Petrol hits an all time high of £1.20 next stop £1.50?
News entry dated 08th Apr 2010

In July 2008 we saw petrol hit a massive 119.7p. Back then, one British Pound would buy you two US Dollars. Today we expect the average price of one litre of Unleaded to have hit £1.20 (if you round it to two decimal places it’s actually already happened but to be precise it was 119.96p yesterday) and today’s figures will be available tomorrow around 12pm.

During the financial crisis the UK has fared a lot worse with our currency weakening so much that today you can only get one and a half US dollars for every pound.

This more than any other factor has caused higher pump prices over the past few years. We have seen fuel duty rises too but the impact of the exchange rate has been the single largest cause of rising pump prices lately.

The second biggest culprit is oil prices and things are looking set to get worse with them starting to rise again and with Brent Crude at around $86 a barrel an 18 month high.

Because the exchange rate is so important, the biggest threat to the price we pay at the pumps in the short term is actually what the financial markets make of the election. If they are worried about a hung parliament or the plans to reduce the deficit then the UK could have its credit rating downgraded.

Were this to happen and the UK to lose its coveted AAA credit rating, then the money we are borrowing as a country will be seen as higher risk and the value of the pound in our pockets could plummet to new lows.

With the price of oil on the rise as well we could even see the prices at the pumps hitting a massive £1.50 this summer!

So we wanted to ask our members how is this affecting your lives? Does it feel worse now compared to July 2008? Are you driving less? Are you getting used to higher prices? Have you lost your job because of rising prices? Please tell us your experiences below.

Krystyna Boswell September 6, 2016

Definitely driving less, and I guess that goes for many people. I recall back in the 80s and 90s I drove frequently for pleasure - hopped in the car for a scenic drive without even thinking about it. Now every mile counts, so all trips are 'of necessity' only. It's so short sighted - if the government stepped in and brought prices down more people would drive for pleasure, there'd be more visits to various attractions and thus more money spent and going into the economy,. Austerity in all its forms only punishes the poorer citizens, takes away all the pleasure of trips and treats, and stops money going back into the economy. I'm no mathmetician but even I can see that!

T. Bergin February 25, 2013

During parliamentary question some time ago, it was said by the government that, "They would scrap the extra fuel duty on all fuels at the garages". It seems to me, that they have gone back on their word again. How can we the public keep on putting up with this greed in tax. It seems to me that they will do anything to keep us off the road. Businesses and all people from all walks of life will continue to suffer. Enough is enough,it's about time the whole country came to a standstill and boycotted fuel for one week. This would sort the problem out and make the government realise they cannot keep on asking for more money. It is unfair to everyone to expect us to pay such high prices at the pumps.

Stephan Jones April 27, 2011

This is realy affecting my work as i have to use car for carting tools around and i have tried passing the cost of fuel on but it affects the price that I quote and im now loosing work. so what do i do turn work down and end up on the dole ? so what happend to the fuel stabiliser that was in the last buget since the buget Ive seen fuel prices going up and up. bye about 10 /20 pence I did vote for the new coverment but im now thinking that I did not signup for me not to be able to feed my fammerly

Andrew April 24, 2011

We need to protest on the 5th May outside the POLLING stations for the local elections and the av referendum let the politicians see we are sick of the taxes we have to put up with. If we protest at the polling stations it would get some tv coverage at local and national levels so come on lets get together and arrange this asap !!! Don't forget if we o or say nothing Diesel will be £2.00 a litre by Christmas and Petrolclose behind at £1.90 a litre.

John Axon April 12, 2011

If fuel keeps rising it will hit everyone but mainly the people on low wages and those who earn £30k and below. As Goverments try to justify the banks greed by bailing them out, and cutting jobs the oil producing countries can charge the West whatever it wants.
It's time we looked into alternative fuels and to reduce our dependancy on these countries. I know people will say that those in debt should have been more careful, but when the banks are dangling large loans at competive prices at people they will take it.
These fuel rises are compounding debt to this part of society. Food and raw materials will rise with the continue fuel price increases, and in the near future it will be the rich and lottery millionaires who will be able to drive a car. So how will we get to work as bus and train prices soar?

Anthony Marsh April 5, 2011

The way the price of petrol is going up, soon the only people able to run a car will be Bankers, Company Directors and High ranking government officials.

Callum Williams March 11, 2011

petrol here with us is now £1.55 bloody day light robbery

David Chapman March 7, 2011

everyone should join and fight back using their brain

Degsie March 6, 2011

I hope it goes up to £3.00 a litre so that the poor are forced off the road - then I can enjoy my motoring more. The roads are all clogged up with cheap cars full of awful people.

    DonLyn March 20, 2012

    Everyone has the right to drive. I am a poor person with a cheap car, however I would never post an offensive comment on the Internet. That is what awful people do !

Daz March 3, 2011

The people of Britain have been beaten down. We are out cold. For some reason the press are not jumping onto the fact that is on everyone’s mind Whenever you go to or go past a petrol stations you think....


They are mentioning it, but not putting the extra effort of going all the way with it. We all know they can, so why not. Probably get slapped with a terrorist charge injunction.

