and bleeping and tank on empty!!!!!!!!!! I put 30 quid in... I only got a 1.4 auto.

Mr Fenton November 29, 2012

report reply to Mr Fenton

Filled up at Tesco colinton last week, my wife (who is 22 weeks pregnant) just got round to using the car on Tuesday, car broke down, AA called out, arrived 3.5 hours later, multiple cylinder misfire, car had to be recovered to main dealer, contaminated fuel, water & god knows what else in the fuel.

Spoke to customer service, told me to go in store to get claim form, in store knew nothing about claim form and were EXTREMELY rude

Was promised a phonecall this morning as in store had no idea how to resolve this, but NO PHONECALL!!!

Steer well clear of tesco fuel pumps!!!

Joshua Griffiths November 27, 2012

report reply to Joshua Griffiths

Filled up my Citroen C2 with Diesel from Tesco Petrol in shirley, near solihull in west midlands.
Shortly afterwards car broke down. Told garage not to bother looking at fuel as I had receipt and it clearly states Diesel on it. After a lot of head scratching they check the tank, and sure enough, Petrol in the tank. The filling was the 9th/10th november (around midnight). Tesco deny they have had any other complaints, not sure how so much petrol might have got into my tank, haven't filled up anywhere else, and prior to filling car was running very well. Lets see if they can find a reason not to cover costs. Hopefully they have CCTV etc, I still have original receipt.

Emi October 23, 2012

report reply to Emi

Just filled up my tank with tesco petrol 97 my car is running verry bad and the car doesn't even start properly I have no power on my Vxr. I'm so disappointed I wana claim my money back from them anyone got any idea how I can do that

Thank you

dave crooks August 14, 2012

report reply to dave crooks

Filled up at tesco bournemouth (castle lane) on friday 10/08/12, car stopped running few miles later suspected water in diesel contamination. Anyone else having similar problems?

Laurence Julian June 11, 2012

report reply to Laurence Julian

As with Julia Walsh, filled up with diesel at Tesco in Wick, travelled on to Orkney. My Nissan Primera would not start on Sunday 27th May. Fuel contamination(black silicone) was found to be problem, have reported this to Tesco in Kirkwall, awaiting response. Bill so far £724.13, still having problems with car cutting out. May not be worth repairing!

Rebecca Harris May 15, 2012

report reply to Rebecca Harris

I have a 4 yr old mitsubishi outlander, from new, 39,000 miles on the clock, serviced by mitsubishi every year. For 4 yrs I have been filling it up once a month with diesel at Tesco in Lisburn. After filling up early April, when the fuel panic was on, my car ran for a day then died on me. AA recovery said fuel contamination and when he syphoned some fuel out of the tank it was thick black sludge, bits floating in it etc. Had to pay £600 to local garage for further recovery, drainage, cleaning etc but car still wouldnt work. Problem with injectors... the fuel filter was clogged, the injectors were caked in filfth and unrepairable. I am now looking at a £2,500 repair bill, on top of me having to hire a car for three weeks and join the AA! Filled out a complaints form at Tesco but have yet heard nothing, but did find out the tanks had apparently been cleaned, a week after I had re-fuelled. Any other issues from Lisburn I would love to know as I will not let this drop. I am now having to consider selling my car to pay for the repairs!!!

    Julia Walsh June 10, 2012

    report reply to Julia Walsh

    Drove up to orkney islands on 26th may 2012. Filled up Toyaota Rav D4D with diesel at Wick prior to ferry. No problem until next day when car wouldn't start. Green flag diagnosed fuel starvation adn towed to garage for full diagnosis of contaminated fuel with silicone .Another car had had the same problem and they filled up at same tesco at Wick. Only just managed to get van as hire as getting hire car on Orkney not possible as all booked up. We have received bill for cleaning out fuel system, new fuel filter draining tank etc.Bill of £ 220 plus hire of van for 5 days. Have filled in incident form at tescos's in Kirkwall in Orkney. Got no where with people at Wick. Next step insurance claim to recover costs and to speak to trading standards. have fuel sample, report from garage, receipt for fuel ( pump 9 if anyone else has had problems). what a holiday!!!!!

Julian Souster March 31, 2012

report reply to Julian Souster

Filled up my Astra diesel at Tesco Whitstable 28/3/12, drove to Sussex no problem.
Would not start when I stopped for 5 mins. I was towed to local Vauxhall dealer where the fuel tank was drained of contaminated fuel and system flushed, they recommend having high pressure pump examined I received a bill of £235 and lost £60.00 of diesel. Has anyone had any similar experience.

    Stan April 10, 2012

    report reply to Stan

    Hi Julian
    I send receipt to the Tesco's Costumer Service and they send me money back.

    Regards. Stan

Stan March 28, 2012

report reply to Stan

My Astra is broken, the fuel -"momentum" - from my local Tesco petrol station - Cardiff, St Mellons, Diagnose: contaminated fuel. Please, contact me asap.

    John Foreman May 31, 2012

    report reply to John Foreman

    Stan tank on my Skoda Felicia 1.3LXi showed half full added £20 of Momentum99 at Tesco Cogan (Penarth) on 04/04/12 pump # 6 got home 1mile then did not use car for 2weeks now car will not start fuel not getting through?

Linda Thomas March 17, 2012

report reply to Linda Thomas

I always buy diesel from Tesco, Tower Park in Poole. After two AA call outs, 2 visits to my local garage I ended up going to the Renault garage to finally sort my car problems out. Renault confirmed it was contaminated fuel, explaining that when they drained the fuel tank, the diesel didn't smell of anything and was very watery. Total bill £700. I have written to Tesco who told me to go into my local store and complete a form for this to go forward and also take in the reports from the AA and Renault. When I went in, Customer Services knew nothing about it, and had never heard of the said form. I am still waiting to hear from Tesco as I write this comment. Extremely frustinging - has anyone else had problems in the Dorset area?

Michael Thomas February 28, 2012

report reply to Michael Thomas

Tesco's fuel has been extremely bad for 17 years, as I had pre-ignition from my Nova back in 1995, and it would happen everytime I filled up at Tesco's, cars that have got injectors wouldn't give me the power after filling up at Tesco's, other cars were sluggish. and tried the Diesel in my C3 Picasso, and it would stall everytime pulling off, plus done 75 miles less during a tank of Diesel

    robert brandrick March 16, 2012

    report reply to robert brandrick

    I have a two year rav 4 from new, always use tesco for our diesel, recently been sluggish and Tuesday cut out took it to dealer near tesco, they suggested it was the tesco fuel and had the tank drained and the garage say there was so much rubbish in the tank they are unable to remove it all and i am going to have a new tank........ Fuming, if tesco are selling substandard fuel and ruining peoples cars and causing these horrendous repair bills then something should be done about tesco it must be stopped but how, certainly wont be using tesco again because they are the only supermarket we use for our diesel....

Linda Hodge February 13, 2012

report reply to Linda Hodge

Always use Basildon Tesco Diesel fuel for my ford focus. In August 2011 the fuel injectors went because of water in the fuel. Total cost of repair £1000. Its now February 2012 and exactly the same thing has happened. The garage has warned me not to use Tesco because their diesel fuel is rubbish, something to do with Bio fuels.

Gemma Avory February 12, 2012

report reply to Gemma Avory

Had a few problems with my corsa the last few days - turns out it was water in the fuel and guess where I fill up every 3 days... tesco!!! Been advised by my mechanic never use tesco it's awful!!! I'd rather spend an extra £1 per tank and go to BP!!!

    Nick February 15, 2012

    report reply to Nick

    Had to get my car recovered on friday as I broke down after filling up with tesco diesel at Hampton, Peterborough. My car was 6th in the queue to have the tank drained and jets cleaned etc. the others all filled up at the same station.

Ian Savage February 7, 2012

report reply to Ian Savage

Just been told that our diesel car has been cutting out at random speeds due to contaminated fuel. Last filled up in Tesco's at Ashford in Kent.
Waiting to find out the repair bill, then will be taking it to Tesco. Anyone else experience this?

    lesley Penridge February 9, 2012

    report reply to lesley Penridge

    Filled up 3rd February last week. Next day my car had to be recovered by the AA and towed to my Peugeot garage. This has cost us the sum of £300.00 plus the fuel has had to be drained and we have to repurchase our 60 litres that we originally put in. Extremely angry and wish to take this further.

    Trev February 20, 2012

    report reply to Trev

    I had the same problem on 3rd February after filling up with diesel at Park Farm Tesco, Ashford and barely got the car home. Had to have the fuel filter replaced and the car was off the road for a week. Im now putting in a fuel additive each time I fill up regardless of where I fuel for the time being.

Suze December 7, 2011

report reply to Suze

I have just got the news that the diesel in our car is contaminated with petrol - will have to pay £ 270 for repairs plus around £60 for watsed "diesel". I am always filling the car at Tesco in Leicester (Narborough Road) - last time December the 1st 2011. Has anybody expereinced something similar?

kim sullivan November 7, 2011

report reply to kim sullivan

Has anyone had problems in the edinburgh area? I know this is saying UK but I have had a breakdown from contaminated water in the Edinburgh area.

    Richard Debenham February 7, 2012

    report reply to Richard Debenham

    We filled our company van up on Sunday at the station in Hamilton, ran on Monday fine. Tuesday we had engine failure due to fuel contamination as advised by the garage

L Edgecombe July 13, 2011

report reply to L Edgecombe

I filled up with diesel at Tetbury Tesco on December 18th 2010 - car died shortly after, 3 diesel injectors ruined - total bill £2000 (4 year old Toyota, only 45000 miles). I've written to Tesco - looks like I got the standard letter back - they say 'no-one reported a problem with out fuel on the day of your visit' and that because I managed one long journey before the car broke down (on the M25 slip road!) that 'as you was able to driver your car for a long distance, after purchasing fuel from our Tetbury store, this demonstrates the fuel was fit for purpose'. They also list the measures that they have in place to prevent fuel being contaminated but from looking at several on the comments above and speaking to my local garage, plus a couple of others in my village, there clearly was a problem around that time. I hope they respond differently to this letter, otherwise I'll have to seek legal advice.

Tanya Burgess June 28, 2011

report reply to Tanya Burgess

Same here livid! Just been told by Landrover that my Freelander lost power over the weekend owing to contaminated fuel - guess where I buy my fuel from.... yes Tesco, this time in Tetbury, Glos. £240 bill and I still have fuel in the car, not sure where that now leaves me, should I ask them to drain the fuel to avoid a reoccurrence? Has anyone had any luck in getting any recompense from Tesco?

Andrew Cockshott June 16, 2011

report reply to Andrew Cockshott

hi, has anybody else had water problems after filling up with diesel at tesco in glossop derbyshire jan_feb 2011. I filled up landrover from red light with £85.00 of diesel, did about 40 miles then total engine cut out, aa recovery couldnt start it, relayed to landrover garage, after ages trying to find the fault they drained the feul tank and found lots and lots of water, a sample of which i have saved.£630.00 repair bill then £97 to refill the completely empty tank, so about £800 to fill up and 4 days with no vehicle!tesco say they do not have a water contamination problem and thats that!!!!I would love to take this to court but fear being crushed on my own, please help!!!!!

Sally June 11, 2011

report reply to Sally

Just had to have diesel filler changed and tank flushed out due to contaminated feul., in my pergeot 307 HDi . lucky I know a mechanic and he repaired it for £85 but worry know about perminant damage as just thought it was a problem with timing, until the car kept kangarooing along the road.
Have been using TESCO fuel at BOURNVILLE BIMINGHAM in the last few weeks, as it was cheaper than BP. Had the car for 2 years and not had any problems, recently had it serviced.
Will not be using Tesco feul again!!.
I am a community nurse and have to use my car every day in very unsafe areas of town alone and worry about the car breaking down as I had to wait a while before fixing it as I had to rearrange patients visits to get it fixed.
If they are guilty they should admitt to it,if they were public sector workers they would have been ousted by know!!! WHY has this been going on for years i have read complaints from 2007 on the net.
We are constantly being told Tesco are a shining example of a succesful enterprise.

sally, 11th. June 2012 10.30pm

Mark May 31, 2011

report reply to Mark

Bought unleaded from Tesco Hover Building Perivale today. the pump was super slow. Took about 6-8 minutes to do 10 litres!
Got fed up and tried to go to the next pump but car stated to chug straight away.
Complained to the customer services.
They were not surprised as it has been happening to a few other customers in the last few day.
The fuel was contaminated.
Got a refund for the fuel but on a Tesco's charge card. and was told to get it fixed and claim Tesco for the repairs.
Will update on how easily the claim goes.

Sarah F May 16, 2011

report reply to Sarah F

has anybody had any problems with diesel at cleethorpes tesco, filled up on 7am ish tuesday 10th 2011.
cars still in garage :(

Valerie Balleny May 6, 2011

report reply to Valerie Balleny

I always use Morrisons in Peckham when buying petrol - it's the almost always the cheapest round here. Last week my Volvo lost power and juddered to a halt. The AA thought it might be spark plugs or distributor cap and these were replaced by garage (probably necessary anyway) but in fact it turns out to be contaminated fuel and the whole system has had to be drained down, and filters and petrol pump replaced. Heaven knows what the eventual bill will be! So much for cheap petrol - not so cheap after all.
Is it worth reporting the problem to Morrisons? I doubt it even though the garage says he's aware of others with the same problem.

