Fuel to cost more at peak times

Do you fill up on the way to work, during the school run or on bank holidays? If you do, then you’re likely to start paying an average of £1 more per fill up very soon. Artificial intelligence systems equipped with the ability to charge customers depending on location, demand and even the particular driver have more »

What does the future of motoring hold?

Massive changes are coming to the UK’s roads. The automotive industry, along with the public sector and education sector, has been dragging its heels in terms of making the most of advances in digital technology. Why? Well, there are several factors at play, but one of the main reasons is that the automotive industry has been more »

Drivers waste 10 days a year stuck in traffic

A comprehensive study of Britain’s most congested roads has found that motorists spend an average of ten days a year stuck in traffic. Researchers from the Admiral insurance company considered travel times for different routes into 13 major cities around the country. Each city was then ranked by the increase in journey time caused by traffic congestion. more »

Cycle lanes create congestion and stop ambulances

Last week our article about drivers receiving fines for making way for ambulances received the highest response we have ever had from an article (99,000 visits). We are delighted with the comments, which in our view are better than the story, so please keep them coming. Clearly the topic was one that gripped the attention more »

Election manifesto round-up – who’s promising what?

The UK general election is on 8 June 2017. All the main political parties have now released their manifesto pledges. We look at what they could mean for motorists in the UK over the next few years. Liberal Democrat manifesto The Lib Dems have made the ambitious pledge that, if elected, they would ban diesel car sales by more »

Drivers not reporting accidents to keep insurance costs down

A recent Gocompare.com survey highlighted the topic of “fronting.” This is where the parent of a young driver puts him/herself down as a named driver to reduce the insurance premium. Not only is this illegal, it also invalidates the policy. However, around 16% of respondents admitted having done it, with a further 38% stating that they would do more »

Hefty fines for drivers who move aside for emergency services

Most drivers don’t realise that they can incur fines for not moving out the way of emergency services vehicles. Many are also unaware that overzealous local authorities are ready and willing to fine them if they move out of the way and end up somewhere they shouldn’t. This week, GEM Motoring has launched its Blue Light Aware more »

Speed camera detectors – buyer’s guide

What is a speed camera detector and how does it work? A speed camera detector is a device that alerts you when you’re approaching a speed camera. The idea is that it gives you enough time to ensure you are not travelling over the speed limit, saving you the hassle of incurring fines and points on your more »

Lawlessness on UK roads spikes

Motorist charity RoadPeace suggests that the 28% decrease in traffic police over the last few years means that Britain’s unmonitored lesser roads are becoming increasingly lawless places to drive. With budget cuts affecting the number of officers that local authorities can assign to the roads, we are seeing physical units less and less often. Instead, local more »

The future of car buying has arrived!

  Buying a new or used car used to be about asking family and friends to recommend a trusted local car dealer or looking in the classifieds. The internet changed all that. Car buyers now face massively increased choice, accessibility and value for money. However, the internet has also increased consumers’ level of distrust in the car buying process more »

Labour pledges to scrap hospital car park charges

There was little to excite motorists in Labour’s 2017 election manifesto. The only notable inclusion was the party’s pledge to allow visitors to English hospitals to park their cars for free. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn claims the current charges should be abolished, as they are “a tax on serious illness” and an “unnecessary burden on families.” The pledge goes on to more »

Poll finds 80% want to drive faster, not slower on motorways

Last week the Government delivered its draft plan to tackle pollution. One of the key recommendations was cutting emissions by reducing the speed limit on UK motorways from the current 70 mph to 60 mph. When cars are travelling at faster speeds, they emit more harmful toxins. Thus by reducing speed limits, toxicity levels will fall. more »

April fuel price review: Supermarket price war reignites

  Many of us may be left with mixed feelings over the fuel prices we saw in April, which saw a slight decline in prices from March. However, the good news is that with wholesale prices falling it looks like drivers will get a sustained period of cheaper fuels this summer! Average prices in April more »

Regulators concern over car finance mis-selling

The car finance market is one of the fastest growing industries in the UK. Its current value is estimated to be around £40 billion. Some 86% of new vehicles are purchased through personal contract purchase (PCP). Now, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has announced it will begin investigations into what it classifies as “irresponsible” lenders. This will include assessing more »

Drivers to pay for Government’s air pollution mistakes

Thousands of people die every year due to air pollution. The European Commission is finally forcing the UK government to tackle the issue. As a first step, the UK must publish a strategy outlining how it will deal with the crisis. The strategy should have been published two years ago, but the government has dodged and delayed, more »

How could Brexit impact fuel prices?

We’re living in uncertain times. The Brexit process is likely to bring with it a range of surprises and impact on many areas of daily life. One of those areas is the cost of fuel. As such, we’ve taken a look at recent historical events to assess their impact on fuel prices, in order to try and more »

Is your mechanic overcharging you?

Few things can make your pulse quicken like being handed the bill for your car’s service. Why is it that it is always more than you’d initially accounted for? Now, a new study has revealed the cheapest and most expensive areas in the country to have your car serviced. According to the survey, the average price for labour in more »

Parking companies spend £12m on fining 4.7m drivers

Parking operators are spending up to £12m a year on the names and addresses of drivers they want to chase and fine for parking offences, ThisisMoney.co.uk reports. The driver data comes from the DVLA, which charges £2.50 per information application. Last year, parking companies bought 4.7m records from the DVLA, amounting to nearly £12 million in fees. Parking more »

Insurance premiums rising, yet claims fall year on year

New rules set by the Financial Conduct Authority, which came into effect last week, stipulate that car insurance firms must be more transparent. Firms are now obliged to reveal how much a renewed premium costs compared to the previous year’s renewal. In theory, by increasing pricing transparency, any price hikes should require valid justifications. However, some more »

Government MOT plan to make cars unsafe?

The government is proposing that newly purchased vehicles have their first MOT when they are four years old (rather than three, as per the current requirement). This information is from the SMMT. They report that the proposal has caused widespread concern from UK motorists who fear that it could lead to unsafe cars being allowed on the roads. The more »