PetrolPrices: a digital disruptor for the modern forecourt

In a study conducted by D-CYFOR on behalf of, 72% of the UK general public say they are concerned about the price of fuel and 80% of those that drive a car admitted to using a particular petrol station regularly, with 66% doing so because it has the cheapest fuel.

That’s where we come in. has been around since 2005, expanding the service to reach nearly 3 million people over the course of our lifetime. We recently updated our core service to add on a new focus on customer experience at the forecourt. While fuel pricing will always be a key priority for us, knowing the way the government is pushing for electric and low emissions vehicles, it’s evident that petrol stations as we know they aren’t going to be around forever. That’s why we chose to add in customer experience data, to allow forecourt owners to give customers the best possible experience.

What is PetrolPrices and how do we help people save money at the pump?

PetrolPrices, in the past, has been a service that enables members to save money on fuel, an average user saves £200 a year by always locating the cheapest fuel locations. Now, by adding in reviews and more data, we allow customers to choose the best station, not just the most competitive.

We have a database that through crowdsourcing, will soon cover nearly all of the UK petrol stations. Some, like independents in far-flung corners, may take longer to register on the system and for us to collect the data for. The entire service is completely free, and always will be. All the major service stations are covered including brands like BP, Shell, and Texaco as well as smaller chains and hundreds of independent stations.

Where the fuel price data comes from:

The price data is provided to us by Catalist in association with Allstar. Catalist collects and maintains detailed information for over 130,000 retail petrol stations worldwide and supplies us with data for over 8,490 UK petrol stations. We also combine this data with our own crowdsource data which comes from both users and verified forecourt owners. All prices are checked continuously by our members, and no one’s data is a higher priority than anyone else’s. If we get a price from Catalist, or a user, whoever’s the price is the most recent will be the one displayed.

The fuel price data is collected from the hundreds of thousands of fuel card transactions that are processed at petrol stations across the country each day. We receive approximately 8,000 price updates from this data each day, ensuring that we have the most up to date figures displayed. Along with our user data, we hope that our site has the most up to date and reliable price data across the industry.


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