About PetrolPrices.com

PetrolPrices.com is a service that enables our members to save money on their fuel, as well as providing other tools that helps save motorists time and money. Over the coming months you will see these new tools and services launch and we hope you like them.

Our site allows users to search for the cheapest petrol in their area quickly and, if they choose, receive regular alerts so they will always be the first to know when the prices change.

We have petrol prices for 8,490 stations and receive approximately 8,000 daily updates, ensuring our data is accurate and up to date. Searching for petrol prices in your local area or across the UK is completely free of charge. Once signed up, we will provide you with a monthly allowance of searches that is adequate in 98% of member cases. Should you require more, simply pay a small fee to get a top up of 10 paid searches, which can be repeated to get more. You need to use these paid searches before your free allowance of searches for the new month starts again.

All major service stations are covered including BP, Shell and Texaco as well as smaller chains and hundreds of independent stations.

Our Data

Our petrol price data is provided to us by Catalist in association with Allstar. Catalist collects and maintains detailed information for over 130,000 retail petrol stations worldwide and supplies us with data for over 8,490 UK petrol stations.

Catalist first completed a database of the entire UK market in 1997 and was acknowledged by the Energy Institute as the definitive source for petrol station information in the UK. Years of experience in this field gives Catalist an extensive understanding of the Retail Petroleum Industry.

The petrol price data is collected from the hundreds of thousands of fuel card transactions that are processed at petrol stations across the country each day. We receive approximately 8,000 prices updates from this data each day, ensuring that we have the most up to date figures displayed.

We regularly appear in the media to comment on fuel prices, if you are a member of the press and wish to speak to us then please email us at [email protected] and we will respond as soon as possible to your query.