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Gap between official and real-world fuel economy leaps to 42%

When you look at a new or used car, one big factor that helps you make the right selection is fuel economy.  If you travel a lot, this is crucial. Even if you don't, you still want the best possible fuel economy for your usage. However, experts claim that the...

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Review of UK fuel prices in October

For the world of fuel prices, October was very much the calm after the storm and prices remained much the same or even fell very slightly in some parts of the country. The average price of unleaded stood at 118.1p per litre compared to 119.3p in September while the...

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Unleaded prices fall, diesel prices on the increase

The cost of Unleaded fuel has fallen in the past two weeks by 0.8 pence a litre due to a fall in the cost of wholesale fuel, as reported widely in the media, but the same can’t be said for diesel. According to the latest information on PetrolPrices, in October average...

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September Fuel Review – Motorists punished at the pump

A review of fuel prices for September shows that the overall cost of filling up at the pump has increased again, for the second month in a row.  The average price of unleaded hit 119.3 pence per litre in September, up by 2.7 pence from August’s prices....

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Is this the start of anti-diesel activism?

In a new twist in the ongoing anti-diesel saga, Greenpeace activists have shown how much they oppose diesel vehicles by storming a 23,000-tonne ship that was crossing the sea towards the UK to make a delivery of Volkswagen diesel cars. Their actions raise the question...

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ASDA sparks fuel price war – or does it?

The media widely reported over the weekend that UK supermarkets have slashed their fuel prices, with ASDA leading the herd. This might come as a relief to motorists following recent price rises, particularly those resulting from the two catastrophic hurricanes...

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Diesels are even more polluting than we thought!

Just when it seemed that the situation for diesel car manufacturers couldn’t get any worse, a new study has revealed that even the newest diesels are more polluting than we thought. The study calls into question why European regulators continue to favour diesel over...

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August 2017 fuel price review

Having enjoyed the fifth monthly decrease in the overall price of fuel in July, drivers were sad to see the trend break in August, when the overall price of both diesel and unleaded petrol rose. This is the first increase on the average monthly price since February...

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Should petrol and diesel be banned in 2030, not 2040?

A group of environmental and aid organisations has spoken out, claiming that the government’s controversial plan to ban petrol and diesel cars by 2040 doesn’t go far enough. Instead, they want to see polluting motors shown the crusher by 2030. The group states that...

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Petrol and diesel ban to throw UK petrol industry into chaos

The government is due to announce shortly that new petrol and diesel cars and vans will be banned from 2040. The measure is part of plans to tackle the UK’s air pollution problems. It mirrors the approach being taken by France and other parts of Europe. While tackling...

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Review of UK fuel prices June 2017: is the party over?

Many of us were hoping that falls in the wholesale price for fuel in May and early June would mean that we’d see a fifth successive decline in fuel prices in June. We were not disappointed. However, although the “cheap fuel party” continued in June, there are some...

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The diesel ‘fightback’ begins

Diesel car owners may feel a little under siege of late, given the sudden emphasis on diesel cars being the cause of much of the pollution in our towns and cities, along with plans to impose toxicity charge zones across the country. However, are diesel cars really the...

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Oil prices continue to fall, how low will they go?

Motorists around the country could be seeing another drop in the price of fuel, as the cost of oil continues to fall. It dropped to $45 a barrel last week. Fuel prices have reached their lowest point since the beginning of the year, as the price of Brent...

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ASDA fuel price cut – did other petrol retailers follow suit?

Supermarket giant ASDA cut the price of its fuel by 2 pence a litre last Thursday following the drop in wholesale prices, leaving other supermarkets to scramble to keep their prices competitive. The reduction will bring its price to a national cap of 111.7 pence per...

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Super unleaded cheaper than unleaded in parts of the UK

Historically, premium fuels such as super unleaded have kept a respectable distance of at least 5 pence a litre away from unleaded. In some cases, the difference has been as much as 15 pence per litre. Recent data from PetrolPrices.com indicates that some supermarket...

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Cheaper fuel costs coming as Trump exits Paris Agreement

The cost of crude oil per barrel fell back below $50 the moment that Donald Trump announced that the USA would withdraw from the Paris accord on climate change. The move has prompted speculation that the US will ramp up both coal and shale oil production further,...

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2028: The year of reckoning for oil?

Plug-in cars make up less than 0.10% of all car sales globally, it’s a tiny fraction of the market that ‘Big Oil’ deems to be insignificant enough to be ignored, in fact, OPEC (Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) believes that by 2040, the Electric...

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