The Best Car Wax: 5 Ways to Keep your Car Spotless

In this article, we run through the best car wax options currently available in the UK. These can all help you keep your car in a spotless, showroom condition. Let’s be honest: Waxing the car can feel like quite a chore sometimes. This is definitely the case for those people for whom a car is more »

Real MPG: A Reliable Way to Judge Fuel Economy

This post was created in association with motoring website who provide “Real MPG” figures that truly allow motorists to choose vehicles based on a realistic fuel economy prediction. Fuel economy figures provided by car manufacturers have traditionally been taken with a grain of salt by many. Often, car owners never manage to come close to the more »

Year-on-Year Petrol Price Increases are Back

The past weekend revealed some rather depressing news regarding year-on-year petrol price increases. After three consecutive years where such comparisons have revealed a saving, the tide seems to have turned. The news was revealed by The AA, and has been reported in numerous news outlets including The International Business Times. The President of The AA, Edmund King more »

The UK’s Best Sat Navs: September 2016 Edition

In this article, we provide a round-up of the best sat navs in the UK at the present time. Do you usually use a built-in satellite navigation system or a smartphone to get from A to B? If so, there’s still much to gain from using a sat nav system designed specifically for the purpose. more »

Did Petrol Prices Actually FALL in August?

Towards the beginning of every month, you can count on a selection of press reports talking about whether petrol prices rose or fell over the previous month. This is exactly what happened at the beginning of September. The general consensus was that prices rose in August compared to July. This was interesting to us here more »

Elderly Drivers Proven Safer than Youngsters

A recent study, conducted by Swansea University, has revealed that elderly drivers are considerably safer on the roads than inexperienced drivers in their teens and early twenties. According to a report in The Telegraph, over 70s are “around four times less likely to be involved in an accident than males aged 17 to 21.” Sadly, it is the case that more »

Variable Speed Limits: Enforcement on the Way

If you drive on any of Britain’s busy motorways you are no doubt familiar with variable speed limits. Ostensibly, their primary purpose is “improving safety and traffic flows.” However, with the technology in place, it’s also possible to use them to generate revenue by catching out drivers breaking the speed limits. Plenty of drivers have more »

More Traffic Chaos on its Way to Kent?

Traffic chaos and Kent are two things that are mentioned in the same sentence with increasing frequency these days. The most recent incident was during the recent August bank holiday weekend when a lorry hit and destroyed a bridge on the M20. This is the key route to the Eurotunnel and also one of two main more »

Motor Insurance Costs Up by Almost 20%

The rising cost of motor insurance hit the news at the weekend, with The Telegraph reporting that premiums are up by almost 20%. The newspaper is basing this information on figures from The Association of British Insurers concurs that costs are rising, but they cite a rather less intimidating (but still significant) 10% year-on-year rise. Controversy has more »

Three Members Awarded Free Fuel!

We’ve just finished collating the results of our most recent member survey. We’d like to thank the thousands of people who participated. In order to be as transparent and clear as possible, we use customer surveys for two reasons, one is so that we can generate stories to promote PetrolPrices in the media and grow more »