What is the difference between bp Ultimate and unleaded fuel?

bp Fuel Stations

Number of forecourts

Average Diesel Price*

⬇ 7.49 from previous month

Average Unleaded Price*

⬇ 0.96 from previous month

Average Rating**

⬆ 0.03 from previous month

*Average price for fuel at bp stations across the UK for June 2023.

**Average rating from PetrolPrices users who have submitted a review about bp fuel stations from 1st June – 30th June 2023.


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How much is BP petrol per litre UK? Find cheap diesel and petrol prices near you today.

About bp Fuel

BP was created with the founding of the Anglo-Persian Oil Company in 1909, established as a subsidiary of Burmah Oil Company to develop oil discoveries in Iran. In 1935, it became the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company and, in 1954, adopted the name British Petroleum. BP has become a market leader in the oil industry, and today, BP is an international company operating in over 80 countries.

The BP premium unleaded, Ultimate Unleaded with ACTIVE technology, is designed to keep engines performing as the manufacturer intended and help reduce the risk of unplanned maintenance. Their premium diesel, Ultimate Diesel with ACTIVE technology, also claims to keep engines clean and running more smoothly and efficiently.

BP fuel is sold through close to 1,200 service stations in the UK, where over 7 million customers are served each week. BP has just over 14% of the UK fuel retail market, the third best-performing fuel brand. They also run the BP Pulse electric vehicle charging network, one of the UK’s market leaders in EV charging.

The BPme app enables users to pay for fuel from their car and allows them to build up loyalty points through a Rewards account.

Does bp fuel have a loyalty scheme?

Yes, bp offer a programme called bpme Rewards.

1 litre of Ultimate fuel = 2 points.
1 litre Regular fuel = 1 point.
£1 spent in store (including car wash) = 1 point.


¹Not all bp fuel stations may offer premium grade fuels.

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