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Top 10 most expensive places to fill up in the UK

Price increases happen to everything we buy, but we tend to notice it more when it’s at the pump and maybe that’s because we visit them often. When we do, the price change is noticed in every drop that goes into the car and what we pay at the till. But in...

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Number of diesel cars on UK roads at record levels

Despite the Government's relentless efforts to dissuade people from driving diesel cars, new statistics from the Department for Transport have shown that their attempts have failed miserably as there are now more diesel cars on the road than ever before....

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Five medical conditions to declare before you can drive

In total there are 182 different medical conditions that need to be declared to the DVLA which they consider could affect someone’s ability to drive safely, but many of these are not as obvious as others and are not being declared by many motorists who...

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New MOT rules could mean fines of up to £2,500

Stricter new rules around MOTs are being rolled out across the country next month and could see drivers facing a fine of up to £2,500 if they are caught breaking any of them. The new fines cover areas such as not having a valid MOT certificate in place or...

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Sat nav rip off as owners pay up to £300 to update GPS

Newer cars with free sat nav updates Subaru isn’t the only manufacturer offering free sat nav software updates on newer cars, Volvo and Volkswagen give free lifetime updates with their new models, whereas updating the sat nav in an older Volvo will cost...

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Drivers unaware of how new VED rules will affect them

In the Autumn Budget, a range of changes to vehicle excise duty (VED) were announced that impact many motorists. But a new survey by Confused.com shows that 90% of us don't really know how these measures will affect us when the changes happen. And with rises to cost...

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UK fuel card usage at highest ever levels

New reports show that fuel card usage amongst UK businesses is at its highest ever levels, with it now being a £7billion a year sector. Fuel expenditure is one of the largest expenses for any size company and more firms than ever are seeking ways to keep fuel costs...

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How will the new lane rental scheme affect road users?

Ask any regular driver what irritates them the most, and top of most lists will be roadworks. We all know that they are necessary, but their timing is often terrible, seem to last forever and cause colossal congestion. Now, a new lane rental scheme is being discussed...

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Cash-strapped councils to fine for minor motoring offences

Local councils, strapped for cash, are seeking new ways to generate money – by slapping fines on motorists for minor offences. West Midlands mayor, Andy Street, has written to the government to change regulations and give local authorities the power to fine drivers...

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Zebra Fuel: Delivering fuel directly to your car

In the digital age, you can order pretty much anything online to be sent to your home, but one exception has always been ordering fuel for your car parked at home or work. Well, that has now all changed with the launch of Zebra Fuel. Zebra Fuel is a digital petrol...

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Beware of Frantic Friday (22nd December)

If you are going to be visiting friends and family over the Christmas period, or are heading away for a festive break, you may want to keep your eyes open for what the RAC are calling 'Frantic Friday'. Studies carried out by the RAC have suggested that Friday 22nd...

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Fuel prices to rocket by 3p a litre before Christmas

Petrol and diesel prices are set to rise by 3p a litre before Christmas due to a “perfect storm” of problems with UK supply caused by pipeline damage, a gas refinery explosion in Austria and OPEC’s decision to reduce the amount of oil produced globally by extending...

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Will hands-free kits be the latest tech banned behind the wheel?

You're not breaking the law if you use a hands free kit to talk on the phone whilst driving. However, an increasing body of research is indicating that using a hands free kit could be just as dangerous as using your mobile phone behind the wheel. The level of...

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Car vandalism up 37% – is your car at risk?

Car vandalism has seen a worrying rise in recent years. According to police data, the number of reported cases has risen by 10% in the past three years, while some parts of the country have seen an increase of as much as 37% over the same period. Rising problem Over...

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Government austerity measures are killing drivers

Road safety professionals have flagged that a lack of investment into the UK’s roads is causing a failure to tackle road safety. Limited funding is one of the main reasons that the UK is missing out on road safety innovation, which experts believe is linked to an...

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New data reveals regional speed camera lottery

The Press Association recently asked 45 UK police forces for data on how many fixed speed cameras they have, and how many of them are switched on. The results make for interesting reading - it seems that differing approaches to managing speed cameras mean that drivers...

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