Supermarket fuel price war reignited
News entry dated 15th Mar 2017

For the last several weeks, fuel prices have been at their highest levels since December 2014, following several months of consecutive price increases.

These increases have been caused by a perfect storm of rising oil prices and the Pound’s falling value against the Dollar following the referendum to leave the European Union last year. The average price of petrol in February 2017 was almost 20 pence more per litre compared to February 2016. For further details, you can compare historical fuel prices here.

An additional factor that played into the situation was that supermarkets appeared to ease off being particularly competitive with their fuel pricing. There was no sign of a price war and the gap started to narrow (or even close) between supermarket prices and those being offered at independent and brand name forecourts.

Fuel pump

However, this week things have begun to change. Asda and Morrisons announced price cuts on Monday which finally triggered a long-awaited new supermarket fuel price war.

Asda revealed that they will be selling unleaded for 114.7p per litre and diesel for 116.7p per litre from this week, with Morrisons responding on Monday by tweeting the following:

Morrisons fuel tweet

Tesco also joined in on Tuesday by dropping their prices by 2p a litre, and yesterday The Sun reported that Sainsbury’s had followed suit and cut their prices by 2p a litre as well. A 2p per litre cut represents a saving of over of approximately £1.30 per tank for drivers.

These are the first price cuts since last November and will be welcome news for motorists who have felt the pinch from the recent high prices of fuel.These price cuts also come just days after last week’s budget revealed that fuel duty will remain frozen.

RAC spokesman Simon Williams described the price cuts as “the perfect spring gift for motorists,” adding that his organisation was “very relieved retailers acted without any need for outside encouragement.”

We anticipate far more fluctuation in prices with the reemergence of the supermarket price war. Our apps will help you find the cheapest fuel near to you across the UK.

IMAGE CREDIT: Pixabay (Public Domain)

Martin Rosen March 21, 2017

Near me I have Shell, Asda and Sainsburys. Shell is currently 117.9, Asda 114.7 and Sainsburys 118.2 (!). Sainsburys always used to be within a penny or two to Asda.

About 5 miles away (but an area that I often go to), there is Morrisons which is normally the same price as Asda, and across the road is Shell which is more expensive !

Roger Blunt March 18, 2017

Sainsbury`s has been £1.23 in Cambridge for petrol some weeks, now reduced to £1.21. Tesco has been £1.18 for a number of weeks, then went to £1.19, then reduced by 2p to £1.17. Nice move Tesco, put price up knowing a 2p reduction is coming.

Diane Procter March 18, 2017

Sainsbury's at Colton every so often the board with prices goes out so no info on prices. Local ASDA still cheaper at £1.15 litre diesel Sainsbury's £1.19

Anthony Bailey March 18, 2017

Sainsburys Haverhill dearest in town diesel 126 tesco Bury st Edmunds 116 disgrace

s mat March 18, 2017

Thanks for the update petrol prices. Just a heads up on prices in wales from T(O)sco's (misspelling intentional. Toscos put the price up 2p 119.9 the day before dropping it back down to the same price of 119.9. I think it's about time Toscos realised that playing these sort of tricks (on the forecourt as well as in store) will only drive customers away. I now drive to ASDA Cardiff bay for my diesal. Not because of the lower price, But on principle of not making rip off fiddled profit for TOSCO.S

LES HOLMES March 18, 2017

In York Asda and Morrisons are cheapest at £1.14.7
I got my unleaded from Morrisons as i can get points on my more card, 5000 points gets you a £5 voucher.
I shop at Asda but they are the only supermarket out of the big 4 that don't do a card for points.
I have my Tesco card and Morrisons card and Sainsburys Nectar Card ( for which i have just over £100.)
Asda do have the receipt you check if they are not 10% cheaper you get money off your next shop.
Yesterday i received my biggest voucher to date it is £5.01 off my next shop.
Just checked my Lottery and have won £5.00 on Thunderball.
I think i will do tonight's lottery.

Steve Parmenter March 18, 2017

Our local Sainburys had a 7p off per litre offer and then put there prices up by 4p per litre for the duration of the offer. Coincidence.

Lee Mawford March 18, 2017

Supermarkets dropping prices hasn't made any difference around Didcot, Oxfordshire.
Foe weeks now, the local Gulf garage, in Sutton Courtenay, has been 117.9 for diesel whilst Tesco was 120.9 and Sainsbury's 121.4. The supermarkets have only dropped by 1p so the local garage is still better by 2p, so I'm saving about £1.20 per week..

