Having enjoyed the fifth monthly decrease in the overall price of fuel in July, drivers were sad to see the trend break in August, when the overall price of both diesel and unleaded petrol rose. This is the first increase on the average monthly price since February this year.

For unleaded, the average cost across the UK was 116.5 pence per litre in August. The average price for diesel was slightly higher, at 117.4 pence per litre. In both cases, the amount of fuel duty included per litre remains unchanged, at 57.9p per litre. This has been at the same rate since March 2011. The increase looks to be mostly due to seasonal factors, with many people holidaying during this month. There was also a slight increase in the cost of crude oil, which finished the month on the £40 per barrel mark.

Looking back over the last decade, the price of fuel has varied greatly, with the price in August 2007 standing at 97.0 pence per litre for diesel and 96.1 pence for unleaded.




The most expensive places to buy fuel


A number of the most expensive places to buy diesel in August 2017 were in Scotland, with Tighnabruaich in Argyll & Bute topping the list at a massive 135.9 pence per litre, followed by Acharacle in Highland at 133.0 pence. Next was Freshwater in the Isle of Wight, at 131.9 pence.

Price Location County
135.9 Tighnabruaich Argyll & Bute
133.0 Acharacle Highland
131.9 Freshwater Isle of Wight
130.9 Markfield Leicestershire
129.9 Dunmow Essex
129.9 Woolacombe Devon
127.9 Cowes Isle of Wight
127.4 Auchterarder Perth & Kinross
126.9 Gretna Dumfries & Galloway



The picture for unleaded prices in August was similar. Tighnabruaich topped the list, at 132.9 pence per litre. It was followed by Acharacle in Highland and Freshwater in the Isle of Wight at 132.0 pence and 129.9 pence respectively.

Price Location County
132.9 Tighnabruaich Argyll & Bute
132.0 Acharacle Highland
129.9 Freshwater Isle of Wight
129.4 Dunmow Essex
128.9 Woolacombe Devon
128.9 Isle of Benbecula Eilean Siar
127.9 Markfield Leicestershire
126.9 Isle of Arran North Ayrshire
126.9 Kyle of Lochalsh Highland
125.4 Lockerbie Dumfries & Galloway


The cheapest places to buy fuel


Diesel drivers in Staffordshire can pick up the cheapest diesel fuel at the moment, with the Tamworth area having an average price of 112.3 pence per litre during August. Next after this is the Dukinfield area of Greater Manchester, at 112.7 pence, and Spennymoor in County Durham, at just 113.7 pence per litre.

Price Location County
112.3 Tamworth Staffordshire
112.7 Dukinfield Greater Manchester
113.7 Spennymoor County Durham
113.8 Loanhead Midlothian
113.8 Havant Hampshire
113.8 Leigh Greater Manchester
113.9 East Dereham Norfolk
113.9 Atherstone Warwickshire
113.9 Cromer Norfolk



Dukinfield in Greater Manchester, as well as being the second cheapest place for diesel prices, topped the list for cheap unleaded petrol in August, at an average price of 111.7 pence per litre. It was followed by Currie in the City of Edinburgh and Tamworth in Staffordshire, at 111.9 pence and 112.3 pence respectively.

Price Location County
109.7 Dukinfield Greater Manchester
111.9 Currie Edinburgh, City of
112.3 Tamworth Staffordshire
112.3 Leigh Greater Manchester
112.7 Spennymoor County Durham
112.9 Westbury-on-Severn Gloucestershire
113.3 Pembroke Dock Pembrokeshire
113.6 Whitehaven Cumbria
113.7 Tilbury Thurrock


Cheapest supermarket prices

Supermarkets remain at the cutting edge of fuel prices, but there’s still a variation between the petrol stations of the big brands as they compete for customers’ business.


For diesel in August, ASDA was at the top of the list in terms of the cheapest prices offered by UK supermarkets. Its diesel was retailing at an average price of 113.2 pence per litre. At the other end of the top ten scale was NISA, whose average price was 115.5 pence. However, that’s still cheaper than the national average of 117.4 pence per litre for August.

  1. ASDA – 113.2
  2. Carlisles – 111.3
  3. Tesco Express – 114.1
  4. Sainsburys – 114.2
  5. Morrisons – 114.3
  6. Tesco Extra – 114.3
  7. Tesco – 114.7
  8. Nicholl Fuel Oil – 115.3
  9. Burnbrae – 115.4
  10. NISA – 155.0


The picture for the cheapest supermarket unleaded prices was a little different, but was still topped by ASDA, with an average price of 112.8 per litre around the UK. ASDA was followed by Sainsburys, at 113.5 pence, while in tenth place was Go, at 115.3 pence. Again, this remained lower than the national average price for unleaded.

  1. ASDA – 112.8
  2. Sainsburys – 113.5
  3. Morrisons – 113.5
  4. Tesco Express – 113.5
  5. Tesco Extra – 113.8
  6. Tesco – 140.0
  7. Prax – 114.4
  8. NISA – 114.6
  9. Torq – 114.9
  10. Go – 115.3

Continuing to rise?

Fears are that prices could continue to rise, as the effect of Hurricane Harvey on the oil producing areas of the USA impacts on the global market. Originally, experts believed that prices going into the end of this year and the start of 2018 would rise only marginally. However, we will have to wait and see in September what affect this terrible natural event has on oil and fuel prices around the world.

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