Nic Jordan May 4, 2011

report reply to Nic Jordan

Our deisel Saab 93 lost power when under strain and juddered (intermittantly).

We had our garage look at it - they cant find a fault but advised a number of cars had problems after using fuel from Tescos Midsomer Norton.

Hopefully we have suffered no damage.

Chris Francis April 27, 2011

report reply to Chris Francis

i had an engine light come on car stopped working and my garage told me the fuel was contaimnated and i brought fuel from tescos broadbridge heath horsham and thay just fob you off DONT BY FUEL FROM TESCOS thay have just cost me 1200 quid new pump injectors and other bits EVERY LITTLE HELPS

Keith Higham April 11, 2011

report reply to Keith Higham

My Honda Civic Type R is currently at the local Honda dealer being looked at due to suspected contaminated fuel from local Tesco in Dumfries. I filled up on 5th April 2011 and after several miles the engine malfunction light came on and the engine misfired at low speed. The engine management system is indication a loss of compression in all 4 cylinders.

Elaine Jennings April 5, 2011

report reply to Elaine Jennings

Has anyone had problems with contaminated fuel in the Whitehaven area as I have just been informed that my car running problems are down to contaminated fuel. Problem occured after filling up with diesel at Tesco, Whitehaven on 6th March....

    Coulson August 23, 2013

    report reply to Coulson

    yes Elaine, this has happened to me and many other motorist at Whitehaven petrol station,on the 22 August 2013. The fuel is contaminated with dirt and water based substance. Have got samples from my garage. they are denying any responsibility and tell bare face lies. Manager a brain washed bully.We will be out of pocket for repairs to our brand new car. Plus the cost of courtesy car and the full tank of fuel. That's Tesco for you Every little helps ...to fill their pockets.We are nothing to them.

Van Hire Essex March 7, 2011

report reply to Van Hire Essex

Seriously that contaminated fuel really create a lot of problems and had resulted in hazardous effects. But still one thing that helps in forgetting everything is an apology....

Sara Santillo February 26, 2011

report reply to Sara Santillo

Hi all, i have been trawling the net all night to see what is wrong with my car, just drove all of 3 miles up the road and engin management light came on my diesel peugeot 206 and experianced loss of power. After reading posts on various topics realised today was the first time in ages i have filled my car to the top with diesel, and at tesco too, to make use of the 5p off a ltr. Makes perfect sense that the fuel has caused the problem. Stay away from Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk filling station.......

Kimberley Evans February 21, 2011

report reply to Kimberley Evans

Ref Blog 195 - Have you had any joy from Tesco, are they going to pay for the repairs to your car?
I filled up with unleaded 95 on Friday 18th at Milton, Cambridgeshire, and by Saturday my car was losing power, kangarooing all over the place .... I suspect it's the O2 sensor - I recognise the symptoms from the last time this fuel crisis happened.
Does anyone have any Tesco contact numbers that are specifically dealing with this issue?

Gordon Smith February 17, 2011

report reply to Gordon Smith

Ref Blog 187, 190, I have had a reply from the current CEO, who is about to retire, the sooner the better. Tesco is still claiming that the fuel they sell, in my case Diesel meets the BS EN 590 specification and that Tesco has rigorous testing proceures in place to ensure that the fuel IS compliant to the BS, they, Tesco will not accept liability for the problems I had, they will not be meeting my repair costs and they blame me for parking my vehicle outside. The CEO closes his letter with the following, he hope's that I can appreciate our, Tesco's position. Again another CEO who is out of touch with and has no respect for the people, Tesco's customers who have paid good hard earned money for fuel that has not and is still not fit for purpose or meet BS EN 590, but the same customers earned the same CEO 5.2 Milliom last year.

Laura Jarvis February 12, 2011

report reply to Laura Jarvis

Purchased diesel at the tesco st neots (cambridgeshire) garage on 16th jan 11 and my 58 plate car started losing power. Contacted tesco who sent the standard letter described by everyone about how there were no other complaints and that they have such foolproof systems in place that contamination is impossible. After 11 phone calls to customer services today they have finally relented that they are aware of a contamination and will investigate with the garage that had to drain my car and repair the damage. It would appear tesco will do anything to avoid taking responsibility.

Nicholas Warren February 7, 2011

report reply to Nicholas Warren

Further to 189, I am the ‘other customer’ who bought 30.36lts of diesel from Pump 5 on 13th January 2011 at 11.16am from Tesco’s at Tetbury, Gloucestershire. On my journey home (8 miles) the car had lost power and within 15 miles the Fuel Filter warning light illuminated. This culminated in a complete draining and flushing out of the fuel system, replacement filter and sensor and a very expensive garage bill. Add to that the severe disruption to our lives and plans.
I rang Tesco Tetbury on Monday 17th January and informed them that they had sold me contaminated diesel. I was told that this would be escalated to Head Office. Despite four subsequent telephone calls to Elliot Duckett’s office in Dundee no one was ever available to discuss the issue with me, even though assurances were given that someone would always ring back.
I received a ‘standard’ letter on 3rd February to inform me that ‘there was not a problem with our fuel on the day of your visit’………………Oh yes there was, the issue is not closed!

Jack Dunn February 5, 2011

report reply to Jack Dunn

Ref 192 there are lots of cars damaged by tescos fuel and tesco is paying for the damage in tetbury my own claim has been settled Ref185

Jane Winterbottom February 4, 2011

report reply to Jane Winterbottom

Mine was December 18th and the January 13th, Tetbury. Tesco decline any responsibility. Quoting their standardised letter," If there had been a problem (on the day of your visit), then we would have received many complaints." Two of us same day and almost the same time obviously isn't enough, and now another after Christmas complaint (191) makes three plus we have heard of others. Please register on this site - we need to hear from anyone who has had the same problem.

Caroline Starke February 4, 2011

report reply to Caroline Starke

Ref Tetbury Tesco Diesel.
I have bought Diesel on both the 24th of December 2010 and 6th Jan 2011.
My car is now in the garage, they have found water, sand and grit in the diesel and have given me a quote of over £4,000 to sort this problem out. I am going into Tesco Tetbury in the morning to complain, my neighbours bought diesel on 20th December from Tesco Tetbury - same problem and another friend in Tetbury same problem. A friend has also heard of several other cars with the same problem.

If they don't agree to pay this bill I will be seeking legal advice.

Gordon Smith February 2, 2011

report reply to Gordon Smith

Ref blog 187, customer services at Dundee investigated my claim, and guess what I got the same answer as blog 189 so i wrote to the C.E.O of Tesco, and guess what I am still waiting for his reply, he was paid 5.2 million last year, yes 5.2 million and I bet he does not use Tesco fuel, he should pay our repair bills and reinburse ud for fuel lost out of his own pocket lord knows HE can afford it.

Jane Winterbottom January 31, 2011

report reply to Jane Winterbottom

Bought diesel at Tesco Tetbury, on January 13th 2011 at 10.53. Drove home (5 miles) and the following morning drove the car. Warning light came on and car taken to garage, where it showed water in fuel. Bill of £350, fuel drained and showed a high water content, plus a new water sensor fitted, £84. Reported to the tesco store, on 14th and customer services in Dundee, who have "investigated" and today decline to accept responsibility. Has anyone else had this problem during this time? My last fuel was also bought in Tetbury on December 18th. I have contact with one other person, same problem same day!! 20 minutes after me at the pump!!

Has anyone else had this problem at TESCO TETBURY, around January 13th??

Dave January 20, 2011

report reply to Dave

hi all - filled up with tesco's diesel at Elmers End (south London). have a kia sedona which i bought in November and have only filled up 4 times, last time at tescos was first supermarket diesel used. today on the motorway the engine warning light came on and i suffered a loss of power. phoned Kia and they asked me if i'd used supermarket diesel as they've had a number of vehicles in with this problem. anyone else had this recently at Elmers end?

Gordon Smith January 13, 2011

report reply to Gordon Smith

Tesco Thirsk North Yorks.
Diesel purchased on 2/12/10, car stopped on A1 in traffic at 50MPH, how the other drivers missed me I dont know, had car checked told it was dodgy fuel, lost half a tank, had to have full system flushed, 3 days in the dealership, large bill all at my expence. I submitted a claim to tesco a week latter, got a responce tosay 13/1/11. Not our fault as no one has complained about dodgy Diesel from this garage. has onybody had the same problem with fuel from this tesco garage?. Tesco seem to think they can fob me off, well tesco think again you enjoy takeing our money for services but when it is your fault you dont care. Well watch this space.

Jack Dunn January 13, 2011

report reply to Jack Dunn

the e/mail adress is [email protected] some advice go to garage and ask them to keep all cctv of your car if you paid by cash and remember the pump you used Hope this helps

Jack Dunn January 13, 2011

report reply to Jack Dunn

has been confrimed by tesco on the 31 dec 2010 that their diesel was contaminated with water in tetbury in gloucester my partners car broke down because of this .Tesco sent a hired car to the door same day have agreed to pay for car and loss of earnings . Their offer for 9 days without a car ruined xmas unable to go anywhere unable to see new grandchild stood on side of road for 2 hours waiting for recovery in snow £100 ha ha ha what ajoke will have to take to small claims .You have to keep at them .Give me a min and i will give you the e/mail address of the chap dealing with all the claims tetbury 30 last count

Barry Clements January 13, 2011

report reply to Barry Clements

On 7th December I filled my diesel car with fuel from Tesco at Warwick filling station the tan was full taking 88 litres of fuel and took the car a further mile to my home and parked it for the night.

On 8th December I needed to journey to Warwick University some 10 miles away from my home. After 5 miles of this journey the car went into "limp home mode" the dash board telling me that the car required urgent servicing. I took the car to my local Volvo Dealership who diagnosed a fuel contamination problem which required the fuel tank to be drained and the system to be cleaned out and the fuel pump and filters replaced (the fuel that was drained from the vehicle was black and the fuel filter was completely blocked with whatever the contaminate was.

I have a letter from Tesco who deny any problems with fuel and say that they have not received any other complaints from customers.

If this is a long standing problem with Tesco fuel then new car owners using Tesco fuel are potentially sitting on a time bomb.

Joanne Martin January 12, 2011

report reply to Joanne Martin

I filled my car up yesterday at Tesco Mereway in Northampton and my car appears to have exactly the same symptons as it did in 2007 when there was problems with Tesco fuel.
My petrol tank was empty at the time of filling up so it is running on a completely new batch of petrol. It seems a bit of a coincidence that it has now started spluttering and mis firing.
Has anyone else had problems with Tesco fuel in the last 24 hours?

Jon Vause January 7, 2011

report reply to Jon Vause

Filled up with diesel (47Litres have receipt to prove it was from Diesel pump too!) on 23/12/2010 at Tesco Wrexham PFS. Car broke down and has been sat on my drive all over Christmas. Mechanic came out yesterday and said fuel has a lot of petrol in it. Spoke to Tesco who said no other customer had complained. There's no other way that the fuel tank could have petrol in. The customer service rep has asked that I call back today and speak to the fuel manager, he also said it was impossible to have petrol dispensed from a diesel pump.... strange as a quick google search shows Tesco Wrexham did exactly that around a year ago! How can I prove this and where do I stand if Tesco refuse to take responsibility?

Jack Dunn December 19, 2010

report reply to Jack Dunn

ref blog 180 Went to tesco this afternoon to make sure they keep cctv of my car being there to be told by garage staff they had a problem with fuel tanks last week put 2and 2 together ?

Jack Dunn December 19, 2010

report reply to Jack Dunn

Just bought saab 93 working perfect only had 1 /2 a day put £20 of petrol in tetbury drove a mile car started pinking loseing power has to be tescos fuel anyone else had problem with fuel in tetbury glos

Bager December 16, 2010

report reply to Bager

I filled up my Saab 9-3 TiD with diesel @ Tesco petrol station in Bedford, the same day a warning message came on my dashboard saying "WATER IN FUEL - CONTACT SERVICE". I will never ever use Tesco PS to fill up my car, even if I run out of diesel next to it, I'd rather walk to another petrol station like Total, BP or Shell, even if it's 10 miles away!!!!!

Loan December 4, 2010

report reply to Loan

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K Bolby November 16, 2010

report reply to K Bolby

Didnt fill up but put petrol in at Scunthorpe Tescos last week didnt drive far home but later on my Porsche would not move - it starts but dies and there are great plummages of white smoke. Ive just spent a fortune getting everything done on my car it now doesnt drive - the mechanic took it yesterday and is pretty sure its water in the fuel. I would be interested to know of anyone else with similar issues in my area as when its clarified and damage accertained I will be contacting them. I do only buy my petrol there so Im pretty sure they are responsible.

Martin Wilson October 28, 2010

report reply to Martin Wilson

Filled up with Diesel on Sunday 24th October 2010 at Tesco Westo Favell, Northampton. 20 miles later noticed drop in performance & eventually cut out. Had to get it towed, at great expense. Had tank emptied and fine after that.

Any body with similar expereince?

