Prices are starting to fall at the pumps as Brent oil prices fall back from the year highs of $91/barrel in mid-April to $77/barrel. This will be welcome news for motorists across the UK who will undoubtedly look to travel as the weather improves.

At the start of May unleaded prices were around the £1.50 mark and diesel at £1.57. Today unleaded has dropped to £1.47 and diesel to £1.52 respectively. This is around a £3 saving on a full tank of diesel. There should be more good news as these recent decreases in wholesale prices won’t have reached the pumps just yet.

We last saw Brent around this level in early February. Back then pump prices averaged at £1.42 for unleaded and £1.50 for diesel. So further reductions are possible and should be expected.

One point to note here is the difference between unleaded and diesel. This now stands at 6 pence per litre, while in February it was 8 pence.

Diesel prices have been reduced by fuel stations quicker than unleaded in recent weeks but both should continue to do so, although the rate at which diesel drops compared to unleaded may well slow.

Diesel drivers up and down the United Kingdom should be able to find diesel under the £1.50 mark. ASDA has recently reduced prices of diesel significantly to join Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, and the current price leaders Tesco. Morrisons are the most consistent of the big four so always check your local area to find the best deal for you.

Diesel prices across the UK that are under £1.50 per litre

Northern Ireland, South Wales, and the East Coast of England are among the best places to find diesel below £1.50. East Anglia, Cornwall, and the Highlands are among the most difficult areas to purchase diesel below the £1.50 mark, but it is still possible.

Unleaded prices have also dropped across the supermarkets. Morrisons, Sainsburys and Tesco have all been switching places as the pricing leaders across the supermarkets over the last few weeks. These are good indicators for the motorist as the supermarkets appear to be competing more on price. Motorists should keep an eye out for prices dropping below £1.44 .

However, people should also look outside of the supermarkets to save on their fuel. There are several independent petrol stations under the brand’s Gulf, Harvest Energy, and TotalEnergies in particular that are also leaders in price in rural locations.

If you have any tips or stations that can help other motorists please write them in the comments below.

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