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Dave Wright December 8, 2016

Keep up the good work.

Roger November 18, 2016

Many thanks! I have bought a 312GW dash cam using the discount code. Great idea to negotiate this offer!

RAYMENT SUSAN October 23, 2016

I have been receiving a weekly update on Petrol prices within a 5mile radius for a few years now, excellent efficient service

Ka Driver October 19, 2016

Very useful and reliable, thank you. No unnecessary advertising is a bonus! I have recommended to my friends.

Mike Roberts October 18, 2016

Amazing have much you can save by shopping around. Check near home, work for best prices, also if visiting new areas. thanks for saving me pounds over the years.

Clive Burgess October 18, 2016

Good site lets you know fuel prices every week so you can save money, instead of looking around, would highly recommend using this site.

Mike Kelly October 18, 2016


Simon Clements October 18, 2016

I think with fuel prices rising as they are,this will be very useful 5 *

John Miller October 18, 2016

A very useful site - thank you.

J R Bradley October 18, 2016

Just to thank you for saving me money every month for many years on the cheapest petrol locally. Never let me down and you are providing an excellent service. Please carry on the good work.

Alan Harding October 18, 2016

Great site. I use it all the time. It must have saved me pounds.

Ian Potten October 17, 2016

Very helpful with keeping me updated with the uprising of fuel.

Roger Askham October 17, 2016

I have been using this website for some time now. As I live between two major towns in is very helpful to know which one to go to for the cheapest fuel. It is a great site!

Vera Widdall October 17, 2016

Very interesting site. I have learned a lot from the site's information and made decisions that I would not have done other wise.

Geoff King October 17, 2016

Living out in the sticks of Cornwall my car is essential so having regular petrol price updates is very helpful in saving those pennies, every little helps as they say, many thanks.

Allen Perkins October 17, 2016

Thank you Petrol Price.Com. Very accurate and on time...great help for motorists and will help keep the fuel prices from rising too high also allow the motorist to be more selective.

Mary G October 17, 2016

Such a great email service. So easy to navigate and you get all the prices around your local area and beyond.

Roger Gaskell October 17, 2016

Thanks for the regular udates

Stevo NN15 6DF October 17, 2016

I have found this site invaluable saved me. So do yourself a favour and download the app and save money all over Great Britain.

Jack Hartner October 17, 2016

They don't just save me money on petrol but on gas and electricity this last year I have saved about £350 from signing up to their collective deals. Signed up as interested again this year.