Steve Lawie October 11, 2010

report reply to Steve Lawie

Filled up my 1600cc rover 25 on sunday morning at Hatfield Tesco with unleaded .Ten minutes later up the A! at 70 miles an hour clouds of smoke from the exhaust ,like aformula one engine letting go !!! Crawled along hard shoulder to Baldock services ,no more smoke all seemed ok so carried on caerfully . After checking oil and water levels at destination( about 15 miles on ) returned home to harpenden and today checked everything again .Thought maybe head gasket ,which was replaced two months ago had gone but all seems well now .Then I rememberrd about filling up and have just found this site with other peoples problems.Any one else had a problem yesterday ? let me know steven.lawie@ntlworld,ocm

Zuzanna Ward October 9, 2010

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On the 17th July 2010 I purchased what I thought was Diesel from tesco's in wellingborough, had trouble starting it on the forecourt,then at home would'nt start at all! Garage confirmed that fuel in tank was contaminated!This also then resulted in a cost of £2,500.00 bill for a fuel pump, I have a receipt for the fuel,CCTV footage which tesco would'nt show me but confirmed they had and a sample of the fuel the garage took out of the tank. Conplained in the store,to head office but all to no avail,tesco told me that they do lots of checks on their fuel and no one else complained, so basically they did'nt want to know! I have had to put this through my insurance and I am still waiting for answers.I (and anyone who I speak to!) will never use tesco fuel again or their store-they really have got too big for their boots and I believe they do not care about their customers!!!

Kath Tait October 6, 2010

report reply to Kath Tait

Both my partner and myself filled up petrol at Tesco Doncaster (Edenthorpe branch) garage last week and within 24 hours both cars had their engine managements lights illuminated and the engines were juddering ....they are both in the garage now under repair

Trevor Murdoch September 17, 2010

report reply to Trevor Murdoch

About a month to six weeks ago I put £20 or £30 of Diesel in my Nissan Primera 2.2 Cdi. Since then I have been experiencing some engine cutting problems. These problems have been intermittent and at various speeds including 70mph motor driving.
It probably happens once or twice a week. One minute fine and the next the engines dies to a minimum rpm but does not switch off. The only way I can rectify this is by switching off the engine and switching back on again - rather concerning if your on the outside lane of a motorway.
Has anybody else experienced this?
And more importantly, has anyone else purchased Diesel form Shell on the A24 at Horsham on the (Shell Hop Oast station 112 - Worthing Road, Horham RH13 0AR).
Shortly after my filling up the garage was closed and all the old tanks / pumps were taken out.
I would be most grateful for your replies.

Basil Magson September 17, 2010

report reply to Basil Magson

I put £40 worth of unleaded petrol in my car at Tesco s in Great Yarmouth
at lunchtime on 6th September. I noticed that the car was very sluggish on the 5 mile journey home. Next day it would not even start. I called in the RAC who carried out a fairly detailed inspection. The conclusion was that it was possibly the petrol pump. The car was towed to my local garage where a pump has been fitted but the car still won t start. They are in the process of examining the fuel system so it could be in much longer.
It seems too much of a co-incidence that the problems commenced so quickly after filling up and I am convinced that it is the Tesco contaminated fuel
problem re-surfacing!
My car was running perfectly before the re-fill and wonder iof any other motorists have had recent problems with petrol bought at the Tesco Great Yarmouth supermarket?
Basil Magson

Shane Fallows September 9, 2010

report reply to Shane Fallows

i filled my car up with diesel at stockport tesco and the next day my car was losing power i took it to the garage and they said it was the fuel after doing tests on it has anyone else had any problems please could you comment

Neil Douglas August 26, 2010

report reply to Neil Douglas

Has anyone had problems using tesco's ( LEE MILL PLYMOUTH ) new 99ron petrol. My son filled his car up on Monday this week and on Tuesday it cut out and will not re-start. On draining some fuel out of the system today I noticed a lot of water in the container. I phoned Tesco who said they knew of no problems with their fuel. Any information would be helpful,thanks.

Richard Laurence August 23, 2010

report reply to Richard Laurence

For everyone who believes Tesco fuel has damaged their car, and has significant proof, remember this:

"If you have purchased fuel from a filling-station then you have formed a contract with the company who sold you the fuel. In this case the main sellers that have been identified are Tesco and Morrisons.

Your rights are provided by virtue of the Sale of Goods Act 1979 which states that when the seller sells goods in the course of his business, those goods should be of satisfactory quality and fit for purpose. If they aren’t then the seller is said to be in breach of the contract and as such could be liable to pay a buyer of the defective goods some compensation."

Check this link for more info about claiming against the company that sold you duff fuel: http://www.doyourselfjustice.co.uk/contaminated.asp

From a personal perspective, I filled my car up with Tesco unleaded at Kings Lynn, on 21/08/2010, and it almost immediately started misfiring and flashing it's Engine Management Light at me. I have the original receipt, and the car went straight into my local garage.

they found the "petrol" was contaminated with diesel, which has obviously damaged the engine of my car. Tesco will be receiving a claim for damages and compensation as outlined in the above linked article.

I will keep this forum informed as to the outcome.

Thomas Snell August 17, 2010

report reply to Thomas Snell

To All posts ,
There is a Fuel Contamination form on a Tesco site . Just type Tesco fuel claims in Google & you can print one off for pursue a claim . I have had my car since March and has only done 14,000 miles and I to have purchased petrol form Tesco { Longton in Stoke - on Trent } on Tuesday last week which I thought would be ok now because I did hear about the bad fuel in the past and I normally got to BP or Shell . I started my car up on Sunday & it started with difficulty, was mis-firing and my engine management light came on. I have only done 4,000 miles in it since iv had it an alot of people form my work have had the same problem . All there cars were checked by garages or the AA / RAC and told them that was down to fuel comtamination and guess what they all had been to Tesco ? Whats there company saying ??? EVERY LITTLE HELPS ?? I FIND THAT VERY HARD TO BELIEVE . They are trying to sell off bad fuel that has been stored for years and they dont want to throw it away or they are selling 91% as 95% Octane petrol fuel. We need to sort this out people & claiming is the way forward hopefully.

Terrie Fisher August 16, 2010

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I have had my car for 6 years, its 8 years old, petrol Renault. I was caught by the Tesco fuel problem in 07, but since March this year I have repleated been back to the mechanic to try and solve the pinking in the car, now it has started breaking down and the RAC recommended a change of plug, I only had a service 3 thousand miles ago. When the plugs and sensor were removed they were bright red. New ones were replaced but the car is still jumping along. I alway use Tesco fuel and keep my receipts. It is at a Renault garage tomorrow, I don't know who to take my report to or who can help? I'd be grateful for advice.

John Henderson July 26, 2010

report reply to John Henderson

does anyone find that the fuel from morrisons petrol stations makes your car drive like a bag of spanners. last week i filled up as usual and since then the car has been running terrible, i thought it was my turbo that had gone but there is no issues with the turbo. there is a severe lack of power, i added redex to it and i have power intermittantly, i let the fuel run low intentionally filled it with fuel from BP and within a half mile the power was back. have u had this problem or is there issues with my mercedes

Andy Martin July 20, 2010

report reply to Andy Martin

I have a repair bill for £1209 and am 100% certain its due to Tesco fuel.

I always fill up at my local Tesco in Hereford and have been told by the garage its due to poor quality fuel damaging the diesel pump.

I have also incurred hire car charges, lost wages and having to get my car towed to the garage.

Has anyone got any advice on what I should do next with regards to trying to claim some of this money back!?

Tracy Williams July 6, 2010

report reply to Tracy Williams

Has anyone else had problems with contaminated petrol in Mansfield. I filled my car up at Tesco £50.02 250 miles later it broke down and has cost £700 today to repair due to contaminated diesel!!!. Spoke to manager at tesco who said there has been no other problems reported so basically tough.

L.lawrence June 15, 2010

report reply to L.lawrence

I have purchased diesel petrol from Tesco petrol station in Barking on the 05th June 2010 and i have been experiencing the same faults to my car.
My car was MOT'D the same day and was driving ok, until i put the petrol into my car. The car has lost all acceleration power and was driving fine before i put diesel into it from Tesco.

C Evans June 14, 2010

report reply to C Evans

Further to everyone else's comments about Tesco fuel(Diesel) Crewe, I filled up my car on Monday the 7th June 2010 and 2-5 minutes later it breaks down. Like with the other comments off people the engine management light comes on and car loses power, then won't start when I turn off the engine.

Fingers crossed not a big bill! Seems Tesco haven't rectified their original mistakes...according to comments this year alone!

Mrs K Betts June 6, 2010

report reply to Mrs K Betts

Further to my comments no 151 I would just like everyone to know that Tescos do not care at all if you buy dodgy fuel from them. After writing to them 3 times with our complaint and speaking to them, they really do not care at all about their customers, the best quote from their call centre staff was "our fuel comes up to the minimum standards" -well that says it all. When we bought fuel and it did not. We no longer buy anything from Tesco- food nor petrol, its their loss as over the year that amounts to a big sum of money. Having spread the word about their fuel and customer service many of our friends and colleagues are now also boycotting the store. Another thought of interest, now we are buying non supermarket fuel we are getting a noticeable amount extra miles per gallon!!!

Margaret Campbell May 27, 2010

report reply to Margaret Campbell

Has anyone had problems with petrol from Tesco Newtownbreda Belfast (12/05/10). Shortly after filling the car warning lights came on and the car went into limp mode. The Honda dealer established it was contaminated petrol, thought to be water.

Stephanie Baxter May 27, 2010

report reply to Stephanie Baxter

I put petrol in twice last week at bletchley milton keynes tesco...car started spluttering..loosing power..and bunny hoping...also engine management light came on...run the petrol down...filled up at bt instead...low n behold...engine management light gone out and car is running smooth again?>??>>?>>./

Abdul May 11, 2010

report reply to Abdul

Had problem with Tesco diesel from Handforth branch. Car had sudden loss of power. Anyone else had same from this branch. Car is in garage and looks like an expensive repair. They are yet to confirm that it is a fuel contamination but all the symptoms are exactly how other people have described - drive out the petrol station and loss of power. Very fustrated as I've contact Handforth and they have said that there have been no other complaints...

Sandy Boateng April 18, 2010

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Is it justTesco? I filled up my £16000 ducati at a Sh#ll garage in Woodston Peterborough, the reserve light was on, so it was a full tank, it ride / run very badly after that, almost fetching me off a couple of times, because of the unepectecting nature of knowing when the engine was going to 'almost' cut out mid ride. Plenty of witnesses who can cooberate this.

I have my receipt,and contacted the garage but nothing & so will be phoning customer services tomorrow

Laurence Butler April 14, 2010

report reply to Laurence Butler

I filled up my tank from near empty at Tesco in tetbury yesterday.
I don't usually use Tesco fuel, but thought I'd try it. NEVER AGAIN!
Ever since my car has been spluttering and bunny hopping. I seriously
hope no permanent damage has been done. I will never use Tesco fuel again.

Sophie Lawrence April 13, 2010

report reply to Sophie Lawrence

Has anyone had problems with diesel at Tescos Feetsbridge Poole. I filled up Thursday 8th April approx 20.15pm. Went to start car next morning wouldnt start or turn over, felt really juddery. Called out RAC who confirmed it was unleaded in the tank, had to have tank drained, cost £150 & now car isnt running as it should, Tescos confirmed that I did fill with diesel as got receipt to prove. Wont be going back to Tescos for Diesel again....

A Doyle April 13, 2010

report reply to A Doyle

Our commercial vehicle - van (diesel) always filled up at Tesco Harlow. It's okay when driving but when idle (traffic lights), revs drop and feels that it will stall. Took to garage for service, and they had to change the fuel filters yet again. They suggest different fuel source!!!

Lee Else April 5, 2010

report reply to Lee Else

south derbyshire petrol stations diesel prices are 116.9-118.9 why the hell is the tesco fuel station charging 128.9 in ashby-de-la,compare to morrison, asda, total garages when there still below £1.20.

Mrs K Betts March 19, 2010

report reply to Mrs K Betts

Has anyone had problems with Tesco ( Tring Rd) Aylesbury petrol in Feb/March 2010. I have filled up twice in Feb. I have the receipts to show I completely filled the tank from being in the red £52.00 worth (to use my 5p off voucher) and then on the next visit put a further £22 in tank, filled to top again. After that I started getting smoke pour out the exhaust and on the third time of driving it smoke was bellowing out all over the road, pavements, etc and losing power. Only just made it to the local garage. They investigated and found I had diesel in my petrol tank. How can this happen when my till receipts clearly show I bought unleaded??? Our local repair garage has kept the fuel. We contacted Tesco HO Dundee via our local branch that we got the fuel from. They are not even interested in our problem, they do not even want to check the fuel. I understand all their fuel is tagged somehow so why will they not even check it. We are £250 out of pocket as it damaged our fuel injector. How can they just fob us off. Has anyone else had a problem at Aylesbury as they say we are the only people to complain, but having read all your other emails it looks like they fob everybody off.