These prices are milking us dry. I have four children, which in my mind, blows public transport out of the scenario for travel.
For some reason the newspapers don't seem to be getting everyone worked up about what all adult members of the driving public think.


..(that seems to be run by a bunch of greedy little children).... which will actually do any good. WHO. In this day and age who would have thought it possible. Britain used to lead the world in politics, trade, influence.... now we are like a rotten apple being eaten from within.

The old line ....well, if you knew the half of it..... if we did, we could probably get the lot of them sacked or in prison.

Please....someone in this country just figure it out and make the difference...
Long live GREAT Britain & HMtQ..

Miles Brown March 2, 2011

sterling hit a year high against the dollar today, but this has had no effect, petrol prices are still rising at the pumps.

John Mcgregor February 8, 2011

FUEL PROTESTS we must start the blockades immediately the motorist must make a stand lets get organized QUICKLY.

Jim February 6, 2011

After reading some comments on here it would seem that Tory voters (middle class and upward people) blame the economy on the poor people by telling them to give back their benefits and get a job, FFS you fools listened to ALL THEIR LIES and fell for them hook line and sinker, you thought here we go the Tories will as usual punish the poor and us middle class will be better off ! HA-HA-HA now you know how it feels to be victimised by the Tories !
As for fuel prices, the above poster has got it in a nutshell


Jaima February 6, 2011

Its time to get off our arses and protest on the roads, block the depots etc.
The economy is not to blame for the price rises ! the "wealthy" government mps and their supporters are to blame !
ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS ! All is fine and dandy putting your thoughts on the net, it get us all nowhere ! CALL FOR THE PEOPLE TO PROTEST NOW !!! or very soon most people will not be able to afford to drive a vehicle, that includes all hauliers


Graham January 28, 2011

At the end of the day Dave, these sh1ty politicians are on good salaries so don't give a [email protected] what the average person thinks or has to cope with.

I for one have lost hope in UK democracy, it needs to be fairer taxing the highest paid more and laying off average folk struggling to simply get by.

It just isn’t cricket to put tax on top of tax, and continue to put it up.

I know it's all a balancing act but the way fuel is going it is no wonder that the cost of living is going up, everything depends on fuel.

Something needs to be done, block the roads, and block the depots, anything for a bit of fairness...

Vic January 23, 2011

10374 Steve

My God, your head is so far your ar$e you must have to open your mouth to see where you're going! Party political bias or what! So everything was great under Labour and they were doing a great job were they?

I was in Stoke-on-Trent last week - the traffic was unbelievable - cars and queues everywhere! Not much sign of people being "priced off the roads" in that "deprived area", or are you telling me the drivers were all Tory millionaires?!

Do me a favour - give back the £40 the rest of have given you and do some work - there's plenty out there for those that want it.

Dave Forbes January 23, 2011

There is no point in rushing about now , I now sit at lorry speeds (56mph) on motorways in my 1.4 diesel , it really is amazing how you can get further without great speed. The difference between 56mph and 80mph on the 'fuel needle' is truelly amazing and , if we all had more patience , we could all travel further , but this is simply NOT going to happen. The tax-take on petrol and diesel is disgusting , £1.32 per litre (23/01/11) and 80p tax and VAT. Why do I not believe the Tories when they say "We're all in it together" , aye , we're all in the doo-doo together.

Steve Jones January 20, 2011

I see that the fair fuel stabiliser is still being shyed away from by this ignorant Tory Government, whose Transport Secretary is a millionaire and can obviously afford high fuel prices. He may make a concession for rural drivers and possibly one for hauliers - thats not really "We're all in this together" is it? more "Tough but UNfair" on the average Joe Public who still has to pay top dollar - when more and more jobs seem to be only offering £5.93 an hour.
My poor old Rover 45 is now a nice ornament parked outside my house as my monthly allowance of £40 from my Jobseekers Allowance for fuel doesnt exactly buy me very much fuel any more. So much for commuting to find work, when a 30 mile drive to a job paying the minimum wage will take 2 hours work to pay for. Living in a deprived area (Stoke on Trent) with high unemployment, £1.25 a litre and stupidly high public transport fares is not really much incentive to travel to get a job is it? Lunacy. Nice one you Tories! You really wont be happy till the Poor (Labour Voters BTW) are priced off the roads and out of work.

Kevin Wickens January 14, 2011

interesting ive just found this website! first hundred pages alll the same dates then a few then very little.hhmm sounds like the british public in action!

Tom January 4, 2011

The government are scam artists and we are fools thinking we cannot do anything about it. Everyone thinks they cannot do anything and no one will listen therefore we become nothing.

This will only stop once the people in this country get there fingers out and come to a point of realisation which is:
1). The political show running in the UK is a show.
2). We can do something if we come together as a country
3). Within this show we are the puppets
4). Each year we will be introduced to more and more until we finally say no!
5). The more we accept the more we will get
6). The more fear they build in us the more advantage they can take.
7). The people in this country can become more powerful and have more of a say, if they stop saying what can we do anyway?

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