Fuel to cost more at peak times

Car Tech: Traffic Lights to “Talk” to Cars?

Are you one of those people who puts your foot down as you approach the traffic lights in an attempt to screech through just before amber turns to red? Or are you one of the cautious ones who begins to slow down in anticipation of “go” turning to “stop?” Audi drivers in the USA will more »

Car WiFi: How to Stay Connected

If we’d talked about car WiFi a decade ago, it would have sounded like the stuff of science fiction. However, it helps to keep in mind the fact that ten years ago nobody had yet laid eyes on an iPhone or iPad! The world is very different now; These devices are ubiquitous. For many, they’ve more »

Self Drive Cars Move a Step Closer

If you’re still one of those people who thinks of self drive cars as the stuff of science fiction, it’s time to get used to the reality. Volvo has announced one of the largest UK trials of such vehicles, which will include families being transported in “autonomous” cars on public roads in London as soon more »

Driverless Cars on their Way to UK Roads

Driverless cars could soon be seen on a street near you, with the announcement that the government has injected £20 Million into eight separate research and development programmes. This doesn’t mean that it’s likely you’ll look out of the window and see a bunch of cars without drivers in the coming weeks. The initial priority is more »

Driving Apps: A Smartphone Telematics Group Test

Driving apps for smartphones are becoming increasingly popular nowadays, and are a great way to see how your driving standards measure up. They can save you some serious money too, as you’ll find out if you read on. How do driving apps work? The technical term for the technology behind these apps is telematics. Essentially, more »

“Electronic” Car Theft on the Rise

Unless you drive a particularly old vehicle, the chances are you unlock your car using an electronic remote. Often these devices have additional functionality, such as disabling an immobiliser when the remote is near enough to the vehicle. Unfortunately, it seems criminals are evolving their methods of stealing cars and making use of the shortcomings of more »

Is Apple About to Announce an iCar?

Rumours have now been rife for years that Apple, a company best known for its iPhones and Macs, may one day launch an Apple-branded car. The rumours have now stepped up a gear, according to a report in The Telegraph, as the result of an ambiguous statement made at a conference by Chief Executive Tim Cook. Cook more »

“Hoverboards” Banned on UK Roads

“Self-balancing scooters,” are something of a craze at the moment, and often referred to as the closest (affordable) thing to the “hoverboards” that the Back to the Future movies led us to falsely hope would be commonplace by this point in time! Unfortunately, as of yesterday, these scooters have joined Segways in being banned on the UK’s roads. more »

Are Electric Cars Finally Going to Hit the Mainstream?

Electric cars haven’t exactly got off to the flying start that many people predicted. US President Barack Obama once said he expected to see as many as a million electric cars on US roads by this year. If fact, only just over a quarter of this figure was reached, with 280,000 sold in America by more »

Hyundai Launch the UK’s First “Mainstream” Hydrogen Car

With petrol prices beginning to climb once more, it’s fair to assume that attention may once again turn back to alternative vehicles, such as electric cards and hybrids. Now, another green option has hit the market, in the form of the new Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell edition, a car powered by hydrogen fuel cells, as reported more »

Cheaper Fuel is Not Helping Electric Car Sales

The move towards more eco-friendly motoring seems to be taking one step forward and two steps back, based on a report earlier this week on Daily Caller. Some enlightening figures have come out of research performed in the USA, which shows that nearly a quarter of people who have traded in hybrids and electric cars more »

Six Million Electric Cars within Fifteen Years?

A large study, conducted by Cambridge Econometrics, has produced some impressive figures related to the adoption of electric cars in the UK. The study, reported on by Green Car Reports, includes some headline-grabbing statistics. Apparently it’s possible to reduce UK fuel imports by as much as 40% by 2030, save drivers an average of around £1000 per year, more »

Could Cleaner Air be Coming to a Petrol Station Forecourt Near You?

It may sound like something out of a science fiction novel, but the air you breathe at your local petrol station could soon be cleaner and safer, thanks to a new invention from The University of Sheffield named the “pollution busting flag.” The invention works by erecting flags that incorporate a “pioneering catalytic solution” that removes more »

Ford’s New App Hints at the Future of Motoring

There’s a mobile app for pretty much everything nowadays, but truly great “car apps” are surprisingly thin on the ground. That looks set to change with the launch of a really sophisticated app from Ford, called MyFord Mobile. The app was just unveiled at a Barcelona tech event and will be initially available for Ford’s electric more »

Mobile Phone Payments: Coming Soon to a Petrol Station Near You!

If you have a Shell petrol station near you, the chances are you will have a whole new fuel payment option available to you later this year. Based on a report in The Telegraph, the new system will use the PayPal payment app, and will be first rolled out to members of Shell’s “Driver’s Club” scheme from more »