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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Does The Data Come From?

The daily fuel price data is gathered from a variety of fuel card users. When they purchase fuel with their card, we know what type of fuel they bought, where they bought it and how much it cost. Since there are tens of thousands of fuel card users in the UK, we’re able to update our prices at around 8,000 stations per day.

How does PetrolPrices Make Money?

PetrolPrices has a paid subscription plan with enhanced features, as well as advertising revenue and smaller other partnerships that help the business generate revenue.

Is PetrolPrices Absolutely Free?

PetrolPrices is absolutely free and will continue to be free forever with the Basic plan. There’s no catch,
we generate revenue through our paid subscription plans for those looking to save money on the road.

How Secure Is My Personal Data?

Your personal details are stored on a secure database, using powerful encryption to protect it even if the service was compromised.
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