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How we declare ads, make money from the site and our transparency

At PetrolPrices, we are aware of the increasing need for transparency in the advertising and influencer marketing space. As a site that occasionally gets paid for advertorial content and regularly uses adverts in our email marketing, we know that we must be as transparent as possible in where we get paid and where we don’t.

Why does PetrolPrices need to Advertise?

Quite simply, we have to make money to keep the service going. We have over two million active members and send around eight million emails every month. We have to pay for the fuel price data from Experian, and there is a significant cost involved in keeping the service running on a day-to-day basis. Part of the income we receive to keep the service running free of charge to our members comes from advertising and partner promotions.

If you want to buy something or use a service you’ve seen on PetrolPrices or on one of our emails, please do use our link as every little helps keep the site going and keep the fuel price information out there so you can save money.

How we will declare ads

Where an advertisement appears in an email, we will define it as either a Partner Promotion or a Sponsored Post.

If there is an advert on our website, we will mark it with the word Ad.

If an article contains a sponsored link, but the article itself is not sponsored, we will reference the link with an asterisk and then also at the bottom of the article and link to this page.

If an entire article is sponsored, we will reference the organisation that sponsored it at the very top of the article, below the opening image. A sponsored article that contains links that are sponsored as well as those that are not will separately declare whether a link is an affiliate or not. For example, a link that takes a user to the website that sponsored the article will have an asterisk at the end of it, but one that links to our site will not.

If you have any more questions, please get in touch with our support team via email at  support@petrolprices.com 

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