E Jasper March 14, 2010

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friday i filled up at tesco direct in portsmouth my honda blackbird died with in half a mile of leaving the garage ( 12/03/10 )

now i have a dead bike on my hands

Chris Crookes February 26, 2010

report reply to Chris Crookes

Anyone had problems with Unleaded from Tesco on Wakefield Road Huddersfield. I filled up back in mid January and quite soon after the engine ran really rough at idle but ok once driving. The problem has got steadly worse till today my dealer told me not to drive it and they will need to drain and clean the fuel system. Ouch!!££££

Ian Roberts February 20, 2010

report reply to Ian Roberts

Anyone having a problem with petrol bought in Cumbernauld (central Scotland)?

Bought £20 worth (had about 1.5 -2gallons left before filling up).

Within 4 miles of driving off car started spluttering and misfiring, shortly afterwards engine management light came on, car driving like old tractor (reckon i managed the 4 miles with the petrol left in the fuel pipes before the 'new' petrol came through and problem developed)

Dave Bunting February 8, 2010

report reply to Dave Bunting

I have a complaint about Tesco twice selling substandard petrol.

On December 10th 2009 I purchased petrol from my local Tesco store. It made my motorcycle, (a BMW K1100LT), mis fire and splutter and the bike was barely rideable.

I e-mailed Tesco with my complaint and got embroiled in communication whereby they denied selling me substandard petrol, and I obviously was of the view that they had.

Either way, because I hadn’t visited Tesco’s, the bike over a period of 7 or 8 weeks improved. …… until due to awful planning on my part, and a nearly empty tank, on Wednesday 3rd February I had to visit the same local Tesco Store in Tetbury, Gloucestershire, to purchase petrol once again.

Immediately the bike really started to play up again. To mis-fire, to splutter, to pop and bang. I again contacted Tesco’s, and as yet have heard nothing.

On Friday, 5th February, because the bike was so bad, I had to book it in for the problem to be solved.

To cut a long story short, in the mechanics opinion, the cause of the misfire and general under performance of my BMW K1100LT over the last 8 weeks, and in particularly the last 3 days, was the selling of petrol by Tesco below the required RON standard.

He has stated ….

I cleaned out the motorcycles fuel system completely, removing all fuel and residual deposits ensuring the system was like new.

I then poured back in the existing fuel into the clean tank and clean fuel system.

The problem was still very much in evidence.

I then added Silkolene Pro Boost Octane Improver to the gallon of petrol in the tank and, after a short while, the problem was solved and the bike was performing as it should. Pro Boost has the effect of, amongst other things, raising the Fuel Octane Rating.

This proves to me, beyond reasonable doubt, the customer recently purchased petrol below the required RON standard.

This is the petrol I purchased from Tesco in Tetbury on Wednesday 3rd February.

So, I have twice be sold petrol that is sub standard and does not meet the minimum required RON standard and have had to pay to have work done on the bike to rectify the matter,

I have the mechanics signed confirmation that this is indeed the case.

I obviously have all correspondence, e-mails, and receipts to hand.

I am now in the process of sending Tesco the bill for the work which was carried out.


Ben Gransden February 1, 2010

report reply to Ben Gransden

Sorry, just had to add this to my message above.

Why pay more? Every little helps!

Ben Gransden February 1, 2010

report reply to Ben Gransden


I never had a problem with the petrol from TESCO, but during the scare I started using my local SHELL just a little further up the road hidden in the trees.

My money now goes further, Petrol lasts longer and its cheaper! A Quality British Fuel! and Cheaper! TESCO GILLINGHAM KENT are always ripping customers off, they are always the first to up prices and always the most expensive!

Got to pay for those clubcard points they give out somehow haven't they.

Mind you one point per pound, and them being always 2p+ more expensive per litre, always makes me laugh at all the mad people queuing for the poor quality rubbish as I drive past to go in and out of Shell!

Phil Mcmillan February 1, 2010

report reply to Phil Mcmillan

Is anyone else having problems with Diesel Purchased from Tesco Haydock, St Helens - Put £40 worth of diesel in my 55plate Mondeo on 19/1/10 drove about 10 miles and parked car up. Started car next morning and engine was knackered (somehow knackered up whilst parked on driveway) Have just spent £1200 on New (Recon) Engine - Picked car up from garage today and drove about 1 mile before car started to kangaroo! Engine Managament light came on and engine keeps cutting out when taking foot of accelerater! Garage done diagnosis test on car and it is now showing up as an injector fault on new engine! Car still has same full tank of fuel and cant help but think that the fuel is the route to why the original engine knackered up and new engine now playing up! Will get garage to drain fuel and refill with new fuel (not tesco) Any advice appreciated?

Robert Clarkson January 16, 2010

report reply to Robert Clarkson

Ok, bought Tesco fuel for years, partly due to price, but mainly due to the fact it's convenient for me. I have not used Shell in over 20yrs because of the damage it was doing to engines when they started using additives in the early days. I had a performance can at that point and it took the edge off it's tuning by the time it got to the twin 40s. Luckily I've not filled my race car or or best car up with it in a couple of months. Who can you trust when it comes down to it. Looks like I'm changing again, Texico is a long way from me unfortunatly.

Mari Timbrell January 9, 2010

report reply to Mari Timbrell

Hi can anyone else tell me if they have had problems with Diesel purchased from Tesco's Llanelli, South Wales. Bought £40 on 21.12.09 by 23.12.09 my vw transporter not working. Garage has stated that there is petrol in fuel tank, got receipt to state put diesel in and surprise,surprise the garage is closed for 4 weeks due to 'refurbishment' although and inside source states there is problems with fuel. Tesco's customer services saying that they had no other complaints. Would really like to have some support to show not only ones with problems. thanks

Karen Tucker January 3, 2010

report reply to Karen Tucker

Stopped at Tesco extra store in Dundee on Dec 30th to fill up with diesel on the way to Aberdeen - within 1 mile the engine management light came on and our Xc90 lost power. Our car was serviced 2 weeks before and never had any problems. We limped on to our destination. My husband suspected water in the fuel and as all garages were closed for New Year bought an additive to add to the tank to get us home today 3/1. We are now 60 miles from our 585 miles journey home and the car has been perfect. Lesson has now been learnt and will never use supermarket fuel again.

Alex Ristic December 29, 2009

report reply to Alex Ristic

At the end of November I filled my diesel van at Tesco in Prestwich, Bury. Shortly after this my van wouldnt start, RAC came out and diagnosed the problem as a suspect fuel pump failure. After getting my van to the garage I was eventually told by the mechanic that the problem ws result of contaminated fuel. Can anbody tell me if they have had the same problem?? Thanks..

Jason Waistnidge December 25, 2009

report reply to Jason Waistnidge

i use tesco barnsley for my diesel on a regular basis and my vectra which as only done 44000 miles when the engine light came on and went into limp mode when taken to dealer it was found it was contaminated fuel and needed a fuel pump and injectors and tank cleaning out at a cost of £1800 and was just 2 injectors but they recomended i had 4 put in but did not have the money as it christmas so i told them just to 2 but its still running lumpy so still needs another £540 to put it right

Robert Sykes December 4, 2009

report reply to Robert Sykes

Contaminated diesel purchased from Tesco (Brighouse) at the end of November 2009. Customer Services have said it's not of their doing but it's the only source of fuel in my car for over a month. This has cost me a £300 repair bill and a full tank of diesel. I have sample of fuel containing the contaminant!

Peter Reynolds December 1, 2009

report reply to Peter Reynolds

Update on my post of 20th Nov, Tesco have admitted there was a problem with the diesel on the day I filled up with fuel and will pay all costs!!!! Relief as I have been quoted £900 just in parts alone!

Phillipa Davidson-blake November 23, 2009

report reply to Phillipa Davidson-blake

Tesco Chineham (Basingstoke) has the same problem i.e. water in the diesel. The store admit the problem but can I talk to anyone authorised to say whether the garage can go ahead with the repairs or whether Tesco need to inspect first? No! The customer facing team (Customer Services) cannot help as it has been referred to their specialist team and their specialist team cannot be contacted directly. So, 1 week on no car and no prospect of getting it back in the near future.

Neil Allen November 21, 2009

report reply to Neil Allen

i must be the unlucky one i put £30 of diesel in at the clacton tesco whilst on holiday ready for the return trip home the car started playing up shortly in to the journey but i managed to get home the car died the next day the final repair bill is going to be about £1600. i always used tesco fuel in the past and have had no problems so theres no doubt it was tesco fuel that caused all the damage to both of my fuel pumps and regulators and when the tank was drained the diesel looked like orange tango instead of a pale see through green.im now waiting for the final bill and dealer report which tesco have asked me to send to their dept that deals with fuel problem so i've now got to keep my fingers crossed that they cough up for the repair

Fiona Nichols November 20, 2009

report reply to Fiona Nichols

after the bury free press got involved i had a call from tesco saying they would put a cheque in the post i am still waiting...

Nad Sain November 20, 2009

report reply to Nad Sain

Just a quick update to my post of 18/11/09 - Car went into Vauxhall main dealer this morning for a complete diagnostic check. They have confirmed a fault in the fuel regulator which in their professional opinion has been caused by "poor quality fuel or contaminated fuel". The dealership also confirmed that a number of Vauxhalls had come to them recently with fuel related issues.

The cost to me is £228!! Thank you very much Tesco.

Peter Reynolds November 20, 2009

report reply to Peter Reynolds

Hi, interesting site, I am currently in contact with Mercedes as filled up my viano at Langdon Hills Tesco in Essex and within a few minutes car was stuttering and engine management light came on. Eventually car died, restarted died, now parked up at home awaiting result of fuel sample test!!!

Barrie Johnston November 20, 2009

report reply to Barrie Johnston

I filled up at Tescos Bury St Edmunds on Sat 14th at approx 9am. Within a few minutes car was juddering but managed to get home. Car would not then start and was in a garage for three days before petrol pump located as the fault. Nearly £500 in total. Only proof will be my club card points though!

Nad Sain November 18, 2009

report reply to Nad Sain

Hi Everyone,

I filled up my Vauxhall Zafira with 20 litres of unleaded on Friday 13th November 2009 at the Lea Valley Tesco Extra in Edmonton, London. Shortly afterwards the engine management light activated and within seconds the engine had cut out. I managed to restart it after a minute or so, and get it to the kerbside. Rang the RAC - the technician suspected fuel contamination (after taking three separate samples).

I am now waiting for a slot at the main dealer this week to confirm the diagnosis. By the way the vehicle has a full main dealer service record and has never missed a beat. Hitherto totally reliable.

Fiona Nichols November 18, 2009

report reply to Fiona Nichols

i have just seen.
your reports as i felt alone after i filled up at tesco bury st edmunds saturday morning £44 and car spluttered and died on the a14
Mazda garage infromed me monday the fualt was due to dogy petrol.
I have been to Tesco contacted head office they do not want to know told me i had to wait 2-3 weeks before i have initial contact from their head office I feel this is not good enough as this has cost me £110 from garage plus fuel i have had to have drained.
I contacted them again today and was told again i have to wait so i have now contacted the bury free press and they gave me this web site.
If i purchased a faulty garment fromt he store they would have refudned me my costs why the wait????
fiona nichols

J November 16, 2009

report reply to J


You definitely weren't the only one that morning and I think I may have seen you. I filled up at Tesco about 7.45am and almost got to Newmarket before the car packed up. RAC came and picked me up, but couldn't solve it, so I got towed back to Elmswell to leave it with a garage. I then left in another car and saw someone being checked at Claas by the RAC as I repassed. I've just got a report back from the garage and they think that it was caused by dodgy petrol. Tesco at BSE have said that there have been a few problems from that morning. Anyone with issues needs to go to customer services, with their receipt and fill-in a form. I will be doing that asap. You're right, they certainly can;t argue that it wasn't their fault!

Michael Mowat November 15, 2009

report reply to Michael Mowat

Hi there,
Filled up with petrol at Tesco's #10 pump in Bury-St-Edmunds on 14th Nov 2009 Saturday morning at 8.20. I got two miles up the road and the car started to splutter and misfire. pulled in at the Claas Agricultural turn off. Rac man called, sample of fuel taken out to discover a seriously manky coloured fuel. Rac man said he has never seen fuel that colour before. I was taken to a garage to get the fuel drained out and luckly enough there was another car that had just been brought in with the same problem that brought fuel from #9 pump at Tesco's around the same time that morning so Tesco can't really deny it. If you have had a fuel problem in the last couple of days and you have filled up at Burys Tesco's then this could be whats caused it?!

Robert Trevorrow November 1, 2009

report reply to Robert Trevorrow


Delia Mackenzie September 26, 2009

report reply to Delia Mackenzie

Filled up Carisma with petrol at Tesco's Loughborough, Friday 25 September. Drove home and 3 hours later car would not start. Saturday 26 September husband checked car and drained some of the petrol and found that there was a large amount of what appeared to be water in the petrol. Rang Tesco who said they had not had any other telephoned complaints, and that their tanks were filled again this morning.

