• Men named John are the most likely to cause accidents
  • Ford Fiesta is the car which is involved in the most road accidents
  • Law firm reported that the most common incident is being hit from the rear
  • Halifax is road accident capital of the UK

New research from law firm Your Legal Friend delves into the statistics of recent road accidents within England and Wales, highlighting the most dangerous drivers on our roads.The study was based on real accident data from their system based on 25,000 claims over the last year.

The research examined factors such as the vehicles, gender and age involved in road accidents, as well as the dates and times that the most and least accidents take place. The research revealed that 93% of accidents resulted in some form of injuries, with neck injuries (74%) as the most common trauma, followed by back injuries (59%).

While there is a common misconception that age is a detrimental factor when its comes to road accidents, the study also revealed that drivers are most likely to cause an accident are at the age of 30. However, it also revealed that drivers are more likely to be on the receiving end of the accident at the age of 32, making your early thirties the most dangerous time to be out on the road.

Wrong place, wrong time

While the climate and weather does sometimes play a large role in road conditions, April was reported as the safest month on the roads with only 7.25% of all accidents, while July was the most dangerous month, with 9% of all accidents happening this month.

  • Sundays are the least chaotic day of the week, with less accidents than any other day.
  • Fridays are peak time for accidents, as drivers rush home after the working week.
  • The most dangerous time to be on the road was 5-6pm. in the evening on any day.
  • The research also revealed that the highest proportion of road accidents took place in Halifax, followed by Liverpool, Coventry, Barking and St Albans.

Which vehicle models should you look out for?

Ford cars proved to be the most accident-prone car brand with one involved in 16% of all accidents, Ford Fiesta Zetec models are the most common cars to be involved in an accident.

The 10 vehicle models most likely to cause an accident are:

  1. Ford Fiesta
  2. Mercedes Benz Sprinter
  3. Ford – Focus
  4. Ford – KA
  5. Vauxhall – Corsa
  6. DAF Trucks – LF
  7. Volvo – FH
  8. DAF Trucks – CF
  9. Renault – Clio
  10. DAF – XF

The 10 vehicles most likely to fall victim to an accident are:

  1. Ford – Fiesta
  2. Ford – Focus
  3. Audi – A3
  4. Mercedes Benz – Sprinter
  5. Volkswagen – Golf
  6. Ford – Ka
  7. Renault – Clio
  8. Citroën – DS3
  9. Vauxhall – Corsa
  10. Vauxhall – Astra

While these statistics are not proportional to the number of cars it does show that lorries (DAF) are more likely to cause accidents. While this is obvious because of their size, surely we should be concerned at the number of trucks that are on the list that are causing accidents? Is there something that can be done in the haulage community to help prevent numerous accidents?

Philip Waters, a Solicitor from Your Legal Friend commented on the findings: “At one point or another, most people have experienced that heartbreaking moment of their first road accident. This study has revealed some rather interesting statistics, challenging a few common misconceptions about drivers in society today. These facts challenge stereotypes around women drivers and the elderly on the road, showing that men in their early thirties are the most likely to cause, and be involved in, road accidents. While no two drivers are the same, it would seem over-confidence on the road can be the most harmful trait for anyone, and that all drivers should ensure that safety is their first priority while out and about.”

So, whether you’re looking to see if you’re likely to cause an accident or which drivers to avoid on the roads, check out the interactive tool here, or read through a breakdown of the statistics in this graphic.

What do you think of these statistics based on real accident data? Are you a John and drive a Fiesta in Halifax? Have you been a victim of an accident on Friday night and agree with these results? Let us know in the comments.

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