Traffic Delays: Some Essential Precautions

The past weekend brought travel chaos and extensive traffic delays to South East England. Additional security checks and low staffing levels at the port of Dover resulted in some people being caught up in traffic jams for extraordinarily long periods. Some vehicles barely moved for up to 14 hours, and emergency services were deployed to more »

Are Drivers Abusing the New Road Tax System?

An interesting report from The RAC has called into question whether drivers may be abusing the UK’s recently introduced computerised road tax system. The motoring group’s research has revealed that vehicle tax revenue has dropped by nearly £100 Million per year since the government abolished paper tax discs in 2014. It’s not as if vehicles more »

Car Clocking is Back: Be Aware!

Car clocking, the practice of “winding back” a vehicle’s total mileage to increase its value and / or hide its true past, is back in the news. Reports have emerged of a Local Government Association study showing that reports of car clocking increased by 10% last year. A related This is Money article suggests that there may more »

No Compensation for British VW Diesel Drivers

The VW diesel emissions scandal may not be hitting the headlines so much nowadays, but it still rumbles on, with the aftermath costing Volkswagen something in the region of £12 Billion. For those unaware of what happened, it emerged in September 2015 that VW had used “defeat software” to cheat tests and provide unrealistic data more »

Oil Price Falling: Could We See $40 per Barrel?

Despite a slight recovery at the time of writing, we’ve seen the oil price falling over the past couple of days. It’s currently standing at around $46 per barrel, after dropping to its lowest level in two months during the course of yesterday. It seems that the key reason for the oil price falling is renewed more »

Fuel Prices Rise – But Not as much as Feared

Unsurprisingly, we saw fuel prices rise last month, in the wake of Britain’s vote to leave the EU. It’s the fourth month in a row we’ve seen fuel price increases, according to various news sources including This is Money. As we mention frequently, average fuel price figures vary a little from source to source depending on the detail more »

Smoking in Cars: Police Turning a Blind Eye?

Last October, a new UK law was introduced regarding smoking in cars. Designed to protect the health of children, the law made it illegal for people to smoke in cars with passengers under 18 present. However, it’s come to light that in the nine months since the law was introduced, nobody has been issued with a fine more »

Driving Abroad: Strange Signs and Quixotic Quirks!

Driving abroad can prove enjoyable and baffling in equal measure. Countries have all kinds of motoring quirks, and it’s amazing how much can differ – even just between the UK and our European neighbours. Here’s an example, and one that proved costly for my wife and I: We were driving to Portugal from Seville and more »

Brexit Motoring: What Could Change?

Now we all know that the nation has voted to leave the EU, our thoughts turn to what the implications could be for “Brexit motoring.” As per our last news item, petrol and diesel prices are widely expected to rise, at least in the short term – something people are already beginning to see (although more »

Petrol Prices and Brexit: What to Expect

Whether you stayed up all night to watch the results come in, or you saw the news this morning, you’ll no doubt know by now that Brexit is happening. The referendum resulted in a narrow but clear victory for the “Leave” campaign, and as a result Britain is now taking its first steps towards leaving more »