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Cleanliness – 3 and a half stars – 3.24
Busyness – 3 stars – 3.08
Price of fuel – 2 and a half stars – 2.39
Customer service – 3 stars – 3.07

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Shell has been selling a variety of fuels since the early 19th century and now represent 13.4% of the UK forecourt market.

Shell’s total control of their supply chain allows them to maintain high-quality fuels and ensure the same quality is kept throughout. Shell produces around 3.4 million barrels equivalent per day, owns 44,000 forecourts worldwide and is the largest company on the FTSE 100.

Shell fuels are often thought of as higher quality than other brands and due to their research in the fuel industry, they often have the most up to date technology in their fuels.
They offer Unleaded, Diesel and Shell V-Power DYNAFLEX for both Unleaded and Diesel. Their various premium fuels are known for cleaning the engine which increases long-term performance. Shell regular unleaded has a 95 Research Octane Number (RON) with their V-Power unleaded having a 99 RON. Octane numbers are applied only to unleaded fuels and the higher the number the better.

EV charging points

Shell have also recently introduced their own EV charging network, called Shell Recharge, available at 10 points across the country. They hope to expand this as the time goes on, allowing them entrance into the future of driving.
Phone: 0800 731 8888
Head Office: Shell Centre, 4 York Rd, Lambeth, London SE1 7NA

Shell fuel price chart (January 2017 – April 2018)

Shell fuel market share

Total number of Shell forecourts in the UK (2016)


Market share of fuel sold by Shell petrol stations (2016)

Average volume of fuel sold per Shell petrol station (kiloliters per annum, 2016)


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