What’s YOUR Driving Personality?
News entry dated 07th Dec 2016

What kind of driver do you think you are? Are you placid and relaxed, or does a red mist rapidly descend when somebody cuts you up or does something else on the road to wind you up? Are you a speed demon, or is always sticking to the limits your hard and fast rule?

A team of leading psychologists has been looking into driving behaviour. They’ve determined that there are six key types of driving “personality” on today’s roads. In recognition of this finding, we’ve created a simple and entertaining quiz, where you can quickly answer five simple questions to determine your own, personal driving personality.

You can access the quiz via this link. It only takes a minute to complete, and you’ll soon know what kind of driver you are, and be able to compare with your friends (you’ll find sharing options at the end).

Road Personality

Of course, it’s key to answer the questions honestly! If instead you choose the answers you think sound more “right,” you won’t get a realistic assessment of your driving personality.

Please feel free to let us know in the comments what kind of driver the quiz considers you to be, and whether you think it’s correct or not. The “Road Racer” verdict above was delivered to one of our team who completed the quiz honestly. We’ll spare their shame and not mention any names, but this does serve to highlight that some driving personalities are actually dangerous to the individuals possessing them, and other road users.

As such, if you do find you have one of the more aggressive driving personalities, you should think about the implications. While the quiz is, of course, intended as a fun diversion, it could highlight to some the need to calm down a little behind the wheel.

Access the quiz here.

John Allan December 12, 2016

Complete nonsense, I'm apparently a safety first.
Don't get me wrong I'm not a dangerous driver however I'm not the type to " avoid road risk by driving very slow, stopping or middle lane hogging". I drive a 3.2ltr V6 for fun and thrills, although still considerate to most other drivers, this describes me as the type of driver who really twist my lemon.

    andrew balderson December 16, 2016

    John, you are complete nonsense, man up and get a V8.

Alexander Muirhead December 9, 2016

Not a very useful survey, answers far too simplistic; not even close to my driving personality. Having gained most of my early driving experience in the FRG from '67 - '93 I rapidly learnt to expect the unexpected. No overall speed limit on autobahns; traffic laws that, unlike the Highway Code, gave certainty and were enforced, by on-the-spot fines. Any accident involving any damage or other party had to be attended by the police and nobody could leave until allowed to by the police - all meant that insurance fraud was almost impossible. However speeds were greater than in the UK as all thought they knew what other drivers were going to do, so risk assessment allowed for driving at the local speed limit (unlimited on the autobahn unless otherwise signed). Unfortunately not all the drivers were aware of the FRG's traffic laws and some made stupid errors. If one wanted to enjoy the speed and short journey times, one had to drive defensively. Not reacting aggressively to poor driving and total concentration on the driving environment were essential attributes to avoid being rear ended by speeding cars (at 150 mph car travels 220 ft/sec) or running into HGVs that legally suddenly pull out in front of you. I must have driven over 10,000 miles at over 100 mph. If I had behaved as the survey invites you to, I would have written off several cars if I had survived the first accident. It helps to shout etc. but not at the expense of your driving concentration and only to reduce your emotional distraction.

Richard Myers December 8, 2016

I came out as Tolerant, but felt the answers I gave weren't strong enough, so did it again and came out as a Punisher, when really I'm half way between the two. I used to be a Punisher but have relaxed a lot in my old age.

Trevor Jones December 8, 2016

Having tried this test, it comes out pretty fair for what I am. Having driven over 2,000,000 miles and in various coun tries in a number of vehicles, I can verify the thinking behind it.