Its Your Duty

It’s Your Duty

The 2009 Budget is on April 22. Make sure the Chancellor hears what you have to say about fuel tax. It’s Your Duty.

It’s Your Duty is a campaign organised by and supported by the Association of British Drivers, the Freight Transport Association, the Road Haulage Association, Shiply and GEM Motoring Assist.

We need your support to:

  • Stop a further rise in fuel tax in the 2009 Budget on April 22
  • Find out exactly what our fuel tax is spent on
  • Make sure fuel tax is spent only on transport

All you need to do to support the campaign is find out how much fuel tax you pay in Step 1, and then tell your MP how you feel about fuel tax by entering your postcode in Step 2.

1. Calculate your fuel tax

Fuel Type:


Weekly Spend: £

Fuel CostTax Cost2p Tax Increase

2. Write to your MP What to write?