Car Care

Looking after your car is important if you want your car to keep performing and looking good. We have guides on cleaning and maintaining your car, plus where to get your MOT and Tax which you need to be legal on the road.

Keeping your car in top condition is one of the most important things as a car owner you have to do. If your car is defective in any way it could not just put you in danger but also innocent people around you.

You must make sure that your car is always road legal by having MOT and TAX and is always free from debris or loose bodywork that could come off while driving, as this could cause a lot of serious damage.

It is not a legal requirement to have your car serviced regularly but it is in your best interests to, it could save you failing your MOT when that time comes around and it could save you from a break down miles away from home!

Your tyres are also a very important part of your car which needs to be maintained, bald tyres could lead to some hefty fines and points on your licence, read our tyre guide for loads of useful information.

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