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Neil August 24, 2016

Very very useful site especially when travelling away from home. Helps me find petrol stations and hopefully also able to get the best local price.

Mr T. Summers. August 23, 2016

It is a very useful service, as it enables me to plan ahead for best price available, and I also take into consideration the easy access of the site. ie - Tesco for Shopping, and good parking facilities.

martin August 23, 2016

ive used petrol prices for a few years & find it very helpfull in keeping fuel cost down

Peter J. Pink August 23, 2016

Since using your fuel price comparison listings I find I can save around £2.00 on a tankful of deisel compared with the lowest Supurmarket price nearest to me, simply by getting it a few miles away when in that area..
If I were to buy from a motorway filling station, I could be paying well over a 'tenner' more!

Keep up the good work!


Mhairi August 23, 2016

hi i'd just like to say that this site has saved me alot of money best thing that i've had on my computer for a while keep up the good works.

j rooney August 23, 2016

much appreciated addition to the app world.

Phil August 23, 2016

Great site, saved me a fortune, works well when traveling distance suss where/when to fill up before journey. As we all know some stations will charge 6p a ltr more then the one you pass a mile further up the road after filling up!!!!

Joe Donachie August 23, 2016

Price comparisons are very helpful

Margaret August 23, 2016

Not installed the app yet but very impressed with the site. Depending on where I am if I need petrol I just check the cheapest place near me. Well done keep up the good work.

Ann Burgess August 23, 2016

With petrol prices varying considerably from place to place this service saves me lots of time and money with one simple click and even better, it's FREE!

Nick August 23, 2016

What a consistently good service. Always giving me the cheapest fuel prices in my location....and for free! Excellent. Thank you.

Chris Heath August 22, 2016

Just to say I think your website is absolutely great.From finding the cheapest fuel to some of your offers helps everyone to keep money in their pockets.Thanks a lot for the work you do keeping your site up to date to help motorists.

Andi Lou August 22, 2016

Fantastic service - has saved me £££s!

John Graver August 22, 2016

Very useful service indeed. I use it every week when buying petrol. Thank you.

Derek Middleton August 16, 2016

Very useful information, but I am always baffled by the huge difference between the prices across the country - surely there should be better regulation to control pricing? Motorway services are particularly guilty and greedy - I only use them when absolutely necessary for enough to get me to the next off-motorway petrol station. If they reduced their prices to be competitve I am sure they would get more trade.

Doug August 15, 2016

Thanks. Great web site. 10/10 for info and responses.

Alan Ellerton August 9, 2016

Great service for the hard pressed motorist - ripped off from every angle!
You ask for suggestions - How about advertising the DEAREST service stations (apart from Motorways that is!), it might make them give everyone a fair deal and stop the rip off
By the bye I have just travelled through mid Wales and most service stations were cheaper than some well known ones in the North West.............
Keep up the good work

Ben Littlewood August 1, 2016

I have been using the site for a couple of years now and being retired I am able to travel a lot, which makes your information very useful and saves money as well,. please keep up the good work,.

Paul August 1, 2016

Excellent service, thanks!

Michael Campbell July 31, 2016

I have been using Petrol.com for at least three years now and find it the most informative site regarding cheapest places for petrol in my local area and the discounted offers via this site. People who do not use this app must be living in the dark ages or have money to burn.Thanks very much for your invaluable info and regular updates via email it is much appreciated. I inform all of my friends about this app.

    Robert August 1, 2016

    Dear Michael,

    Many thanks for your kind words - they're much appreciated.

    Be sure to contact us at [email protected] if you have any suggestions or improvements to the service we currently offer.

    Warm regards,


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