About PetrolPrices.com

Driving down the Cost of Motoring PetrolPrices.com will be a breath of fresh air for motorists who are currently paying the highest ever prices for petrol and diesel. The rising cost of fuel spurred Fubra Limited to build a web site to help UK motorists save money on their motoring. Our site allows users to search for the cheapest petrol in their area quickly and, if they choose, receive regular e-mail alerts so they will always be the first to know when the prices change. We have petrol prices for over 10,000 stations and receive approximately 8,000 daily updates, ensuring our data is accurate and up to date. By using PetrolPrices.com to check the price of petrol across stations in your local area, you could make substantial savings on your motoring. Searching for petrol prices in your local area or across the UK is completely free of charge. Once signed up, you will have 20 petrol price searches to use each week, helping you cut your motoring costs. All major service stations are covered including BP, Shell and Texaco as well as smaller chains and hundreds of independent stations.

Our Data

Our petrol price data is provided to us by Catalist in association with Allstar. Catalist collects and maintains detailed information for over 130,000 retail petrol stations worldwide and supplies us with data for over 10,000 UK petrol stations. Catalist first completed a database of the entire UK market in 1997 and was acknowledged by the Energy Institute as the definitive source for petrol station information in the UK. Years of experience in this field gives Catalist an extensive understanding of the Retail Petroleum Industry. The petrol price data is collected from the hundreds of thousands of fuel card transactions that are processed at petrol stations across the country each day. We receive approximately 8,000 prices updates from this data each day, ensuring that we have the most up to date figures displayed.

Fubra, the Company behind PetrolPrices.com

Fubra PetrolPrices.com is another site by Fubra Limited a UK based consumer web site publishing company. Fubra is building a leading network of web sites which provide useful information and advice to help UK users save money and access better information more quickly. Our core values are listening and reacting to consumer demand. Earlier in the year we launched what is now the largest house price web site OurProperty.co.uk. We are working on several other ideas in the property sector and some exciting projects in other areas. Our aim is to make previously unavailable or hard to find information easily accessible to the public using technology, research and innovation. In the longer term we aim to add significant extra value for our users by providing authoritative advice on the major issues of interest such as housing, motoring, employment and travel.

Hosted by Catn

PetrolPrices.com is hosted by our very own hosting company CatN on a PHP vCluster. By Specialising in PHP hosting we can ensure PetrolPrices.com is able to expand with the ever growing demand of motorists who rely on us to find the cheapest fuel in their area. CatN has built a redundant computing cluster that offers the scalability and utility billing of a cloud solution with the privacy and security of dedicated hardware. vCluster has been built in the Manor Coach House data centre, and has a disaster recovery presence in the Woking Tier 3 Sentrum facility. It currently servers millions of requests daily, and hosts hundreds of customers. You can own a slice of the CatN PHP cluster from £5 per month.