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Essar Fuel Stations

Number of forecourts

Average Diesel Price*

⬇ 8.67 from previous month

Average Unleaded Price*

⬇ 3.35 from previous month

Average Rating**

⬇ 0.53 from previous month

*Average price for fuel at Essar stations across the UK for May 2023.

**Average rating from PetrolPrices users who have submitted a review about Essar fuel stations from  1st May – 31st May 2023.


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About Essar Fuel

The first Essar-branded forecourt opened in November 2015, and it entered the UK market with aspirations to grow its retail network to 400 sites. Four years earlier, Essar Energy purchased the Stanlow oil refinery from Shell after a prolonged negotiation period. With ambitions to become the UK’s first low-carbon refinery, Stanlow provides security of supply and produces fuels that cater for all driving needs. Stanlow provides around 16% of the UK’s total road fuel.

Essar supplies Diesel, Unleaded petrol (E10), Super Unleaded petrol and Super Unleaded 99 Octane petrol (E5) in the UK.

The company emerged from a troubled period in 2021 when the Sunday Times reported in September that Essar was conducting urgent talks with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) to prevent it from collapsing. The company reached an agreement with HMRC in late September 2021 and claimed at the beginning of 2023 that it was back on track.

Essar has close to 70 sites in the UK selling its petrol and diesel and accounts for around 0.3% of retail fuel sales.  

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