The big 4 in a petrol price war
News entry dated 05th Jul 2011

The four leading UK supermarkets: Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys and Morrisons have all recently slashed their fuel prices by around 3p per litre in response to the recent 10% drop in crude oil prices. This drop came after the International Energy Agency decided to release 60 million barrels of crude oil from the emergency reserves.

As well as the 3p drop in fuel prices, Sainsburys also offered an extra 10p off a litre of fuel if you spent £60 or more in any of their many stores; this deal was available from the 29.06.11 to 03.07.11. Although this deal has now expired, Tesco has hit back with its own mega-savings fuel promotion.

Tesco is offering up to 15p off per litre of fuel if you spend over £50 in store and also buy Princes Tuna Chunks and a 30 pack Coca Cola.

For each product you buy you will receive a 5p off per litre voucher. If you buy both products and spend £50 in store, you will get three 5p off vouchers; you can use up to three vouchers each time you fill up.

For more information on this promotion you can visit the Tesco website.

Obviously, the additional vouchers available from purchasing the Tuna and/or Coke would only be worth it if you actually wanted the products in question. Tuna is currently on offer at £4 per can but the coke is £10 for the 30 pack so it might be worth just going for 10p off each litre if you’re not a dedicated coke drinker.

Paul Jackson November 14, 2013

Can somebody PLEASE TELL ME WHERE I can find a .7p or a .9p coin so i can pay for my FUEL properly, or at least tell me what on earth they represent as when you pay for your Fuel it alway's goes to £1.38 instead of £1.37.7

derek barclay August 30, 2013

it is sad that the government in this country rips us of with a tax on fuel, but it is rare to come down ,why is fuel cheaper in france.

Terry Goymer March 18, 2013

If EVERYONE were to boycott BP and Shell, the 2 x companies would apply pressure to the Govt to drop fuel duty as they won't be making any money on fuel. It's no good boycotting Tesco or Morrison as they still make profits on retail. Hit the the 2 brands in the pocket and they will complain to the Govt for us!

    ivan May 10, 2013

    I totally agree with you, maybe everyone should do the same to insurance companies, phone companies, electric companies etc strangle them like they did to all our small shops that closed, just what would happen if everyone decided not to drive their car firms halted would fuel go down in price.

daniel Of God January 24, 2013

Can someone tell me what the p means in the price? Why oh why dont they listen to truecarpentry. Water make your car go down the road just fine. Believe me, it does not cost much to do it. And after your done, you reap the benefit.

Tarik Musa January 14, 2013

I filled up at morrisons in south east London about 3 weeks ago the diesel was sold to me at £1.34.9 when I got back to Hastings in East Sussex, morrisons store was selling their diesel for £1.41.9? Wtf!!!
Are these companies on a conspiracy?
I was told that living life out of London was supposed to be cheaper, apparently not!
I begrudge paying extautionate amounts to these companies that have started playing god with the publics pocket, especially when there are other countries that don't have a tax system like ours and they thrive on fuel more than us

    Allan August 11, 2013

    Hi, I live in Hastings and have noticed that Morrisons diesel prices are high. On principle I will not go there. Normally there are queues of people waiting to pay because the place is under-manned. My views on Morrisons are unprintable. Allan

Wendy Hicks January 7, 2013

why are you not showing asda prices in canterbury

JOHN POOLE December 23, 2012

Why do Morrissons vary their petrol prices so often and how come some Morrissons fuel stations put up prices on a Friday and back down again on the following Monday?

Joe Jenkins November 30, 2012

Why have Morrisons increased the price of LPG to 71 .9 when they are cutting unleaded and container gas is now the cheapest it has been for years ???

Robert Snodgrass November 8, 2012

When will Tesco fuel come down in Catterick Garrison still £ 1-38.9

norman nixon July 19, 2012

Its taken 4months for fuel to go down, the wholesale price went up 2 days ago, what happened prices went up, if this is not a fiddle between the oil companys I dont know what is.

Colin Creagh June 14, 2012

they say that asda have taken 3p off petrol in the last few day this is not true have just gone past Queens ferry and is still the same price why is this ?

    Colin Creagh June 15, 2012

    It is still the same price and that was last night so it has not gone down in ASDA.

