Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a problem with our service, your account or anything else, we are here to help you.

Before contacting us, take a look at our FAQs, which are regularly updated with answers to popular questions.

If the FAQ’s don’t help, then please feel free to contact us – we aim to respond to all e-mails within 48 hours.

Unfortunately, we are unable to respond to postal queries or phone calls at this time as our team is small. However, we are 100% focused on turning PetrolPrices into a new and exciting service that enables smarter driving.

We hope you enjoy our free service, and that it helps you to save you money on your motoring.

Why can’t I find a particular station near to me?

It’s important to note that our service is intended to help you find the cheapest fuel near to you. If a forecourt nearby isn’t offering competitive prices, that’s the most likely reason why it won’t appear on searches. There are other possibilities, however. See the next questions for further details.

How do you gather your fuel price data?

Our fuel data is gathered from Fuel Card users. When they purchase fuel with their card, we know what type of fuel they bought, where they bought it, and how much it cost. Since there are tens of thousands of fuel card users in the UK, we are able to update our prices at around 8,000 stations each and every day.

How often is the fuel info updated?

Normally once per day (including weekends) at approximately 8,000 stations.

How many garages are listed?

There are around 8,500 garages in the United Kingdom of which we are currently aware. However, some of them have been closed or do not accept fuel cards, and therefore we do not list them on the site. We currently have 98% of the garage market covered, with prices that are 48 hours old or less.

If you have data for over 8,500 petrol stations, why do you only update 8000 each day – what about the others?

Some more remote stations sometimes go for several days without being visited by fuel card users, meaning that we cannot update our data. Similarly, sometimes days can pass without fuel card users buying a particular fuel type (such as LPG or Super Unleaded) at a specific station. Areas were this is most common include Mid Wales, the Scottish Highlands and the Pennines. Despite the above, over the course of a week or so, data for all our petrol stations will invariably be updated.

How are your average fuel prices calculated?

The average fuel prices are an arithmetic mean, i.e. the sum of the prices for each fuel type divided by the number of stations we have prices for. These are calculated and updated on a daily basis.

How many searches do I get?

PetrolPrices has recently changed its policy on searches. If you are signed up to the free, Basic version of the service, you will be provided with a monthly allowance of searches that is adequate in 98% of all member cases.

For those of you who need more searches, you can simply pay a small fee to get a top up of 10 paid searches, which can be repeated to get more. You need to use these paid searches before your free allowance of searches for the new month starts again.

Normally, we deliver our service free of charge. We have to put these small limitations in place due to contractual obligations, and to limit enterprises from using our free data service for commercial purposes.

Why are you making the change to subscriptions?

Since November 2005 has saved 4 million members over £4 billion in saved petrol and diesel costs.* All of this was done at zero cost to the membership, but at a cost to itself. For example, the data licence that makes the service possible costs a six-figure sum annually and there are many other overheads from running the service to keep saving members money. In order to take the business to the next stage, we have taken the decision to launch a series of paid subscriptions, these are better versions of what is currently provided for free. We don’t expect more than 5% of our membership to sign up to the paid versions, the majority will stay on the free version. In exchange for keeping the free version running, all we request is that members watch an advert before looking at the price information from the price alert email or on the map. We think this is a small price for pay for the money saving information served. Income from paid subscriptions will be invested in providing a better, larger range of services and fixing the apps. If we don’t ask some members to pay for access to these new services, the business will cease to operate in its current form. This is why the support of the membership in moving to a subscription based model is so crucial. *[Calculation based on amount of members each year, multiplied by £240 annual saving, based on an average fuel tank with 11p a litre price spread between cheapest and most expensive over 10 years]  

Will the service still be free to use?

We want to assure you that for personal use, there will ALWAYS be a free version of the service and for normal users there won’t be any real noticeable change to what is offered today. If a member runs out of searches (less than 5% will hit the monthly threshold) they can pay a small fee to top up and get 10 searches, which can be repeated to get more. You need to use these paid searches before your allowance for the month starts again. Personal users of our service will have the choice to stay with Basic or upgrade to the enhanced version we call Plus. We have also launched a paid subscription product designed for company use called Business. It’s more cost effective than Plus (half price per user), you can have up to 10 users signed up on one licence and it has five times as many searches and twice the price alerts. If a business wants more than 10 users or 500 searches this can be customised to suit their requirements. If they have specific or custom needs please contact [email protected]  

How does it affect my current member account?

As mentioned above, if you are someone using it for normal personal use, the free Basic service will not appear to change at all. Basic users will be presented with the option to upgrade to Plus, or they can stick with Basic. If you run out of searches in Basic you can pay to top up or wait for the monthly allowance, it’s that simple.  

What’s the difference between a Personal User and Organisation User?

It’s very simple, a personal user is either a consumer that uses our service a lot for personal use, or a person who drives for a living that uses it to save money in their job. We regard the group as the same. Organisation users access our data on a consistent basis from a series of multiple accounts from company originated locations, many of them access the data to sell their own products, such as fuel card firms. We regard the difference between the two areas very clearly. PetrolPrices Plus is designed for personal use and PetrolPrices Business is designed for organisational use.  

