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About Gulf Fuel

Gulf was founded in 1901, and the brand is present in over 100 countries. While Gulf Oil no longer exists as an independent brand, they are still a globally recognised symbol of petrol and diesel. Certas Energy, the country’s largest independent fuel distributor, now licences the Gulf brand in the UK.

Along with their presence in the retail fuel market, Gulf is also a major supplier of sports fuels, most noticeably with their station inside Silverstone racetrack, which supplies a 102 RON petrol designed explicitly for track racing. Gulf is also a partner of Williams F1 Racing, and the brand is advertised on race cars from Audi, McLaren, Porsche, and Aston Martin.

Gulf’s Endurance 99 track Unleaded is their premium offering, which claims to reduce engine knock by burning more efficiently than standard fuels. Gulf Endurance Diesel is a premium diesel product enhanced with a performance additive package designed to improve engine cleanliness, increase efficiency and lower fuel consumption.

The Gulf brand is available at close to 450 locations in the UK. Certas Energy also operates the Pace, UK, Scottish Fuels and Power brands. Certas has just over 2% market share of fuels sold at UK forecourts.

Does Gulf offer Pay at Pump?

Some Gulf stations may offer pay at pump, however Gulf also run a number of automated un-manned (no cashier) fuel stations across the UK. 

Does Gulf have a loyalty scheme?

Yes. Gulf run a reward scheme called Oomph. It is an award winning loyalty scheme.


¹Not all Gulf fuel stations may offer premium grade fuels.

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