Jon Raymond September 14, 2009

report reply to Jon Raymond

I've jst had a £750 bill for the rebuild of my diesel engine after what could have been a fuel contamination problem. I filled up in Trowbridge (Wilts) Tesco about 23rd July 2009, drove 350 miles up the motorway with no problems but the next day the car just wouldn't start. Stripping it down has revealed black, gunky deposits that have fouled the piston rings in three of the cylinders.
I'm not wanting to point fingers at Tesco, but I wondered if anybody else has had a problem at roughly the same time at the same or a near petrol station

Mike Scott September 13, 2009

report reply to Mike Scott


I have just filled up my Mini Cooper S Works at Tesco Wolverton. I put super unleaded in as it is recommend due to performance engine.

Hadnt even got the car 10 meters from the petrol station and the engine managment light came on advising of problems with Exhaust Emissions.

Car goes into the garage to be repaired tomorrow...Good knows what it is going to cost!!......Last time I use Tesco petrol

Mr M.w.hunt September 10, 2009

report reply to Mr M.w.hunt

Filled up with petrol at the Leighton Buzzard Tesco on 1/9/09 and on 5/9/09, during a much longer than normal journey of about 240 miles, the engine started experiencing intermittent "hiccups" with temporary reduction in power. This eventually escalated to an almost continuous sustained period over 40 miles, whilst on the A14, when the car experienced severe loss of power and could only sustain 50 mph on the flat and 40 mph on a slight uphill gradient, the latter being accompanied by extremely severe engine vibration. The problem suddenly disappeared, fortunately just before the westbound A11/A14 split where I’d otherwise be pulling into the middle lane at 40 mph on what is virtually a motorway and the last 60 miles were as if nothing had happened. Still enquiring with Tesco, but would like to know if anyone else has experienced problems recently with petrol from Tesco garages in the Beds/Herts/Bucks area.

Juanita Hatfield August 29, 2009

report reply to Juanita Hatfield

Filled up with Tesco diesel last month in Beckenham and straight away the car started puffing out black smoke and shuddering. Reported this to Tesco and they have stated that as they have had no other complaints it must have been a problem with my car. Has anyone else had a problem in that area?

Amanda Racktoo August 15, 2009

report reply to Amanda Racktoo

Is Asda Fuel contaminated too? We've just had an incident which cost over £200!!!

W Warburton August 14, 2009

report reply to W Warburton

Always fill up at Tescos with diesel
Car began to miss fire (mileage 57k well looked after/serviced)
just had one new injector fitted and others cleaned ugh!
independent check shows contaminated Fuel
Anyone else suffered same problem?

Wayne Parkes July 23, 2009

report reply to Wayne Parkes

I fill up with diesel at Tesco in Stafford evey week. Last week my car broke down . It was thought to be a turbo problem. Mitsubishi now say the car has been filled with contaminated fuel. I went to Tesco to report this but they deny any problems reported at all for the last few months. Has any body else had problems with the fuel from Stafford Tesco ?

Andy Dunn June 5, 2009

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I fill up at my tesco garage every 2 weeks. Last time I filled up was on Sunday. I have since driving 200-300 miles since then. Anyway last night I drove for about 20 seconds turned round the corner and my car went dead. I thought maybe I never had enough power to keep it going in 3rd. Anyway I tryed to start the car and it wont start. Error message coming up saying engine fault contact workshop. And the orange rope on the dash is flashing yellow.

Got the car into SEAT today. They 1st came to say it was a dodgy wire. After a bit they came out with some diesel in a glass and are stating its been contaminated. I know that I have not put any petrol in there. They aint quite saying its petrol but it has been contaminated.

Then they bought out another glass of someone elses diesel. The other one did smell stronger and was a little bit clearer but nothing else.

Anyway they are going to flush the diesel out my car and put new diesel in there. And if the car starts then they are going to put it down to this. They said it wont be covered by the warranty if this is the case.

Feel like I been robbed if this is the case how can my diesel be contaminated. They said I would have to take it up with TESCO who I fill up with every 2 weeks.

I just hope it does not come down to that and its something else.

What do you guys think anyone had any problems with this error on the dash or with contaminated diesel?

Roger Bush May 8, 2009

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I filled up my car with diesel at Tesco, Wigan recently - it ran fine for a few days then the engine electronics warning light came on and performance went down to 15mph in 1st and 2nd gear with lots of blue smoke.
Took it into the garage who found that the diesel was contaminated with petrol - new fuel pump required at £1400 plus £600 labour and a week off the road at least

Jade Schofield April 8, 2009

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filled my van up with diesel at tesco scunthorpe, next thing engine maintanence light is on and van is running terrible. Take to garage and am told that it looks like contaminated fuel! i have just contacted tesco and am waiting for a response

Jondry April 2, 2009

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Not sure if coincidental but filled my bike up with higher octane bp ultimate at BP petrol station on Great Western Road in Glasgow on 20th March 2009. Within 2-4 Miles Bike started running rough/cylinder not firing. Bike is v. low milage and had been running fine up until then. AA out tonight saying 2 cylinders not firing unable to rectify, suggested fuel could be guilty party. Have conatacted BP and will wait to here. Any other complaints from that station the please post.
Thanks Jon

Christine Crickmore March 18, 2009

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Monday 16/3 filled up my Volvo with diesel at Tesco Whitstable and within 20 minutes had trouble when pulling away, had trouble getting the revs up and limped home. Having no previous problems with my car and no obvious mechnical trouble I phoned Tescos to report my feeling that their diesel was at fault. The girl I spoke to said that their chap was there that day cleaning and checking the tanks and said no one else has reported this problem that day. Had the car checked at garage and they gave it a clean through,I will be in touch with Tesco for reimbursement but this sort of thing is hard to prove.

Andrew Greenwood March 16, 2009

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My Diesel Honda CRV was filled with 46l of Diesel from Tesco Burnley 12/03/09.

After the car broke down 12 miles or so later, the local dealership informed me the car had been miss fueled with a high concentration of petrol, ie the only diesel in the tank was the 8 or so liters left in from the red light.

Despite having a receipt for diesel where a black nozzle saying diesel was used charged at diesel prices, Tesco are doing their very best to fob me off.Locally and nationally.
As the damage to and to reinstate my warranty of my not even a year old car is in excess of 3K, this will now be in the hands of my company solicitor.

Phil Holloway February 13, 2009

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Just filled up with £50 of Diesal from Tesco's Southend. My Sorrento was running fine before and now it's bunny hoping and stalling. Could it be another case of contaminated fuel?
I shall be getting a fuel sample and sending it off. me thinks...

Anthony Patience February 11, 2009

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It is 31st January 2009. I fill with a modest amount of UNLEADED fuel to the value of £20 from Tesco Express, Lottbridge Drove, Eastbourne, East Sussex. I drove home 1 mile and garaged my car. Next day, on Sunday lunchtime, I went to garage, started my car which immediately stalled! Clouds of smoke emitted! HRS breakdown service of Eastbourne called to deliver my car by low loader, to Toyota Eastbourne. Monday morning fuel tank drained by Toyota and found to be DIESEL. Reported to Store Manager and subsequently through Customer Services, Dundee, Scotland. Tesco report "NO CROSS CONTAMINATION OF UNLEADED WITH DIESEL. Our tank supplies other pumps on site and NO ONE else had complained, hence not the fault of Tesco! Where do I go next?? Tesco do not admit any fault like this website blog which shows Tesco repeatedly deny any problems so what price consumer protection? I am at my wits end and some £250 out of pocket. NO MORE BUYING ANYTHING FROM TESCO. PETROL, FOOD, CLOTHING OR ANYTHING THEY SELL! Can anyone confirm what I have experienced?

Sean Murray February 9, 2009

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Fuel Contamination. Tescos arguments for no fuel contamination with them. Nobody else reported problems with the fuel? We have sensors in place to stop water contamination? The pumps are checked regular? These are Tescos excuses and i am putting in a counter claim as Tescos are defending my claim for compensation. I would be interested in any case law to help me win my case

Phil Rodgers January 29, 2009

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Just filled up with unleaded fuel at tescos in Ballymena northern ireland. I drive a peugeot 306.The car was running fine untill then .Now there is no power and the engine is shuddering.Looks like the same problem!!!

Alam Ahmed January 19, 2009

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Just over a month ago I bought a 2002 RAV4 and most of the time filled it at my local Tesco petrol station. About 2 weeks ago my Engine management light has come on. I took it to Toyota dealer who said that its a Oxygen sensor problem. upon visiting this site, now I am wondering did Tesco fuel cause this. I am getting new part put in tomorrow (costing nearly £300) and not going to fill any more Tesco fuel and see if i get any more problem.

Sarah Barratt January 14, 2009

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I filled up with Diesel at the Aldershot Tescos just after christmas 08.... within a couple of days my car had broken down and had to be recovered to the dealership.

They found the fuel filter was blocked with contaminants.....

I got the car back and it continued to run badly.... it has just been back in for 4 days and had the fuel lines, pump, filter etc changed and a tank flush!! A bill apparently not covered by warrantee and my charge was nearly £300.

I have got receipts to prove purchase and a sample of the contaminated fuel...

I shall be contacting Tesco in the next 24 hours.......

John Crompton January 11, 2009

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Mr Hayes (No.99) & Mr McCarthy (No.100) - hoping you re-read this site / blog. As both of you filled up at a different store to myself I notice that both of you did so about the same time I did. You both to appear to have done a full fill-up as I did (mine 94% of tank) and would appreciate to learn the outcome of your garage investigations as to the damage & likely cause / findings – my e-address is [email protected]

Jaroslav Krecek January 8, 2009

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Also I've bought a full tank of Diesel on 29th Dec 2008 from Tesco and am experiencing problems that suggest it's fuel contamination. It's with a mechanic at the moment so I don't have a proof yet but have a full tank of it. So it'll be easy to find out.
I've purchased it at Reading, Napier Road - Dec 29 2008. If you have purchased Diesel from that station on the day or around, please let me know whether you're also experiencing any issues or not? My e-mail is [email protected] Thank you.

William Jenkyns January 7, 2009

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I filled up with Diesel at Tesco's, Clifton Moor in York just after Christmas 2008. The following day, on a long journey, the engine of my X-Trail refused to give more than the bare minimum. Even going up slight inclines proved difficult.
As soon as I needed some acceleration, all I got was juddering and no power until I eased off the accelerator, and this happend around 2.5K RPM.
I then filled up with Texaco, and after some 100 miles, i.e. once the new fuel was being used, the juddering stopped and the power returned.

Alice Robinson December 31, 2008

report reply to Alice Robinson

Has anyone had a problem with diesel bought from Tesco's at Station Road, Hinckley recently?
My car 'died' 5 miles into my journey on 29 December. I am 95% certain I used the diesel pump but the receipt machine was faulty that evening so I have no proof of purchase.

Joshua Robert Walker December 30, 2008

report reply to Joshua Robert Walker

Tesco has made the rip off go down loads since that horrible July!!! Gulf in town still says that they'll rip off petrol at 96.9p and diesel at £1.10 with Tesco down for petrol 84.9p Diesel 96.9p Morrisons,Asda,BP and Shell have the same price. Sainsburys 2p more expensive,even I saw from this site NO unleaded stations are over £1.Total at Risk of a ripoff Jet Aswell.

My Engine is Turbo Diesel Injection

Michael Stevenson December 3, 2008

report reply to Michael Stevenson

I filled up with Tesco diesel at their Yorkgate store in Belfast in May 2007. I do quite little mileage and had no further refills of diesel that month. Towards the end of the month the engine of my Hyundai Accent started to act up and I could only move the car to the maintenance garage by driving at low revs and suffering frequent cut-outs during the 4 mile journey. The problem was discovered to be contaminated diesel (I still have the sample) and putting it right cost over £200. But when I took the matter up with Tesco they refused to pay any compensation claiming that I was alone in having a problem. Not surprisingly I stopped buying fuel at Tesco and had no further problems. Recently I have been very busy and hadn't the time to shop one place and refuel somewhere else, so my last two refuels have been at Tesco, Knocknagoney, on the outskirts of Belfast. An exact replica of the earlier problem occurred today. I nursed the car with frequent cut-outs with the engine warning light constantly glowing to the same garage where they diagnosed exactly the same problem and tomorrow I will have to pay another bill of over £200. This time if Tesco do not compensate me and/or admit that their diesel is sub-standard and is not fit for all diesel cars, I intend to take the matter to the trading standards.

Ben Mccarthy December 2, 2008

report reply to Ben Mccarthy

I filled up at the Wrexham Tesco Extra on Sunday - After a trip to Liverpool I had about 60 Miles left (according to the computer) so filled up £60 worth. Within 5 miles the car lost all performace and had to be towed. Garage said they dont know what the fuel is its sort of deisel but not like they have seen - possibly some bio fuel. Tescos assure me no other people have reported any problems!

Hayes November 30, 2008

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I fueled up with diesel yesterday, last night infact,£70 ish. Got in my car this morning and my red warning triangle came on, also URGENT SERVICE REQUIRED. This was at the Wrexham Tesco Extra. It goes in tomorrow to be checked out so please tell me if this problem is this branch.

Steve Barton November 19, 2008

report reply to Steve Barton

After completing my deliveries in London on 31-10-08 I put £50 quids worth of diesel in my vehicle at Tesco Sunbury to get me home On the M25 a amber light on the dashboard started flashing intermittently. The next day I phoned my local Iveco dealer who informed me that it was the water in the fuel filter warning light he also informed me that as the filter was changed in September when the vehicle was serviced it more than likely was crappy diesel . I ran the vehicle until it was on fresh air and then filled up (not at Tesco) and the warning light as not lit since.

