About Us

2.1 million motorists save money with our free fuel finder app.

Every minute 100 drivers across the UK search for prices with us.

Providing petrol and diesel prices to drivers across the uk since 2005.

4 million+ Price Alert emails are sent by PetrolPrices every month.

Since its founding in 2005, PetrolPrices has become the UK’s leading app and website for saving money on petrol and diesel.

Millions of people across the UK use our fuel finder app to check on prices and see the best and most convenient place to buy fuel. The app’s main aim is to support motorists with fuel pricing in formation, but we also work with automotive and other partners to provide offers and savings for PetrolPrices members.

Automate App Limited bought PetrolPrices in 2021, and we have looked to build on the successes of the previous two decades. With a combination of fuel, technology and customer service backgrounds, we recognise the money-saving benefits PetrolPrices offers to thousands of people who rely on it daily to save money.

What we do

The free mobile app PetrolPrices allows motorists to search and compare fuel prices including both petrol and diesel across the UK.

Don’t fancy an app? Our Price Alert service emails users on their preferred frequency the cheapest fuel nearest their home.

We are the only petrol price service in the UK that receives fuel prices from petrol stations directly and crowdsourced information from our fantastic community of drivers.

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