Speeding fines to reach 175% of driver’s weekly wages

From the 24th April, new curbs to tackle excessively high speeding motorists will be launched with new fines capable of charging an offender up to 175% of their weekly wages combined with an automatic driving ban and potentially time in jail. The new range of fines are a stunning indication of how serious the police more »

Drivers spend 20% of salary getting to work, new research reveals

It is an expensive time to be a motorist in the UK. Not only has car insurance been rising steadily, but the recently announced charges for diesel drivers mean that more and more of the average motorist’s disposable income is spent on driving-related expenses. Now, shocking new statistics from YourParkingSpace.co.uk have revealed that the situation is even more »

Top five car stereo systems for summer

Much to the delight of motorists everywhere, summer is fast approaching. For many of us, summer means long road trips across the country in the sunshine. With this in mind, it could be time to ditch that outdated car sound system and treat yourself to a newer model. While newer cars tend to come with decent sound systems, those of more »

Will the snap general election lead to lower fuel prices?

Early on Tuesday morning, Prime Minister Theresa May revealed her surprising decision to hold a snap general election. The Prime Minister has said it will create certainty for Brexit; critics see it as a power grab while opposition parties are weak. Here, we assess what impact this important change might have on fuel prices over the more »

Council could fine parents for driving kids to school

Two schools in London are taking the next step in tackling the growing air pollution crisis by fining parents £130 for driving their children to and from school. Experts believe that tackling the pollution issue at the source, by hitting parents in the wallet, will cut down on those who unnecessarily drive their kids to more »

£75 fine for chucking rubbish out of your car

Have you ever unthinkingly thrown a piece of gum or an apple carcass out of the window whilst driving? Well, you may now find yourself facing a £75 charge if you do so. The government is introducing this measure in an attempt to reduce the amount of litter on and around the nation’s roads. The move more »

Easter travel – how to beat the queues

Nobody likes wasting time sitting in traffic, especially during their hard-earned Easter break. Sadly, it’s something we’ve all experienced first-hand. Avoiding long delays and tailbacks on bank holiday weekends can seem all but impossible. Easter (along with Christmas) is one of the busiest times on the UK’s roads. This year is no different, with an estimated 20 million more »

Did fuel prices drop in March ?

We’re already a few months into 2017 and – as we predicted – it has been a depressing start to the year for those of us who monitor fuel costs. Ten years ago, in March 2007, unleaded cost just 89.7p per litre. It’s now dramatically more! In February 2017, petrol prices stood at their highest level since November 2014, with an more »

Drivers to be penalised with anti-pollution taxes in UK cities

The EU has sent a written warning to the UK government, stating that the UK exceeds acceptable pollution levels in its cities. If the UK does not begin to resolve this soon, the EU may see fit to begin issuing fines. Rather than admit culpability for past policy decisions that led to this situation, in more »

Brexit Begins – with big potential impacts on drivers

It’s finally happened; In what Prime Minister Theresa May has described as “an historic moment from which there can be no turning back,” Britain has invoked Article 50 and formally started the “Brexit” process of withdrawing from the European Union. Unsurprisingly, the media is packed with stories about this monumental moment. At PetrolPrices.com, we’ve been more »

Car organisers and in-car storage accessories

Spring is here and the days are finally getting longer. Here at PetrolPrices.com we’re finding that our diaries are looking busier too, with far more upcoming reasons to take to the roads for long journeys. One problem with taking lots of road-trips is that they can result in cars becoming very messy and cluttered. Even short more »

Spring is here! Five ways to spruce up your vehicle

The winter season can put a lot of strain on both the interior and the exterior of your vehicle – think muddy puddles and dirty feet! After months of enduring the cold, being rained on, and navigating the dark mornings and evenings, we can finally see spring approaching. Therefore, it’s the perfect time to spruce more »

Insurance premium caps for young drivers?

This week, parliament has been debating whether young adults should have their car insurance premiums capped at £1200 per year. This follows an e-petition calling for such a cap receiving over 180,000 signatures. It was set up by 19-year-old Rhys Parker from Suffolk, who argued that the costs from insurance companies were making it increasingly difficult more »

Supermarket fuel price war reignited

For the last several weeks, fuel prices have been at their highest levels since December 2014, following several months of consecutive price increases. These increases have been caused by a perfect storm of rising oil prices and the Pound’s falling value against the Dollar following the referendum to leave the European Union last year. The average more »

Five ideal accessories for caravans and motorhomes

Last month saw the Birmingham NEC play host to the Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show, where over 350 exhibitors showed off their wares. With over a million caravans and motorhomes in the UK, these events always attract thousands of interested visitors. Recently, the Caravan Club re-branded after 110 years to become the Caravan and Motorhome Club. more »

March Budget: What it means for UK motorists

This week’s 2017 UK budget delivered very little news to grab the headlines, especially for motorists. As we heard on the BBC News straight after the budget, those used to seeing previous Chancellor George Osborne “pull rabbits out of hats” at these events saw “no rabbits” from Philip Hammond on this occasion. So what news can we report more »

How could next week’s budget affect motorists?

Here at PetrolPrices.com we have looked ahead at what is likely to affect motorists in next weeks budget on March 8th. With record levels of congestion, pollution and cars on the road, there is a sense that something has got to give in the Budget this year. Looking into our crystal ball, we have come more »

How to make money from hiring out your car

Many people in the UK have more than one vehicle, or a car that’s only used on an occasional basis. (Editor’s note: I personally fell into this category for many years whilst living in London, when our family car was only used at the weekend, and sat idle all week.) Now, thanks to the wonders more »

Motorists waste 32 hours a year sitting in traffic

New research by traffic information company Inrix (reported by The Telegraph) has revealed that The UK is the third worst country in Europe for traffic congestion, with motorists spending an average of 32 hours a year sitting in traffic. The only countries in Europe which have worse congestion problems are Russia and Turkey. Over 1000 cities were analysed to find more »

Supermarkets no longer safest bet for cheapest fuel

For several years now, UK drivers have been broadly able to count on supermarkets to provide them with significant price savings on fuel. A succession of price wars, often linked to vouchers and loyalty schemes, have often (but not always) seen supermarkets offer fuel at the lowest prices around. However, in a surprising development, it more »