Paul Dooay October 16, 2008

report reply to Paul Dooay

I filled up with Super-unleaded petrol at Solihull Tesco Garage (3820) on 1/10/08, and have since experienced problems with performance under load i.e. uphill and accelerating. Has this problem been reported from this location on this date? If so could you tell me if it is in order to have my car checked out? What are your policies for refund of any uneccessary costs?

Jenny Miller September 20, 2008

report reply to Jenny Miller

Tesco Extra Martlesham Suffolk, My son filled up with diesel 15th sept 2008 before going on Holiday, a few miles down the road the car started giving off very excessive smoke and was running terrible. He got to his destination and hasnt used the car since has drained some out and it doesnt look or smell right being a pale yellow colour I am going to call CS tomorrow

Mr. Mehta September 15, 2008

report reply to Mr. Mehta

Hey , My fuel tank was almost empty and went to Tesco Petrol pump at Goodmayes Extra on Saturday evening (13 Sep 2008 - 19:20 hrs). It was all smooth driving and fine before that.

I stopped my engine , filled 8.79 litres of Unleaded Petrol in my Honda Civic ..paid the money and started the car. It all went jittery and jerking. I could not figuered out what happened (thought that belt is broken)..and slowly drove to half mile and reached my house. Then I saw lots of white smoke coming out the exhaust. Cambelt and everything else looks fine.

Looks like case of fuel contamination in Tesco Petrol. I have registered complaint at tesco Customer services at 0800 505 555. Please everyone do so.


Michael Herrick September 14, 2008

report reply to Michael Herrick

tesco stockport i fueled my car there on Saturday 13 September 2008 and have lost power and car spluttering , it did the same about 3 weeks before when i fueled up at tesco stockport but i thought it was just a build up of dirt in fuel tank .

Mrs Smith August 27, 2008

report reply to Mrs Smith

Filled up with diesel at Tesco in March on the 15/08/08. Started having problems the next day when the engine wouldn't start when hot? Took it to my local VW dealer who tells me that i petrol has been b
put in the tank. I have checked my receipt and it definatley says diesel. Any one else had this problem it will help with my claim to Tesco!!!!

Terry Tamplin July 17, 2008

report reply to Terry Tamplin

I have analysed the following messages 30, 53, 60, 61, 62, 63, 71, 75, 77, 81, 82, 83, 84, 88, and 89 and note the great similarity with the contaminated Tesco diesel which wrote of my top of the range Citroen C3 Hdi Executive, which was less than 4 years old and had less than 20,000 miles on the clock.
I have samples of the contaminated fuel and have contacted other sufferers in the Horsham (Sussex) area. I just cannot see how Tesco can repetitively reply that no other cases are recorded. It seems obvious that Tescos quality control on this field is lacking. Surely we can mount a more consolidated campaign to challenge Tesco - rather than resort to isolated blogs which snipe well, but yield few positive results?

Mr Whitevan May 20, 2008

report reply to Mr Whitevan

run a small fleet of renault kangoos.
they all fill up at nearest tesco and get the club points. had an 04 plate fill up friday. was running rough , as though on 3 cylinders. exhaust smelt of 2 stroke bike mix !

local trusted garage said 2 injectors knackered and weak petrol contamination in fuel.
showed the garage all fuel receipts for this month. all tesco and all complete fills.
vans run down to empty then fill up.
anyone had problems this week? my tesco is in lancashire PR postcode

Kate March 26, 2008

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Same problem with diesel for me. Filled up at Tesco Wolverton (Milton Keynes) on Saturday & car engine cut out 3 times on Sunday before engine warning light came on. Garage diagnosed contaminated diesel. Removed the 63 litres of fuel, flushed lines & fitted a new fuel filter. Not covered by warranty. Anyone got compensation from Tesco?

Penny Godfree March 18, 2008

report reply to Penny Godfree

Filled my car up with tesco diesel 10th march 2008 at Tesco Extra Peterborough. Since then car gradually shown signs of not starting etc, now car won't start at all!! So frustrating and tesco refuse to admit it's anything to do with their fuel and that the cold weather is to blame!!

Nick March 8, 2008

report reply to Nick

just been reading your comments you are talking about contaminated petrol any comments about diesel my wfe has just filled up at tesco and low and behold broke down about half an hour later

Jerry Gieniec March 7, 2008

report reply to Jerry Gieniec

i got diesel at the corner store "centerpoint" it is a new ice house in lavernia it is located at the corner of hwy 775 and county road 319. the diesel was purchased on Feb. 10th my truck would not start two days later it was towed to wyatt Arp in seguin, where the found the tank fuel of gas not diesel. we talked to the ice house and they said that they would pay for the repairs, we gave them a copy of the reciept after we paid to get the truck fixed so they could give it to you because yall are supose to reimbures us for the damages today is the 7th of March and we still have not gotten the money. should we get our attorney or what?? waiting for your reply

Stuart.clark March 7, 2008

report reply to Stuart.clark

95% of the diesel i use is from tesco just got my kia sedona back after being off the road for 21 days new fuel tank new fuel pipes new diesel pump and new injectors all due to fuel contamination luckily kia warranty coverd this repair this would be one hell of a bill to have to pay or if i was to be compensated how long would it take?

A Morley February 29, 2008

report reply to A Morley

I filled up my landrover with diesel last week 19th feb 08 at the tesco pfs in Cambridge and now have poor performance and the warning light for contaminated fuel is on constantly
Does anyone know if Tesco will rectify this damage
Thought this problem was a year ago and had been resolved

so Warning to all dont fill up at supermarkets

Les Johnson February 24, 2008

report reply to Les Johnson

Re comments left 21/02/08. Been confirmed by Tesco that this has been fuel contamination. To be fair, once they've said that to me they have gone out of their way to help. I've been told they take full responsibility and are now only concerned with getting me back on the road and getting my car put right.
Hire car being delivered on Monday and dealers told to do whatever necessary to repair car.
I know that there have been some horrendous stories about supermarket fuel and I know Tesco can't afford more bad publicity but I felt it only right that when it happens, good service is also reported to maintain a fair balance.

Les Johnson February 21, 2008

report reply to Les Johnson

Filled up tank (61ltrs) of deisel at Tesco's Kingston Park (Newcastle-upon-Tyne) filling station. Car wouldn't start after I stopped a mile away. AA took it to local Volvo dealer who said there was very strong smell of petrol.
Tesco garage manager said it was 'very probable' that cross contamination had occured and that he had arranged for Fuel Logistics to test it today. He also said he had received 'a few' other complaints.
Now keep getting shoved between the garage and customer services. Is this a surprise after I told them the estimate from the dealership is in the region of £700 to drain system and replace filters to Volvo standards!
Has anyone else had problems here in the North East?

David Mcmahon February 20, 2008

report reply to David Mcmahon

My car has just been recovered due to loss of power and warning light flashing. Spoke to the dealership nearby who informed me they had dealt with 10 cars breaking down during the last 3 days with the same fault.
The only common factor is that all filled up with diesel from Tesco in the Cambridge or Kings Lynn area.
Anyone else had an issue recently?

Colin Mawdsley February 6, 2008

report reply to Colin Mawdsley

Tesco petrol is utter rubbish. My vauxhall vectra ran lousy on this petrol.
As soon as i changed to bp and shell it was a different car. I had been using super unleaded from tesco. It should be banned

Naresh Patel January 14, 2008

report reply to Naresh Patel

My engine warning light recently came on and I had one of the oxygen sensors on my Toyota Rav4 replaced. Now another one has failed. Total bill is going to be around £500. We previously always bought our petrol from Teco. It is Jan 2007, could this problem of tainted petrol be back ?

Gary Wakefield January 12, 2008

report reply to Gary Wakefield

I filled up at Tesco in Milton Keynes on 19th December, glo plug light started flashing on 21st and then engine menagment light. Car lost power and then engine cut out. Breakdown service called and could find no fault. Car able to be driven and appeared to rectify problem.
Reccoemnded to get a diagnostic check which I did on 12th January - result of that was fuel filter changed hwever mechanic also noticed contamination in diesel and managed to get a sample.
Have now informed tesco and have sent off some of sample (kept the rest in case it gets lost!!) Was also told to fill up with shell optimax to try to flush the system. Otherwise will need complete rebuild could total £2,000.
I have proof purchased at tesco (cub card and mastercard) will be interesting to see what they say.

Mark Steele December 20, 2007

report reply to Mark Steele

I encountered problems with acceleration, juddering and engine warning lights on my Vauxhall back in Oct/Nov. My local mechanic has been trying to diagnose the problem since. After no joy he recently took it to our local Vauxhall dealer who asked if i had been filling up at Tesco (Macclesfield), which i have. According to the dealer, Tesco have been selling 91 Octane Unleaded labelled as 95 Octane Unleaded, and as a result have damaged many cars including my own. Apparently Tesco are being prosecuted but only for incorrect labelling not for damages and Vauxhall are not releasing a statement as it doesn't affect all cars. I now face an £800 repair bill to replace the fuel pump on the car and recommend people avoid using Tesco for fuel and warn their friends and family.

Don Pitman December 13, 2007

report reply to Don Pitman

I too have problems with tesco diesel this week. loss of power followed by injector warning light from the engine managment. it seems too of cleared now but i shall be shopping elsewhere from now on

Tam Durkin December 6, 2007

report reply to Tam Durkin

all supermarket fuel is rubbish it`s the way it`s refined,as is paint you buy from superstores ie Dulux from B&Q is not the same quality it goes yellow, as Dulux from a paint supplier where the trade go,stick to Shell and you`ll go well

Loz December 5, 2007

report reply to Loz

In response to 67 and 68, you are not isolated cases. I have never bought fuel anywhere but Tesco, and way back in Feb, I bought from one of the contaminated stations in Enfield. At the garage, my mechanic found I'd bought from Tesco and said they were no good and they were the reason my lambda sensor was affected and I should boycott them. I complained to Tesco customer services, sent all the requested details and a company called Gab Robins got involved and refused my claim. This has caused me untold distress as my ever reliable Micra is now slow to accelerate, and the engine cuts out and I drop speed from about 70 to 40 on the motorway (even when the accelerator is fully down!!!). Jut spoke with Tesco Cust Services and I've been advised to send another letter in - I'm boycotting Tesco from now on & thinking of taking it to a small claims court/reporting to Watchdog.

44 - How did you get yours sorted?

Trevor Meads November 20, 2007

report reply to Trevor Meads

Bought Diesel at Tescos Warwick Sunday 18 November Mondeo 13 Months old Engine Packed Up Monday 19 Nov R A C tell me The injectors are the Problem Towed to Ford Garage Any One Having the same or similar Problem ??The Ford Technical Dept say with only 9000 miles on the clock the Injectors have failed contaminated FUEL is most probable cause ?

Graham Brindley November 17, 2007

report reply to Graham Brindley

has anyone in the salisbury area had trouble after puchasing shell V power diesel, ie white smoke and loss of power and or like myself failing to start. think it was 3 weeks ago now? my van made it to downton ok (6 miles) but after being left over the weekend has not run properly since.

Mr Hywel John November 16, 2007

report reply to Mr Hywel John

Can anyone tell me why my x'trail does 8 miles more to the gallon
of diesel when I purchase fuel from Texaco & shell, than when I fill
up with supermarket fuel.

Mark Noble October 9, 2007

report reply to Mark Noble

After filling up my car with contaminated fuel, Tesco's allowed me to book my car in, higher me a car and after the repair work had been carried out, another company called Robin Claims Solutions has got involved and have rejected my claim, even after Tesco's confirmed that I had filled up with con.. Fuel and now I am left with a bill of £1300.00

Has this happened to any one else, I am pursuing this claim as I feel this is very unfair and too much of a coincidence that it could be a fault that is not linked.


Caz October 2, 2007

report reply to Caz

I filled up with £5.00 worth of petrol at Peterborough Tescos a couple of weeks ago, drove down the road an dmy engine management light came on and it started juddering and loosing power, i went to a garage who said it looks like contaminated fuel and that particular garage had the dodgy stuff back in Feb. Cost me £230.00 to fix it, Not sure if i can claim as i dont have a sample of petrol and mine looks like an isolated case.

N Hathorn September 18, 2007

report reply to N Hathorn

Filled up last night at Tesco in Coventry. Today my focus is spluttering badly and stalls nearly everytime the revs drop below 1000 rpm. Not used supermarket petrol in over 2 years and looks like i'm not going to ever again. Just trying to burn up enough of it so that a trip to the Shell garage might return it back to normal.

Ivana M September 6, 2007

report reply to Ivana M

Btw, I'm going to make them pay for everything, but does anybody know the address where should I send mu letter?

Ivana M September 6, 2007

report reply to Ivana M

Hi Stefan, I filled up with unlead in Potters Baron 19th of August and a couple of days later my car broke down. Repair came up to 250 pounds and the Garage said it was fuel. Spoke to Tesco about it, but I don't think they will take it any further.

