Since 2005, has been providing a free service enabling drivers to compare fossil fuel prices across most forecourts in the UK. The average member can save over £240 per year if they always ensure they are buying fuel at the cheapest locations in the UK, using the price alert emails, web search and app.

PetrolPrices is proud to have saved money to more than 5 million motorists over the last 15 years, but it has also faced increasing difficulties, and it needs the support of its members now more than ever.

 The recent Coronavirus health crisis had a major impact on the petrol retail sector. In March 2020, demand for fuel dropped by more than 80%. Since then, the demand for fuel has recovered but not quite back to where it was before, leaving a lasting mark on the sector, with many independent retailers facing closure.

 The price of crude oil is on the increase, and this has resulted in higher prices at the pumps. Over the last year, fuel prices have risen on average by 17% and are still climbing. This means that its more important than ever to use a service such as PetrolPrices to locate the cheapest fuel.  

 When the first lockdown occurred in March 2020, PetrolPrices staff went into furlough and on their return in July, the owners of the business put the company up for sale. After several discussions with many different firms, the owners accepted the offer from Jason Lloyd, the former Managing Director of PetrolPrices in a management buyout process.  

 The new owners were chosen because they understand the PetrolPrices community more than anyone else, but since it is a fledgling start up business, they need the support of the PetrolPrices community to fund pricing information as well as new improvements.

 The owners have big plans for the future, which includes improvements to existing services provided and additional fuels, such as LPG, EV and E10 prices, so that there is a combination of fossil and green fuels in one service. This will become increasingly important as we see the shift from combustion engines, towards hybrids and EV vehicles.

 The app will also undergo somewhat of an overhaul, which should make it easier to use with some long-standing issues resolved, such as the garage and update station information, as well as other exciting new features which we want to keep under wraps until launch.

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How to donate:

  1. Visit the Donate section
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  3. Optional – set up a recurring monthly payment.
  4. Input bank details and confirm

 A monthly contribution of as little as £1 would go a long way towards helping PetrolPrices keep providing our free services to you.   

If you have any queries, then please contact us via The reason why we prefer via email is that our staff work remotely and have access to the mailbox, which they check and review each day.

Thanks for listening and as ever, happy motoring.

 PetrolPrices Team

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