Supermarket fuel price war reignited

Supermarket fuel price war reignited

For the last several weeks, fuel prices have been at their highest levels since December 2014, following several months of consecutive price increases. These increases have been caused by a perfect storm of rising oil prices and the Pound’s falling value against the Dollar following the referendum to leave the European Union last year. The average more »

Supermarkets no longer safest bet for cheapest fuel

For several years now, UK drivers have been broadly able to count on supermarkets to provide them with significant price savings on fuel. A succession of price wars, often linked to vouchers and loyalty schemes, have often (but not always) seen supermarkets offer fuel at the lowest prices around. However, in a surprising development, it more »

Petrol Prices Rise to a Two Year High

Despite hopes to the contrary, UK petrol and diesel prices are sitting stubbornly at a two-year high. As we reached the end of January, average UK prices for unleaded crept up to 120 pence per litre. At the time of writing, they’ve risen slightly further to 120.11 pence, based on our latest figures. Unleaded stood more »

Member Announcement: Hotmail, Outlook and Live Mail

On January 16th 2017, changed email service provider. During the migration process, Microsoft experienced an increase in complaints beyond our control, which now means that emails sent from PetrolPrices appear in the Junk folder for Hotmail, Outlook and Live account users. We are working hard with Microsoft and partners to resolve the issue as more »

Cheaper Fuel Likely – But at Environmental Cost

With so much happening so fast in the world of politics, it’s sometimes difficult to look at everything in totality and assess what kind of impact events will have on the price of fuel in the UK. That said, a few things are stacking up this week that suggest that cheaper fuel could be around more »

Petrol Prices Rise as we Enter 2017

As 2017 gets underway, it’s slightly depressing to have to report that UK drivers are now paying more for a litre of fuel than they have for the past two years. At the time of writing, the average price of a litre of unleaded stands at 117.7 pence per litre, with diesel at 120.3 pence per more »

What can we Expect from Christmas Fuel Prices?

We don’t like being the bearers of bad news here at, but it now seems all but certain that we’ll see significant rises in the cost of petrol and diesel between now and Christmas. According to our figures, average prices have already begun to edge up. As we discussed last week, the OPEC nations more »

Will Petrol Prices “Rocket” by Christmas?

The last few weeks have been rather depressing for those who keep a close eye on petrol prices. After four months of price increases, the tail-end of November saw daily averages begin to fall, helped primarily by a supermarket price war – but it seems as if those reductions may only be temporary. (It’s also more »

Petrol Price War: Is £1 per Litre Fuel on the Way?

The UK supermarket petrol price war has stepped up a gear this week. As reported in The Guardian (and numerous other news outlets), Morrisons has launched a new deal that allows drivers to pay 99.9 pence per litre for unleaded, and just slightly more for diesel. The deal started on Monday and will continue until 3rd December. The more »

Has Trump’s Victory caused Petrol Prices to Drop?

Unless you’ve been hiding out in a cave, you’ll no doubt know that Donald Trump is now President-Elect of the USA. Meanwhile, according to multiple reports including this one in The Telegraph, UK petrol prices are finally starting to fall, thanks to a new supermarket petrol price war. Is there any connection between these two events? more »

Petrol Price Disparity: Outrage in North Wales!

Here at more than aware of just how severe petrol price disparity can prove between different UK forecourts. Such disparity has recently come into sharp focus in North Wales, with a report in The Daily Post discussing a variance of nine pence per litre on the cost of diesel, and eight pence per litre on unleaded fuel. more »

Autumn Petrol Prices Go UP for the First Time in Six Years

What was known as the “Autumn Dip” is officially no more: For the first time in six years, September has seen an increase in autumn petrol prices in the UK! The price of fuel is set to increase by 5p in the next two weeks. This rise is a surprise, as statistics show that more »

Earn Fuel Cards with an Exciting New Feature

We’re delighted to announce the launch of TOOLS – a new feature from that enables you to earn prepaid fuel cards. You can earn cards worth up to £50 when you buy motoring-related products and services via our new TOOLS service. If a member bought from every channel currently live, on average they could more »