Motorists waste 32 hours a year sitting in traffic

New research by traffic information company Inrix (reported by The Telegraph) has revealed that The UK is the third worst country in Europe for traffic congestion, with motorists spending an average of 32 hours a year sitting in traffic. The only countries in Europe which have worse congestion problems are Russia and Turkey. Over 1000 cities were analysed to find more »

Supermarkets no longer safest bet for cheapest fuel

For several years now, UK drivers have been broadly able to count on supermarkets to provide them with significant price savings on fuel. A succession of price wars, often linked to vouchers and loyalty schemes, have often (but not always) seen supermarkets offer fuel at the lowest prices around. However, in a surprising development, it more »

London Mayor Calls for Diesel Scrappage Scheme

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has suggested that the UK government introduce a diesel scrappage scheme in a bid to encourage drivers to give up polluting diesel vehicles for more environmentally-friendly alternatives. It’s a possible move that’s been being discussed for some time, since it became clear that the UK was falling well short of meeting more »

Life on Two Wheels: Five Great Motorbike Products

At, we don’t forget that we have plenty of members who live some or all of their motoring lives on two wheels instead of four. In recognition of that fact, for this feature we’ve compiled a list of five great products for motorcycles and their riders. Bikers of all kinds, from fans of superbikes more »

Petrol Prices Rise to a Two Year High

Despite hopes to the contrary, UK petrol and diesel prices are sitting stubbornly at a two-year high. As we reached the end of January, average UK prices for unleaded crept up to 120 pence per litre. At the time of writing, they’ve risen slightly further to 120.11 pence, based on our latest figures. Unleaded stood more »

6 Essential Child Car Seats and Accessories

If you have children or grandchildren, you’re no doubt aware of the need to choose the right products and accessories to keep them content (and, most importantly, safe) during car journeys. I have extensive personal experience of this as I have a life that requires me to travel long distances frequently, and a toddler nearing more »

Member Announcement: Hotmail, Outlook and Live Mail

On January 16th 2017, changed email service provider. During the migration process, Microsoft experienced an increase in complaints beyond our control, which now means that emails sent from PetrolPrices appear in the Junk folder for Hotmail, Outlook and Live account users. We are working hard with Microsoft and partners to resolve the issue as more »

Drivers Waste DAYS Looking for Parking

British drivers know that the nation’s roads are crowded – and that parking is at a serious premium in most towns and cities. However, a report in The Mirror has highlighted just how bad the problem is. It’s based on a study from the British Parking Association, that suggests UK drivers can spend as many as 91 hours more »

5 Ways to Earn a Driving Penalty without Knowing

It can prove surprisingly easy for drivers to land themselves with a penalty sanction without realising their mistake, whilst driving (or indeed parking) on British roads. Last year The Daily Mail revealed that nearly 10 million driving fines were issued in the decade to 2012. While many of these fines will have been for perfectly legitimate reasons, plenty more »

De-ice and Warm Up: Car Accessories for Winter

It can’t have escaped your attention that it’s really rather cold in the UK at the moment. For those of you who have to venture out in the car in the mornings, it’s not a simple question of jumping in and heading off; not when your windscreen resembles a block of ice and the interior more »

Police Clampdown on Mobile Phones at the Wheel

Many people think the distraction of using a mobile phone whilst driving creates as much risk as a motorist being over the drink drive limit. In addition, Prime Minister Theresa May has stated she wishes to make mobile phone use by drivers as “culturally unacceptable” as drinking and driving. Despite this, a third of drivers more »

Cheaper Fuel Likely – But at Environmental Cost

With so much happening so fast in the world of politics, it’s sometimes difficult to look at everything in totality and assess what kind of impact events will have on the price of fuel in the UK. That said, a few things are stacking up this week that suggest that cheaper fuel could be around more »

Will YOU Give up Your Car by 2025?

A fascinating new survey, reported on by The Guardian, suggests that 50% of UK car owners will choose not to own their own vehicle by 2025, preferring instead to use self-driving cars and “robot taxis.” Much as this may sound like the stuff of science fiction, it’s fair to point out that these technologies already exist and are more »