Save £2.00 when you fill up your tank, today only!
News entry dated 31st Dec 2010

Garages across the UK are set to hike the price of filling up a tank of fuel, already at record highs, by a further £2.00 per tank tomorrow.

These New Year price rises as a result of the hike in VAT from 17.5% to 20% combined with a planned duty rise will see an extra 4p being added to prices per litre to motor fuel.

Petrol and Diesel drivers will both be affected by the moves.

Not only have we seen this massive one off hike in the tax on fuel but it has hit us all at a time when the price of oil has been on the rise too. Oil now seems to have settled above 90 USD per barrel compared to highs of 80 USD through most of 2010.

As a member as long as you are using our daily emails or our iPhone App you should be used to saving £2 per fill up anyway but we wanted to give you a heads up so that you can save on this planned rise.

Please tell us how this is affecting you. Have you had to change your driving habits? Are you expecting 2011 to be worse than 2010 for running your car? Do you think we should use the tax from fuel to help better prepare our roads for snow?

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