Save even more on fuel on National Lift Share Day
News entry dated 01st Jun 2009

Unleaded is back at £1 a litre again for the first time since last October, and fuel tax will be going up again in September too. But thanks to liftshare there is another way of getting around by car for much less.

Car-sharing is a great way to save hundreds of pounds a year, reduce your impact on the environment, and perhaps even make some new friends. Over 330,000 people have already joined the liftshare network and thousands of new members are signing up every month, so the odds are that you will be able to find at least one person to give it a try with.

Tuesday 9 June is National Lift Share Day – an opportunity to give car-sharing a try, as many already have.

liftshare is free – you just need to register, add your journey details and do a search for others travelling the same way. You can then either offer them a lift in exchange for a contribution to the fuel costs, or take turns driving and leave your car at home several days a week.

They also have a great Tetris-esque game to play – warning, it’s addictive!

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