Editorial Team

Josh Elliott

Josh is a Technical and Business Support Analyst as well as a budding writer here at PetrolPrices.com. He has a passion for Woking FC that means he travels all over the country sampling the selection of all the beers and pies in non-league football. Josh is also passionate about helping our members to ensure they have the best possible experience.

Louise Taylor

Louise Taylor is a professional copywriter, proofreader and editor with a passion for the written word. She writes and edits for a range of online publications. Her past experience includes writing and editing for the web, as well as for print media.

Lisa Edwards

Lisa Edwards is one of our featured PetrolPrices writers. She spends her time keeping up to date with the latest industry news to relay this to our readers. When Lisa isn’t researching fuel costs and the automotive industry, she can be found working on her latest creative writing piece for our readers.

Nick Wagstaff

Nick is a digital marketer and designer with a keen interest in the tech industry. His passion for the automotive industry started in the toy box from the age of about 3. He absolutely loves food and would eat (vacuum) anything put in front of him.

Sasha Davison

Sasha has worked as a copywriter for over five years, specializing in writing engaging copy for websites, blogs, magazines and social media. Her cross-sector work encompasses copywriting for the travel, finance, lifestyle, interior design and music industries. At PetrolPrices, Sasha’s writing covers a range of features, from fuel prices reviews to the latest industry developments.