R Wharton September 4, 2007

report reply to R Wharton

Have just filled up with unleaded at Horsham (Wickhurst Lane) Tesco. Within a mile car spluttering and misfiring and significantly reduced performance. Called Tesco - they say they've not had any other complaints so far today so it can't be the fuel. Is anyone getting anywhere with pursuing this further? Any advice would be welcome thanks.

Stefan Burton September 2, 2007

report reply to Stefan Burton

hi all just ,found the site,i put £10 diesel at tesco service station hereford last week ,i have a veg oil con version with seperate tank for deisel so i only use diesel for start &stopping,starting was a problem by mid week ,by friday my car spluttered and conct out on start ,after investigation i`ve found water in my diesel lines &filter ,i`m now needing expensive work on my car ,every little bit helps ,not,,i will be pursuing this further.

R Strong August 15, 2007

report reply to R Strong

I filled up with Diesel (February 2007) one of the TESCO garages which was affected by the fuel contamination. My vehicle continuously back-fired, sustained poor performance and cut out. The Tesco ‘Help line’ initially assured me DIESEL was also affected by the fuel contamination and I would be fully compensated for any costs and authorised the garage repairs. Tesco then made an initial compensation payment - when I tried to finalise the claim they denied any responsibility - stating diesel was not affected. I plan to pursue this mater through the small claims courts as I am at financial loss. By making the initial compensation payment for the contaminated diesel I purchased is an admition of TESCO's guilt.

Claire Wigley August 2, 2007

report reply to Claire Wigley

A couple of weeks ago I was having terrible problems with my company car, which (cutting a long story short) gave up on me on the A14 & was recovered by the AA. The first thing they checked & asked about was fuel contamination - smelt the fuel cap (not very technical I know but..) and I was able to show him all my recent receipts to prove I have only ever filled up with diesel. This has since been backed up by my fuel card provider, plus I havent owned a petrol car in over 8 years so there is no way I would get the fuel mixed up anyway! Anyhooo.... the garage are now demanding cash off us for fuel contamination and I'm drawing a blank. Got proof of all my previous transactions for the past 2 months from my fuel card provider, which again are all diesel, but there are 3 fill ups listed from Tesco's in Bedford (27th June, 12th July & 13th July) After reading some of the stories on here (see post 53 from Mark Whitney particularly) it seems I'm not the only one effected - can anyone advise where I should go from here, or has anyone experienced the same thing on similar dates?? Thanks so much all.

David Godsell July 3, 2007

report reply to David Godsell

We bought unleaded from Tesco Ashby De La Zouche on 27/6/07 and the car, a SAAB 9.3 immediately malfunctioned, requiring AA assistance. Car was towed to Saab dealer who want £320 in payment for diagnosing the problem and for draining tank.

Michael May June 29, 2007

report reply to Michael May

I bought fuel at Sainburys Truro sataion On 27/06/07 and ever since then my Vivaro van has not been running right. does anyone else find the same.

Dom May 14, 2007

report reply to Dom

fuel goes through my tuned and tweaked fez so quickly it didnt have a chance to damage any sensors :P (i heard the super unleaded wasn't affected though)

Andy Hart May 12, 2007

report reply to Andy Hart

after buying my current impreza (my99 uk turbo 2000 for the boffs) in december of last year, i carried on the tradition of filling up with tesco 99 at my local garage in scunthorpe. for some reason straight away the car ran a boost problem where it would hesitate every second or so and not pull smoothly after 3-4k revs. i originally believed this to be a problem with either a leaking pipe, a blocked pipe or indeed the boost solenoid somewhere along the line. it wasnt as one week i experimented with v-power instead, and for the sake of around 3p a litre more, over the course of three weeks and around £160 of fuel, the boost problem disappeared.

obviously something in the tescos fuel (not necessarily to do with the contamination situation), possibly the ethanol content, was not agreeing with my engine. as said for the sake of around 3pence a litre, i have now been converted from the tescos pap to shell fuel full time. my scoob now pulls on boost in all gears, and ive seen a slight improvment in fuel ecomony too. sorry tescos but until you can match shells pedigree in fuels, for the sake of £2-3 a fullt ank, il take my business elsewhere.

Mark Whitney May 8, 2007

report reply to Mark Whitney

I have a Vauxhall Zafira diesel, which according to my main dealer, has been affected by fuel contamination (yes I filled up at Tesco's in Bedford during the fiasco) However, Tesco's deny that diesel was affected, despite my fuel smelling strongly of paraffin. I would greatly appreciate anyone supporting my up hill struggle on this blog and making me aware if they have had similar problems. I am now a month into my claim and have just received an email from Tesco's solicitors advising that they cannot open my scanned claim form. Tesco's may claim that diesel was unaffected, this is only natural when they also initially claimed that there were no any problems with unleaded! If only unleaded was affected, why have Tesco's asked the question on their claim form regarding which fuel you filled up with? I have also spoken with a Vauxhall main dealer in Bedford who confirms that a number of diesels were brought in, that had filled up at Tesco's, and were suffering from fuel contamination. Come on Tesco's own up and pay up!

Terry Taylor April 30, 2007

report reply to Terry Taylor

Huh! Petrol tax increased coz it's not green. No sweat, train prices must be coming down to offer us an alternative.
Huh! train prices going up coz too many people are using them.

I know, I'll get one of these 6000 jobs that have been created 6 miles from my home at Hams Hall so that I can cycle to work.
Huh! all the jobs have been filled by relocating the people who already work for the company b4 they moved here.
So I couldn't cycle there coz its too dangerous as there's now an additional 6000 cars on the roads where I live.
Britain, you are so funny, but it still makes me want to cry!!!!!

Terry Taylor April 30, 2007

report reply to Terry Taylor

Is it true that all Tesco petrol was increased in price as they had to replenish contaminated stock. Am I in the wrong business? when my company makes a mistake we pay to recify the problem . This results in a reduction in our margin. We don't (and wouldn't be allowed) to increase our product price if due to our own (or sub-suppliers) mistake

Mark Phillips April 20, 2007

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Karl Prust April 19, 2007

report reply to Karl Prust

Well I had a problem with my car, but looks like my local mechanic is maybe more honest than some, because he told me the petrol promlem only effects the "Lamb sensor" (not sure of spelling) and that the cost was £147 all in.
Put my claim into Tescos weeks ago along with a bill of £75 (had to take day off work) still not heard a thing, just spoke with them on the phone, and they dont even have my letter (either first or second!!) logged on their system.
Its a joke, they made this big thing about sorting it out, but want to take what looks likes months to get around to it.

Learjet April 18, 2007

report reply to Learjet

It really hasn't got too much to do with the sun. Over the last two weeks, the Avg Price for Petrol 95r has risen 2.75p/litre. Diesel Avg has risen 1.96p/litre over the same period. The Retail Price differential has dropped from 4p/litre to 2.30p/litre.

Over the same period, Crude for NW/Europe reamained at $68.00/Bbl, this is high. Petrol has risen faster than Diesel, because of demand worldwide.

On the Products Market, Petrol is higher than Diesel, and has been for the last few days. In the USA, Retail Prices are skyrocketing far more than in the UK. The avg exchange rate has been $1.9750 to the pound over this period. The highest it reached was $1.9901, which was on Monday 16th April.

The Summer Season approaches, and as usual Demand increases, as do the prices. When the sun shines "Global Warming" takes a back seat, as usual. Human nature, is not easily controlled, nor will it be.

Matt Boyce April 17, 2007

report reply to Matt Boyce

Bit off Topic but i noticed since the Sun had come out for a few days
All the Petrol & Diesel is over 90.9p per L must be a case of Oh look sunshine people will drive to the Coast lets put up Fuel.
Strange that is as the Pound is ever closer to the $2 mark
so in affect the fuel should be cheaper But as usual the Oil companies get away with Ripping Us off Thanks makes me proud to be British Not

and good ole Gordon is putting his chunk of tax on in September not to help the roads but to help the state spongers of this country

Biff April 13, 2007

report reply to Biff

I have a Ford Focus which broke down on me in Jan. I took it to the ford garage (it's only 2 years old so trying to keep up the FSH) and they told me one of the valves had burnt out. The replaced it and sent me on my way with a £500 bill.

Just 50 miles down the road the same problem came back so I immediately took it back to the fors garage where they confirmed the valve had indeed burnt out again. They also told me this time it was a faulty Cat Converter that had caused the problem and a new one was needed at £400. I had no choice but to pay up!

Shortly after I saw in my local paper that Tesco had admitted their dodgy fuel had been supplied to my local petrol station in Clevedon. So I put in a claim including bills for the work and bank statements showing proof of purchasing their petrol.

Today I got a letter from them saying their were refusing my claim as ther was no evidence the damage to my car was caused by their petrol.

Can anyone tell me if they are taking me for a ride or have I just been unlucky with my car?!

Kontiki April 6, 2007

report reply to Kontiki

just as an additional bit of info to my comment in post 44.. now that Tesco have settled I have decided to part ex my car as I worry about long term damage and reliability issues.. I needed a loan and since I had a Tesco credit card (but not anymore since I shredded it..) - I stupidly rang them for a quote.. they refused my loan.. I have never ever had a credit problem or a refusal.. I then rang Sainsburys and got an immediate acceptance..!! Do you think its possible that Tesco have 'blacklisted' me because of my perfectly valid claim..?? Time to boycott Tesco before they take over the world.....

Kontiki April 6, 2007

report reply to Kontiki

Well.. I have had 2 fone calls from Tescos loss adjusters in the last 2 days.. my bill for repairs and car hire came to just under a £1000.. I also asked Tesco for an additional 10% as compensation which I thought was fair and not greedy and after much 'discussion' they have agreed and we have settled. I dont know if Tescos would have paid more in comp but ultimately I just wanted to clear this matter up as Im sure we all know that its been 'stressful' dealing with the worry of how the bills are going to be paid and the inconvenience. I have learnt my lesson and from now on I will buy a premium fuel and forget the clubcard points - they're not worth it.. good luck all..

Dave Rooney April 5, 2007

report reply to Dave Rooney

I have just had it confirmed to me by Tesco Claims that I will not be recompensed for the garage bill of £820 (2 x o2 sensors, filter, fuel, etc) because I am one of those people that don't bother keeping receipts and only pay by cash, no club card!! no credit card!! just faith in a large company to supply a product as stated ie fuel fuel nothing but fuel. We have been informed there is no recourse to take this any further, however, I will be boycotting Tesco's (and all my friends who use them) even though this will mean myself and the wife having to travel further to shop and refuel.

According to the Claims Representative and we have spoken to many of them, all with a different story, I am the first one they have heard of that has no proof of purchase, I find this hard to believe.

This is not only bad PR on Tesco's part but false economy, ie 4 or 5 shopping trips with a few fuel fill ups would have recouped the compensation amount but now they will lose my custom.

One other thing, its been mentioned about getting the cctv footage, unfortunately I have been informed that cctv is kept on a 2 week loop so will have been erased and is also covered by the Data Protection Act , which is convenient for them. It shows little forethought on their behalf.

Stephen Pearce April 3, 2007

report reply to Stephen Pearce

Filled up with Tesco Petrol in Peterborough on 13 Feb. Drove up to Manchester on 15 March & then after about 300 miles the car slowly got worse until it became undriveable. The RAC were superb, problem identified on Saturday, car recovered to home address Sunday and then transported to garage Monday. All free to me as I'd got RAC recovery paid for with Tesco Points vouchers. Car took 3 days to repair - £337 including new fuel filter and O2 sensor. Claimed £382 from Tesco on 22 March ( including original petrol + some bought in Manchester) . Received cheque for full amount today - 3 April. Was offered a hire car by Tesco when I reported the claim but didn't need to take them up on their offer.

Ian Grice April 1, 2007

report reply to Ian Grice

You hit the nail on the head ther Learjet, Its not the fact it's cheap fuel but the fact the storage tanks at the depo/oil refinary were not cleaned properly befor the fuel was pumped in. Probably had diesal in the tank befor a batch of unleaded and was not cleaned out properly. A simaler thing happened when I worked for Mobil oil, they sent this device through the pipes at the refinary that cleans away the deposets, after that the pipes were not flushed properly and several tankers ended up delivering contaminated fule to stations in the midlands. I have not heard that deisal was affected only unleaded. I think a lot of garargees are making money out of this situation and using it as an excuse to exploite customers.

Gb March 30, 2007

report reply to Gb

TESCO may have cctv on their forecourts so if you know the rough time that you were there then you may have a case. try calling the tesco helpline

Jane Dalby March 30, 2007

report reply to Jane Dalby

Have just been told the possible cost of repairs to my land rover discovery will be £3700.The cause of the damage-contaminated diesel from tesco bought last week.Sadly i paid cash and was not offered a receipt( i did not ask for one either).Can anyone advise me on where i stand? I paid for groceries in the store and got cash back before filling up with fuel-would this be proof enough?

Learjet March 30, 2007

report reply to Learjet

Tesco Fuel is supplied by a company named "Green Energy", of which Tesco own 40%. They buy the "basic fuel" from the market/refineries, and store it in tank facilities, if the tanks are "dirty" Hey Presto.

Prior to delivery, they add their own additives for combustion, and deterrgent properties. Not all additives are the same, this is where the difference lies.

