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Ron Holley October 15, 2016

Petrol prices is useful and informative

Harold Quinn October 15, 2016

Great stuff

John Whatmore October 14, 2016

A very good service thanks again.

John Heywood October 14, 2016

I always like to check petrol prices here even when I don't need petrol so I can just see when it is going up or down

Malcolm Hopper October 14, 2016

I think that I have been a member of petrol prices from the start and would advise anyone to join the club, to get regular price up dates is a great help and it saves you both time and money by not having to drive around your local petrol stations looking for the cheapest fuel, thank you very much Petrol prices, keep up the good work, and if you didn't know it's a free service. Thank you very much!

Terry White October 14, 2016

Petrol prices show availability in my area. The fuel I use is only available in one outlet within 20 miles so a very useful web site. Makes life easier, just a pity that the cost is so much greater than the other grades. Thank you Petrolprices.com

Barry Mounsey October 14, 2016

It is always a great help to know at the press of a button where you can get the cheapest fuel from!!

Anne Worrall October 14, 2016

I had a Rav 4 petrol which averaged 22.5 to 23.5 MPG on normal running around.
I now have a Rav 4 D Cat deisel which only averages about 25 MPG on normal running around.
On the motorway it managed 33 MPG as opposed to the petrol's 28 MPG>
I thought that deisel was always supposed to give a greater MPG than petrol, but it seems not.
Is my car computer at fault?

    Barry Mounsey October 14, 2016

    Get yourself a Ford Focus Diesel, 60 miles to the gallon, easy parking, and more internal space that any rav has!!!!!!!!

Douglas Chilver October 14, 2016

Excellent site

Barry Smith October 14, 2016

Has some good tips.

Carl Rogers October 14, 2016

Always useful

Simon Harrison October 14, 2016

Your website has been a god-send for many years now and I really like the latest updated version. In particular the "petrol brand" filter which was something I once asked if you could do sometime ago. The only downside for me is that the price shown is always a couple of days behind, but at least I get an overall picture of things. Great work here!

E Newbery October 14, 2016

Very helpful site.

Brian Nathan October 14, 2016

Site is very helpful with regular updates as prices change quite frequently and you don't want to spend money travelling to a garage which had low prices to find they heve been updated.

Kev Corcoran October 14, 2016

Petrol Prices has helped me to save considerably as prices in my area can be as much as 8p per litre different at filling stations within 10 miles of my home. I know we have to pay the tax element when we purchase fuel, but I'm sure that there is an element of profiteering as well with particuler stations always pricing higher, and being always first to raise their prices and last to lower them.
I work in Germany and the price for unleaded around Dusseldorf is One Euro, Seven Cents, less than One Pound a litre. Shame its too far to go for a fill-up!

Michael Hepworth October 14, 2016

I downloaded the app months ago, and it's the best guide I could wish for when I'm looking for the cheapest local place to buy my favourite brand. It's easy to use (pretty idiot proof, I find) and a great service to the hard pressed motorist. Go for it!

Maureen Jenner October 14, 2016

I've been using this site for several years and find the information invaluable in keeping abreast of petrol prices at the pumps within a reasonable radius of my home. Very useful when living on a fixed income and needing to make every penny count.

Allan Watt October 14, 2016

A great site to find a way to save money on a tank full.

Peter Brooks October 14, 2016

Great site very helpful keep it up

KEN WINTERTON October 14, 2016