Motorists waste 32 hours a year sitting in traffic

Motorists waste 32 hours a year sitting in traffic

New research by traffic information company Inrix (reported by The Telegraph) has revealed that The UK is the third worst country in Europe for traffic congestion, with motorists spending an average of 32 hours a year sitting in traffic. The only countries in Europe which have worse congestion problems are Russia and Turkey. Over 1000 cities were analysed to find more »

London Mayor Calls for Diesel Scrappage Scheme

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has suggested that the UK government introduce a diesel scrappage scheme in a bid to encourage drivers to give up polluting diesel vehicles for more environmentally-friendly alternatives. It’s a possible move that’s been being discussed for some time, since it became clear that the UK was falling well short of meeting more »

Drivers Waste DAYS Looking for Parking

British drivers know that the nation’s roads are crowded – and that parking is at a serious premium in most towns and cities. However, a report in The Mirror has highlighted just how bad the problem is. It’s based on a study from the British Parking Association, that suggests UK drivers can spend as many as 91 hours more »

Police Clampdown on Mobile Phones at the Wheel

Many people think the distraction of using a mobile phone whilst driving creates as much risk as a motorist being over the drink drive limit. In addition, Prime Minister Theresa May has stated she wishes to make mobile phone use by drivers as “culturally unacceptable” as drinking and driving. Despite this, a third of drivers more »

Will YOU Give up Your Car by 2025?

A fascinating new survey, reported on by The Guardian, suggests that 50% of UK car owners will choose not to own their own vehicle by 2025, preferring instead to use self-driving cars and “robot taxis.” Much as this may sound like the stuff of science fiction, it’s fair to point out that these technologies already exist and are more »

Learner Drivers: Coming Soon to a Motorway Near You?

It’s always been a rather strange anomaly that learner drivers in Britain are not allowed to drive on motorways as part of their driving instruction. However, as soon as a new driver has passed their test, they are free to immediately drive on faster and more hectic roads than they are likely to have experienced more »

Driving Home for Christmas?

“Driving home for Christmas” can sound quite appealing when you hear the seasonal song from the comfort of your own home. However, “top to toe in tailbacks” is the more likely reality for those of you who have to actually do it at the same time as everyone else. Christmas travel delays are as much more »

Britain’s Roads: The Most Jammed in Europe

If you’ve sat in a traffic jam recently on Britain’s roads, you’re not alone. It will come as no surprise to anyone who regularly drives in the UK that our roads are very busy, but the proof is now in that they’re actually the most congested in the whole of the EU. The proof comes more »

Car Insurance Costs Rise Due to New Scams

A perfect storm of tax increases, higher vehicle repair costs and a proliferation of scams has significantly pushed up the average cost of car insurance in the UK. According to several reports and studies in recent weeks, car insurance costs are universally rising. Sky News reported last month that average premiums now come in at £697 per more »

Five Essential Car Tyre Gadgets

If you’ve been driving for any length of time, you’ve no doubt had your fair share of “car tyre incidents.” We, the team here at certainly have! As such, we’ve put together this list of handy car tyre gadgets that can help get you out of trouble if you experience a puncture, and keep more »

Could Electric Cars One Day be Allowed to Use Bus Lanes?

Here at, we’ve been following with interest some recent news that indicates that electric cars may one day be permitted to use bus lanes. We are sure our readers will have some strong opinions on this prospect, which we look forward to reading in the comments section! According to a report in The Guardian, the possibility more »

The Top 5 In Car DVD and TV Systems

An in car DVD or TV system may feel like a luxurious purchase, but such systems are actually surprisingly affordable. Furthermore, if you often travel with children or grandchildren (or restless adults!) these items can make long journeys far less stressful than they might be otherwise! It’s worth noting that live in car TV isn’t more »

Hit and Run? Thousands of Parked Cars Damaged

A recent survey has revealed that over 71% of drivers have had their cars damaged whilst parked. In the vast majority of cases, these were “hit and run” incidents, with the perpetrators driving away instead of confessing to their mistake. Our survey was answered by over 8000 motorists, with 71.4% saying that their vehicle more »