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Shell Fuel Stations

Number of forecourts

Average Diesel Price*

⬇ 4.25 from previous month

Average Unleaded Price*

⬇ 0.06 from previous month

Average Rating**

⬇ 0.44 from previous month

*Average price for fuel at Shell stations across the UK for April 2023.

**Average rating from PetrolPrices users who have submitted a review about Shell fuel stations from 1st April – 20th April 2023.


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About Shell Fuel

Shell has been selling a variety of fuels since the early 19th century. The Royal Dutch Shell Group was created in 1907 by amalgamating two rival companies, the Royal Dutch Petroleum Company of the Netherlands and the Shell Transport and Trading Company Limited of the United Kingdom.

Shell markets its fuels as high performance, from their regular unleaded and diesel to their V-Power premium unleaded and diesel, which they claim improves performance by cleaning critical engine parts.

Nearly 3.5 million customers are served weekly at Shell’s close to 1,150 UK service stations. They are the number one provider of premium fuels in the UK by market share and a leading convenience retailer, with one-in-three transactions at Shell forecourts is for drinks, snacks or groceries and do not include fuel. Shell’s fuel market share is second only to Tesco in the UK, with just over 14% of petrol and diesel sold through its UK forecourts.

With the Shell Go+ loyalty scheme, customers earn visits, with money off fuel every ten visits and additional offers.

In 2022 Shell reported record annual profits of £32.2bn, the highest in its 115-year history.

Shell Recharge is Shell’s on-forecourt Electric Vehicle (EV) charging service. It offers access to over 20,000 public EV charging points across the UK, including over 500 Shell Recharge electric vehicle charging points on their UK forecourts,  hubs and destinations. Shell plans to grow their public EV charging network to 100,000 by 2030.

Does Shell offer Pay at Pump?

Yes. Shell customers to pay for their fuel at the pump rather than going into the kiosk to pay at some stations. 

Does Shell fuel have a loyalty scheme?

Yes. Shell run Shell GO+ which replaced their Drivers Club scheme. 


¹Not all Shell fuel stations may offer premium grade fuels.

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