What if I am using your service for Personal use in an Organisation?

We operate a series of business rules that determine whether a user is a personal or organisational user. There are multiple factors we use to determine type, for example one of them is quite simply the volume of searches that you make inside an organisation. A personal user is unlikely to be searching many times a day at work every day, whereas this is common behaviour for an organisation user. However we do understand that some people many have problems with the filtering rules we employ. Please contact [email protected] and we will judge each case on a case by case basis before making a final decision.  

What are the subscription services available?

Members have the ability to choose from the following types of service:
  • PetrolPrices Basic – a free version of the service aimed at personal use. Within Basic, members get a limited amount of access to the price data and searches each month, if they run out of searches they can choose to renew the month for a small fee to get access and search limits back again and reset the month.
  • PetrolPrices Plus – a paid subscription either monthly or annually, the service is an enhanced version designed for consumer use that contains more access to the price data, over four times the level of searches as Basic and new features only available in the paid services.
  • PetrolPrices Business – a paid subscription either monthly or annually, the service is an enhanced version designed for organisation use that contains over twenty times the level of searches as Basic, up to 10 users and new features only available in paid services.

What does each subscription service comprise of?

As subscriptions is rolled out, members will get a chance to see what is on offer. All we can say at this stage is that it contains a lot of features that are not in the Basic version and we think that they will become very popular amongst members. What is more by moving to subscriptions it gives PetrolPrices the funds and opportunity to develop things that have not been acted upon from feedback due to cost constraints.  

Do subscriptions include apps?

At its launch apps are not included. One of the first things that will happen if funding is secured to the desired level is that the funds will be invested in rebuilding the apps from scratch with all the enhanced services planned and a great deal more in the pipeline.  

How long do subscription agreements last?

PetrolPrices Basic, Plus and Business are annual agreements, but you can choose a monthly or annual payment. Members are bound by the same terms and conditions across all types of subscription service.  

How much are subscriptions and how are they charged?

As part of signing up to become a member, all members accept they will need to provide bank details if they want a paid subscription service or top up their searches. All will receive receipts or invoices confirming payment of the subscription that is paperless via email or via PDF. All payments for top ups in Basic and Plus include VAT. Top ups and subscriptions for Business exclude VAT and are added to a monthly invoice total. The current initial price for subscriptions is as follows:
  • Basic – FREE, a top up cost of £1 for 10 extra searches
  • Plus – £2 a month per user or £20 a year including VAT, top up cost – £2 for 100 searches
  • Business – £10 a month per license (terms and conditions apply) or £100 a year excluding VAT, top up cost £10 for 500 searches

How secure is my financial data and how do I change it?

Financial data, such as bank card details are secured and stored by Stripe. does not have control or access to any of the payment information used to make transactions. Stripe is fully regulated by the Financial Service Authority and their full terms are outlined here: As a user, if you want to change your payment details, a link in Account will direct you into Stripe where you can change your own financial details as and where necessary. This is 100% secure and in no way connected to, Stripe will notify when any changes have been made.  

How do I cancel my subscription?

Members can cancel a subscription at any time by accessing the Account section and clicking on Cancel Account. Cancellation occurs at the end of the month under which it has occurred. Access will continue for the month of cancellation until the next subscription date for the next month will occur, no further payments will take place once cancellation has been made. In the case of a cancellation of an annual subscription, the remaining money is non-refundable, as you agree to make a one off annual payment where as part of receiving a discount on the year, you waive all rights to claim a refund for the remainder of the year if you cancel the subscription at any point during that time. Access to the annual subscription will continue until the end of the year paid for, after which it automatically reverts to Basic.  

What happens with subscription renewals?

At the end of the year, members will be notified if they want to renew the subscription, either by continuing payment for the month, or to a pay a new one off annual payment. Renewals will not occur automatically. If a member does not renew themselves, the service will suspend until such time as the decision to renew again has been made.  

How do discounted subscriptions work?

Some members will receive a discounted offer for the paid subscription services. Discounts are to be provided to consumers as either an introductory offer or promotion code provided by a 3rd party that will apply a discount to an annual plan. It is solely at the discretion of to decide if a member can receive a discount on a paid service. also has the right, if it is discovered after the subscription has been set up that a member has misused or appropriated a discount falsely, they can upgrade the account to a fully paid version automatically with no warning immediately and with full rights. [NB: Discounts will not be in place at the start as they require development to put into the service]  

If I want to make a complaint about subscriptions, how do I do that?

Members can complain if they feel that their paid subscription has been managed in an unfair way by contacting [email protected] and they will be taken through the official complaints handling process. If the member still does not feel that has acted fairly, they can take their complaint to the Consumers Association or local Trading Standards and will cooperate fully with the decision taken at that level.  

If I have any further questions what do I do?

Please contact [email protected] and they will be able to field any queries to the relevant team member and find the answers for you.

I am a member of the press; how do I get an interview or further information about

Please see our media page.