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John Halstead July 12, 2016

The information is very useful, particularly now when prices are changing almost daily. There's one garage in this area that never gets mentioned (Bowers at Lach Dennis), it's usually among the cheapest locally.

Dave Gundy July 11, 2016

Fuel retailers are profiteering
Unleaded should be 1.03 a litre
Derv should be max £1.01
Somebody is taking the Michael of the Brits somewhere ??
Crude is down again today .

Patrick Stapleton July 9, 2016

Prices are up to date unlike other apps. Very useful app. Thanks guys

Julia July 7, 2016

I've been a subscriber for several years and find it invaluable. It would be perfect, though, if there was a way to filter supermarket petrol stations from the list - currently my nearest 5 cheapest petrol stations are ALL supermarkets. I don't buy from them because my fuel consumption is 10% more using their petrol - they would have to be charging less than £1.00 a litre to make it worth my while. Just a thought.....!

Sylvie July 1, 2016

Thank you....with diesel going up in price, your site is invaluable!

Roy Heaton July 1, 2016

This is a fantastic site and so useful, especially when prices are so eratic.

Somerset Motorist June 30, 2016

Always been impressed with petrol prices, certainly saved me some money. Not so much in my home town as aware of what prices are, however when away really useful. Have just installed the App on my I phone and am delighted how good it is. Instant capability to inform you of what is near your location or an easy search box to enter where you are heading so that you can purchase fuel at the best price. Must look at all the other benefits I can gain from petrol prices as know they have a household gas/elec saving scheme. Well done Petrol Prices

Somerset Motorist June 29, 2016

1st class service from petrol prices. Have received e mails re fuel cost for a long time. Now installed the app and it is absolutely brilliant. I have yet to try it when out and about but sitting at home and using my i phone and wifi it is stunningly quick. Looking forward to trying in Derbyshire and Yorkshire next week. Well done petrol prices or rather for me diesel prices. 5 Starts

Brian Clark June 29, 2016

Have been using the site for many years from when I was doing a lot of driving for work. Now retired and thought I would get a dash cam, but, was too late in the previous round of discount vouchers.
Do you intend rerunning this in near future, or alternatively can you advise of the models on offer at the time.

Great site

Gerald Ford June 29, 2016

Thanks for the 20% off Car Hire Excess Insurance. Your email with the offer came just at the right time. Saved me approx £80!

Angela York June 28, 2016

Amazing petrolprices.com Android App. It's as invaluable as my SatNav when driving.

Alan F June 28, 2016

Brilliant swift and easy to use... Can save you several £ on a tank full. I have been using this site for several years now & have found it especially useful during touring vacation's .... Keep up the good work.. Many thanks..

Nina June 27, 2016

Find the service very useful. Even better now I've downloaded app to my phone to enable me to find cheapest fuel whilst away from home.

John June 20, 2016

Just want to say your new app is Awesome and helps me and my Team a lot being able to log in for Petrol Stations across the South. Excellent Service as ever. Keep up the Great Work. It is appreciated.

Julian June 12, 2016

A very good app

Peter Clinch June 9, 2016

This is a great app, all the info you need when out and about.
Thank you for your dedication and thoughtfulness to motorist.

Andrew Smith June 7, 2016

Your new site looks great but it doesn't yet work as well as its predecessor. Searching under Bristol, somerset it could not find any stations. Nor for Wells, Somerset.

Hope these are just teething problems.

Edward Blackley June 6, 2016

Hi, thanks for all the past petrol price reminders. Keep up the great service. Many thanks.

Lucinda M June 4, 2016

Why is your new app not available for Windows Phones? Please address this.

    Ben Taylor June 9, 2016

    Hi Lucinda, I'm afraid that due to Microsoft's current low market share in the world of mobile devices we have no current plans to create an app for Windows Phone. However, you can still browse to our mobile site to find cheap fuel. If budget permits, we may be able to review this decision in 2017.

Martin June 2, 2016

Great service! And it's free! Thank you.

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