Win a lifetime of fuel with just your reg plate

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Win a lifetime of fuel with just your reg plate

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Terms & Conditions

1.    RegPlateLotto is a free-to-play lottery, managed by Ltd and insured by RISQ Capital.
2.    The odds of winning the prize are 55,000,000:1 and the total prize value is £265,720 cash, this cannot be exchanged for anything else and the cash sum has been calculated at £70 per week for 73 years (i.e. estimated lifetime of driving a vehicle).
3.    Participants must opt in to accept the competition terms and add a genuine vehicle into the PetrolPrices Digital Garage, using a registration plate recognised by the DVLA.
4.    Participants must have a vehicle in the Digital Garage within a 1 month prior to the draw being made and then remain in the Digital Garage for each subsequent draw each month.
5.    A winning participant will require verification that the entrant is responsible for this vehicle, with insurance policy documents or V5C (if you are the registered keeper of the vehicle), a passport or driving licence, proof of residency (utility bill or bank statement) and proof of a valid bank account for the winning customer.
6.    The competition is available UK residents only, who are age 17 or over.
7.    The draw is performed by RISQ Capital, by allocating a fixed random number value against each participant and this random number value does not change.
8.    If a participant wishes to withdraw from the “Reg Plate Lotto” then they must opt out of the next draw by clicking on the opt out function. User details and random draw number allocated are automatically removed from the draw and will not be used in the next draw.
9.    Users can keep their vehicle in the garage but not participate in the draw.
10.    If a user continues to opt in and have a vehicle in the Digital Garage, they will be entered into the next draw the following month.
11.    If a participant agrees to take part in the “Reg Plate Lotto” they agree to receive email marketing communication about the draw, this email marketing list will strictly be for any communication about the draw and no other forms of marketing.
12.    Participants may unsubscribe from the email marketing communication at any time, but they will also be removed from the “Reg Plate Lotto” draw as well.
13. and RISQ Captial reserve the right to discontinue the draw at any point without needing to notify participants that the draw has closed.
14.    Winners will not be given the prize if they do not meet the eligibility criteria and PetrolPrices and RISQ Captial reserve the right to refuse entrants who fail to meet the eligibility criteria.

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