David Bartlett May 20, 2012

Why do Tesco charge differet prices for petrol? I live in Cardiff and nearly all Tesco forecourts
have different prices.

Glynne Kemp May 5, 2012

tesco are bandits tesco hemsworth 2p dearer than tesco barnsley 6 miles away on both petrol and diesel

David Thompson April 30, 2012

What about now late April 2012, I live in Haverhill, Suffolk and the price of fuel is set, it seems by Sainsburys, currently 147.9 where if you were to fill up in a small village retailer like Acorn Garage in with is 14 miles away you can save 2p per litre, yet all fuel in Haverhill is the same price ?? is this a cartel. Questions need to be asked.

M J March 30, 2012

Aren't we a nation of moaners? I agree prices are too high, but it's our choice whether or not to be dependent on fuel. If you want to work in the city, live in the city. You can't live outside because it's cheaper then complain about the cost of getting back in to the city again, that's why it's cheaper living outside and you can't have it both ways. It wasn't so long ago that cars were still such a luxury to ordinary people that you either found work where you lived or moved for work; have you ever noticed while you're sat in a traffic queue that there's a ton of cars going the other way? Just swap jobs ;) Seriously though, the majority of us could reduce our dependence on our cars.

    Nicholas Reeves April 10, 2012

    Seriously have you looked at the unemployment numbers, its easy to sit there and say " get a job closer to home" its more likely you end up out of work for lengthy periods of time sucking down large amounts of benefits! Solution lower the fuel costs back down to £1.20 - £1.30 per litre and allow people the comfort that they can still afford to get to work. One other thing public transport is not much better, if you calculate what you spend on a bus fair or a train to get to work every day, or just to even visit family the cost is much higher than that of a tank of fuel but not at the current price range of 1.40 - 1.50 per litre. What is happening to the small road user is higher fuel costs mean we cant get to work, look for new job = no recruitment, sign on for benefits, drain on public funds and welfare which results in less spending which damages the economy resulting in a deeper recession, causing a depressed, angry, demotivated, lazy and poor society! The system is so self destructive and needs completely changed but to what?

Jon Cusick March 27, 2012

When will anyone realise that it is NOT the oil companies that control, hyke, the fuel prices it's the GOVERNMENT taxes! If the government keep spending up to £800 billion of our tax money abroad EVERY YEAR someone has to pay for it. Fuel, Beer, Cigarettes and now food are all subject to at least 2 kind of taxes. Change the government oust the big 3 parties and vote the little parties in.

Paul March 24, 2012

Why is it that we all complain about the price of fuel but we don't do anything. The government have become so complacent that although we are now paying £1.40 a litre they are still going ahead with another 3p a litre rise. It's about time that we fought back and that can only be done with demonstrations that last at least a week at a time where we all refuse to buy fuel and block as many roads as we can. This must include commercial and domestic fuel users. LETS START REALLY FIGHTING BACK!!!!!!!

Andrew Smith March 22, 2012

It wasn't too long ago that diesel was cheaper than unleaded because it was cheaper too produce, so the government put the tax up on it for some crap reason so why has the price gone up so much now ?

    Jon Cusick March 27, 2012

    Well said Andrew

    Kellerman March 26, 2012

    Because diesel is needed more in Europe and Asia for haulage, and a good chunk is also exported Stateside given you get either a fraction of diesel from every barrel of oil, or gasoline. Not both. So satisfying demand is a touch choice and drives a price premium.

Steve R March 20, 2012

Got the petrol prices update this morning (20/03/12) stating Asda Brierley Hill was 134.7 per litre. By teatime when I visited (6pm) it was 135.7 but many of their pumps had run out of unleaded. Sainsburys Amblecote (where I went instead after driving away in protest) was still 134.9, the price in this morning's update.

Of course, no one is making any money out of the Great British Petrol and Diesel Scam are they..............not even the Government. Not half.

Unhappy March 15, 2012

I believe the time has come for all vehicle users to block all refineries and central london. They must cut the taxation on fuel if this country is going to survive. We see more and more foreign HGV's on british roads puttting british transport firms out of business, also the foregeign vehicles don't always conform to british MOT standards. Let's do something now!

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