Car Insurance: Paying for the Mistakes of Others

An interesting new study from Which has revealed the impact that relatively superficial claims can have on your car insurance premiums – even if you’re involved in an incident that isn’t your fault. The study showed that premiums can rise by as much as 39% following an incident the insurer has had to pay out for, even more »

Oil Price Climbs Back Above $50

Just one week ago, we discussed here the complexities of predicting what will happen to the global oil price in the short to medium term. On the face of it, we’re in the midst of a huge supply glut, with oil stockpiled across the globe. However, in the last 24-hours, the price of a barrel of more »

Car Tech: Traffic Lights to “Talk” to Cars?

Are you one of those people who puts your foot down as you approach the traffic lights in an attempt to screech through just before amber turns to red? Or are you one of the cautious ones who begins to slow down in anticipation of “go” turning to “stop?” Audi drivers in the USA will more »

Oil News: Will OPEC Cut the Glut?

It’s been a rather up and down week for oil news. On Wednesday, the BBC produced a report suggesting that “mounting oil stockpiles” would keep prices low for months to come. This, of course, would have a pleasing impact on the price of petrol and diesel as cheaper oil enters the supply chain. There’s undoubtedly a glut more »

Car WiFi: How to Stay Connected

If we’d talked about car WiFi a decade ago, it would have sounded like the stuff of science fiction. However, it helps to keep in mind the fact that ten years ago nobody had yet laid eyes on an iPhone or iPad! The world is very different now; These devices are ubiquitous. For many, they’ve more »

Electric Car Sales Booming in the UK

Electric car sales are substantially up in the UK, with sales figures having now risen for the 22nd month in a row, according to a Motoring Research report. Around 20,000 new electric cars have arrived on Britain’s roads so far this year. While this seems like a lot (and is an encouraging number), it’s only fair to more »

Supermarket Fuel Price War gets Under Way

As we predicted at the end of last week, a UK supermarket fuel price war has started. This will mean cheaper fuel for those prepared to shop around and use supermarket forecourts. It should hopefully place some downward pressure on prices at other petrol stations as well. It was Morrisons who kicked things off this more »

UK Petrol Price Reductions Looking Likely

We may be jumping the gun slightly with our optimism, but it’s increasingly looking as if the stars are in alignment for a UK petrol price reduction in the coming days. First off, the oil price is down. Brent Crude is down to the $43 per barrel mark, its lowest level in three months according more »

Traffic Delays: Some Essential Precautions

The past weekend brought travel chaos and extensive traffic delays to South East England. Additional security checks and low staffing levels at the port of Dover resulted in some people being caught up in traffic jams for extraordinarily long periods. Some vehicles barely moved for up to 14 hours, and emergency services were deployed to more »

Are Drivers Abusing the New Road Tax System?

An interesting report from The RAC has called into question whether drivers may be abusing the UK’s recently introduced computerised road tax system. The motoring group’s research has revealed that vehicle tax revenue has dropped by nearly £100 Million per year since the government abolished paper tax discs in 2014. It’s not as if vehicles more »