Jim Aitken March 18, 2017

What we all want to know is, Who is the Cheapest?

    s k March 25, 2017

    Asda the cheapest by far.... it's also the only retailer that sells fuel at the same price at ever forecourt across the country.

Alan Nixon March 18, 2017

I have to agree with you
I think we are expected to use a mobile phone app

    Alan Nixon March 18, 2017

    It's just because the link did not open on the home page where there is a price check by post code box

John Scott March 18, 2017

I would ask the question, why is it that, in Worksop, Morrisons, Tesco & Sainsbury, stick closely together where petrol prices are concerned. They are always the last to drop the prices, sometimes a week later than everybody else and the first to put them up. Are they conning the Worksop motorist.

George Goldsbrough March 17, 2017

The Morrisons petrol station is constantly over-priced compared to ASDA and Tesco, so guess where I shop for fuel.
I always double-check with your site before setting out, thanks for a great service!

George Mckie March 17, 2017

It won't be long before the extra 10p per litre will be on offer if you spend more than £50 in store. Regarding the size of vehicle fuel tanks most have 55ltr tanks but some do indeed have 65 litre tanks. I for one will be aroud 60p a tank better off because I never let the fuel get low. What happens then is I get 2 cheap top ups and then the price goes back up.

    I.c. Reed March 18, 2017

    It all depends where you live,in Woking Morrisons is usually the cheapest,before you buy do what I do check Petrol Prices.

Eric Orton March 17, 2017

Asda Tamworth Price for unleaded has Been £114.7 for weeks must have been the cheapest in the country.

Brian Horrocks March 17, 2017

Beware of Sainsbury prices. My local sainsbury used to have the cheapest in the area, so I found myself in the habit of filling up when I went to the adjacent supermarket. Thanks to the fuel prices app it became obvious that they had been increasing prices and are now one of the dearst in the area.

Peter Won March 17, 2017

My Audi tank is 70L if you like. My Toyota is 20 Gallon.

Tina-Marie Shaw March 17, 2017

How strange that Sainsbury's are not passing on savings around the country. Sainsbury's in Chelmsford is the cheapest in the area, currently £1.16point2. It's the only one that has gone down in price so far.

chris lees March 16, 2017

Supermarkets are still ripping us off.
Callow Oils in Chaddesley Corbett Worc's sell both diesel and unleaded at 113.9 per litre, and have been doing so for the last week .
If a small independent can sell fuel at that price , then why are the likes of Sainsbury and Asda with their mighty buying power still charging more ??

Tony Mayes March 16, 2017

Can't believe UK prices. We're in the Alicante area and paying 1.04 euro for diesel here and 1.15 for patrol. The prejudice against diesel cars hasn't happened here unlike the UK which has gone Green potty.

    ravi shankar March 16, 2017

    pound is plunging. it's lost 20% of its value since brexit (15% if you're being kind with moving rates). So it's not surprising with oil moving from $40+ to near $50 too.

    Brexit folks don't realise how their vote has been a massive tax and they refuse to see it. food prices rising too. We're a massive importer and that means we'll be sending yet more money abroad and getting poorer, faster.

    The champions of brexit are mainly wealthy people (the publicists) so they don't care about a bit of basic inflation and nor does the govt.

    We wait to see if we suddenly become an exporting mecca with our cheap currency but with both our bias against manufacturing as opposed to finance here, and the fact that we would import everything for production anyway I'm not holding my breath.

    After all who needs a proper economy when you can just pump up house prices and keep increasing immigration rising?

      I.c. Reed March 18, 2017

      What a load of rubbish,I am not wealthy and I voted for brexit,it democracy.I cannot do away with EU commissioners who control our lives,but I can vote against my MP if I do not like his/hers policies.
      As for prices going up,where have you been for the last few years,manufacturers especially in the food sector have been putting up prices & cutting the sizes,just look at coffee,chocolate,cereal the list is endless & nothing to do with Brexit

      KELVIN BROOKES March 18, 2017

      Thanks for the lecture Ravi,thought this was about petrol prices and Supermarkets

      John Merriam March 17, 2017

      Very well put, sir. The turkeys have voted for Christmas

      Alan Chattaway March 17, 2017

      Well said sir, I agree with all that you said.

Scott Doughty March 16, 2017

Asda in Leamington Spa have been selling at 114.7 for at least a week now.