Who owns Harvest petrol station? Find out about Harvest Energy and their fuel prices with the PetrolPrices app.

Harvest Fuel Stations

Number of forecourts

Average Diesel Price*

⬇ 7.83 from previous month

Average Unleaded Price*

⬇ 2.63 from previous month

Average Rating**

⬆ 0.59 from previous month

*Average price for fuel at Harvest stations across the UK for May 2023.

**Average rating from PetrolPrices users who have submitted a review about Harvest fuel stations from 1st May – 31st May 2023.


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How many harvest energy petrol stations are there in the UK?

About Harvest Energy Fuel

Harvest Energy has been supplying fuel in the UK since 1995. Based in southeast England, Harvest Energy is operated by the Prax group, an international oil company with headquarters in London. Prax also operates the Lindsey Oil Refinery in North Lincolnshire. Prax also supplies fuel for retail, aviation and wholesale purposes. They own and operate Harvest Energy branded sites and supply numerous unbranded sites with fuels and fuel-related services. The Harvest sites also sell Total lubricants.

There are fewer than 100 Harvest Energy sites in the UK. Their market share of retail fuel sales is around 0.5%.

Harvest Energy licences the TotalEnergie brand in the UK and has been actively growing the network of TotalEnergie forecourts. It now numbers around 40 locations.

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