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New technology detects mobile phone use behind the wheel

The first ever road signs that can detect mobile phone use while driving are being trialled in Norwich and warn drivers that they are breaking the law. The new signs can detect when a mobile phone is being used inside a car - they flash a symbol of a...

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Self-parking cars legalised in the UK

Do you remember when you learnt to drive and the one manoeuvre that you really hope wouldn’t come up in the test was a parallel park? Well, under new legislation from the government, future drivers may not need to learn parallel parking because the car...

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5 apps you need on a road trip

Whether it is cruising down Route 66 while exploring the zanier side of American pop culture or rambling through Europe exploring castles, vineyards, and exciting nightlife, nothing beats the romance and sheer sense of freedom of a road trip! Guidebooks and good...

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What Black Boxes reveal about “real driving habits”

With over a million cars being fitted with telematics boxes, also known as black boxes, by insurance companies, there is now plenty of data which shows exactly how British motorists are driving and can help people to think of ways to make the roads safer for all who...

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Why is the UK so unprepared for driverless cars?

The race towards successful autonomous - or driverless - cars continues at high speed. However, the insurance industry has raised concerns that the UK is woefully under-prepared for their arrival. Insurance professionals are calling for the urgent overhauling of the...

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First UK self-driving cars revealed for 2018 road trials

The future is just around the corner. The DRIVEN project has announced the first three self-driving cars that it will be using to trial this innovative technology over the next two years on UK roads. The cars will be driven on public roads around Oxford initially....

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Are car vending machines the future?

Buying a car is soon to become “as easy as buying a can of Coke.” Chinese ecommerce company Alibaba is due to launch its first car vending machine next year. This new development will allow potential customers to browse available cars on their smartphones. Pressing...

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Amazon to sell cars online in the UK

Rumour has it that e-commerce giant Amazon is going to start selling cars, with a trial set to take place in the UK before it is rolled out to other countries. Amazon has previously tested selling the Fiat 500 in Italy, and now it has manufacturers from Germany who...

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Apple iPhone gets ‘do not disturb while driving’ mode

In an important move designed to tackle driver distraction caused by mobile phone use while driving, Apple announced yesterday that their latest operating system for iOS11 will contain a new “do not disturb while driving” mode. The new measure, announced at the Apple...

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Police use dash-cam footage to prosecute drivers

As part of Operation Snap from October 2016 onwards, North Wales Police has been accepting dash cam, helmet cam and mobile phone footage from the public. Of the 100 clips submitted, 80 have led to driving convictions, in some cases leading to prison time for some...

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The Top 5 In Car DVD and TV Systems

An in car DVD or TV system may feel like a luxurious purchase, but such systems are actually surprisingly affordable. Furthermore, if you often travel with children or grandchildren (or restless adults!) these items can make long journeys far less stressful than they...

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Car Tech: Traffic Lights to “Talk” to Cars?

Are you one of those people who puts your foot down as you approach the traffic lights in an attempt to screech through just before amber turns to red? Or are you one of the cautious ones who begins to slow down in anticipation of "go" turning to "stop?" Audi drivers...

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Car WiFi: How to Stay Connected

If we'd talked about car WiFi a decade ago, it would have sounded like the stuff of science fiction. However, it helps to keep in mind the fact that ten years ago nobody had yet laid eyes on an iPhone or iPad! The world is very different now; These devices are...

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Self Drive Cars Move a Step Closer

If you're still one of those people who thinks of self drive cars as the stuff of science fiction, it's time to get used to the reality. Volvo has announced one of the largest UK trials of such vehicles, which will include families being transported in "autonomous"...

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Driverless Cars on their Way to UK Roads

Driverless cars could soon be seen on a street near you, with the announcement that the government has injected £20 Million into eight separate research and development programmes. This doesn't mean that it's likely you'll look out of the window and see a bunch of...

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Driving Apps: A Smartphone Telematics Group Test

Driving apps for smartphones are becoming increasingly popular nowadays, and are a great way to see how your driving standards measure up. They can save you some serious money too, as you’ll find out if you read on. How do driving apps work? The technical term for the...

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Mobile Phone Payments: Coming Soon to a Petrol Station Near You!

If you have a Shell petrol station near you, the chances are you will have a whole new fuel payment option available to you later this year. Based on a report in The Telegraph, the new system will use the PayPal payment app, and will be first rolled out to members of...

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