Duty rise set to bring fuel tax to 71% in 2 weeks
News entry dated 18th Mar 2009

In just 2 weeks fuel duty will rise again, bringing the total tax paid at the pumps to 71 pence in every pound – despite Prime Minister Gordon Brown promising not to raise fuel duty.

Watch Brown pledge to freeze fuel duty. (1.40m – 2.02m)

Fuel duty is set to rise by roughly 2 pence per litre on April 1st meaning that 66 pence of the average litre of fuel goes directly to the Treasury.

Fuel tax goes into a central government tax pot. It’s not necessarily allocated back out to motoring, so fuel tax can be spent on anything – the NHS, housing, pensions or even banking bailouts.

At the height of soaring pump prices Brown made a promise during Prime Minister’s Questions on July 16th 2008 not to raise fuel duty for a year.

He stated: “In recognition of the problem people face with petrol, we are freezing duty on petrol for the full year.”

Brown broke this promise in December 2008 when he added 2 pence per litre to fuel duty to offset the reduction of VAT to 15% – a move which angered UK hauliers who are able to claim fuel VAT back, but not fuel duty.

He is set to break the promise for a second time on April 1st when fuel duty on unleaded and diesel will rise 1.84 pence per litre. Including the additional 15% VAT on top this will make the rise at the pumps around 2 pence per litre.

The Treasury have said that the only time further changes to fuel duty can take place are at the next Budget – which has been postponed from March until April 22nd, after the duty rise comes in.

Do you think the Budget has been postponed to push through a duty rise unchallenged? Do you think it’s fair that 71% of the cost of a litre of fuel goes directly to the Treasury? Should Brown be held to account for breaking his promise not to raise fuel duty? Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts.

william kerr February 20, 2013

Time this government was brought down.

Carol Macdonald April 19, 2011

I went to get petrol today and it was up 2p again I THOUGHT CAMERON SAID HE WAS GOING TO WATCH THE PUMPS i think it is disgraceful to lie to the people . when is it going to stop going up people has to live on less money and high prices anybody can see that it is wrong

Graham Brown March 5, 2011

when is the greedy oil company's and our dodgy goverment going to start cutting
the price of fuel that is all gas elecrtric petrol and diesel they are ruining the lives
of thousands of people with there greed. Mr unelected Cameron does not care
about any one but him self they have got the cheek to but there noses in to other country's but cannot look after his own when the next election comes half the people will be living in poverty just what the goverment want's.

Tim Wilkes January 28, 2011

Interesting to read all these people complaining in 2009 about how terrible the then government was, increasing fuel tax yet again - load of wasters - time they were thrown out...

...and they have been...

....and the new government...

...is increasing fuel tax some more!

John Wallace January 26, 2011

Please can someone tell me if the 20% VAT charged on fuel includes the duty or is it only charged on the price before duty is added and what at this moment in time is the total percentage of duty and tax on fuel. Do these rates differ between petrol and diesel and if so, why?? Thanks.

John Wallace January 26, 2011

Perhaps thats why diesel costs so much more than petrol. 6p per litre in some garages. Gordon Brown only said he would not increase tax on petrol for a year. He did not mention diesel. Remember he was the one who wanted to encourage people to buy diesel cars in the first place which is why the duty on deisel was less than petrol.

Robert Lewis Mudd January 9, 2011

It's ok for the government to say the present system encourages the public to buy more economical cars, but who can afford to? certainly not most of the drivers as their spending power is getting lower as fuel prices and taxes are increasing all the time which pushes the cost of living up meaning they have to hold on to their car longer which uses more fuel and more to tax which puts them further and further away from being able to replace thier fuel guzzling jallopy with a newer more economical one. Also, what are they doing to control public transport costs, obviously nothing when railfares keep going up well above inflation. What they are really trying to do is get less cars on the road by putting motoring out of the reach of most people so they can get to their golfing clubs or wherever.

Eddy Dar December 15, 2010

Why are fuel prices going up & up when the barrel rate is low.

King Fahad of Saudia put the cost of fuel down in Saudia Arabia. The british government is ripping us of along with the petrol retailers.

They couldnt care less about us along as they're Okay.

What can we the british public do about it????? Nothing at all, hence the reason why we are in this mess.

Write to your MP's (sometimes Opposition MP's are better) and get them on side to fight and raise the disgusting stealth way of hitting ther recession beaten publie with another tax hike...

