Green Technologies

As we run out of fuel resources such as oil used for making petrol and diesel, we need to find alternatives. Here you can find more information about Green Fuels, Green Technologies and on how to make the world we live in a better place for us and future generations.

Greener Driving Tips

There are plenty of vehicles coming into the market which are considered green, either because of the type of fuel they use or their fuel efficiency. However, there is still a long way to go before green cars replace the majority of conventional cars. However, conventional cars can become more environmentally friendly if used in the correct manner. You can save money, improve your car fuel efficiency and help the environment by following some simple tips:

  • Drive in the highest possible gear without overstressing the engine. This is a useful way of wasting less fuel. You use up more fuel if you drive at the same speed in a lower gear.
  • Drive smoothly and try to avoid heavy breaking and throttle, this will lower fuel consumption and reduce wear and tear.
  • Switch off the engine if you are stationary for more than a few minutes. When you are stopped for less than a few minutes there is no point in turning off the engine, this is because you will use up more fuel turning the engine on. If you are stopped for more than a few minutes however, your car will consume less fuel if it is turned off.
  • Lighten your load, do not load unnecessary items into your car, this will reduce the overall weight and increase fuel efficiency. Clear your car of clutter on a regular basis and only carry necessities in your vehicle.
  • Keep the windows closed, if your car has air conditioning, it is much more fuel efficient to close the windows and use the air conditioning. However, air conditioning also consumes more fuel, so try not to over use it.
  • Check your tyre pressure, under-inflated and worn tyres lower fuel efficiency. Check the pressure regularly to lower fuel consumption. See our Tyre Guide for more information on tyre pressure and maintaining your tyres to make driving more efficient.
  • Don’t overuse your car, walk, cycle or take alternative transport when possible. If you are just using your cars for short journeys you should evaluate your need for a vehicle as you could save a lot of money cycling or walking to your destination. You can always hire a car if you need to drive on the odd occasion.

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