Autumn Statement 2016 for Motorists

Like many people all over the nation, the team sat around various screens to watch today’s Autumn statement, which lays out what we can expect from the government in terms of spending plans, financial commitments, and tax implications for the coming months and years. Needless to say, our particular focus was on what the Autumn more »

Petrol Price War: Is £1 per Litre Fuel on the Way?

The UK supermarket petrol price war has stepped up a gear this week. As reported in The Guardian (and numerous other news outlets), Morrisons has launched a new deal that allows drivers to pay 99.9 pence per litre for unleaded, and just slightly more for diesel. The deal started on Monday and will continue until 3rd December. The more »

The Best Black Friday Deals for Motorists

Black Friday – a retail tradition that started off in the USA – is now very much part of the UK calendar. Almost all retailers get involved, online and offline, and there are bargains there for the taking. Usefully, these bargains are just in time for the festive season! With Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) more »

Has Trump’s Victory caused Petrol Prices to Drop?

Unless you’ve been hiding out in a cave, you’ll no doubt know that Donald Trump is now President-Elect of the USA. Meanwhile, according to multiple reports including this one in The Telegraph, UK petrol prices are finally starting to fall, thanks to a new supermarket petrol price war. Is there any connection between these two events? more »

Five Great Car Cleaning Accessories

  Unless you’re a motoring enthusiast, car cleaning is probably more of a chore than a pleasure. Either way, this list of car cleaning accessories provides you with plenty of options to make it easier to keep your vehicle spick and span. We’ve made a point of paying attention to the inside of your car more »

Trouble Ahead for UK Diesel Drivers?

Not all the controversy produced by the British High Court last week was related to Brexit! There was also a ruling that could result in some trouble ahead for UK diesel drivers. Following a case brought against the UK government by ClientEarth, an environmental legal group, the High Court ruled that the UK is doing more »

Five Essential Winter Car Accessories

Now the clocks have gone back and the nights are drawing in, it really feels like winter is approaching in the UK – and it’s therefore time to think about winter car accessories! While we appreciate that long-term weather forecasts are often highly inaccurate, it’s best to be prepared. This year, multiple reports have suggested that more »

Car Insurance Costs Rise Due to New Scams

A perfect storm of tax increases, higher vehicle repair costs and a proliferation of scams has significantly pushed up the average cost of car insurance in the UK. According to several reports and studies in recent weeks, car insurance costs are universally rising. Sky News reported last month that average premiums now come in at £697 per more »

Five Essential Car Tyre Gadgets

If you’ve been driving for any length of time, you’ve no doubt had your fair share of “car tyre incidents.” We, the team here at certainly have! As such, we’ve put together this list of handy car tyre gadgets that can help get you out of trouble if you experience a puncture, and keep more »

Petrol Price Disparity: Outrage in North Wales!

Here at more than aware of just how severe petrol price disparity can prove between different UK forecourts. Such disparity has recently come into sharp focus in North Wales, with a report in The Daily Post discussing a variance of nine pence per litre on the cost of diesel, and eight pence per litre on unleaded fuel. more »

The Five Best Car Pressure Washers

Car pressure washers are a great investment if you like to keep your car looking shiny and new. They allow you to do a “car wash quality” cleaning job wherever you are. In addition, it may just be the opinion of me, the writer of this roundup, but they’re rather fun to use too! In more »

Could Electric Cars One Day be Allowed to Use Bus Lanes?

Here at, we’ve been following with interest some recent news that indicates that electric cars may one day be permitted to use bus lanes. We are sure our readers will have some strong opinions on this prospect, which we look forward to reading in the comments section! According to a report in The Guardian, the possibility more »

Autumn Petrol Prices Go UP for the First Time in Six Years

What was known as the “Autumn Dip” is officially no more: For the first time in six years, September has seen an increase in autumn petrol prices in the UK! The price of fuel is set to increase by 5p in the next two weeks. This rise is a surprise, as statistics show that more »