Free UK fuel prices. Over 8,000 petrol stations covered Fri, 23 Jan 2015 21:24:19 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Three More YEARS of Cheap Petrol?! Fri, 23 Jan 2015 21:24:19 +0000 Petrol Pumppeople even finding unleaded now for less than one Pound per litre, there’s always been a background worry that the price cuts won’t last for long. Indeed, several “experts” have warned that prices will climb again by the end of the year. However, it now seems that cheap petrol could be here to say for years – or at least that’s what Bob Dudley, the chief executive of BP, had told the BBC, as reported in The International Business Times. Dudley says that the “depressed oil prices” could last “for years,” and seems to agree with the government that widespread petrol for less than a Pound a litre is almost certain in the near future. There is unfortunately a dark side to this, because the oil industry and those who make a living from it or profit from it are going to suffer. According to the article “billions of dollars” worth of oil projects have already been shelved. We’ll leave it to you to decide whether you care more about that, or about the fact it may remain cheaper to fill your car up for years to come! IMAGE CREDIT: Wikipedia]]> 0 Want Petrol for Less than a Pound? The Government says it’s Coming! Thu, 22 Jan 2015 08:26:41 +0000 speculation as to whether the price would fall that low, with different industry experts voicing varying views, then the first 99p litre appeared, but just over the border in Southern Ireland. Finally, last week, once garage in the Birmingham area reduced a litre of unleaded to 99.7 pence, and yesterday we reported on petrol at this price spreading to forecourts in other areas. If the sub-one-Pound litre has yet to arrive in your area, the odds are you won’t have to wait much longer. Why? Petrol PumpWell, the government has now said so! According to a report in The Daily Mail today, Danny Alexander, the Treasury Minister, has said that average prices should fall to the one Pound mark “within weeks.” He says that this is now what people “should be expecting” if retailers pass on their savings from the latest wholesale oil price cuts, something the government have already pledged to keep a very close eye on. With widespread 99p petrol now starting to look like a near-certainty, the inquisitive will surely wonder if prices will get lower still, but it’s perhaps wise not to get too excited. The report states that another “dramatic fall” in the oil price would be required for costs to head as low as the 90 pence per litre mark. Even so, compared to prices this time last year, a 99 pence litre seems like a bit of a bargain. IMAGE CREDIT: Pixabay]]> 0 99p Petrol Begins to Spread Wed, 21 Jan 2015 09:19:37 +0000 talked about a garage in Walsall that had been widely reported as the first in the country to drop the price of unleaded fuel below the one Pound mark, specifically to 99.7 pence per litre. As we predicted at the time, petrol for under a Pound has begun to spread – and there’s some jealously starting to One Poundarise amongst the regions! A report in The Bristol Post refers to a garage now selling petrol for 99.7 pence per litre in Swindon, and three matching the price in the Birmingham area  (presumably including the service station in Walsall). The newspaper complains that Swindon drivers are getting the cheap fuel when those in nearby Bristol are not. However, it seems that the jealousy may soon pass. A spokesman for The RAC is quoted as saying that “we are surely only weeks away from the milestone price of £1 a litre being a common sight.” This corresponds with the view The RAC have had for some time, and a view that’s rather more optimistic than that of The AA. Drivers across the country more than likely hope that it’s The RAC who are correct. Meanwhile, you can find the cheapest pumps across the country by using our free tool. IMAGE CREDIT: Pixabay]]> 0 Is YOUR Breakdown Cover set to Auto-Renew? Tue, 20 Jan 2015 19:54:48 +0000 breakdown cover guides, we often point out that it’s a wise move to compare quotes at renewal time, or even try to negotiate with your existing provider to see if they will offer you a lower renewal price. Anecdotal evidence suggests that some providers are amenable to offering discounts, as they’d rather see you paying a little less than switching loyalties to a different provider. However, as an AOL Money report has revealed, breakdown cover providers are now sometimes using automatic Car Breakdownpayments known as “Continuous Payment Authorities” (CPAs) to take renewal payments automatically. This means that unless you are organised and remember when your policy is coming up for renewal, you can find yourself tied in for another year, without a chance to compare costs. CPAs are tied to credit cards, so if you’ve paid for your breakdown cover in this way, you may have signed up to such an agreement without realising – and when your renewal time comes around, you could be charged without any additional authorisation. One company highlighted as using CPAs in the report is The AA, however they are quoted as saying that they “generally write to people” in the run up to the renewal date. There’s no guarantee that you’ll get this contact, however, if (for example) your contact details are out of date. And if you’re with another company, they may not work to remind you at all. The lesson to be learned here is the importance of noting when such policies expire, and putting in place a way to remind yourself – to make sure you’re still getting a good deal. IMAGE CREDIT: Wikimedia Commons]]> 0 Some Households Now £50 per Month Better Off! Mon, 19 Jan 2015 11:42:19 +0000 FinChannel report. The families in question are those with two typical cars. Even more significantly, over £16 of the monthly saving has occurred in the last month alone. According to the AA’s monthly Fuel Price Report for January, petrol has been averaging around 108 pence per Fifty Pound Notelitre, and diesel has been sitting at around 116 pence per litre. However, this was before the supermarkets started their most recent battle in what’s now becoming a long and protracted fuel price war. We’ve even started to see petrol for below one pound per litre, although at the time of writing, 99p fuel is far from widespread, with the garages offering it being dismissed in some quarters as doing so primarily for publicity reasons. Obviously this is a part of the story we are watching very closely, in the hope that we can report more widespread sub-one Pound petrol in the weeks ahead! While nobody can predict the future, low prices seem set to remain, though it’s hard to say whether