Amazon to sell cars online in the UK

Rumour has it that e-commerce giant Amazon is going to start selling cars, with a trial set to take place in the UK before it is rolled out to other countries. Amazon has previously tested selling the Fiat 500 in Italy, and now it has manufacturers from Germany who are on board with the idea more »

ASDA fuel price cut – did other petrol retailers follow suit?

Supermarket giant ASDA cut the price of its fuel by 2 pence a litre last Thursday following the drop in wholesale prices, leaving other supermarkets to scramble to keep their prices competitive. The reduction will bring its price to a national cap of 111.7 pence per litre for unleaded. The cap will apply to all more »

Drivers breathe nine times more pollution than cyclists and pedestrians

The UK’s first National Clean Air Day was on 15 June 2017. It came with some dire warnings about problems with pollution on our roads and the dangers to motorists and their passengers, as well as to children and cyclists. According to research commissioned by the Global Action Plan (GAP) and the UK Health Alliance more »

The street lamp: how it’s charging an electric vehicle revolution

The electric vehicle (EV) is finding real traction both in the UK and across the globe. However, a serious issue remains – the limited number of EV charging points. Is it possible that the humble street lamp could hold the answer? The UK’s charging infrastructure is often citied as one of the biggest bottlenecks to more »

The new MOT: down-to-earth or downright dangerous?

The government is currently reviewing the results of its consultation on extending a new car’s need to have its first MOT from three years to four. For drivers’ wallets, it’s potentially good news, but many in the auto sector remain deeply concerned about the plan. Representing the biggest change to the MOT for 50 years, more »

Will car loans be the next mis-selling scandal?

The latest Financial Ombudsman’s Annual Report shows that car finance loans have become the third most complained about matter. Following payday loans and PPI, car finance complaints have increased by a staggering 64% in the last year, leading experts to admit that this could be the next mis-selling scandal. What are personal contract purchases? A more »

EU endorses plans to control road safety rules

The European Union has ambitious plans to take charge of road safety rules and make them uniform across the whole of Europe’s 28 countries. The rules cover speed limits, new technology and road safety measures, with the aim of protecting the most vulnerable road users (such as pedestrians and cyclists). They aim to halve road more »

Garage sells petrol “diluted with water,” forcing cars to break down

Earlier this week, several customers who filled their cars up with unleaded fuel at a BP garage on the East Lancashire Road in Liverpool claimed that their fuel tanks had been contaminated with water. All three drivers affected saw their cars break down less than a mile away from the forecourt. Not only did this impact more »

“Zombie drivers” most reliant on sat navs in London, says survey

A recent survey by black cab taxi app mytaxi has found that London drivers are more reliant on sat navs than drivers anywhere else in the UK. The survey estimates that London drivers waste on average 62 hours a year blindly following sat nav instructions into traffic jams and black-spots, with these “zombie drivers” further more »

Super unleaded cheaper than unleaded in parts of the UK

Historically, premium fuels such as super unleaded have kept a respectable distance of at least 5 pence a litre away from unleaded. In some cases, the difference has been as much as 15 pence per litre. Recent data from indicates that some supermarket brands are now bucking this trend and offering super unleaded at more »

Super-fast electricity: Charging your plug-in is about to get faster

The Ifbattery is set to revolutionise charging times for Electric Vehicles, meaning that owning one could actually be practical for all the demographics, not just the handful that want to do the right thing. Transportation for the masses is changing, Electric Vehicles (EV’s), Hybrids, BEV’s and PHEV’s are a serious part of many manufacturers plans more »

Cheaper fuel costs coming as Trump exits Paris Agreement

The cost of crude oil per barrel fell back below $50 the moment that Donald Trump announced that the USA would withdraw from the Paris accord on climate change. The move has prompted speculation that the US will ramp up both coal and shale oil production further, leading to higher carbon emissions and lower fuel more »

Apple iPhone gets ‘do not disturb while driving’ mode

In an important move designed to tackle driver distraction caused by mobile phone use while driving, Apple announced yesterday that their latest operating system for iOS11 will contain a new “do not disturb while driving” mode. The new measure, announced at the Apple Developer Conference yesterday, has already been hailed as one that will save more »

Police use dash-cam footage to prosecute drivers

As part of Operation Snap from October 2016 onwards, North Wales Police has been accepting dash cam, helmet cam and mobile phone footage from the public. Of the 100 clips submitted, 80 have led to driving convictions, in some cases leading to prison time for some drivers caught out by this new approach. It comes more »

2028: The year of reckoning for oil?

Plug-in cars make up less than 0.10% of all car sales globally, it’s a tiny fraction of the market that ‘Big Oil’ deems to be insignificant enough to be ignored, in fact, OPEC (Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) believes that by 2040, the Electric Vehicle market might just make up 1 percent of all more »