UK Fuel Prices as of Sunday 18th February 2018

Super Unleaded132.2115.9150.0
Premium Diesel137.4126.9151.9
[Prices are in pence per litre]

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Find the lowest fuel prices

Instantly search all 8,490 UK forecourts to find the lowest price in your area.We have the UK's most comprehensive database with 98% of stations updated daily

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Complete flexibility to filter your results by brand or fuel type. Including super unleaded, premium diesel and LPG.

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Receive an email every day, week or month with the cheapest prices in your selected location by brand and fuel type.

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Find the lowest costs on your journey using the new fuel route planner. Get the cheapest prices from the stations you pass.

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Free fuel and exclusive discounts

Lower the cost of motoring through our exclusive partner offers and services. Great deals on the services you use and money to spend on fuel.

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Our Android and iOS apps are perfect if you're somewhere new and need to find the nearest or cheapest fuel in just one tap.

Service is ideal for all different types of motorists

Drives to work

Fuel is one of the biggest costs for those who drive to work. For the price of a coffee a month, we provide a paid version called Plus that helps you always locate the cheapest stations near home or at work, saving you hundreds a year.

Drives on a budget

Retired or on a low income, many members are looking for ways to make their money go as far as possible. We provide a totally free, Basic version of our service that helps occasional users find cheap fuel, but you have to watch ads before you see the price information.

Drives for a living

If you drive for a living, its essential that you always know the cheapest or nearest fuel wherever you are. Plus is designed for heavy users, its powerful tools enable you to save the maximum on fuel wherever you are on the road.

Operates a fleet of vehicles

Most fleets use fuel cards. However the price difference using the same fuel card can be up to 5 pence a litre between stations. Using a fuel card in conjunction with a paid version called Business helps maximise your company’s fuel cost savings.

Fuel data for commercial use

Companies want to use fuel price information in various ways to help their business. PetrolPrices can support your business in various ways by delivering fuel data in a range of commercial solutions.

Fuel prices in the media

We're the only solution in the UK that has the fuel price data, accurate to postcode level over the last 10 years. Whether it's the average prices for an individual area or station, a particular brand perspective or just the lowest fuel prices available today.

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BREAKING: ASDA slash prices today by a further 2p a litre!

ASDA have just revealed to PetrolPrices that they will be capping their forecourt prices from today, with unleaded capped at...

By: Kitty Bates Dated: 15th Feb 2018

Drivers take their eyes off the road for 7% per journey claims study

Alongside speeding, driver distraction is the leading cause of fatal accidents on Britain’s roads, and it seems that we are all...

By: Sasha Davison Dated: 14th Feb 2018

Are we going to see fewer new drivers than ever?

New changes to the driving test are being rolled out across test centres all over the UK. These measures are seen to make the test...

By: Lisa Edwards Dated: 14th Feb 2018

Cash-strapped councils to fine for minor motoring offences

Local councils, strapped for cash, are seeking new ways to generate money – by slapping fines on motorists for minor offences....

By: Lisa Edwards Dated: 14th Feb 2018

Zebra Fuel: Delivering fuel directly to your car

In the digital age, you can order pretty much anything online to be sent to your home, but one exception has always been ordering...

By: Kitty Bates Dated: 14th Feb 2018

Smart Cats Eyes to be introduced to roundabouts to reduce accidents

Everything to do with the roads seems to be getting the ‘smart’ treatment of late – smart motorways, smart cars. Now cats...

By: Lisa Edwards Dated: 08th Feb 2018

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