we’ll see further big reductions this week. Still, to put things in perspective, the monthly price drop between December and January was the second largest reduction ever recorded. IMAGE CREDIT: Flikr.COM]]> 0 Good News (Potentially) on the way for Rural Drivers Fri, 16 Jan 2015 13:23:46 +0000 Rural petrol pricesgetting fuel delivered, but due to a general lack of transparency, there’s always the opportunity for some garages to make extra profit by taking financial advantage of their “captive audience.” Now, there’s some good news for rural motorists, with the announcement of an EU-backed subsidy scheme that could result in a five pence per litre price drop for people in 17 key rural areas. The scheme has already been approved by the European Commission, and now just needs signing off by other member states. A similar scheme is actually already in place to subsidise fuel purchased on the Scottish islands. Even if the scheme is approved, shopping around for petrol and diesel is still the sensible choice, with recent price cuts only serving to highlight the huge disparities that continue to exist between different petrol stations. This new subsidy may narrow some gaps, but won’t by any means mean the end of inconsistent pricing. The best way to find your region’s cheapest fuel is to use our free tool. IMAGE CREDIT: Wikipedia]]> 0 Scotland’s Oil Industry Under Pressure Thu, 15 Jan 2015 15:18:56 +0000 low rate of inflation. However, several times we have alluded to the fact that such rapidly falling oil prices are not all good news, North Sea Oil Rigespecially if you’re involved in Scotland’s off-shore oil industry. According to a report in The Guardian, experts are now saying that there is a genuine risk that North Sea oilfields will actually be shut down if the value of oil drops by as little as “a few more dollars.” The simple fact is that with oil prices so low, it reaches the point when it costs more to extract it than it is worth, resulting in a “cash negative” situation. Ceasing production seems like a drastic step, but makes more sense than losing money on every extracted barrel. But of course the problem doesn’t end there. Ceasing production means widespread job losses and all kinds of knock-on economic effects. Due to this, the Scottish government has promised to implement an “emergency taskforce” to try to protect jobs in the industry. One estimate puts the cost of this crisis at £6 Billion of Scottish GDP. So, while steps are clearly being taken to mitigate local damage, now is clearly a worrying time for those working in the North Sea oil industry. Spare a thought for them next time you fill your car with cheap fuel. IMAGE CREDIT: Wikimedia Commons]]> 0 Citizens of Northern Ireland set to Benefit Most from Price Cuts Wed, 14 Jan 2015 12:03:45 +0000 previously reported, UK inflation is currently at a ten-year low, with fuel and supermarket prices being the primary reason. This all means (in the short term, at least), more money in the pockets of consumers, but the low inflation impacts some consumersNorthern Ireland more than others. Today, following an article in The Belfast Telegraph, we can reveal that citizens in Northern Ireland should benefit most of all from the UK’s low inflation. This is because wage earnings are lower in Northern Ireland than on the UK mainland. As such, a higher proportion of wages go on “essentials,” which include the things that are currently getting cheaper – namely petrol, diesel and grocery items. The article states that the oil price drop alone should leave the average family with around £120 each in extra disposable income – and this figure will be higher for those that cover a lot of mileage. The knock-on effect of low oil prices should, all being well, also translate to smaller utility bills later in the year. Despite this extra spending money, the general mood in Northern Ireland is rather negative, according to the report. Figures show that only around 20% of individuals in the area think they are “better off” than they were two years ago. Hopefully these widespread price reductions will go some way to reversing that trend. IMAGE CREDIT: Wikimedia Commons]]> 0 UK Petrol Drops Below the Magical “One Pound per Litre” Tue, 13 Jan 2015 13:55:38 +0000 The RAC have seem convinced it would happen, while The AA have remained less sure. Well now, as we predicted at the end of last week, the optimists were right. Unleaded petrol has finally dropped Petrol Stationbelow one pound at at least one garage, and this “sub-one-pound” petrol had caused a flood of news stories. The Mirror, amongst other news outlets, have reported on an independent petrol station in Walsall (Birmingham) offering unleaded for 99.7 pence per litre, resulting in the local supermarkets quickly dropping their prices to around 103 pence per litre in an attempt to compete. It’s now reasonable to expect that other garages will follow suit, and that 99p petrol will become more widespread as the week progresses. Interestingly, The RAC and The AA are still very much at odds on what this means for the future. Having been proved right about the price drop, The RAC are now bullish, and quoted as saying that £1 per litre petrol will soon be a “common sight” across the country. The AA, in something of a face-saving move, have dismissed the cheap petrol as a “publicity stunt” according to to the Express and Star, maintaining that the reductions “may not last.” We will obviously follow developments very closely, and like UK motorists will hope the the optimistic RAC are correct in this case! IMAGE CREDIT: Geograph]]> 0 Are you Heading for a Nasty Breakdown? Mon, 12 Jan 2015 11:22:44 +0000 Carthat only impacts you and your travelling companions. Despite this, a recent survey from Halifax Car Insurance has revealed that one in seven people hit the roads during winter without ensuring they have breakdown cover in place, even though an even higher proportion have actually experienced the stress and inconvenience of a winter breakdown. There’s certainly an age gap when it comes to coverage, with youngsters of 18-24 far more likely to risk driving without breakdown cover (23%) than those over 55 (8%). If you are one of those people hitting the roads over this winter with nothing more than crossed fingers, we would strongly recommend that you check out our breakdown cover guides. Great policies are available for a very nominal sum, and making sure you have one is certain to cost you less than dealing with an unexpected breakdown. And with everything from snow and wind to “horizontal rain” out there to contend with, this is NOT the time to find yourself stuck at the roadside! IMAGE CREDIT: Wikimedia Commons]]> 0