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About Esso Fuel

Esso is a trading name for the American oil giant ExxonMobil. In 1888, the Anglo American Oil Company opened its head office in London, eventually becoming part of Esso. It is one of the oldest fuel companies operating in the UK.

Esso sells a range of fuels, all marketing with the Synergy branding. Esso’s regular unleaded Synergy has been designed to keep vital parts of the engine clean. Esso’s Synergy Supreme+ 99 petrol has more cleaning power than their regular petrol. The company also supplies an ethanol-free Synergy Supreme+ 99 unleaded in some parts of the UK. From September 2023, Synergy Supreme+ 99 will transition to contain up to a maximum of 5% ethanol.

When the Esso Synergy regular diesel was tested on everyday cars, it was claimed to help improve fuel economy by an average of 1.8%. Esso also introduced Esso Supreme 25% Renewable Diesel, piloted at 20 Esso service stations. The alternative diesel contains 25% hydrotreated vegetable oil. It’s suitable for any diesel engine – no adjustments required. Finally, Esso Synergy Supreme+ Diesel has double the detergent additive than our regular diesel.

Nectar points have been collected at Esso service stations across the UK since June 2019. There is also an Esso App, where customers can use the app to pay at pump or in-store.

Esso has long been a feature of the UK’s roads and has over 1,200 locations in the UK. Esso makes up nearly 13% of retail fuel sales in the UK.

Does Esso have a loyalty scheme?

Yes. Esso work with Nectar at the majority of their stations.
However there are also some Esso sites that still take Tesco Clubcard.


¹Not all Esso fuel stations may offer premium grade fuels.


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