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Fuel Price Email Alerts

Whether you want to reach out to broad audiences or target a specific demographic we can help get your brand in the hands of UK motorists.

Email Alerts is regularly accessed by a large cross-section of the motoring public and is a highly respected brand. o offer our users/subscribers the best service we allow them to opt-in to Petrol Price email alerts, which are delivered upon request, using various levels of frequency. These alerts keep our users up-to-date with the fuel prices in their local area and can save motorists hundreds of pounds a year by informing them of the cheapest place to buy fuel locally. email list is a highly active double opt-in data set of UK motorists and with higher than industry average open rates, excellent CTR?s and a high reach can confidently deliver results.



T.R.U.S.T - an acronym for Transparency, Regulations, User control, Secure and Temporary. These are the five principles we adhere to so that users can be sure we are really looking after their data. We hope through good practice we can gain, and more importantly keep our users trust in our services.


We have partnered with CACI and use their ACORN targeting data which is a powerful consumer targeting tool that combines geography with demographics and lifestyle information, places where people live with their underlying characteristics and behaviour, to create a tool for understanding people throughout the country.

6 reasons our Fuel Price Email Alerts are great!

  • Reach - We send 7.5 million Fuel Alert emails to over 1 million people each and every month so they can keep updated with the latest fuel prices in their area.
  • Unbeatable open rates - Our Fuel Alert emails achieve an open rate on average of 25.5% far exceeding the industry average.
  • Privacy - We are proud of our privacy principles and believe that through good practise we can gain, and more importantly keep our users trust in our services.
  • Targeting - We are able to deliver specific ads to specific demographics such as location and gender through our Fuel Alert emails.
  • ACORN Data - We've partnered with ACORN who provide us with powerful consumer targeting tools enabling us to fully understand our demographics.
  • Surveying - We are constantly running new surveys and compiling their results to build on our understanding of our users.

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How we helped Batchelors Fuel Britain! utilises CPM advertising as an effective way for relevant brands to gain exposure across high volumes of relevant audiences.


Batchelors display banner campaign

Batchelors decided to run an extremely unique campaign in 2012 called "Let's Get Fueling Britain". The idea of the campaign was a competition which rewarded one lucky Batchelors customer with free fuel for a year. This original idea combining two household necessities; fuel and food, provided a conundrum for Batchelors as where were they going to promote it? They needed an audience who was concerned about the cost of fuel and the general cost of living, who would leap at the chance to get free fuel for a year. They decided the audience met this specification and would be their perfect match. Batchelors got in touch with us and we agreed that our visitors would respond to any competition with a free fuel prize and agreed to promote the competition on our site. We also felt we could help their visitors by providing content for their site. This lead to the Batchelors and partnership.


Batchelors homepage re-design

Batchelors completely redesigned their site for the duration of the deal to try and encourage participants. We helped Batchelors by writing content for their site including a top tip for every day of the campaign and some general money saving advice for motorists. We also provided a feed so their visitors could check the price of fuel for themselves.
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6 reasons our CPM Campaigns are great!

  • 3.5 million Impressions - receives 3.5 million page impressions each month allowing us to work with brands and agencies whose campaigns require volume.
  • Unique Users - has over 750,000 unique visitors each month who are interesting in motoring and saving money.
  • Content variety - features a variety of motoring content ranging from motor insurance to environmental issues which can be targeted inline with your campaign.
  • High Dwell Time - Investing in a great user experience and quality content means that our users spend longer on the site and are more likely to interact with your banners.
  • Brand Association - has a reputation as a champion for motorists and as such our recommendations can provide significant uplift for the right brands.
  • Ad formats - We utilize multiple ad formats which are strategically placed across the site to give advertisers maximum effectiveness and flexibility within their campaigns.

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Fuel Price Data-Feed

Want to integrate fuel price data into your own website? Well we provide
a data feed that does just that.


How we helped ASDA launch their
Fuel Price Guarantee

Recognising that the cost of fuel was one of the biggest expenses on a typical family's finances Asda set out on a campaign to try and give its customers the lowest possible fuel prices. The problem was how were Asda going to communicate the message in their campaign to their customers in an effective way.

Here's where we came in...

We teamed up with ASDA?s technical team, supplying them with a custom built widget displaying data of the highest, lowest and average fuel prices within 3 miles of every Asda petrol station.

Customers were then able to hover over any Asda store using a map and instantly see the latest fuel prices in that area. Simply entering a postcode into the widget would take you to a dedicated page for that local store where customers were able to compare the highest, average and lowest fuel prices against the prices of that particular Asda garage, inspiring trust and confidence in their customers who now know Asda are actively working towards their aim of giving customers cheaper fuel.

Commercial Data-Feed

With our Commercial Data-Feed you’ll be able to access the highest, lowest and average fuel prices for any given area, whether that be a postcode, town or even the entire country. The data is available as an XML feed and will allow you to format your own price data display by calling a valid search type or value.

Custom Data-Feed

Our expertise in information technology combined with the experience we’ve gained working with both small enterprises and big brand means we have the capability of working closely with you to provide your organisation with a tightly integrated data feed of fuel prices that exactly matches your requirements.

6 reasons our Fuel Price Data-Feed is great!

  • Update Times - The data in our feed is updated every 24 hours at or before 1pm Monday through to Friday.
  • Location Types - The feed allows you to refine fuel price data either by postcode, town name, county or nationwide.
  • Data Pricing - We calculate price based on the amount of data requests you'll be making so you only pay for what you need.
  • Fuel Data Types - You can access minimum, maximum and average prices for each fuel type in the area(s) you specify.
  • Custom Data - Want a more bespoke solution...? Tell us about your project and what data you'd need and we'll get back to you.
  • Simple Integration We also supply an iFrame and Javascript include as a basic way to integrate live fuel prices within your website.

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PetrolPrices Pro App

With mobile internet usage growing faster than ever, the PetrolPrices Pro App can make a great platform to expand your brand.

6 reasons our PetrolPrices Pro iPhone App is great!

  • Subscribers - Over 50,000 paying subscriptions of the Petrolprices Pro iPhone app have been sold since its launch back in 2009.
  • Mobile is on the rise - Grow sales and brand exposure through a new and increasingly important channel.
  • Usage - Each PetrolPrices Pro user will view on average 3-4 pages per session and the App will be used on average 9,500 times per week.
  • Top money saving app - PetrolPrices Pro has been featured numerous times in the media as a great money saving tool for motorists.
  • Reach - Utilise an established, high volume platform of avid motorists and money saving enthusiasts to provide your brand with exposure.
  • Downloads - averaging over 300 downloads each week the PetrolPrices Pro app is an ever expanding platform for Brands to engage with users.

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