Pricing and Plans

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Save 17% with annual subcriptions!


per month
  • 20 monthly searches
  • 5 results per search
  • 3 price alerts per email
  • ✓ Contains ads
  • ✓ Sort by cheapest stations
  • ✓ Premium fuel filters
  • ✓ 5, 10, 25 mile search radius
  • ✓ Entry level support
  • ✓ 1 user account
  • ✗ Fuel route planner
  • ✗ Filter by brand
  • ✗ Sort by nearest stations
  • ✗ View all stations
  • ✗ Pay £1 to get 10 more searches


per year
Save 17% with an annual plan (Inc. VAT)
  • 500 monthly searches
  • 10 results per search
  • 10 price alerts per account
  • ✓ Completely ad-free
  • ✓ Sort by cheapest stations
  • ✓ Premium fuel filters
  • ✓ 2 - 30 mile search radius
  • ✓ Priority support
  • ✓ 10 user accounts
  • ✓ Fuel route planner
  • ✓ Filter by brand
  • ✓ Sort by nearest stations
  • ✓ View all stations
  • ✓ Pay £10 to get 500 more searches


PetrolPrices also provides tailored fuel data solutions for a variety of companies. To find out more contact our Commercial team who will be happy to discuss and respond to your query.

Frequently asked questions

A Basic account is completely free and designed for occasional personal use. Basic users will be able to know the cheapest stations, but will have to watch an ad to see the results from the price alert or search engine first. Plus account is designed for more regular personal use who want more control over the fuel information so that they can save more money.

Plus members pay a small fee and this enables them to search more, with full access to the search filters, more stations in the results, nearest and view all station view, a route planner and a completely ad free experience on web and price alerts.

Business is designed for those who want to provide their employees with access to the service. It is greatly enhanced from the consumer version and is far more cost effective per user. If you are not sure, contact us and a member of the business support team can answer your queries on [email protected]

Whether you are a Basic, Plus or Business user, at the end of your searches you can pay to top up your searches for a small fee, this is done via a credit or debit card payment. [Note: Payments are done via Stripe, a Tier 1 payment gateway]

If you want to cancel your account, visit the Account page and details on how to cancel your account will be listed inside. Just follow the simple instructions and after you have cancelled, you will be sent an email to confirm its been completed. For Plus & Business users follow the same cancellation process, the only difference is that with Business accounts the company cancellation means that the account is put on hold rather than a deleted user, this is to prevent misuse.

Click on the yellow Account button. In Account you will see the option as a Basic user to upgrade to Plus, which can be done by following the instructions online. If you want to upgrade a Basic account into a Business account contact the Support team and they will be able to arrange the transfer process for you very easily, either via email, Intercom or over the phone.

Any further questions? Contact Support