Louise Stevens May 29, 2010

No one is relied on in the government. No matter it being a coalition one now. With Conservatives/Liberal democrats together Petrol prices are never going to be changed by the way it feels like today. Every time who ever wins the election, petrol prices apear to go up all the time and never come down to a more fairer stable affordable balance for every one to afford.

This is where I would never believe in what any party plans to do as they apear to break that promise and be unkind to the community.

D Eaton May 2, 2010

Democracy Ended where the Tax Laws begin
What other country charges its citizens with a 71% tax
even millionaires do not pay this rate

Simon Jones April 12, 2010

it doesn`t matter in who get we get in power they are all helmets they promise us things but never get around to doing it when petrol goes up so does everything goes up we always get shafted.haha this county is a joke

Mr Anderson April 9, 2010

It would be nice to see an article on how fuel tax in the UK compares to that of other countries in Europe/World who have their own oil production. How bad are we really off?

Also, it may not be a good idea to use the measuring stick of a % of the retail price - even though we are paying more tax you will find the % has gone down. Take a look '97 and '98 on this chart: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/in_depth/world/2000/world_fuel_crisis/933648.stm

Geoffrey Wild April 1, 2010

yes its time to stop the rape and political UK, would expect the taxpayer are being financially burdened by the governmet. they are again taking under false pretences money from out own pocket to pay for the mistakes that they themselves agreed to resolve (ie the banking mess )we need to start to react to these situations and rebel, or politically and diplomatically stop it, we the british people have only so much money in our pockets and this government is determined to get all of it, we a re the highest taxpayers in europe and we know it and we should be getting better value for the pounds we do contribute to the tax system. the politicians who are in power or considering to be in power should be looking for the betterment of the people of this country and not for the betterment of others (ie refugees and aid to other countries not connected ) or even the filling of their own pockets.

Liam Hill March 28, 2010

If the fuel price's keep on rising i will simply declare my car sorn so that the government not only lose out on the money i would use for petrol but also the £200 i pay per year to tax the car!

I will get a bike rather then give this government anymore money, When from what i can see they do nothing noticeable with it, The road's are a state and we are getting mug for using them!

Sajid Patel March 24, 2010

The government should decrease the fuel coast rather then increasing the fuel coast, as affects this affects the coast of Living, this increases coast for food and everything else.

UK still has not fully recovered from RECESSION there are thousands of many people without jobs, government just says big WORDS but about coming out of recession.

The fuel coast in UK is expensive then the 3rd world countries. People in UK need to unit and appose against the government for increasing the coast of Living.

Government people are on 6 figure salary and the increase in fuel coast is nothing to them, as all the coast is paid by the tax payers.

John Jones March 23, 2010

Hi All

To be honest I havent got a clue when it comes to tax and vat, Although I noticed a section in the Daily mail highlighting that we are currently being taxed 56p per litre with an addition of vat 17.61p. Now Vat is on everything we buy so why do we have Value added tax then an additional tax of over 50% on fuel. A few years ago the whole country was in uproar when fuel hit 80p a litre and mass fuel protests were made.

Now were paying an average of £1.17 a litre and everyone just sits back and pays it.

Action is needed

Paul Wheeler March 19, 2010

we need to start the fuel protesting again now ,and then hope the new government takes note for when their in power.people need to wake up and stick together a bit like france take no s**t.to much of our tax money as been wasted for fare to long the country is finished .All this country use to own as been sold off.The government cant add up so cant all the bankings.Im telling my children to use this country to get their degrees and get out of here

John Naisbitt March 17, 2010

Dont forget to add VAT on top of that price.
Legalised theft.

Laura Randelli March 16, 2010

Fuel duty and vat are not stealth taxes as some have asserted, they are very visible and even transparent, we can't fail to see them!
As I see it we have the welfare state to thank for high taxes, the more people that claim benefits the higher taxes will be, the government of the day have to get the money from somewhere and the motorist is always the milch cow.
What I think is needed is a fuel strike, and no, I don't advocate blockading depots, what I think would be far more effective would be to simply not buy any petrol for ONE week. I accept that there will be lots of you who will say 'I need my car' well of course you do, we alll do. But, we CAN do without them for ONE week, walk to work, cycle, car share or take a weeks leave. If we all take action the loss to the treasury and crucially the oil companies would be immense. However, I know that support for such an idea will be poor and that soon we will be paying £1.50 per litre and then £2.00 and so on...

Was Great Britain March 16, 2010