Geoffrey Spearpoint March 29, 2007

report reply to Geoffrey Spearpoint


Gb March 29, 2007

report reply to Gb

Has anyone successfully received compensation from Tesco yet? I had a total bill on just under 1K including car hire for two weeks whilst i waited for the part to arrive. I sent all the receipts to Tesco 7 days ago and haven't heard anything since.

Tanya March 29, 2007

report reply to Tanya

...."The problem has been traced back to petrol storage tanks in Essex ..." ... did you experience any problems with your car Mr Grice?? I do not confess to be a car mechanic but i know what happened with my car and all we can do is tell other ppl about our experiences. I do not really care where the petrol comes from i just know it affected my car and that putting texaco petrol in it helped the problem!

Ian Grice March 28, 2007

report reply to Ian Grice

Fuel comes from the same supply for each company, they pay the refinary for the fuel that goes into ther tanker. ITS ALL THE SAME. be it BP. MORISONS. OR ANY OTHER INDIPENDANT.

Ian Grice March 28, 2007

report reply to Ian Grice

Once and for all Check on this very web site. It tells you that most supermarkets get ther fuel from Name brand supplyers.

Tanya Newman March 27, 2007

report reply to Tanya Newman

I posted message number 18. I took my car to the mechanic after checking various different things myself and the only thing he could find wrong with it was the oxygen sensors - on my laguna they are called lambda sensors. Luckily they only needed cleaning but I still have a bill to pay for this. So when Tescos informed me that their super unleaded was not affected I do not think they were being entirely honest. I will be putting in a claim for the work carried out on my car I can only wait and see what happens next.

I would like to point out that after running about half a tank of texaco petrol through my car after the tescos fuel my car did appear to start running better and i would recommend that other people experiencing problems with their cars try the same thing as other people have also mentioned this.

Personally i will be paying out the extra for the higher grade fuel at the big petrol companies from now on even though i am a single parent and cannot really afford it. I would rather pay more for my fuel and still have a car that runs as i am totally lost without one. I will have trouble trusting cheap supermarket fuel in the future.

Matt March 26, 2007

report reply to Matt

"I run a Mark1 Mondeo Deisel and have recently been filling at at Morrisons as it is the cheapest fuel in the area. I was at the point of getting a bit concerned about loss of power and rough running when the news broke about the contaminated fuel. Having found out that it was only petrol that was affected I didn't worry too much as the weather has been so wet and maybe it was a damp problem. However I next filled up from an almost empty tank from a shell garage and now the car is running smoothly and has regained it's power............................so pick the bones out of that one!"

Well ...... Morrisons diesel is 'city diesel' which i have found decreases MPG and increases engine noise on my new Vivaro van. Stay away from supermarket diesel.

Keith Johnson March 25, 2007

report reply to Keith Johnson

are there any owners of diesel vehicles who have had or are having problems with their vehicles after filling up at tesco?

Ian Grice March 24, 2007

report reply to Ian Grice

£60,000 car or £60 car all fuel from every outlet should meet the minamum standards. I have never had a problem with any car Deisal or petrol using supermarket fuel, I just wonder what would have hapend if it had been a brand name fuel station that had had the problems.

Peter Johnson March 23, 2007

report reply to Peter Johnson

So the fuel contamination farce goes on.

I have to say that we are always at risk from a batch of rogue fuel at any time and the consequences of a ruined CAT
I know I have been there and now another family member is a victim, but I have to say I have absolutely no sympathy with people owning a £60,000 vehicle and using supermarket fuel.

Maturity and common sense would surely dictate second thoughts about using supermarket fuel, but then we do live in a world where it is not cool to take self responsibility if you can get someone else to foot the bill.

I applaud Tesco for the speed and commitment they have shown to get behind this issue and help their regular customers.

Pete J
23 March 2007

Ian Grice March 22, 2007

report reply to Ian Grice

If it goes up to much perhapse we should start the fuel protests again.

Pete M March 22, 2007

report reply to Pete M

Incredible to see this morning that my local Tesco have put unleaded up again by another 1p a litre, its now gone up by 5p a litre in the last 3 to 4 weeks even though the price of oil has barely changed in that time. No doubt when the fuel duty is increased in October, Tesco will put it up more than 2p a litre as every little helps!

Matt March 20, 2007

report reply to Matt

May I point out to Charles Haswell (Post Number 23) that Sainsbury's was completely UNAFFECTED by the recent contaminations, due to the fact they are supplied by BP.
Interesting to note that Tesco have nationally increased prices by 2-3p. Near me they are retailing Diesel for 93.9p, whereas Sainsbury/Asda are charging 89.9.

Richard Cook March 20, 2007

report reply to Richard Cook

Tesco fuel before the contamination at Clowne was 85.9 unleaded, after giving the 3p coupons off per litre it soon rose to 88.9, where`s the benefit in that. At this precise time morrisons at Staveley is priced at 86.9.

Charles Haswell March 20, 2007

report reply to Charles Haswell

Wonderful both TESCO & Sainsbury's have apologised. WOW.Woopee
Now it emerges that all the petrol retailers are blaming both TESCO & Sainsbury for the increase in the cost of petrol.
Strange how the cost of crude has not risen.
But then again it's JUST ANOTHER WAY TO RIP US OFF so we are used to it.

Kieron Smith March 19, 2007

report reply to Kieron Smith

Is it just me or does it seem the fuel contamination issue has given most of the fuel vendors in Central Scotland the excuse to increase prices again (this includes diesel) when said contamination only affected the south of England. No wonder companies like Shell and Tesco have more money than God.

Ray Hamilton March 18, 2007

report reply to Ray Hamilton

I got super unleaded at tescos Potters bar on Feb 28th. My car was misfiring & a loss of power when revved up and she is going into emergency mode as the silicon burns out the Co2 sensors which causes the computer to put the car into this mode. I have had to get the car picked up & taken to Mercedes
The bill is likely to be £3,000 to £5,000 at least as this is a £60,000 car done only 20,000 miles
I do hope Tesco pay up within the next 3 years

Anita Elias March 17, 2007

report reply to Anita Elias

The oxygen sensors have gone on my Corsa. What I am trying to find out is a) What date was the first batch of contaminated fuel delivered to Tesco, Morrisons and other service stations; and b) is there some way of having one's petrol tested with having the tank drained.

Also who would just drain my tank without doing any other work as I need to know if the fuel caused the problem or if the sensor simply failed. Can anyone help please.

Tanya Newman March 16, 2007

report reply to Tanya Newman

I got super unleaded at tescos on 27th. When i phoned them they informed me that super was not contaminated. My car is chugging badly and has been getting worse over the last couple of weeks, there is a loss of power and she is misfiring - she is also heating up transmission fluid which means she is going into emergency stop mode and i believe the silicon burns out the oxygen sensors which causes the computer to put the car into this mode. Hmmm - does anyone know if super unleaded was affected by this contamination as Tescos did not seem too keen to answer my questions - i wonder why? Gonna play with a few things this weekend just in case it isnt contamination but my car has all the symptoms - if i cannot fix her shes booked in at the mechanics next week so i guess i will find out.

Gales Garage March 15, 2007

report reply to Gales Garage

As a small independent retailer supplied by Texaco our latest delivery of unleaded fuel has increased by 4.03p per litre. When we questioned the price increase we were told it was as a result of the Tesco/ Morrisons fiasco.
We have no choice but to pass this increase on but in doing so we have seen our unleaded fuel sales drop off which in turn means we will be "stuck" with a higher price for longer.

Ian Grice March 13, 2007

report reply to Ian Grice

Every Station around us has increased ther price by 2-3p per litter for unleaded and Derv all except Morrisons.

Rob March 12, 2007

report reply to Rob

i spent £1.93 in my local tesco today and had a coopen for 3p of every litre of fuel is this a way of tesco trying to say sorry and get there custom back or just to try and put the independent fuel stations out os busisness

Jonathan Croft March 12, 2007

report reply to Jonathan Croft

Not sure whether its oil producers or the supermarkets but even if the winds over 5mph they have to put the price of fuel up but we never see like for like reductions when the price per barrell comes down etc or when the wind drops. Seems like tescos review their pump prices almost 1/2 daily and will put it up on the back of a rumour

Boycott Tescos.

Richard Culpan March 9, 2007

report reply to Richard Culpan

My W-reg Nissan Micra 1.0S doesn't run well on Tesco unleaded petrol - even before the recent problems. Noticeable knocking under gentle acceleration, and significantly poorer MPG; when I stopped using Tesco petrol and started using Sainsburys, Shell or BP instead the knocking stopped completely and I was suddenly getting on average 20 miles further per tank!

So even when it's not contaminated by silicone it appears that it's lower grade or not as compatible with my engine as other fuels.

Ursula Riches March 8, 2007

report reply to Ursula Riches

think tesco fuel is dodgy period.. bought about £10 worth on jan 14th 2007 was doing test on 16th car broke sdown on 15th and my instructor walked back to my home to his car, leaving me at a garage. texaco petrol is much much better and car doesnt stall on that. llanelli in wales is where i live and where i bought the petrol from.
wondering if silicone was a red herring and it wasnt too much ethanol put in or too low octane.
experiment on the masses and save lab tests.
the govt may have been in with it too. all this global warming and use less fuel policy. if cars break down less petrol will be used. mind you it backfired with the tank draining. any insider info to support my theory?
I dont want cheaper fuel i want good stuff. texaco is very good.

Udia Umoette March 8, 2007

report reply to Udia Umoette

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Paul Murray March 7, 2007

report reply to Paul Murray

No money off vouchers given out up north - yet we are paying higher fuel costs because of this fiasco also.

It is interesting to note that Tesco were denying their fuel was faulty at the start of the problems. This is typical denial from Tesco - we've had battles on other fronts with them, and only succeeded when the press got involved and mentioned the Sale of Goods Act ect (try taking a faulty item back without a receipt !)

I'll never darken a Tesco doorstep or forecourt again. Looks like the Tescopoly is beginning to crumble.

ps. there is no legal requirement to provide a receipt, evidence of purchase is sufficient for the courts (bank statement, credit card statement etc.)

Tight Fisted March 7, 2007

report reply to Tight Fisted

I rang Tesco. I have a receipt for the petrol 27th Feb. Tesco refuse to accept a claim because the car has not yet broken down. They said your car is not faulty. Ah I replied but the full tank of Tesco petrol is known to be contaminated.
Result stalemate. Wife has now only driven car for 10 miles and won't drive it as she fears it will breakdown and tesco won't entertain a claim.
So a car we purchased new and has only covered 13000 miles is not being used !

John Wright March 7, 2007

report reply to John Wright

"Just spent less than £2 in tesco and a petrol voucher has just popped out with the receipt for 3p off a litre. It might be just my clubcard? Or maybe this is linked to all the fuss? "

I got one of those as well. I notice its only valid till the 18th March though, that's only a week on Sunday.

Learjet March 7, 2007

report reply to Learjet

Harvest Energy, a wholly owned subsidery of "Blue Ocean Associates Plc" supply Tesco, Morrisons and Asda, from its West Thurrock facility. Where the "silicone" contamination originated.

The avg Retail differential between Unleaded and Diesel, still remains at around 3.50p/litre. The Market differential is below 2.0p/litre.

However in the markets, Crude Oil continues to drop, and Petrol Products continue to drop. Diesel has begun to gain, not a good sign.

Colin Outram March 6, 2007

report reply to Colin Outram

At last we now have diesel at the same price as unleaded, but only at selected stations. Why has diesel risen in price though? It was not included in the silicon incident so again we must assume that the oil companies and forecourts are out to make a mint at any excuse.

Jean Harwood March 6, 2007

report reply to Jean Harwood

I run a Mark1 Mondeo Deisel and have recently been filling at at Morrisons as it is the cheapest fuel in the area. I was at the point of getting a bit concerned about loss of power and rough running when the news broke about the contaminated fuel. Having found out that it was only petrol that was affected I didn't worry too much as the weather has been so wet and maybe it was a damp problem. However I next filled up from an almost empty tank from a shell garage and now the car is running smoothly and has regained it's power............................so pick the bones out of that one!

James Mcgough March 6, 2007

report reply to James Mcgough

Just spent less than £2 in tesco and a petrol voucher has just popped out with the receipt for 3p off a litre. It might be just my clubcard? Or maybe this is linked to all the fuss?

Learjet March 6, 2007

report reply to Learjet

Tesco have indeed made an apology, but Morrisons and Asda seem more reluctant to do so.

The UK Avg Pump Price yesterday had risen to 88.57p/litre. A rise of about 1.12p/litre over the last week. Diesel had risen to an Avg of 92.05p/litre, a rise of 0.68p/litre, over the last week.

This would be in line with the rise in crude oil.

However, yesterday Crude Oil and its Products, tumbled in a downward direction. We shall see, how much the apology is worth at the pumps. My bet would be, not much.

Ben Owen March 6, 2007

report reply to Ben Owen

I have just tried ringing Tesco on that number. Constantly get an automated message saying "Thank you for calling Tesco Direct. Unfortunately, all our Customer Service Managers are busy at the moment. Please try again later". The phone line goes dead.

What good is that!

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